Are exogenous ketones for when you're fasting/doing a keto diet or for when you're not?

It depends. I experiment a lot. I've been fully Keto for almost eight years and I do intermittent and extended fasting. In fact, I'm on day seven of a salt and water fast only. I feel great. The first two days were the most difficult. I have three young kids, we are all

Are there any benefits to intermittent fasting when on a bulk (i.e. in a caloric surplus)?

Depends on the individual. Hard gainers should obviously not intermittent fast while trying to gain weight - it will only make it more difficult.However for most people I would say a 14 ish hour fast would still provide plenty of benefits (insulin sensitivity, even energy levels,

Can I do intermittent fasting without losing weight?

Absolutely! Intermittent fasting covers a very wide range of eating patterns from daily time restricted feeding up to fasting for a few days each week. If you do not want to lose weight but still want to get some of the

Can I eat fruit during my fast in intermittent fasting?

Sometimes, it depends on the type of IF (intermittent fasting). If is not the same as the keto diet which restricts carbs like fruit and veggies to about 5–10% of daily food intake. A keto diet seems to end up with the same results as calorie restriction (CR) which allows the body to go into

Can I work out during the fasting period of intermittent fasting?

Yes, but bear in mind the kind of workout you do while fasted should be one that isn't going to require massive amounts of glycogen. In other words, don't do HIIT or CrossFit type workouts while fasted unless you want to underperform.For heavy weightlifting-low reps, heavy weights, fasted workouts are ideal. The effect is a loud signal to your

Can people still lose weight with intermittent fasting without exercising?

Anyone can lose weight with any method whatsoever, as long as they consume fewer calories than they need to maintain weight.The average male needs 2,500 calories per day to maintain weight, the average female 2,000 calories.Let's say you are an average female. If you

Can we start workouts immediately after 20 hours of intermittent fasting and break fasting after workouts?

As far as giving advice on this goes - whether you should or should not, that you may have to sift through if it is contained in this answer at all.How do you feel after the fasted 20 hour periodBefore

Can you drink coffee during intermittent fasting?

It depends on how you take your coffee. Coffee with milk and/or sugar will affect the fast. Milk proteins and sugar need to be digested, and the sugar will also affect blood glucose levels. Coffee without milk or sugar will have a much lesser effect on the body. The key is to not overdo

Does 16:8 intermittent fasting really help to lose weight?

There are a lot of really great answers here so instead of echoing the same thing I'll offer my experience and hopefully offer more perspective...I've been on IF for about a month, eating only from 2pm-8pm, a 6-hour window. I admittedly don't weigh myself because a lack of results is devastating to my continued adherence to a

Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTHI have to say the results

Does intermittent fasting burn stubborn belly fat?

So the problem with intermittent fasting is what happens after you stop. I don't think you plan on continuing for the rest of your life although it can be done safely. Anyway fasting will work but you must also eat the right kinds of food when you fast. Here's the basic problem I see

Does intermittent fasting induce ketosis?

People seem to think that ketones are these foreign substances that your body only produces under certain conditions. That's simply not so. Ketones are a normal part of human metabolism. The body just keeps levels low until certain conditions make it necessary to up the production of ketones.

Does intermittent fasting work for fat loss?

By writing this I hope to show you exactly how intermittent fasting will work for fat loss. This is the exact method I follow, and use to melt fat off my body. I will show you exactly how you can use intermittent fasting keeping your growth hormone naturally high to burn the most

During intermittent fasting, is it better to workout during your fasted state or your feeding state?

If you're trying to lose weight or just stay cut, working out fasted is always always the better option. That way you're dipping into fat stores for fuel to do your workout. If you eat first you're just burning the fuel you ate and it will take much much longer to start using fat if at all. Fasting depletes

Has anyone benefitted from intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is NOT a diet, Its a Way of Life!I wake up around 5am. And my first meal is at around 11am.I feel powerful, alert, more aware, relaxed, creative and raring to take on the world in the early morning hours.All thanks to my fasting until 11am every

How to build muscle while remaining on a low-carb high-fat diet, and intermittent fasting

Firstly that's a great lifestyle choice. Adding muscle is regulated by hormones and the quality of your sleep is a big factor. Working out in the ‘fasted state' will turbo charge muscle gain and don't buy into the ‘you'll need to eat to have enough energy' myth. Right now the average person has 14,000 calories

How do folks manage intermittent fasting and workouts?

I do the 8:16 method. During those 8 hours, I eat food three to four times. Most of these foods are harder to digest and tricks the stomach that it is full. It also provides me with 100% RENI.During the 16 hours fast, 8–10

How to start intermittent fasting with a morning workout

It's funny, I've answered this question countless times, but I realized everytime it was in a comment or email.No clue why I haven't made an official answer for this, as it is a very common question.So, without further ado, how to intermittent fast with morning workouts!You can either:Wait one hour

How to start intermittent fasting

Starting an intermittent fasting protocol is quite simple. Sticking with fasting for the long term is a different story.Here are three ways you can fast with success for the rest of your life:Start with the 16:8 protocol first.Starting to fast is one

If you fast one day a week, is it better to do it on workout days or on resting days?

To preclude my answer, I just want to congratulate you on your efforts. Fasting 24 hours is no easy feat for the average person, and you do it every week. You are doing your body good, and that's amazing!Now for my answer:Is fasted training better

I'm 16yrs old. Is intermittent fasting safe, or will it stunt my growth?

Are you diabetic? CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF SO. And get a second opinion if your doctor doesn't specialize in endocrinology. Periodic/intermittent fasting such as following a schedule like ‘no food during daylight hours' (approximately Ramadan) followed by ‘eating a healthy

Is fasting really all it's cracked up to be in the fitness industry?

Fasting is a very important process for the human body. It allows the body time to focus on healing, repairing and rebuilding. This cannot take place effectively if the body is busy digesting food for sixteen to eighteen hours a

Is Intermittent fasting a long term option?

Provided you're getting enough total nutrition over time so as to not be malnourished and you're able to do all the things you want to be able to do it is probably safe. The human body can survive without food

Is intermittent fasting bad for stomach?

What I've Learned from 2 Years of Intermittent FastingAdopting a philosophy of self-experimentation can make a tremendous difference in your life.Choosing to experiment with new ideas can help you start a successful business. Choosing to experiment with sharing your work can launch your career as a writer or an artist. And choosing to experiment with different diets

Is intermittent fasting effective in weight loss?

It definitely was (is) for me!By limiting the window in which to eat food, it becomes a lot easier to restrict calories. Instead of eating 6 small meals a day, I ate a large lunch (40% calories), a small dinner

Is intermittent fasting safe for teenagers?

Yes, but like everything one must be smart. Is a STANDARD AMERICAN DIET safe for teenagers? Is it safe for ANY ONE? Now you can see the problem as it lies in the perspective one takes. up to 70% of Americans are obese of overweight so it looks like our diet IS NOT SAFE. So, is

Is it beneficial to fast every X days?

Here are some relevant studies in humans for X = 2, or alternate-day fasting, showing generally beneficial results.Alternate-day fasting increases HDL and decreases triglycerides. modified fasting improves LDL particle size in obese adults. fasting increases fat oxidation and

Is it healthy to eat only two meals a day?

From a medical standpoint you are not doing well.1. Your body needs calories to live. If, for some hypothetical reason, your body lost the ability to produce energy, for just a few seconds, you would die.2. Exercise burns more calories.3.

Should one do intermittent fasting after a workout?

If your goal is to burn fat and shape your body into something more fit and healthy, the best time to work out is at the end of your fasting window and before you start your feeding window.If you fast for 16 to 18 hours, drinking

What are the best foods to eat when doing intermittent fasting?

If you are on a 16:8 or 18:6 or 20:4 patter of intermittent fasting, you should eat normal food during your eating window.What are the best foods for you to eat in general: 80% plan based food (I would even say 100%). Vegetables and fruits (do not be affraid of fruits, lately

What are the tips to reduce belly fat with 5.2 diet?

If you want to lose weight, this is the best way. It will help you lose weight fast, easy and for good.Also, if in six months you haven't lost all your weight and keep it off you can ask for your money back and they will be refunded to you.Also if

Why do we need fasting sometimes? Does fasting really helps?

SOURCE :How Does Fasting Affect the Brain?Ramadan 2019: The health benefits of fastingWhat is fasting?The scientists who study fasting define it is not consuming food for a long enough period of time to elevate the levels of compounds called ketones. In the fed state - that is, when you're

Will I lose muscle during a 24-hour fast?

In general, some muscle loss is GUARANTEED. The amount depends entirely on how much glycogen has been stored and more importantly WHERE it has been stored.Experiments with

Can I do intermittent fasting without losing weight?

Absolutely! Intermittent fasting covers a very wide range of eating patterns from daily time restricted feeding up to fasting for a few days each week. If you do not want to lose weight but still want to get some of the health benefits, try a shorter fasting window. You need to have

Can I lose 120 pounds through intermittent fasting and exercise?

Arguably intermittent fasting is one the best methods for beginners looking to drop fat and lose weight period.Let me explain a little story I had with intermittent fasting.It was August 2012 I had just come out of the hospital after

Can Intermittent fast help growing?

Almost certainly not. Your maximum potential height is largely determined genetically. Subtract from that for any periods where you did not achieve optimal growth because of illness, stress or malnutrition, and you get your final achieved height.At a certain point in most people's teens, the

Can intermittent fasting help you gain weight?

It could... But intermittent fasting is designed to keep blood sugar levels stable and help you lose weight.In fact I used to be obsessed with intermittent fasting and to some extent I still am a fan.You see the basic idea

Did I stunt my growth by frequently fasting/starving?

It is unlikely you have stunted your development if you started fasting for 3 days per week for a year, aged 14, but it's something only a professional can really tell you - ask your doctor.Anorexia has resulted in stunted development for a couple of my friends - they have remained child-like, under 5 feet tall, never gone through

Do the benefits of Intermittent fasting outweigh any potential harm?

The benefits of fasting, if done correctly will not harm one at all and do the opposite by strengthening one's immune system, ketosis, and autophagy. What is great about fasting is, if done long enough, the body breaks into the

Does exercising while fasting have health benefits?

Neo,More and more research is looking into the benefits of exercising while the body is burning fat. One health benefit is the fact the body uses 6–8% less oxygen while burning fat. Blood supply can be directed to the workout instead of digesting. Endurance is a health benefit as the body learns to operate on excess

Does fasting heal illnesses?

It's probably a bit premature to say definitively that fasting actively heals illnesses, but I believe science is coming around on this quickly. Let me give you a specific example in the area of cancer treatment:During a prolonged fasted state, your body adapts to the lack of glycogen (glucose) by

Does fasting help lose weight long term?

Yes.While you are fasting, your body does something amazing. The nervous system sends norepinephrine to the fat cells, making them break down body fat into free fatty acids that can be burned for energy.There is also another huge reason that fasting helps you lose weight.

Does fasting really work?

Fasting totally doesn't work during pregnancy, in most cases - although even that is not set in stone.For everything else, and I mean, almost everything else, it does:health purposessex drivefocusstaminastrengthmental sharpnesssharper sensesstress resistanceweight lossweight gain (yes, really)People (and animals) have been fasting for eons - naturally or deliberately. If it didn't work, don't you think they'd stop by now?

Does fasting (time restricted eating) really help with concentration?

It absolutely can. Intermittent fasting has many great benefits, but as with most things, results vary by person. The only way to find out if it will give you better concentration, is to try it for at least a few weeks or months until you become fat adapted (burning stored fat for energy as opposed to introduced

Does intermittent fasting work at a high enough level to justify it?

intermittent fasting sounds intimidating to most people because of the word fasting it makes people think of starving themselves to the point where you could pass for Ghandi in a line up. When you think of it more of just eating between 12pm-8pm (there are many variations but

Does this new fasting diet really work?

Intermittent fasting absolutely works! Of course... virtually every diet works provided there is a calorie deficit. The challenge with

Does water fasting stunt teenage growth?

Presuming you are talking about a fast where you only consumed water... it depends entirely upon how long you went.In general, unless explicitly guided by a doctor, teens and children should not fast. You might stunt your growth. Your body is still growing and developing, it needs a lot of fuel to keep

Has anybody tried intermittent fasting?

Yes. I absolutely loved it. I've always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think we've all heard it a hundred times. To me it never made sense to eat when I'm not hungry but I would often force myself to eat

How beneficial is the 16:8 fasting diet?

Very beneficial if you're making healthy choices during the eight-hour feeding window.So what the 16:8 is really all about is lowering insulin, the fat storage hormone. Going 16 hours without food allows insulin to get low enough so that the body burns fat for fuel, which doesn't

How to change my eating habits without spending too much money on a healthy diet

Eating an healthy diet has been more and more associated with expensive, complicated and boring food. Do not listen to most of supposed experts of the field, trying to oversell their secret recipe for eating healthy at very high price. Eating properly is easy and cheap, as

How to lose weight from intermittent fasting (warrior diet. AKA 20/4 diet)? What should I eat when breaking my fast to prevent muscle loss and promote a higher metabolism

IF is best applied to goals oriented toward altering body composition and clinical markers that occur alongside body fat reduction. This is not to say that muscle gain cannot occur with IF – it's just that the rates of gain will not likely be maximized.Interestingly, IER was superior

How to lose weight while fasting

Hоw Tо Stор Weight Lоѕѕ Sеlf-SаbоtаgеSеlf-ѕаbоtаgе іѕ a very соmmоn tоріс whеn іt comes tо wеіght lоѕѕ.6 WEEKS TO SIX PACK ABS |So many оf mу clients tеll mе that thеу аrе ѕаbоtаgіng thеmѕеlvеѕ аnd уеt I absolutely lоаthе the tеrm!Tо sabotage ѕоmеthіng means tо dеlіbеrаtеlу dеѕtrоу оr damage

How to lose weight with intermittent fasting if you eat whatever you want on the remaining days

How do you lose weight with intermittent fasting? With intermittent eating!Now, that is a tiny bit

How to lose 50 kilos with exercise and intermittent fasting having eating window between 10 am and 2 pm and working out from 6 am to 8 am in 6 months

It appears you follow 20/4 IF schedule.  Have you ever tried IF before?  The exercise schedule and IF schedule look good.  Do you plan to have cardio or resistance exercises?  Irrespective of type of exercises, you need to have plenty

How does fasting help you?

Water fasting / intermittent fasting - Water fasting has been used by most civilizations and religions to heal and purify for thousands of years. It is a natural instinct for animals and people to not eat when they are sick. When Dr. Ohsumi won the Nobel Peace prize in 2016 for his work on autophagy most people

How does intermittent fasting cause your body to generate human growth hormone?

It doesn't. 1. GH doesn't do much for growth. Women have higher GH levels then men but aren't bigger. 2. The GH raises don't mean that you can use them nor are they significant enough to cause growth The Fitness Industry, being no different than fashion, often swings

How does intermittent fasting work? Are there any plans for beginners?

Intermittent fasting puts you on a set schedule for eating and not eating. During the fast you can consume water, black coffee or unsweetened tea. your body basically consumes your stored fat after 12 hours of fasting so a typical schedule would be 16/8. Check out this link.

How does intermittent fasting work as a weight loss strategy?

Thanks for the A2A.I don't like talking about fasting in terms of

How fast can you lose weight with intermittent fasting?

Lose weight? Pretty quickly.Lose fat? Maybe a different story.Intermittent Fasting, or IF, is a fairly new diet trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity as of late. It is a simple technique that allows you to take a break from eating for a certain amount

How hard is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) can be custom made to suit each individuals as there are many ways in IF.For biginners acvording to their wish can skip a meal and this gives more flexibility as the person feels a sense of control as there is no rule to follow!. But planned meal skipping would help to avoid getting nutrient deficiencies.The

How long does it take to see the effects of intermittent fasting? I stop eating at 6:30 pm and I start eating around 9:30 am the next day I feel lighter after a week but haven't seen any effects.

A small suggestion. Try adding one hour to your fasting. Either stop eating at 5:30, or don't eat again the next day until 10:30. Give yourself at least 16 hours, rather than 15. To see changes, it's best not only to weigh

How many times a week should I do intermittent fasting to lose weight and using which method?

For maximum effect, intermittent fasting is not an occasional thing. It's a lifestyle. Not to mention that sticking to a routine makes it easier to adjust than doing it just 4–5 times a week.I've never tried the 5/2 plan where you eat about 500 calories two days a week on

How many times should I eat in a day while doing intermittent fasting? Does intermittent fasting help lose weight? What are the other benefits of intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world's most popular health and fitness trends.People are using it to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles.Many studies show that it can have powerful effects on your body and brain and may even help you live longer (1,

How much weight can you lose with intermittent fasting?

The main reason that intermittent fasting works for weight loss, is that it helps you eat fewer calories.All of the different protocols involve skipping meals during the fasting periods. Unless you compensate by eating much more during the eating periods, then you will be taking in fewer calories.According to a recent 2014 review study, intermittent fasting

How often do I have to do intermittent fasting in order to lose weight?

Over recent years I have helped several people lose weight succesfully using this intermittent method. It works - as simple as that. You need to understand that I.F. IS NOT a

I am doing intermittent fasting 16/8 with calorie counting for couple of months. So far the results are minimal, should I try to go for 18/6 fasting or rather reduce calorie intake in order to loose bit more weight - especially fat?

16/8 is not necessarily the best schedule for weight loss, you may need to do longer fasts (such as 36 hr twice a week or 48+ hours once a week) to really start getting your fat utilized. Once a month you can try for a fast of up to 5-ish days,

I have been fasting (16:8) for 4+ months. I have not seen any weight loss. I am not overweight but was hoping to shed 2 - 5 lbs. What am I doing wrong? (I run 25 miles per week and do around 20k steps/day and have a healthy diet!)

I have been fasting (16:8) for 4+ months. I have not seen any weight loss. I am not overweight but was hoping to shed 2 - 5 lbs. What am I doing wrong? (I run 25 miles per week and do around 20k steps/day and have a healthy diet!)Intermittent fasting (16:8) is probably a misnomer because in

I'm 14, will intermittent fasting stunt my growth? I'll also be having one meal a day.

What would fasting have to do with stunting your growth lol?Fasting is not a diet it's a strategy where you will be eating your meals for a short period of time, meaning you are eating your meals at the end

I'm really struggling to lose weight. I'm thinking about fasting. Is this healthy and how long should I fast in between meals?

Perfectly healthy provided you do it correctly. After all, we evolved to expect periods of no food as part of the regular cycles of our year. We didn't have 24/7 access to food from across the globe 365 days a year until

I've been on keto for 9 days. How long can it take for fasting blood sugars to normalize? I routinely go to bed at less than 110 and wake up between 130 and 145. I'm posting normal numbers throughout the day 105-135 pre and postprandial.

Caveat: I'm not a doctor. I am however an avid autodidact in respect of optimising human metabolic performance and health.Also, I don't have the references etc to hand, so this answer is a bit off the top of my head, sorry.This is as I recall a known effect, e.g.

I'm 16yrs old. Is intermittent fasting safe, or will it stunt my growth?

Are you diabetic? CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF SO. And get a second opinion if your doctor doesn't specialize in endocrinology. Periodic/intermittent fasting such as following a schedule like ‘no food during daylight hours' (approximately Ramadan) followed by ‘eating a healthy meal but not over-gorging' can help type-2 diabetics as

Intermittent Fasting: Does it really matter how you break a fast?

Yes.Avoid sugars and refined grains. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats (a sensible, plant-based, Mediterranean-style diet).Let your body burn fat between meals. Don't snack. Be active throughout your day. Build muscle tone.Consider a simple form of intermittent fasting. Limit the hours of the day when you eat, and for best effect, make

Is breakfast really the most important meal, or can it be beneficial for some people to simply skip breakfast?

For many Americans, a quick breakfast is very high-carb: a bowl of sugary cereal with milk and often including fruit or fruit juice, or maybe donuts and other pastries. I remember the days when I would eat breakfast I always felt hungrier throughout the day. Now I understand that starting off the day with a big

Is doing a 16:8 intermittent fast for weight loss, equally effective when skipping Dinner, versus the most popular method of skipping Breakfast (example eating window of 8am- 4pm vs 12pm- 8pm)?

I tried both, and found that eating at between 2pm-6pm was best, I know this means the window is smaller, but the fasting seems less difficult and less interference with your system. E.g most people can ‘get to 2pm' from a no breakfast state, once you get used to fasting, and you have that break-fast at

Is fasting really all it's cracked up to be in the fitness industry?

Fasting is a very important process for the human body. It allows the body time to focus on healing, repairing and rebuilding. This cannot take place effectively if the body is busy digesting food for sixteen to eighteen hours a day. There are lots of different types of fasts, some are severe where only water is consumed

Is intermittent fasting an unreasonable way to lose weight?

I don't see how it could be. IF makes perfect sense. There is a plethora of science to back it up and thousands of not millions are proving that it works.I have been able to achieve everything

Is it healthy to eat only two meals a day?

Eating two meals a day is one of the best decisions you can make.Here's why:You'll experience healthy weight loss and maintenance.Many of us since we where young were told that we must eat 3+ meals a day in order to be healthy.In reality, this couldn't be further from

Is it ok to do intermittent fasting as a teen? Will it stunt my growth?

I started Intermittent Fasting at the age of 18After 5 years, I've built muscle easilyAnd haven't noticed any negative side effects to growthThere are no growth stunting effects to intermittent fastingIn fact, short term fasting has been shown to boost testosterone, growth hormone and promote protein synthesis.WITH THAT BEING SAIDIt's important to differentiate between FASTING,

Is it safe to fast intermittently while only eating from 12-5 pm? If so, what are some good things I should be eating and should I still count calories while I am only eating between those hours or will I lose weight without counting those calories?

Meal scheduling, as described, can largely exhaust glucose while awaiting the next meal. That forces the body to switch to burning fat. That switch provides most of the fasting benefits. That is supported by real research but that research did NOT track the contents of the subject's diets.Other research that DID examine diet without the

Is it safe to lose more than 30 lbs in 10 weeks? Is intermittent fasting (OMAD or 16:8) safe for this aggressive weight loss plan?

Losing 3 pounds a week is relatively easy, and you can do it without fasting.Fasting is not a long-term weight loss strategy that is truly sustainable. Changing your eating habits is. Start by eliminating refined, white sugar. Read labels. There is hidden sugar in many foods. Replace these with fresh fruit and honey.

Is riding a bicycle while fasting and then working in a fasted state a bad idea? I ride a bicycle to work everyday for a few miles.

Provided that you are not already underweight there should be no problems.Keep in mind - the 20th Century and the 21st Century - were the FIRST TIME in history that ordinary people (as opposed to the rich), ate more than two meals a day - with most working people eating

Should I lift weights while fasting?

Yes. Go to youtube and input intermittent fasting and HGH.Fast for 18–24 hours. Then go to the gym, lift weights. It should be all body lifts, hard and fast. Like Tabata with squat thrusters or dead lifts. Keep your rests to under one minute and move quickly from exercise to exercise. In other

Thinking about doing a fast to detoxify my body. How many days of fasting is healthy?

It will depend on you, your health, and your doctor's guidance.Detoxing isn't a ‘thing' but fasting is. Fasting's benefits have nothing to do with ‘toxins' and everything to do with your body functioning the way it has evolved to function - to expect

What are some exercises that you can do while fasting?

What are some exercises that you can do while fasting?You can do any exercise while fasting or at any other time.Limiting factors are the state of your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. Are you obese maybe, morbidly overweight? And things like that.Apparently, it's being claimed that professional athletes doing some really strenuous exercise need pre-loading

What extensive studies show the benefits of intermittent fasting?

Hi!There are many touted benefits of fasting (intermittent fasting) including weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, decreased seizure activity, recovery after stroke, mental clarity, decreased hunger, and improvement in rheumatoid arthritis. Fasting has even shown promise in fighting some types of cancer.Here is a great article from the

What is a good daily diet to follow when working out to lose fat?

Yoga to stay well. Mind, the yoga practice, to keep the body in a straight line. So on June 21, the World Yoga Exercise Day is observed in 190 countries. And in India Narendra Modi started a ‘corporate' yagya with the yoga exercise.

What is intermittent fasting?

Great question!It can't be answered in one question though. Just make sure you practice what you preach, as we have done so.When you start intermittent fasting prepare to be shocked and changed. Here are 3 or 4 intermittent fasting methods that you can choose to follow to live a better and longer

What is the best way to burn fat by intermittent fasting and weightlifting?

#What is the best way to burn fat by intermittent fasting and weightlifting. Tips and tricks for the question: #What is the best way to burn fat by intermittent fasting and weightliftingSoup recipes are one of the best ways to lose weight

What is the sweet spot for the number of hours to fast while doing Intermittent Fasting for maximum fat burning?

Thanks for the A2A.So if we define intermittent fasting as a schedule where you fast for 16 to 20 hours and have a 4–8 hour feeding window, then the

Which intermittent fasting time 10 or 16 hours is best for weight loss?

It does not matter from a weight loss point of view. What matters for weight loss is how many calories you consume v how many you use. If you use more than you consume you will lose weight independent of the number of times you eat and indeed what you eat/drink. Its

Which is better for losing significant weight without exercise - Keto diet or intermittent fasting?

Always answer is intermittent fastingin the form of 2 meal a dayas our garnd parent doDr dixit diet plan chartDr Dixit Diet plan chartIdentify the time of the day when you are really hungry; usually, a person is truly hungry twice in the day. We recommend below times.

Which one would cause me to lose weight fast, intermittent fasting with no exercise or moderate exercise with a diet?

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these yearsBe it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

Why am I not losing weight although I am doing HIIT and intermittent fasting? I take only two meals a day which makes not more than 1200 calories a day.

I would say, one of the two things are happening:You are eating way too much (probably double or triple the amount you mentioned)You are not eating nearly enough (and probably haven't been lifting weights enough or just started working out and haven't let a reasonable amount of time pass to start seeing results)This third option can also be true,

Why do some people still claim breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while others have had great success at intermittent fasting, by totally skipping breakfast?

Labels , and created by an imperfect society. Intermittent fasting , I currently am on my 5th day of intermittent fasting , I have been a competitive bodybuilder for several years and thought I'd try something new . What is

Why isn't intermittent fasting more popular for weight loss?

It seems that people perceive Intermittent fasting as being extremely difficult but what people don't know is that it can be one of the simplest and very effective with loss options out there.Years ago through my sales position in the medical and pharmaceutical market I had the opportunity to

Will I regain the weight lost after intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a powerful tool that allows you to lose weight or belly fat. However, to keep it off you have to change your lifestyle. There is no way you can keep low weight if you stop IF and return to your everyday eating pattern.I personally used a combination of OMAD+Keto Diet+ weekly Ice hockey

Will I still lose weight by intermittent fasting if I only do it approximately 5 days per week?

Hi,well, research clearly shows that intermittent fasting isn't inherently better for weight loss than traditional dieting.That said, some people do lose weight faster on an intermittent fasting diet than a traditional one.The reason for this is simple: IF helps them control

Will intermittent fasting stunt growth during puberty?

Definitely. You'd essentially be overloading your body, probably causing you to eventually become ill.You can't grow taller than your genetics allow. Your genes set a specific maximum height for you before you're born. The only way you can bypass this is if you pay for growth hormone, which is given by your doctor, but will

Will intermittent fasting stunt growth since you are starving your body?

Not at all if you eat adequate nutrients when you do eat (protein, but also minerals, vitamins, etc.)Research shows intermittent fasting prevent muscle loss, unlike regular caloric restriction which creates muscle loss. This is due to an adaptation mechanism: if ancient man did not catch food today, the