After 37 years of a cheating husband, will counselling now help our marriage?

Yes, You Should Go to Marriage CounselingIf you go to any kind of counseling, you know there's a brief hitch in a conversation whenever it comes up. Even if you just casually drop that you had a counseling appointment the other day, the person

After cheating on my husband again and again, what should I do now?

Do not tell him. Just leave.Telling him is cruel and just another power play. Pluck your head from your filthy vagina and consider his feelings. You can go on doing what you do, after you leave, but telling him is insult

Although I cheated on my husband for 4 years, I really love him and regret ever doing it. Now he's hooked and cheating on me with his female friend. What do I seriously need to do to get him back?

You destroyed your husband's self-esteem-in spades. He sought validation from another woman-and apparently is getting it.The first thing you need to do is profusely apologize for your past actions and to do damage control. You obviously never lifted a pinkie to restore his lost self-esteem.

Are Japanese wives more tolerant of their husbands having affairs outside?

I was a Japanese wife, though I am not Japanese. I experienced infidelity in my marriage which is what led to our divorce. My husband was trained by his father, who cheated on his wife on- goingly, and his friends, who encouraged him to see prostitutes in college. I

Are you cheating on your husband? Why?

Yes I am.Terrible i know.He is a nice person. Decent, handsome, clean and honest. We met when we were very young and got married very young. I guess the reason i married him was that i know he would never hurt me based on those good qualities. But i had kept lying to

Are you cheating your husband/wife with someone else? Why?

YES i did ...and i m happy that i didi met my wife when i was in my 2nd year of graduation since then she is the only women form whom i had my eyes for ..i loved her more than i love myself some of

As a woman, have you cheated on your husband? How did he deal with it?

Yes, I did.Some backgroundI met my then husband where we were working together. I fell in love and everything was perfect, one of the things that I fell in love was the fact that I could trust him with everything. My secrets, my

As a woman, what reason(s) have you had for cheating on your husband?

I got engaged, I think at 13 to a wonderful man. He asked me to marry him in a series of questions. Like this: what is your fave color? where would you like to live? what is your fave sport? How many kids do you want? Then, do you want to get married? I said yes. I meant, yes

Can a husband be in love with his wife while having an affair?

I work in the field of infidelity, so I've heard this story from a variety of husbands.Often the story starts out like this:

Can a loving wife cheat on her husband?

Yes. I know the answer to this one.It happened last year when her work took my wife far from me for 6 months. I didn't find out until she told me she wanted to confess something terrible. She thought about not telling me about the incidence but the guilt was just unbearable. She told me

Can a marriage recover from the other spouse having an extramarital affair? If so, how?

My husband had a brief affair with an acquaintance of ours.It started out innocently enough, with her making him healthy lunches and him paying her for them.I noticed a change. He started eating healthy, working out and generally caring more about his appearance.He started locking his phone and being very possessive

Can a married man and a married woman be in love?

You certainly aren't talking about husband-wife love.....So, i'll cut the crap that most of the other answers have talked about.Short answer for your question is- YesNow, here's the detailed one- Your heart doesn't care about your marital status. When you love someone, you just love them. Period.I know there'll be a lot of moral policing around that statement, but

Can a married man fall in love with a married woman?

I assume you're talking about a married man being in love with a married woman who is not his wife.Yes, of course. Love is an emotion. Can a married man feel anger for a married woman? Of course. Disappointment? Yes. Joy? You bet. Love is no different.However, there is a difference between

Can a married man love both his wife and another woman?

He will say he loves you too and he cares for you too. He would want to know everything about you, about your day. Your ups and downs even what you wore to work and maybe take a selfie every day. You will feel so loved

Can a married man love his wife and another woman and have two wife?

Nope ,you cannot do ,if you will do this :-1 according to law if you do second marriage and u have allready a wife then according to law u are a criminal.u are a criminal with issuing or without any complain .2 according to law u have married to second women

Can a married man love his wife and another woman?

I shall start with the concepts of love.Monogamy, I am committed to you. One love. One sexual partner. I want to build a life with you. One human being that has my heart and soul until death breaks our bondLust. I love having sex with you. You

Can a married man who claims that he loves his wife, but has relations with other women, really love his wife?

Absolutely. You are equating sex with love and they ARE mutually exclusive. You can easily be in love without ever having physical relations. And to say you've loved everyone you've had sex with is probably pretty damn rare these days.Our mistake is thinking

Can a Muslim woman seek divorce if the husband is cheating on her?

Yes she can. In Islam men are given better rights when it comes to divorce, women have certain restrictions but it is still possible for women to give divorce when their husbands cheats on them, abuse them or financially not capable of taking care of them. If the woman lives under Shariah law

Can a narcissist man stop cheating?

No they can't,they are unable to empathize with anyone since they have shallow levels of Empathy almost none of it and they have really low boredom tolerance levels since they operate solely from ego and their emotional level is equal to a 2–5 yo kid

Can a relationship get back to normal after someone cheats?

Normal?Look my wife and I have been trying to put the pieces of our destroyed lives back together after her indiscretions very early in our relationship and HOPE there will be a marriage there too. It's only been four years that we have been working on this.There is no normal now. I'm not

Can a relationship survive infidelity?

One of the most unfortunate things that can happen in a relationship is cheating or being cheated by your partner. While many couples see cheating as a deal breaker and part their ways, some decide to give their relationship another chance. Frankly speaking, it totally depends on you which way you wanna go. If you wanna give

Can a wife file a case against her husband asking him to stop his extra marital affair without asking for a divorce?

Answering this question is heart breaking because it's so desperate. You're determined to find legal ways to force your husband to stay married to you. He chose to have an extra marital affair with someone else and unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to get him to stay committed. Your scare tactic

Can a woman file a case against his husband on ground of cheating?

First of all, you must clarify the nature of cheating in your question.I believe cheating here refers to ‘adultery' by the husband. If that is the situation, a woman can approach a matrimonial court to seek divorce against her husband on the grounds of adultery. The critical aspect is that you will need evidence to prove

Can an attorney be disbarred for cheating on his or her spouse or significant other?

No, assuming they did nothing illegal (and adultery hasn't been a crime in the US since the late 20th century).  I guess that could happen if the attorney lied under oath in a divorce proceeding (committing perjury, which is a crime), but I don't think that's what you're talking

Can an Indian wife forgive her husband after cheating?

Why specifically Indian? it depends on the person.. if she wants to, she can. If she cannot, she will leave and move on. Life is too short to be spent with unwanted people around and imagine having to live with one, it will be insane.Also, I consider marriage to

Can I divorce my husband if he cheated on me?

Most states no longer require proof of grounds or fault, such as adultery, in order to obtain a divorce. The most common standard today is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. And as long as one of the parties insists this

Can I get proof against my cheating husband?

It's certainly a question you shouldn't ask another person but rather decide by yourself depending upon what you want out of your marriage.You must try to get the truth i.e his reason behind his behaviour. I am certain that you have noticed this first and probably heard from 3rd person about it or some other

Can I trust my husband if he left me for a mistress then came back?

#Question name: Can I trust my husband if he left me for a mistress then came back?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1.

Can I win my cheating husband back?

Why would you win him back?To all the wives in this world: Why would you always make the effort to keep your husbands? Why would you keep someone who does not make the effort to do the same with you?What you need to do

Can infidelity be repaired?

I believe it can. If, and only if, both parties are willing, not only to forgive each other, repent (in a non religious way) and be forgiven, but are also willing and capable of looking long and hard at themselves and their actions past and present.

Can my husband forgive me for cheating on him?

That is a tough one. Each person is different, however there is a way to increase your chances of success. It is a lot of hard work. Here is a outline of what MIGHT work. Realize that your husband may treat cheating as a deal breaker and there

Can you ever get over your husband having an affair?

You may not get over it but you can learn to live with the knowledge. It's a terrible disappointment but it cannot spoil a good marriage unless both parties hold bitterness and anger in their hearts. Start talking to each other. Forgiveness may seem impossible but it isn't and this can make

Could you forgive your cheating spouse?

This is a repeat of an answer I posted to a similar question. My Apologies if you saw it there.The answer is yes, forgiveness is possible.I apologize in advance for the length of this personal story; and also for publishing

Did your marriage become stronger after an infidelity?

I believe it could have. But she still is denying it because she is afraid for her persona or image to be tainted you could say. She has ALWAYS been the woman that would never do that kind of thing because of the character she cast herself as for years. So she went with Divorce and I found

Did your marriage survive infidelity?

On multiple occasions... Yes.Was it easy... NO.When stepping into a marriage you'll frequently hear the advice

Do cheating spouses usually get caught?

I used to hear from the fragrance department at the store I worked at, about this one man who came in every year around Christmas.He would buy two expensive bottles of perfume.Same size. Same special wrapping. Same scent.He said he got the same scent for the two ladies in his life.His wife and his mistress.He said he did this

Do girls have issues if their husband had affairs?

yes ...this the answer of your questionwhether if this is before(During)/after marriage then she must have issues from this.... not only to girls should, same applies on husbands too.both of you are in relation because you are complementary to each other for some feelings

Do happily married men ever cheat?

I've heard that they do, but I never have and my marriage has been absolutely dreadful and soul sucking for years due to my wife's uncontrollable sexual compulsions outside of our marriage to meet her narcissistic needs.Even in misery and with all the Get Out of Jail Free cards (yeah right) stacked in my

Do Indian wives cheat?

A lot of them.I'm an escort and when I first started out I was really surprised as to the reasons why women cheat on their husbands, also in a country like India, where marriages are considered a pure bond. However, there were so many common factors, some I never really thought about but here are a few.Surprisingly a lot

Do Indian women cheat on their husbands?

Of course they do. And logically speaking, when it happens around the world, then whats the big deal here being Indian. I am anonymous here because my friends follow me.Well, I work in a big IT firm in India. This lady

Do midlife crisis affair realtionships last?

I think you don't understand what midlife crisis means.Those who go into a midlife crisis might experience a range of feelings such as:Unhappiness with life and the lifestyle that may have provided them with happiness for many years.Boredom with people and things that may have been of interest to them before.Feeling a need for adventure and change.Questioning the

Do most women leave their husbands if the husband cheats?

Most people exhibit emotional knee-jerk reactions when it comes to infidelity, and fleeing is one of those responses, initially. There are many facets to adultery. It's not one size fits all, just like each person's backstory is not one size

Do narcissistic males always cheat?

From my point of view, I would make an educated assumption because they are lacking character and morals that even if they don't cheat, it isn't because their conscience is preventing them from doing so. It isn't because their love for their partner is preventing them from wanting another source of supply.If

Do the wives of Army men cheat on their husbands?

Not all of them of course. And you can't group any set of humans that

Do wives continue to have sex with their cheating husbands?

Surprisingly, when the wife first finds out of her cheating's husband's affair, the reaction of the vast majority is NOT to dump his lying, cheating sorry self, but to make herself even more attractive than the husband's affair to keep him interested in her (the wife), instead of him focusing his attentions on

Do women feel guilty while cheating on their husbands?

Nancy cheated with me, and she didn't feel guilty at all. Susan didn't feel bad about it either. Their only worry was about getting pregnant.Sandy was all excited about her tubes being tied and she wanted to try out her newfound freedom. She insisted that I go bareback and

Do you cheat on your spouse?

Every choice and decision you make in life shapes who you are and what happens to you.I respect myself and, as is human nature, only want the best possible outcome for everything I experience in life.I married my wife because she is awesome, but also because I felt that she would be the best life

Do you suspect your boyfriend is cheating?

A lot of things go on in our life that affects us in ways we can not imagine.Sometimes we are the cause of all this things and when i say we are the cause i mean there are things we can avoid yet we allow this go on in our life's just because we are scared of loosing people

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?

YES...CERTAINLY I DO AND I HAVE REASONS.She joined gym some 8 - 9 months ago and used to come home in the next 1 or 1.5 hours but over the time she is coming after 2+ hours. When asked she gives all irrelevant reasonsShe had many friends before marriage & out of them I know

Do you think Ted Cruz had an affair with the women they claim he had an affair with?

First, a fact. Of the five women supposedly involved in these affairs, we know the names of two of them. Both of them have denied having an affair. One of those women works directly for Donald Trump.Second, a rumor. Three other news sources investigated

Does a man outgrow cheating?

No.A man does not outgrow cheating the same way a heroin addict never outgrows his need for heroin.In fact, the more he gets away with cheating, the more he will cheat. Cheating is exciting in a way a normal relationship isn't. Bad sex is often the best sex for some people.

Does a marriage stand a chance after an affair if the betrayed spouse polices the cheater and takes control of their life?

Not making it easy.This is the thing. You should NOT stay if there isn't any trust. When the conversation of getting caught and staying, something about trust has to have come up.It's very hard especially at the beginning to have any trust in

Does an Indian wife accept their husband cheating on them?

No wife (or for that matter husband) can stand a cheating partner. But that is the normal case.Let us now come to Indian wives. Majority of them have no income of their own. If they do then they are often made to quit their jobs. Or else they have to

Does Bill Clinton still have mistresses?

If we do not count1Juanita Broaddrick2Dolly Kyle3Paula Jones4Kathleen WilleyClinton previously admitted to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky and model and actress Gennifer Flowers.Other alleged mistresses include Elizbeth Ward Gracen, a former Miss America who claimed she had a one-night Stand with Clinton.

Does the military frown upon military wives reporting their husbands for cheating or domestic abuse?

No. The military is the most corrupt organization funded by the government out there. They will do any and everything to protect their investment while dumping on anyone that tries to discredit them.Until it's inconvenient; then they harass, hassle, and neglect their members until

Does your husband cheat on you with another woman?

I've witnessed situations where individuals have let me go, and I've let them go, and we say, "I'll always love you, because I care about your well-being and happiness;" which may be true, but do you really, deeply love that person? Would you choose them over anyone else? Probably not.

Had an affair. Now what have I got myself into?

It sounds like you said it was okay for this person to move in before really getting to know him. It just like I tell all the youngins when they're trying to get with their crushes, you've got to vet them before you actually make a decision to get with them and then you have to be willing to

Has anyone stayed in a marriage when they knew their husband had a mistress? I love my husband and I feel like this is just a phase he needs to get out of his system. Am I being nieve?

No. We split for good once I knew for sure (straight from his mouth) that he was cheating. It was a deal breaker for me. This happened years ago now.Now let me talk to you from a different perspective, the mistress. Yep, I've btdt in recent times. I'm not at all proud of it. I'm

Has your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend/wife returned, begging you to take him/her back? I'm so afraid of getting cheated on because I don't think I can take back a cheater.

I'm not exactly sure of your situation, but let me answer you this.Trust is one of the key ingredients of a healthy relationship. Trust is also like a glass panel: it can be broken once, after that it will never be repaired.If you are referring to taking back someone who has cheated on

Have you caught your husband cheating?

Before I answer this question. What I am about to tell all this really happed in my life. This is not a story.Yes. I had gone to work in the morning. My husband was working from home. I came early from work that day. I

Have you cheated on your husband as an Indian spouse?

I don't want to mess up my life so going anonymous.I'm a house wife, we are middle class family, its me, husband & my son who live together.We live in a small complex of 4houses, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the first,we stay in the first floor. It so happened

Have you cheated your wife or husband? Did he/she forgive you?

Have you cheated your wife or husband? Did he/she forgive you?In

Have you ever caught your partner cheating? What was your reaction? How did you react initially? How did you overcome it?

I found a text while using my husband's phone to locate mine. The text was from my best friend of five years - it said

Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

Yes, I have cheated.I've cheated on my girlfriend but it was rather breaking her trust than being unfaithful to her by having a fling with someone else.You will get that soon!!!I was pursuing my engineering and there was this girl in my batch. I was pretty much entranced by her beauty and

Have you ever cheated on your husband? If yes, why, when and how?

A2A . I do not have a husband and am not married ,so there's no cheating. Cheating in marriage is something that immature people do and end up making a mess of their life and others. I have seen men confess online how they cheated

Have you ever cheated on your husband without regretting it?

I never intended to share this but doing so is exciting. I'm thirty-four years old, married to a physician for nine years and we have two beautiful children. I have everything I want and cheating never was something I thought about.My husband took the girls to visit his parents

Have you ever gotten pregnant from cheating, then let your husband raise the child as his own, and never confess, and did it work out?

I am sorry but this question infuriates me. What type of self-respecting person would do this to their husband and an innocent child? A child has a right to know who his or her

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who was cheating on you, and everybody knew about it but you?

Yeah, My first love was stolen from me in High school, but not by cheating but hate and intolerance.Brian David Parry's answer to Who was the rudest parent you've ever met?But my second Love and she became my first

Have you ever had an affair and not felt guilty?

My husband (Mike) took a job where he was on the road a lot. Three or four days a week. We'd barely been married a year.This wore on us as a couple, but the money was really good. We were able to

Have you ever had an affair with a hot Indian married woman?

I fucked a really hot Delhi woman last week.It was a launch of a club in Gurgaon & one of my clients invited me to it. By the time I reached, the formalities were done & people were drinking. My client came me & asked me to dance. While we were on

How can a marriage increase its chances of surviving infidelity?

It's not so much the "marriage", it's the two people involved in the marriage. Individually we have unique backstories, some more intense than others. Whatever baggage, experiences, histories we bring to a marriage will be included within the framework of the union. How we individually choose to react to our story in relation to our mate

How can a married man marry me as well without taking divorce from his first wife?

He can't. Not in the United States or most of the Western World.He can break up with his wife and move in with you, but he can't be married to more than one person at a time.The question I have is; Why are you messing around with

How to detect if my spouse is cheating

Hooked on the internet I was involved in a sexual encounter via the internet.  It wasn't planned, but when the guy 'hooked' me into it, I was sexually enthralled.  He made me aroused where sex with my husband went flat.  He gave me time and attention where my husband was

How to get back at my cheating husband

Piece of cake. Realize you are better than him, and you don't deserve to have that kind of toxic person in your life. Divorce him and get on with your life.Getting back at him this way is the best: he's going to see you

How to get my husband back when he cheated on me with another woman

#Question name: How can I get my husband back when he cheated on me with another woman?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous

How to get my husband to fall back in love with me after I cheated on him

After an episode of infidelity, I say you must give your partner some time to regain their senses. It's tough to say whether they will still love you or not. Cheating on your partner is a breach of trust. It shakes the entire ground of your relationship and

How to get my husband to stay with me after he has fallen in love with another woman with whom he had an affair

Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/co-habitation , so that both of you can keep happy for life. Details follow:WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER LASTING RELATIONSHIP/CO-HABITATION!!!Ideal Marriageable age:19–35 Male- To be employed/self-employed to maintain family.19–28 Female

How to get my wife to cheat

Lets start with a definition of the term 'Cuckold' in the dictionary;cuckoldingpresent participle of cuck·old (Verb)Verb: (of a man) Make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.(of a man's wife) Make (her husband) a cuckold.The key term here on both examples is *Make*. It does

How to go about getting a divorce without paying, if I know my spouse commited adultery

Well you were specific what you didn't want to pay for but under Pennsylvania law here's what would happen,Starting with Alimony if you can prove the other party was at fault it won't be order. You say she committed adultery even if you can prove it but the court says it's only indignities. That's a fault ground so

How to humiliate my husband's mistress

The best part of dealing with a cheater and the other woman is that the other woman generally begins to nag the cheater at one point, and becomes the irritant he thought he was fleeing. And she humiliates herself. That happened in my case.The other woman pursued him purposely, knowing we were engaged, saying,

How to make my husband stop cheating and get madly in love with me back

#Question name: How can I make my husband stop cheating and get madly in love with me back?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best

How to prove to my wife that I know she has been cheating on me

If you really are sure that she is cheating on you, the question is not how to prove it to her as much as what are you going to do to handle this piece of news. It is not about her now, it is rather about you. Clearly she made the choice

How to forgive a cheating husband

It's down to you, and your perspective.He is the same person he was before the affair, and I guess feels the same way about you, and regrets what he has done.He had the affair for a reason. It might not be a good

How to know if your wife is cheating on you

If she is acting out of the ordinary then she is. For example everytime she comes home she would rather to the washroom to take a bath above everything else.If she is having too many girls night out is one of the signs. There is nothing open at night besides bars, clubs and strip joints. So

How to tell if your husband is or has been cheating with another man

Footprints in the butter! No, wait... That's how to tell if there was an elephant in your fridge.85% of the time, if you're asking the question, you already know the answer. That's a pretty high percentage, but it's not a sure thing. Has anything

How did you catch your cheating spouse?

Which one? LolFirst relationship (spouse), I was never exactly sure, but plenty of signs I was in denial about. Two purchases for spa/massage treatments on credit. I received only one. He said the other was for an old lady customer of his that'd been so nice. Umm-hmm. Also discovered computer conversations, plus he completely denied me of

How did you figure out that your significant other was cheating on you?

We were together almost seven years. Our relationship began in a whirlwind and we both felt that we had found our soulmates. She was recently pregnant (not mine) and I was recently separated. We promised to be together forever and

How difficult is it for a woman to take back a cheating husband?

It happened last year when her work took my wife far from me for 6 months. I didn't find out until she told me she wanted to confess something terrible. She thought about not telling me about the incidence but the guilt was just unbearable. She told me over the phone. I was angry,

How do husbands catch their their wives cheating on them? Is it by checking their wives phones? Or by their behavior changes?

A lot of things go on in our life that affects us in ways we can not imagine.Sometimes we are the cause of all this things and when i say we are the cause i mean there are things we can avoid yet

How to catch a cheating girlfriend

Wow, so I'm not trying to sell you a product or service ... let's get that out there first off! Sheesh!You could sneak around and go through their phone but do you want to reduce yourself to that? You could drive by their house or follow them three cars behind everywhere they go, but

How to catch a cheating partner

I think most people know in their guts whether or not their spouse is cheating or not. My question is, what is your intention? Are you going to leave him or her if you discover that they are cheating? Are you looking to confront him or

How to catch husband cheating on Facebook when he delete the messages

You probably will not be able to catch him via deleted FB messages, unless you have a keylogger program installed or a nanny cam set up directly in line with wherever he goes online onto FB and messages that person.However, if you stick around and continue looking, you will catch him, no doubt, just dont know how

How to catch my husband cheating

Cheating tactics are always the same with men and the pattern hasn't changed. Let me briefly tell you how to catch your husband cheating. I'd want you to be very sure of your instincts before you go ahead on any of these listed points. I'd also advise you use the most convenient

How to catch my spouse cheating in a long distance relationship

People find it hard to stay committed again. It's becoming a thing. Getting information & data you need is quite not a big deal. Sometimes the truth needs to be unveiled by whatsoever means necessary.The latter of the case should always be reckoned with, of which it would be known

How to check a cheating spouse phone without him knowing

Know someone who's been cheated on? Chances are, the answer is yes. In this day and age, cheating is more common than ever. With hookup apps like Tinder and hundreds of online dating sites, it's never been easier to cheat and get away with it.If your partner has a smartphone, or even just access to

How to cope with a secretive husband

Very, very, very easy to answer question.You make appointments with women friends and go out. Have dinner; a pizza or McDonalds.Go to a movie afterwards or join them and go home with them. Have a glass of wine and a good conversation.But take care you are away often.When your husband asks you where you are going, NEVER, NEVER,

How to deal with the pain of my husband getting another woman pregnant after an affair yet not giving me another child that I desperately want

You don't mention how involved he is with YOUR child, the one he acknowledges.  Is he a good dad to them?  Hugs, kisses, checking homework, teaching them how to play ball, going to PTA meetings, going to class plays?If he is NOT

How to decide whether I should leave my husband for another man

It is never a good idea to leave one relationship for another. If you are unhappy with your husband then the options are to try getting some help and if that fails a trial separation. Running to another man will not bring you

How to discourage my husband from cheating on me

Generally there are two in most relationships. The cheater and the one trying to keep the other from cheating. We'll call them Cheater and Concerned.Strangely, the more Concerned worries themselves about Cheater cheating, the more testy Cheater becomes and thus cheats all the more! This doesn't work very well for Concerned.If Concerned behaves Cheater will spend more time at