According to Indian Hindu law, can a married man live with another widow woman before the divorce?

As per Hindu law, if a man and women get married they can further re marry only after ending their first marriage.So if a married man starts staying with a widow before marriage that amounts to illegality. So in order to start living with the widow is to end the first marriage.An expert

According to Indian Law, what are the legal entitlements of the wife over the husband's financial assets?

Thanks for the A2A.Legally, apart from maintenance from husband, a wife is not entitled to anything else, either movable or immovable, owned by the husband. However, at the time of Divorce, she would be entitled to alimony, and if the husband dies without leaving a

After 2 years of marriage, what is the difference between a love marriage and an arranged marriage?

The problem indicated in this question does not depend on the choice between love marriage and arranged marriage.It depends on the FALSE EXPECTATIONS of people, and this factor of false expectations can apply both to love marriages and arranged marriages.So the solution is

Among Indians living outside India, what percentage of arranged marriages end in divorce?

If this question is asked for academic presentation, then this is not the forum to get an answer. If this is your personal question then, this looks a futile exercise to answer it rather this question raises more questions about the intentions behind asking it.If

Are Americans astonished to know that most Indians have arranged marriage with very low divorce rate ?

During my two plus decades living in the United States, I have seen many changes occur in my native India. The country eradicated the scourge of polio, sent a rocket ship to Mars on a shoestring budget, built modern highways crisscrossing the country, and flexed its economic muscles, raising tens of millions of people

Are arranged marriages forced love?

There is a very famous line

Are arranged marriages good or bad?

Mine was an arranged marriage, after a series of my failed attempts to make my various relationships work.My wife and me met in a restaurant, under the watchful and curious eyes of our parents and within half an hour of talking to each other, we

Are arranged marriages still the norm in India?

Yes. They're pretty much the norm everywhere. Doesn't matter whether it's urban India or rural India, upper class or lower class society, rich or poor, north, south, east or west (north east might be an exception). If you know India only through Quora/Reddit or other internet platforms, you might assume that arranged marriages are hated by younger generation

Are divorces increasing in India?

Indeed they are.Statistically, divorces dealt by the family courts increased by 350 percent between 2003 and 2011 in Kolkata and doubled in Mumbai between 2010 to 2014.The rate of divorces has increased from 1 in 1000 marriages to 13 in 1000 marriages in the past 10 years.Instead of being alarmed, I believe it is a

Are indian husbands the most arrogant husbands in the world?

Even before writing an answer to this question I am wondering about what on this earth made you ask this question. Anyways,I am a married Indian woman and have a loving husband who is quite an Indian, a father who has been quite a wonderful husband to

Are Indian marriages the most successful in the world?

Marriage in India is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilmentIndia remains a highly traditional society. Marriage is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilment, than in most other parts of

Are inter-caste marriages allowed in Islam?

There is no caste system in Islam so there is no question of

Are the number of marriage divorces happening in India going to increase in the near future?

Yes it would. I am not considering the population fluctuations or rate of bachelors/spinsters against married couple. These numbers will have a huge impact on the divorce numbers too. Lets assume these factors are not varying and only other socio economic factors are. Even in this case divorce rates will still increase.

Arranged marriage advice?

Arranged marriages have been an integral part of the Indian society since time immemorial; a marriage, where two strangers take the sacred vows, and commit to each other, to spend a lifetime together, take along the entire family in their journey of life, and start a

Arranged marriage: Is it worth going back to the guy who rejected me in arranged marriage?

This is a very interesting question : ) A lot of people face this situation.Imagine you are very poor. And you have been taken to a garden full of melons. Big melons between small and small between the big. Sweet among

Arranged Marriage. Which girl should I choose?

Seriously !Taking a decision to marry someone is not as easy as swiping right to a potential romantic partner on a dating app.Telling you by my experience - When you meet a guy, it is not hearts and flowers and fireworks all of the time. It is about living up to the strength of

As a resident of India, how much dowry were you asked to pay for marriage despite both families being thoroughly educated?

My son is in a relationship with a girl from his office and he never hides anything from us, so I knew about that. Once I asked him about the future of their relationship- "When are you going to marry?" He said- "Her

As an Indian husband, what are my duties toward my wife?

Duties automatically come from circumstances and mutual understanding. Nobody can dictate you of your duties. You are not someone who is programmed with some duties. You are free to think based on your wants and needs.The moment you asked this question, it's proved that you are a puppet of some customs and/or rituals you are

As an Indian wife, what do you wish husbands knew?

This is for my FUTURE HUSBAND :)I wish I could have a love marriage but unfortunately in my family there is no such thing as love marriage.If you (my future husband) are reading this, I want to tell you some things before our marriage.As I told

Can a man marry to three divorced woman in India?

You can surely marry a divorced woman in India. We don't live in 18th century anymore.But you can only marry one, Indian constitution allows only one marriage.To be more elaborate, India has many marriage acts, like Hindu marriage act, Muslim marriage act, Sikh marriage act etc.Depending

Can a North Indian girl marry a South Indian boy?

Let me tell you something :-• South Indian Boys are Humans, not Animals.• They are common Man, not Primitive Man.• They live in houses , not in Caves.• They have all organs of body, not Organ deficient.• They have Fellings, thoughts , they are not Robots.• They have their own living style, Culture, Customs not of others

Can a passionless and loveless marriage be awesome and successful?

MANY A HAPPY RETURNS OF THIS HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY!!!Passionless & loveless life before marriage. Anxiety + Depression can be vanished through marriage.40% modern women are victims of Anxiety Neurosis & depression [2 sides of same coin].Tips are given to make a happy healthy & marvelous

Can a US citizen file for divorce in India?

From the comment on the other answer,

Can an Indian man get divorced from his wife while living in another country?

without reading the papers, how can anyone guess or advise on what the papers can be ?you should file for restitution of conjugal rights in Indian Court and force the hisband to come to India and either take dicorce

Can Hindu men get divorced after an arranged marriage?

YES, A hindu man can get divorce.But you have to give strong reason.According to law, There some things in-spite you put divorce file against her.INFERTILITY, CHARACTERLESS, AVOID DOMESTIC WORK specially not serving husband. Medically proven any fatal disease, which cost more than he can arranged, Sexual diseases like AIDS.These are the only reasons, you can get

Can I get a divorce through mutual consent in India without citing any reason?

How can I apply for divorce by mutual consent?If you and your spouse have been living separately for more than a year, you can make an application in court with your spouse. A legal divorce can only be granted by

Can NRIs file a divorce case in India?

Yes, NRIs can file a divorce petition in India.Step wise procedure for NRI's to file for a mutual consent divorce :Place for filing the DivorceNow, either of the place of which the husband or the wife has Aadhaar card which has now become the most important

Considering the increasing rate of divorce in Indian society, should live-in relationships be promoted over marriage?

Live-in relationship is like a temporary tent of travelers. It may have comforted many but it does not accommodate families in it. Any quantum of argument can not justify or equate marriage with live-in relationship. The marriage system is not just for fun or temporary convenience. It links two

Did any Indian man marry Pakistani girl?

Yes. And quite spectacularly, if I may say so.That man was Ravindra Kaushik, one of India's greatest spies.Born in Rajasthan in 1952, he was a Punjabi speaker - a language common in Pakistani Punjab. He was recruited as a spy by R&AW and given training in religion and Urdu

Divorce: Is it possible to file for divorce in India while staying with wife?

I cringe just writing this...I was too quick to forgive and trust again. After all, it was my fault my Husband strayed in the first year of our marriage right? I wasn't paying him enough attention, or meeting all his needs, so in swoops the trashy tramp and she seduced him. Ha!

Divorce rates in India are increasing. Should we be happy or sad about this?

I endorse the details of your question. I will see the brighter side. Gone are the days when women used to depend on men for their living. They could never imagine leading a life without a man. Today, women are being self-dependent, financially and emotionally(up to certain extent). Divorces were less in early

Do arranged marriages happen outside of India?

Yes and no in America, which is the only country I can speak definitely about.When I taught a discussion-oriented class called "Theory of Knowledge", I had many NRI Indian students along with the others. One discussion that always came up, year after year, was 1)what can we "know"

Do arranged marriages have higher success rates?

It's a myth i have mentioned some pointsDue to financial problem and lack of good understanding leads to divorce for both love and arranged marriageNot really difference between love marriage and arranged marriageU r getting marriage to keep your parents happy which was selected from

Do girls have issues if their husband had affairs?

yes ...this the answer of your questionwhether if this is before(During)/after marriage then she must have issues from this.... not only to girls should, same applies on husbands too.both of you are in relation because you are complementary to each other for some feelings

Do Indian girls support love marriage and job after marriage?

The question of women working after marriage makes me sad. I and my father keep searching profiles in matrimonial site for a SUITABLE guy.I am a career oriented women and strive to support my family and myself. I am someone who works hander than anyone in the team(leave about the gender).I

Do Indian parents favour love marriages? Why not?

The Love marriage centric societies have found love in multiple partners and societies are destructed to the core. The family system is destroyed and hardly exist. In america the marriages are down trend and live ins are uptrend. It is pretty common to have more than 5 parters

Do Indian people regret more in arrange marriages or love marriages?

Thanks for A2A.I will tell you both the sides ( Pros and Cons) of Arrange and love marriage.Lets Start with Arrange marriages:A person got into an arrange marriage and then later realise that it was not his/her cup of tea. The person

Do Indian wives like to dominate their husbands?

Both men and women dominate each other, but in a different way. It's just that we don't realize it easily.Due to biological factors, men are supposed to be domineering in nature. They are physically much stronger, thus it creates a psychological pressure

Do Indians buy husbands?

YES. it is highly practiced and more of a ritual in rajasthan, haryana, and near by states. I am keeping my answer very precise because i don't have much knowledge about other parts of india. Asi belong to rajasthan so i can guarantee you that husbands are purchased in various parts

Do kundlis work for marriage?

What exactly is a Kundali? What all can it say? Let's first see that and then you decide till what extent it would work for marriage yourself.When you are born, you have a body type. Some foods would be good for you, some might create allergies. Your DNA and genes decide

Do modern age husbands feel inferior if their wife is more successful or earns more than the husband? Especially in India?

Nothing like that if they know intricacies of a happy marriage.Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/co-habitation , so that both of you can keep happy for life. Details follow:WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER

Do the present Indian laws give 50 % share to the wife in the case of divorce?

There is no such law in India which gives wife a particular share in the property of the husband, let alone 50%.The law entitles wife to maintenance and alimony and that too if she does not have independent source of income

Do working women get maintenance/alimony after a divorce in India?

Earlier working wives were not entitled to maintenance however, with passage of time and subsequent amendments in law, the right to maintenance has finally been provided to wives.Now, the right to maintenance has been mentioned under Section- 125 of the Criminal Procedure code. Even Section- 18 of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act

Do you regret having an arranged marriage? some extent.....But i am happy with the situation...cant do anythingThe reasonsShe is more focussed on her family. Daily 6 hours talkShe told me after 6 months of marriage that , she feels like she is now married.Our interests are different-likes and dislikes also.According to me not so romantic.Like to always fashionable...but never..always in maxiRepeated discussion for

Does any boy regret his arranged marriage?

Yes. I met a girl in a regular community gathering who seemed nice and then asked my parents to

Does love marriage spell actually work? If there is refusal from the boys family for the same will this love marriage spell solve the problem and let marriage happen?

Yes,it works provided you trust each other and be there for each other during hard days..I am married to my husband for past 6 years..The thing in my marriage is ours is love marriage..I am north Indian whereas my hubby belongs to south.. Initially his parents were not happy with our relationship but with time they

Has woman-empowerment contributed in increasing divorce rate and false dowry cases in India?

feminism(women empowerment) is good but at extreme its very bad for women too.i will only be specific to your question.with more and more women empowerment what happening many men losing feeling of masculinity . and women are now less fulfilled as these women expect more.( I AM IN NO FAVOUR OF MAKING LIFE OF WOMEN

Have any Indians married foreign women?

Yup and many more like me!!!By the time I was in college, I was pretty sure I didn't want to get married. Marriage was for those who wanted to settle down, or so I thought. I had many things planned for my future - writing, travelling, reading, own business (all the things that

Have you ever rejected a guy in an arranged marriage because he didn't talk much?

No, I haven't met any groom in arranged marriage setup yet.So, is it a reason to reject a boy because he didn't talk much in first meeting?Think from a boy's perspective, maybe he has just no experience in this kind of meeting.He might be forced to meet you because his parents liked youHe was just feeling a bit

How a male can get divorce without mutual consent in India?

Can I file for divorce from my spouse on grounds of cruelty?Yes, you have the legal right to file for divorce if your spouse has been behaving cruelly. There is no strict legal definition and there are no strict guidelines on what amounts

How are arranged marriages successful even after so many unknown variables before marriage?

Marriages are built upon two pillars of attractions:Physical AttractionEmotional AttractionIn arranged marriages, the first factor is already taken care off since looks and physical features are the only thing that one considers before agreeing to marry someone. Therefore, even though there might not be emotional compatibility between the two in

How can a Muslim women in India get a divorce from her husband?

A muslim woman can get divorce from her husband under section 2 of Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939, on the following grounds:- Grounds for decree for dissolution of marriage. ?A woman married under Muslim law shallbe entitled to

How can an asexual female from an orthodox family in India avoid marriage?

Get admission in some educational course : In India women who are more educated tend to be the least likely choice of a Guy's family.I mean think about it....A woman who is more educated than her husband usually is not accepted in

How can an Indian couple save a marriage when separated and almost on a brink of divorce in the US? Does couples counselling work?

Couples counselling has worked for many. If you decide on it, might I suggest something to supplement your counselling. The only way to save a marriage, or any other type of partnership is to end the resentment and enmity between the couple. That is what needs to be done, and if both parties

How can get an Indian girl to marry me?

Her negligence prompted you to improve your personality. She is still not interested in you. A woman is not a product on the shelf. She has a heart and soul. She likes some one else. Human relationships particularly between male and female is very personal

How to convince my parents to let me marry a financially unstable and different caste guy

     Parents know their kids better than anyone. There is a reason why they are against this marriage. Your parents have raised you with a standard of living and they are afraid that you will have to sacrifice a lot if you happen to marry this guy who is at the beginning of his career.      You parents

How to convince my parents why a working girl is better and more compatible than a non-working girl

Tell them from financial perspective. Don't go for emotional perspective.Tell them about expenses in Bangalore as a high expense city. Rents are high in a decent place, outings are costly. Medicals are costly. After you get children, it will be

How common are arranged marriages in India today?

India is one of the countries where arranged marriages are statistically high. - 88.4% of marriages in India are arranged.Therefore, they are very common and have had been a marital activity for centuries.Arranged marriages use to be arranged by a ‘middle-person' known as the ‘matchmaker'.But this has changed with less and less

How common is it to get divorced in India?

Divorce is not common in India.Thanks to the Indian society, for good or bad, it doesn't support people who need to get rid of a a unhealthy marriage. Booth husband and wife become too compromising when they feel they want to get

How could I get over an unhappy marriage?

In your question I read some admiration for your wife. She is smart and efficient. That's something.Please read carefully. You feel your live is empty. You don't feel any love coming from your wife and she most likely not from you. When

How crazy is an Indian marriage?

My recent experience should answer your question:‘The only thing constant in life is change' goes the popular saying. Indeed, life always presents us with situations where we have to make decisions which have the potential to change our life either inconsequentially or in a big way. Marriage is one of them. Indeed, given the potential

How difficult is it for a Hindu boy to marry a Muslim girl in India? Do I have to convert?

There are two ways to answer it.Point no. one: The Indian Perspective from the constitution point of view; we all know that India is a secular nation, the laws of the nation do not differentiate among people on the basis or religion. Being an Indian anyone has right to marry anyone else from any faith. The special

How difficult is it to get divorce in India especially if its not mutual?

You can get divorced from your wife in either of the two processes - mutual divorce or contested divorce.The divorce procedure is different in different situations. There is mainly two types of divorce procedure - one is mutual consent divorce and another is contested

How do arranged marriages happen in America?

Typical arranged marriages doesn't happen like it happens in India, but there are cases where the prospects are from mutual families or friends and they give a word or arrange a meeting. There the boy and girl meet up if interested but that doesn't lead

How to choose guy for arrange marriage

Have you ever find your particular brand or cloth on that very day the day you out for shopping?Atleast it never happened with me. Sometimes it's not fit, sometimes colour, sometimes I thought let's try in other shop or brand. Shopping first time is always difficult because you are attracted to every

How to choose the right girl in an arranged marriage

Be very sure that you are ready for marriage. It is a big deal, accept it.Gather as much patience as possible. You will need it.Do not hurry at all. Take one step at a time.With all the relatives and matrimony sites providing access to information of prospective brides, you have a good chance of finding the

How to convince my husband for a divorce

I would be amazed if he would not be convinced the moment you start talking about it. He already knows that you don't take care of his parents and that you never had sex with him. He of course figured out that you

How to correct my financially irresponsible husband

Thanks For A2AYour situation reminded of one of my known. But in that case wife did not take steps which led them to pay a really heavy price leaving a scar for life.In your situation, given that you have been married for 2 years only, I assume

How to file one sided divorce in India

1. TO KNOW ABOUT CONTESTED DIVORCE- If you are not getting a mutual divorce then you can file a contested/one sided divorce on merit. But no divorce can be filed within one year of marriage exception being adultery and bigamy. You can mention the problems you are having

How to find a life partner other than from a marriage bureau or matrimony sites

I'm in a somewhat similar situation, not exactly that. I'm elder than you are. I don't want to really get into 'marriage' (that even rhymes with 'cage') giving up my freedom.But my dad wants me to get married. My friends, who love me a lot, insist

How to forgive my abusive ex husband and in laws

By leading the life you always deserved and wanted too.There is a reason why you have associated the word ‘EX' with your Husband and in laws.They remind you of the toxicity and vicious past of yours.Leave them and if you have left them leave the thought of the pain. But

How to get a divorce done legally if my wife lives out of India and does not want to come to India ever

The Family Court where you file divorce petition against your wife shall send court summons through ministry of law and Indian High Commission in the country where she is presently living. If there is any local address in India where her parents live can also be given

How to get a divorce in India

You can divorce in India in two ways either by mutual or by contested divorce. These two has totally different procedures, which your divorce consultant shall help you to go through.Here are the details regarding each of the procedures are explained below:MUTUAL DIVORCEThe mutual divorce is explained

How to get a divorce in the fastest time in the state of TamilNadu, India

Going to lawyer will cost you more , As per my personal experience the lawyers have their own ( some time secret) friendship with your opponent party lawyer too ,So at the first moment itself they will calculate how much they can get it from you

How to get divorced in India

Hi There, at the outset, I am sorry to hear this, but my friend even I went through the same, but trust divorce is a pain if it happens suddenly, if you have spent enough time all alone dealing with it

How to marry a Hindu girl while being a Muslim boy

Just getting married is not a big deal if both of you love each other. Simply do a court marriage followed by religious marriage.But marriage is not just a event it is a integration of two individuals and two families at most possible levels. Now in your case there will always be

How to tell my potential life partner that I do not visit places, which serve non-veg or alcohol because it is against my core values in an arranged Indian marriage

Well, it is tricky - not because your potential partner won't agree or might. However, how are you going to make sure that you only land up in vegetarian places? Places where alcohol is not served are plenty and I am sure you'll find them wherever you go. But you won't find easily spaces where non vegetarian is not

How do Indian parents come to know that their son or daughter is ready for marriage since they are the deciding factor for them?

Different parents have different parameters to figure out when their children are ready to get married. For most it's not when their children feel they are ready  to be married.Most of the time, it's the neighbors and relatives [Char log] who decide it's time for the

How do the Indian newly-weds spend their first night?

Note: The following incidents are our personal experiences, not to be misrepresented or misreported for any humiliating ends.Prologue18, November 2011.The day I stepped into a new beautiful world with Vishal -once my distant relative from my maternal roots- now my cutie hubby dear.We knew each other since childhood,

How does a significant age difference affect a marriage?

I think a lot of people will usually say yes as long as both people are over 18. I kind of have a different look.A close friend of mine is 34 and is dating a girl that is 21, they have been together for a

How easy is it to secure a divorce in India without mutual consent from both parties?

Securing a divorce without mutual consent is easy by filing for contested divorce, but with the right divorce lawyer. Usually contested divorce take a longer time, and with the right divorce lawyer, it can be easier for you to follow all the procedure.When one of the parties is not agreeing to go

How genuine is horoscope matching in Indian Hindu marriages?

There are two ways of matching horoscopes for marriage - please note this is not about prediction it's about how the couple relate to each other.Aṣṭha-kūṭa or Daśa-kūṭa (poruthams in Tamil) system in which the nakṣatras (the degree of the Zodiac in which

How is Jewish arranged marriage different from Indian arranged marriage?

The Indian arranged marriage usually requires the jyotish to prepare the kundli before the marriage is considered. Such considerations are extraordinarily rare in the Jewish arranged marriage. I know the husband of one rabbi who is actually an astrologer, but I've never heard of chart matching taking

How is the life of a divorced woman in India?

My friend is divorced. She left her Muslim husband and she is Hindu. The guy got the child custody.She is earning good now and travelling. She has found a guy who is also going to get divorce from his wife but reluctant as she is demanding a lot of money and half of

How long must a couple stay apart (in a marriage) to get a divorce?

I'm not an advocate, lawyer. I experienced Divorce.If you have not been staying along with your wife for the last fifteen months, the first thing you should do is to give some money as maintenance . Because, this will be a good reason for you to substantiate the fact

How many Indian women are working just for landing a better husband?

Elaborating on a previous answer:Some work for time pass.Some work for money.Some work for maintaining themselves nicely.Some work for achievements.Some work for make there parents proud .Some work for self satisfaction.Then the rest work for landing a better

How should I find my perfect life partner if I am to do an arranged marriage in India?

You can find your perfect life partner by addressing the 5 Ws – Why, When, Where, What, and Who. I am not going to explain "Why" as I am assuming that you are convinced about why you need a life partner in the first place. I

How successful is an arranged marriage over a love marriage?

I can only share my experience. Mine was an arranged marriage, after a series of my failed attempts to make my various relationships work.My wife and me met in a restaurant, under the watchful and curious eyes of our parents and within half an hour of talking to each other, we both knew that we were good for

How tough is it for a divorced woman to get remarried in India?

No, from my point of view nothing has really changed. Many  people say that we should change our mindset and accept things but in reality there are only few  who practise their own  sayings  in real life . For a woman its tough to face the society and whatsoever be the reason of her

I am a 32 year old female in India. Is it too late to get married?

I read atleast 10 answers among the 100+ and I simply could not stop myself from replying. The gist of my reply is NO. It's not late.Marriage in India is very pure and binds two souls together. In India attempting a second chance in marriage is worse than marrying late. You may

I am an Indian man who believes in keeping my virginity until my marriage. Is it so objectionable I want to marry a virgin woman who holds this same belief as I do?

I was in similar situation as you were and I would like to share my experience with you. I am guy who was settled in US since past few years. My parents asked me to start looking for a girl from a matrimonial site. One day I got a request

I am an Indian woman. How do I convince my parents to let me marry outside of my race?

I am happily married to a British guy now.I never had a type. I just wanted to feel loved. I would consider a person, when my body and mind said 'this is crazy'. I was attracted to guys. Period. I trusted my biology, chemistry, and physics when I am attracted to somebody. I gave myself

If all Hindus are united, why do they oppose inter-caste marriages? In India, both inter-caste and inter-religion marriages face similar intensity of opposition.

The answer is simple. You are Hindu just because of your belief but you are of a particular Jati or Caste because of your parents, grandparents all belonging to same Jati and had biological inheritance in the person whose name is used as surname by

If an Indian boy loses his job after marriage and if he can't get any job after that, then will the Indian woman divorce the husband or will she stay with him throughout his life?

As in my view there are two types of woman 1) who believes in her own strength to drive away all negativities which her husband faces, because of falling out of getting jobs. She would rather help him and encourages him to search out for the new job. She would make him understand the different

If I were going to move to India from the west after getting well-educated, would I be considered low-caste and how does arranged-marriage work for foreigners in India?

Drop the idea of caste. Don't think about it. If you can move to the West, go, become educated, and then go back and find someone who is educated enough to understand that the caste system is holding India back. If you have kids, don't tell them their caste.

I'm a Hindu. According to Indian laws, can I marry more than one woman?

You can marry according to the 'Indian laws' that permit polygamy but NOT if you're a Hindu AND you are not from a scheduled tribe that permits polygamy.Theoretically, you can marry two women according to the Hindu customary rituals of a marriage. However, the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

In India, are arranged marriages or love marriages successful?

its a good question!since we live in a culture-based country , love marriages are often not accepted by some traditional families. so people go for arranged marriages . the question is are they successful? unfortunately the answer is a big NO!also when people are

In India can a couple remarry after divorcing each other?

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheenrecently said it's possible to remarry his ex-wife. A growing number of divorced urban Indians believe the same. Is a second time around realistic?Famous American film and television actor Charlie Sheen is in the news again for

In India can a wife claim maintenance without filing for divorce?

The law in India states that it is the duty of the husband to take care of the wife and maintain her. But, at times the husband refuses to maintain the wife.In such a situation, the wife can take the

In India: How to deal with a sexless marriage even if nothing works out and still love the partner? Of course divorce is not an option.

A real struggle !! It is really difficult for a divorced woman to get married , because there will be a fear if the second marriage fails too. People's outlook on specifically divorced woman has'nt changed much. I decided to better be better off not married,

In India, what is the perfect age to get married for a boy?

Based on true storyPassed out of engg at 22Goes for MBA at 26 from the best b schoolPassed out at 281 year to understand the career and know if I am stable- 29Enters matrimony for arranged marriage, no gf , shy , hard-working, middle class