Are lions the most fearless wild animals?

You gotta be kidding me!No! Lion's aren't the most fearless wild animals.Lions are indeed formidable predators, efficient hunters and overall totally magnificent creatures. They thrive in the Savannah and successfully take down big game. Their strength lies in their numbers.

Can polar bears, brown bears, or grizzlies interbreed?

Yes, and the hybrid is called a grolar bear or pizzly bear. Since 2006 or so there have been at least 9 sightings in the wild and some have been confirmed with DNA. There is even a DNA confirmed second generation one. We knew it could happen already from zoo studies. And there is a specimen form the 1860s

Are bats a danger to humans?

One evening, I was outside looking up and admiring the stars. All of the sudden something whacked me upside the head! I turned around in time to see a fallen bat recover off the ground and go flitting away. This

Do animals appreciate it when humans save their lives?

About 12 years ago, while I was out shopping with my husband, we stopped at a local antique store just to browse. It was a cold, beak, drizzling April day. As we arrive we saw a small whitish colored dog who was trying to get shelter under a

Do wild animals like cooked food?

Except for chimps to some extent, animals don't have a concept of cooked food vs. raw food. To them, it's either edible or it's not. Of course they have preferences if they have choices. Each species would have its own preferences, and each individual animal will have preferences. Cooking something doesn't necessarily make something better. It just makes it

Which animal (besides humans) kills the most other animals?

This isn't quite answering your question, but it's an interesting related answer.People like to assume that humans are the most violent species, because we murder each other, we have wars, etc. but there actually quite a few other animals that are more violent than us humans.

Which wild animals can a human being defeat in a fight with bare hands?

If by defeat you mean drive off, then most of these are possible to defeat. If a lone wolf or big cat sees a large human charging full sprint at it then it will likely fuck off. Wolves are cowards and cats are stalkers. Animals don't like to risk injury fighting for food. It can mean death.My

Who will win a fight between a tiger and a lion?

Alright guys, we've got the big one.I've been putting this off for a while, since these two big cats have pretty rabid fan bases and upsetting either means hate mail through my letterbox (or maybe a strongly worded comment, at least). It's like team Edward vs team Jacob for people who