Are animals smarter than humans?

Humans are unique creatures, they are very intelligent far more than any other creature on earth. They are endowed with very powerful metal capabilities. The human is the only creature that has the tripartite makeup. The body, the soul and the

Are good grades the result of intelligence or hard work?

Good grades are the result of both hard work and intelligence.Working hard is important; if you don't put in the time and effort to improve in your academics, it will be hard to maintain good grades. Let's say a student is very intelligent and learns things quickly, but

Are highly intelligent people influenced by looks?

Yea they just have a choice of what to do with how it influences them. It goes thru the mind before it gets done. Intellect is enabling people to be apart, outside of life. Its not really disconnecting - but its an

Are humans evolving to be smarter?

No! Intelligence doesn't evolve. We certainly have more technology than our ancient ancestors but technology is built one brick upon another. We might have more information but trivia does not make one smart.I think we would have to define what intelligence is first. If we compare the evolution of intelligence with our ancient ancestors, we would have

Are people getting smarter?

Over the past century, at least, people all over the world have been getting higher average raw IQ scores. This is called the Flynn effect. (The IQ scores they tell you are scaled so that the average score for that test is 100.) Other studies have found similar gains in tests of semantic and episodic

Are smart people better at video games?

Not necessarily, not all games require intelligence and some games cater for a range of approaches. You would have to look at games on an individual basis and even then, other factors are at play, experience, practice, genre preference, reaction time, temperament, instinct and personality

Are we humans the most intelligent species on Earth?

I wonder if we're really sophisticated enough to recognise intelligence that isn't our own.For example, the Pioneer Probe left the solar system carrying a laser disc full of information about us (plus a bit of whale song) in case it bumped into somebody "intelligent".  This whale song was

Can a movie make you think in a smarter way?

Can a movie make you think in a smarter way?Drawing on my own experience as an avid fan, I dare to say unequivocally that any movie, whether it's animation or sci-fi fantasy or even spy thriller, can make you think in a smarter way, if only you spend time to grasp quickly the essence of the

Can a psychologist actually help a person who is smarter than himself?

Absolutely. In fact, people who are extremely intelligent are often too analytical and can suffer from perfectionism that prevents them from being able to find the serenity and calmness of mind needed to discover lasting solutions to many psychological or emotional

Can animals comprehend ideas?

Some can. My dog Mudge could understand (,comprehend,) my thought and action.Current dog Candy does not like water. Sometimes, I used to tease her that I will give water. It knows the words so well, that she use to react (,even when no pipevor other water source is around).I

Can being around smarter people make you smarter?

What is smart? I know that we are able to recognise it, but defining it is somewhat controversial.Is speed more or less important over the careful considered answer. Which type of answer would you trust your life on?If we say that smart is the ability to create reasons for ways to link things together,

Can chess make you smarter? What other types of games make you smarter?

Playing chess can potentially improve your logical thinking skills and make you smarter.Researchers over the years have found enough evidence that show a direct correlation between playing chess and improvement in logical thinking.The fact that these researches, conducted across different countries and different timelines, show the same result reflect what chess players have always known – that the

Can coding make you smarter?

I will answer this based on personal experience. Do you love the feeling when you crack a very difficult puzzle or you solve a complex mathematics problem? The same feeling a coder gets when his/her code compiles error free. It really doesn't matter how many coding languages you know, but if you can think of strong logic

Can drugs make us smarter?

So many answers here saying,

Can fasting make you smarter?

I'm going to give my perspective as a Muslim who has been fasting since the age of 14 or so. I will leave out the religious aspect and explain from an experiential point of view since my research with fasting is

Can intelligent people find physics hard?

Yup. Intelligence isn't confined to the sciences or math. One can be intelligent about linguistics, sociology, sewing, cooking...anything that happens to interest and intrigue that certain person. I liked physics but I found it a bit challenging...mainly due to a teacher who was better

Can scientists make humans smarter in the future?

For the next 100 years, nothing useful.There are many nootropic substances already sold which improve cognitive skills. The nootropics community is now also doing genetic testing at companies like 23andme to find out what substances will suit them best.There was a scientific announcement that a company is trying to improve IQ, and humans

Can we make ourselves smarter?

You sure can do a lot to

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?Your intelligence is the result of the capability of your brain. During your first five years, your brain makes new connections at a rate of millions a

Could we make humans smarter?

You're not proposing making humans smarter. You're proposing making humans faster at the tasks that humans have determined to be monotonous, annoying, and better passed off to a machine. Why would you want to do that?The purpose of technology is to free humans from repetitive tasks. Ideally, through technological advances, humans would be liberated from the constant and unfulfilling

Do animals have intelligence?

Given that humans are animals and that we're pretty clearly "intelligent" (because --- well --- we invented the word to describe, amongst other things, ourselves), I'd say yes.If you mean, non-human animals, then the answer ends up being. . .

Do 'brain-training' puzzles and games actually make you smarter?

Brain training help you to be better at the specific games.Now, there's some "metha-solving" that can kick in if you practice a LOT of mini games. At some point you will naturally think "How can I solve all occurrences ?

Do men choose beautiful women over intelligent women?

Choose for what? When it comes to mate selection, men are much simpler as compared to women. The primary purpose of mating, whether you come from an Darwinian mindset or a religious mindset, is procreation. We are driven to reproduce and sex is the natural means

Do men generally date women of similar intelligence?

This entirely depends on how secure the man is and how much he respects women and/or what he's looking for in a relationship.  A man who is secure, respectful of women, and wants an equal partner in life, will obviously gravitate toward women who are in the same league

Do men like intelligent women?

Do men like dating intelligent women? That depends on the individual, really. I am an outlier in a vast sea of typical men. Who are both domineering and have a false sense of infallibility. My response is going to be both atypical but also factual.  So, do I like dating intelligent women? The

Do other animals have consciousness and/or free will?

Yes, a huge number of animals are conscious.The conscious brain is essentially a decision engine. It makes its decisions via neuroprocessing.Contrary to popular belief, consciousness as a decision engine is less advanced than subconscious. However it is more advanced than

Do smart people (140+ IQ) on average get divorced more than the rest of the population?

In terms of IQ, there's a 50% chance that a 140 IQ person dedicates enough time to get a PhD and a 97% chance that a 150 IQ person remains in any intellectually elite profession, things haven't gotten harder as the average IQs are roughly 130 to 125 as

Do smart people like video games? If so, what type of games do they like?

Video games are no longer a niche interest that is derided for being enjoyed only by sheltered nerds (speaking as a nerd who remembers when games were considered nerdy).So your question is basically like asking

Do teachers appreciate intelligence or hard work more?

If forced to choose between the two, I'd choose hard work over intelligence.I have much greater respect for those people who have to work at their grades than those for who it comes easily.A little story.Most of my students were early mid twentys and all had varying degrees

Do video games make you smarter or dumber?

depends on the gameif it's a good game it will develop some good skill even if it's not your intelligencestrategy/puzzle games will help with problem solving and other purely mental qualitiesFPS or other fast paced games will improve your reaction times and reflexesI personally can't think of any more examples but I think this is adequate

Do video games make you smarter?

Tyler Prince's response is good but he does miss one angle which merits mentioning. And that is that video games are incredibly good at experimental learning.To explain this, there are multiple ways to learn. You can learn from books or television for example, or from your teacher. This is passive learning, and is how most learning in your

Do women like unintelligent men? Why or why not?

Not. NEVER. NEVER EVER. Oh, my God, you can't be serious.I get many people has different types of intellect: I can perfectly find myself loving a man who is a great conversationalist, a social butterfly, but has no formal education, only curiosity and charm. Or, instead, loving a strong, silent man, who is really confortable in intimacy,

Do you think running can make you smarter?

Both according to studies and according to my personal experience, running and other forms of aerobic exercise make you a bit smarter.This is probably largely because it makes you just more alert and makes you feel better physically, giving you subjectively more

Does a grade reflect a student's intelligence?

They do not.Often the smartest person in the classroom, is not the one with the highest grades.Rarely is the least intelligent person in the class the one with the lowest grades.Grades reflect several things, and while high intelligence surely helps a person learn more, and low intelligence makes it harder to learn, the grades a student gets has

Does being physically fit make one smarter?

Here is some research that suggests an association between exercise and hippocampal neurogenesis:Treadmill exercise improved short-term and spatial memories by enhancing  neurogenesis and suppressing apoptosis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus  of old-aged rats. (Kim et al. 2010)The difference in activity between sedentary and  exercised animals

Does calculus make you smarter?

Calculus does make you smarter. In the following way:Algebra is a big leap for students because it's a level of abstraction in which we operate on unknown symbols. We're introduced to functions of those variables [math]f(x)[/math] and we're asked to solve for [math]x[/math].Calculus, however, is the next

Does cognitive ability decline from age 20 to age 30?

Nope. In fact, our brains aren't even fully developed until  we are in our mid to late 20's. This does not mean you will gain IQ points per se but your prefrontal cortex just simply is not finished yet and

Does eating healthy food make you more intelligent or smart?

Sorry, cauliflower is not brain food, and, according to actual evidence, no one particular food has objective, incontrovertible, repeatable, peer-reviewed evidence as any sort of

Does exercising physically make you smarter in any way?

Love the question. Yes, actually it does Besides the fact exercise is important to overall health, there has been some research looking for effects of exercise on intelligence."Exercise helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect means. The benefits of exercise come directly from its ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and

Does hard work make you intelligent?

No, hard work bring about a certain mastery in what you doing, and bring also some stress with you become a specialist in your field by time, an expert, that's the benefit of hard makes you better in finding solutions in what you're good at, not life in general, not in relationships, not in psychological

Does Hunger makes you smarter?

I believe there are a few stages of hunger based on my experience.The Initial Hunger.-This is probably where you're coming from. This initial hunger seems to put your body into a state of high efficiency. Depending on the situation you may work faster, or start to think better and maybe even become more creative. Its the

Does intelligence affect sleep?

You're Probably a Night Owl -- And That's a Bad ThingRecently, scientists discovered a quirky side effect to having a high IQ: You tend to stay up until later hours and get up later in the morning. That's right -- the more intelligent are

Does intelligence overshadow the hard work?

I would like to share a small story regarding thisThere is a guy who is extremely intelligent but lazy . There is another guy who is not intelligent but hardworker . They both aimed for jee . The intelligent guy didn't qualify and studied CSE in deemed private university whereas the hardworker got a decent

Does lateral thinking make people smarter?

You asked:"Does lateral thinking make people smarter?"The short answer is: YES!A short analogy is a person walking across town.A linear thinker thinks in terms of the destination being 4 blocks West and 3 blocks South of his current position.  So he was 7 blocks,

Does playing a musical instrument make one smarter?

Many studies have shown that people with musical training score higher on intelligence tests and college entrance exams. Musicians also score higher than non-musicians in many other dimensions, from spatial skills to language acquisition.The problem lies in separating cause from effect:

Does reading books make a person smart?

Is reading books really makes you smart?Before getting into a proper response to answering your question, I like to share some broad perspectives about reading.A lot of folks think that they are smart after reading a lot of books.And they probably think you have a lot of "knowledge".I like to say unequivocally that they have only a lot of

Does reading make you a smarter person?

Reading teaches you to absorb information quickly - the better you can read, the less effort your brain uses to process language, leaving more brain power to deal with the meaning rather than the language syntax and grammar.A lot of people love to read fiction - I think this is more about

Does reading make you smarter, or do smart people read?

I don't really care to elaborate that much because the answer should be pretty obvious that it's BOTH.However, I read a LOT. But I read in spurts. That is, sometimes I'll read 8 hours per day for weeks at a time. I usually read all kinds of topics too, from medical science, to

Does smart work beats hard with? What are some examples?

Both hard and smart work improve/increase the results. Which one is better, if you only do one, depends on how much each changes the results.If you work smarter by using Ctrl : in Excel to put today's date, that is smarter than just

Does studying make you smarter?

When the people with the highest IQ's were observed over time it was noticed that they were usually 12 years old, and didn't do so well after that. They got smarter and smarter, at least according to the tests, till they were about 12 and then not

Does testosterone make you smarter?

Not everybody and not really smarter. It can help reverse some of the cognitive deficiencies seen in older or testosterone deficient males. It improves their concentration and focus and stamina. But it does not make them any

Does thinking yourself smarter makes you smarter?

YES!But here's how it could work-if you BELIEVE that you are smart, you are going to start acting smart (whatever that means).You will start to do things that you think smart people do (read the New Yorker, study science website, become involved in political discussions, etc.)This will further reaffirm that you are ‘smart' (confirmation

Does traveling make you smarter?

NO. Its just like reading. If you read books that are very similar you wont be exposed to other generes and will learn nothing. CHOOSE A DIIFERANT GENERE than the one you are accustom to.Traveling can help you get more intelligent, but only if it challenges your reality and thinking.Visiting

How can being intelligent make one happier?

I think it is wrong to see intelligence, as a quality, in isolation. Also, not to forget that intelligence varies not only in magnitude but also in types. So are intelligent people happier or are they depressed? Well, we must consider other factors too. The general belief that intelligent people are depressed is based on the premise that

How to be smarter at math

All the suggestions here seem to focus on recommending to keep practicing as much as possible. That is certainly true. But keep in mind, mechanical practice alone will only bring you so far, especially if you do not change and adapt the ways

How to become more intellectual

Huhhh . It was my dream to become an intellectual, but I have realized it with the time that, this path is not easy. It's like walking in the sharp edge of sword.1: Start from yourself. Question your own believes.2: You have learned

How to become smarter than you

Never ever. Because smarter people never ask such questions. Smartness can not be taught but to be learnt through one's own initiative through close observation of surroundings without open display. Once people know one as smart, they will stop all their cooperation to prove desperately that he is not

How to make my brain more intelligent and smart

Everyone is very interested in this question, and so am I. After all, who doesn't want to be smarter and stay sharp and ward off Alzheimer's etc. The answer is to practice using your brain a lot, especially in the area that practices what you want to be better at. For example,

How to make my brain sharper, smarter, and lightning fast

I wanted to make my brain better so I took drugsI took Klonopin, Amytriptyline, Adderal, Percocet. Alcohol. Often at the same timeI took Adderall to be smarter. The Klonopin to handle the anxiety that comes with Adderall. The Amatryptiline to sleep because I can't sleep on Adderall. The Percocet to feel happy when everything else wears off.When I started

How to spend my free time in an intellectually productive way

There's a lot of ways you can spend your free time more intelligently while still having fun.Increase the quality of your guilty pleasures. Ex.: if you love binge watching Netflix, instead of watching Scandal or whatever try West Wing or Madam Secretary.Find reading material you enjoy. There are so many

How can we improve our emotional intelligence? What are the benefits?

This is a great question, implicit in it is that you actually care to develop EQ, which is most important part. Put simply, having a good EQ means being sensitive to others' emotional needs AND your own.  If you don't do it naturally, it doesn't mean you can't, doesn't mean you're a bad person.   

How to increase your IQ

In theory IQ tests measure your speed of learning. You can change this somewhat:In the short term as much as 50% of the difference in IQ between you and another person is environmental and therefore changeable. However, some of this will disappear when you quit doing whatever you did to increase it.In

How to achieve emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be achieved if you are able to attain the 5 critical elements of EI. So it is important to analyze these elements and determine where do you stand.Self-awarenessA leader should be self-aware about his emotions, strengths, weakness and values and how these impact others. Your

How to build social intelligence

Pay attention. That's the simple answer.It's also a hard thing to do. We all get caught up in our heads sometimes, and if you're asking about improving your social intelligence, you probably feel some level of social anxiety, which means that any given point in a social situation you're probably

How to test myself everyday to tell if I am becoming smarter day by day

By keeping a journal of your progress.Each time you solved something, and learned something in the process, write down the timestamp, the thing you solved, and what you've learned.Example:Date = 2017.11.04_23.39.36Solved = How to embed an image directly into HTML codeLearned = I used base64 for this.If you can have

How to become more productive and stay motivated

I love to use technology in order to improve my productivity - defently mobile tech - because my iphone is always with me. And it really work for me and my local start up (it's NOT ADS! - its only local).We increased the

How does reading philosophy books make you smarter?

An advantage to study philosophyYou prepare for critical thought, appreciation of literature, intellectual challenges, and deep subject matter by reading philosophy, studying philosophers, and writing your own opinions, analysis, and critiques. You might not go through all these steps in any particular textbook by a known philosopher, ancient, medieval, modern, or post-modern. This

How does someone work smarter and not harder?

Working smart is a matter of using some form of leverage to earn money. If you only trade time for money, like in a job, time and your expertise is your only leverage.Whatever you earn is limited by the need to keep turning up again

How important is intelligence?

Since Sherlock is a detective, intelligence is the most important skill for him. In general, the importance of any trait depends on the situation and it would be difficult to classify a single one as most important. e.g. Intelligence won't help in matters related to empathy or

How intelligent is Bill Clinton?

This answer comes via an anecdote shared by a former lawyer of mine who used to handle my comic writing intellectual property. His name was David Ryan.Stay with me on this answer, I will get to Bill Clinton!As a young lawyer, David articled in Montreal where

I am a 15-year-old boy/man with Asperger's Syndrome, dyslexia (pretty much overcame it), ADD, and paranoia with an IQ of +147 and consider myself very adult for my age. What are good ways to train my brain?

I'm an adult with Asperger's Syndrome. We Aspeis tend to excel at analytical processing but suck at reading the nuances of social cues. So the best way you can stretch your brain is to play to its weakness: become an expert people

If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum

If humans are getting intelligent, are other animal species also getting intelligent?

If it aids their survival, they are. If it doesn't aid their survival, they aren't. Smarts are expensive - you need more fuel if you're going to support a big, complex brain. It's not always an advantage. If you can survive well without being smart, you'll need

If we remove human emotions would that make humans smarter?

No. Emotions are essential for survival. Without emotions, human beings wouldn't have lasted long. There are countless examples on why emotions are essential to survival and intelligence development but I will give you one that stands out for me:There have been numerous cases where traumatic brain injury survivors lost their ability to

Is hard work more important than intelligence?

Lets see,once in my collage one professor told us how he spends his day, he was sharing us so that we all understand that how much lazy we all are so he said my age is 45 years and still I work for 18 hours day and we went further saying us about his great qualification told

Is intelligence a sign of evolution and is there any species of animals that might have larger intelligence than humans?

All life is a sign of evolution. Intelligence isn't any more or less a sign of it than stupidity. A worm is just as a evolved as a human. As is a begonia. Evolution doesn't have a direction or a goal. That's one of the major

Is intelligence static or can it be increased with hard work? Does anyone have the potential to win a Fields medal or become an IMO gold medalist with the right amount of hard work?

yes(ish) and no. studies have shown, proper nutrition can help maintain intelligence, there are no proven methods that increase one's's like someone's height, you are born and will reach a height somewhere close to your parents, but if you have really poor nutrition and poor exercise, you will not reach

Is it always better to 'work smarter' than harder?

This is a tricky question. Every once in a while I have a conversation with one or more of my friends about how to tackle some problem.Working ‘smarter' can mean working harder, or even doing the same but working less

Is it fair to say that the Manhattan project scientists were intelligent, but not wise?

Decide for yourself. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks ended World War II, but we paid an extremely high price.The attacks directly killed between 150,000 and 250,000 people, but caused Japan to surrender. After WWII, the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction kept the United States

Is it true that 'hard work gives you success,' or will intelligence take you to success?

You need both accompanied with luck to get success.If hard work alone was capable of achieving success, all masons, labourers and porters would have been billionaires.On the other hand if you are intelligent but don't use your intelligence in converting it into a useful resource or you are lazy then again you

Is it true that we have to do smart work and not hard work?

I agree, to some extent.If you want to be versatile, you need to do smartwork.If you want to be an expert in a specific field then you need to do hardwork.But remember, Nothing can substitute hardwork !!!For example, If you want to get involved

Is narcissistic capable of emotional intelligence?

The Bermuda Triangle.The Five Categories of Emotional Intelligence.EmpathySelf-awareness.Self-regulation.Motivation.Social skills.Empathy:Is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, some narcissists have selective empathy, They have no interest in understanding their impact on you, except so far you feed their ego, but since they

Is the ability to work hard an inherent quality? If it is, then why is it believed that hard work should be appreciated, not intelligence?

Intelligence (IQ) is an inherent quality and not the hard work.Heritability of intelligence is around 50% and rises to 75% by 18 to 20 yrs of age. Environment is also a major factor which plays a large part in their intelligence.Coming to your question, why hard work should be appreciated and not intelligence. let me

Is there a direct correlation between a high forehead and intelligence?

Depends a bit on the populations that are being compared: let us assume that bigger brains mean more intelligence: these attributes are strongly correlated. Bigger brain means more cranial capacity: gotta put those neurons someplace. Bigger cranium might mean larger forehead, or wider head

Is there a large or unique intelligence gap between humans and the next most intelligent species?

Like Srinivasa said, it's hard to objectively measure intelligence. But yes, there's a large gap between the intelligence of humans and the intelligence of chimps and bonobos, the other most intelligent species. (I'll touch on dolphins later). It's

Is there a pill to become more intelligent?

There are drugs that claim to, but I would recommend caution when using anything that messes with brain chemistry. Your brain chemistry is a delicate balance and making your brain depend on artificially introduced chemicals can never have a good long term result. For example there are chemicals out right

Is there a risk for long term damage from taking Alpha GPC?

Dosage: The appropriate dose of alpha-GPC depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for alpha-GPC.Keep in mind that natural products are not always

Is there an animal that is very intelligent, yet that intelligence is very alien to us?

Well I can't exactly answer your question but these are some of the smartest animals you might think to be dumb.Pigs-Many studies show that pigs are indeed extremely smart and are smartest than any other domestic animal.They can outperform a 3 year child and are more trainable than cats or dogs.Research has shown that pigs are

Is there ever going to be a species that will evolve and develop intelligence just like the humans did?

We humans are exceptionally intelligent. We're also exceptionally proud of our intelligence. As a consequence, we sometimes commit the fallacy that intelligence is an extremely important trait for survival. I'm sure if lions had access to Quora, they'd write questions like

Is there one particular tried and true way to make you smarter? Such as reading more, studying information, etc., or is it simply a combo of hard work/effort, doing the things listed above?

Reading, for sure. And one technique of reading that can hone your intellect is to read books that are one level above your ease of comprehension. In other words, read to study. Pay close attention, make marginal notes, fold down the corners

Is working hard a sign of low intelligence?

The definition of intelligence as per Google:Noun -

Most smart people are constantly learning. What are you favorite hobbies?

Mine have changed over the years, coming and going periodically, but the hobbies that stand out across my life include:Reading - fiction, philosophy and various science topics, news - every day - about the world, technology, politics, global issues, etc.Martial arts

(Obviously it's different intelligence but) in your opinion who is smarter the millionaire or the person with a PhD?

Generally speaking, the people with Ph.D.s have a fairly high IQ. Their mean has been estimated as being around 125 or around the top 5%. Its an endeavor that tends to be more natural and attractive for the very intelligent than

Self-Improvement: Does reading more, even fiction, make you smarter?

We won't be able to agree in a definition for smart. Some say it is your mental alertness and resourcefulness, others will argue it is defined by how quickly and easily you learn. Maybe it is all those things, since they seem to be invariably connected.No matter what,

Should it be mandatory for people to take an IQ test in order to determine if they're worthy of biological reproduction?

No.Raw strength, functionality, ability to endure hell, should be prioritized over intelligence. This is a sieve an organism, humans included, will pass through naturally if they're fit for the earth itself. There's a very good biological reason for the stereotype of the muscle-bound dumb jock and the weak-yet intelligent Nerd.Going against this law through

Smart People: Who's smarter -- math folks or physics folks?

I doubt that there are objective ways to answer this, so I'll give my own opinion, on the basis of getting an undergrad degree in math and physics, and hanging out a lot with grad students, post-docs, and profs in both fields.