Do insecurities correlate with depression?

I can't say for everyone, but depression has definitely made me insecure.It's not that I thought my friends didn't care about me anymore, it's that I used to not care that they didn't. Why did it matter, as long as they were willing to talk to me?Now, I'm constantly wondering,

How to deal with an insecure mother-in-law

Why is your mother in  law feeling insecure? Mostly mother in law feel insecure when another person comes into her child's life. She is terrified she might lose her dominance.Mother in law - Why is she the most feared?Make her understand that you would never intrude into her

How to gain weight fast

You have a fast metabolism. It's something that will be really beneficial as you get older. Other people will get fat and you will stay average or trim. So you've got that to look forward too. It might seem far away but it will arrive faster than you

I am depressed, insecure, and I don't want to live. What do I do?

Honestly, I have felt the same for years, but you have to be strong. You have to think that there are people who really love you and they'd also want to go, if you did something silly. So please don't put your family and friends through that. I have to think that way, whenever I think

I have lost 25lbs of my 131 lbs loss goal, Is it normal for me to be insecure about my progression? It has only been 3 months.

Hi Cierra, losing 25 lbs. in three months is an accomplishment to be proud of, since eight lbs. a month is considered to be the maximum amount of weight you should lose in order to not cause any health related problems, and you lost

Are the super-rich driven by greed or insecurity? Is the real reason they continue with the pursuit of mega-wealth more to do with trying to live up to the Jones' than with greed?

With money comes great power. With great power comes great responsibility.When people become rich they tend to feel responsible. It is neither greed nor insecurity that drives rich people to become more richer.What would you do if you get so much money? If you have the potential to make money then you

Do Psychopaths have insecurities? psychopathy is extremely rare. It is between It is between .75%–1% percent of the population with a 20:1 ratio men to women. It cannot be induced as that is not what defined psychopathy is. It is how the brain formed in utero.Psychopathy is born. It is present,

What are the root causes of insecurity? How can insecurities be unlearned or released? How much would you have to know about the insecurity to be able to leave it behind?

The root cause of EVERYTHING in your life are the systems operating behind the scenes.Therefore, the root cause of all insecurity is an uncertainty of the systems that you have in place to achieve a particular outcome.I know this might sound esoteric and hard to grasp but, as I am about to illustrate, it's really not.When you break

Which is one of the biggest insecurities of men?

What a silly question.The answer is of course yes.We have insecurities about body fat percentages. To reveal abs one must have a body fat % less than 10%.We are insecure about our faces. Thanks to a bad orthodontist 10 years ago the left side of my face has shifted downwards. X-rays show the bone structure of my face

Why is it that we are not originally jealous by nature but we feel jealous of only certain people not because you want attention or something but those people don't treat you nicely and that's what makes you jealous and insecure of them?

I think people do get jealous by nature but that a variety of experiences or attitudes can make it less bad or worse.There are people who do things for the purpose of making someone or others jealous.Many do not.I read something somewhere

Can I still win him back?

It takes guts to admit your mistakes. But they are not even remotely useful in mending a broken heart. I believe you have changed in this six months but that's because you are stranger on Quora to me. He has observed your behavior for one full year and waited with a blind hope that

How to stop feeling insecure about my boyfriends ex girlfriend of two years

Insecurity on one level largely comes if you don't know the person clearly. Insecurity is not something about the other person it's your own mind and thought that is making you suspect every move of the other person. Spend some more time, explore and know your partner more closely. Be completely in him, and breathe in him. (Don't take

My mother in law praises her own daughter all the time. How do I deal with an insecure mother in law?

This is a very common scenario when your husband has a sister,you will not be recognized and not treated well. You might hear 'n' no of stories about her from your in laws .It's human tendency to prioritize your own (blood) family compare

Should insecure people be in committed relationships?

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people in the world are insecure.There are a lot of insecurities that almost everyone has, such as fear and anxiety of doing new things, shyness and apprehension of talking to strangers, self-doubt when performing various tasks, and so on.That's normal

What are some of the best ways to handle your wife/girlfriend having an insecure moment?

Keep reassuring her of your love for her, and give ear to all her feelings. Acknowledge the positives, and replace the negative ones with encouraging comments. If it's becoming too much to handle, you may want to visit a professional counselor along with your spouse/ girlfriend.