Does Indian law states that the husband has to look after girls family after marriage just like his own parents?

The maintenance under section 125 CrPC is meant for wife, minor children and even major children unable to earn and  parents  who are financially unable to maintain themselves.   In laws or any other relatives can not claim this maintenance.See the language of this section to understand the law relating to

Is it possible to bribe/threat High Court or Supreme Court Judge?

In India, anything is possible. Cases of scams worth Rs 5000- 10,000 Crores or even more than that, cones before them. The judge is also a man who is not mad. Politicians getting ssumptuous amount in one deal. Natural human thinking likely to drive

What if a petition is already pending with district court, can it be refiled to high court for the expedition?

If the case is pending in District Court, same case cannot file in the High Court. However appeals can be filed before he high court if the District Court delayed in deciding interim applications, aggrieved by the any interim orders and aggrieved by the final judgement. Certainly if the case is