What is the one thing you have done which has changed your life completely?

Yes! There have been a couple of decisions that have changed my life, but one of the most significant ones is - visiting my parents in Kiev and deciding to stay back with them!Back in June 2014, my father got transferred to Kiev (Ukraine). Because of the Crisis, my parents thought it would be best for

What are some methods to instantly or quickly motivate yourself?

In this era where there has been immense competition in all fields that we're forced to cope up with the flow. Be it the field of engineers, writers, photographers, startups, government sectors, MNCs or even if you wanna be a travel blogger.

What are the most beautiful things which make you love life?

The most weird and silly things we doing and paying for all those, being naughty flirting with the beautiful girl, acting funny trying to make others laugh, being smart coming with the best answers, nostalgic in times, all these when reminded later tells us how beautiful the life was and how it is going to be further

What are the inspirational words you tell yourself every day to continue working harder?

It's somewhat telling that my inspiration comes from the movie ‘The Help'.You is Kind. I'm not what you'd call subtle, nor very social. But I am indeed kind. Kindness is not weakness, it's not acquiescing, it's not yielding - but rather, it's setting

What inspires you to succeed in life?

Failure. I face a lot of failures daily. Starting with missing my morning alarm, I fail in most of my daily deeds. Still each day I learn a new thing. I make a new plan. I look at things from a different perspective. I failed to chase most of my

What was the turning point that made you lose weight?

Cancer.I couldn't figure out why I went from really thin, to a very fast progression into morbid, super morbid obesity. At my 5′9 height, I was very thin, a runner and a ballet dancer, around 120 pounds - well under weight for my height. I