What is quality of life?

Everyone's quality of life is different. Quality of life is the image of you when you're in your death bed reflecting on you're life. Imagine what you did in your life that you wish you did less of and what you did that gave you fullfillment and joy. What you reflect on in

Is india a developed country?

You could compare India to an old used car, of which some parts have been completely renewed and some parts are still to be exchanged/ improved.Some parts like space technology and the IT sector are already cutting edge, increasingly competing at the same level as their western counterparts.But when you take countries such as Germany or the

How can India become a developed country? Who decides if a country is developing or developed?

Development is a JUMLA term coined by our leaders.Dream vs RealityDream:Poor thinks, with development he will get enough money for living. Students think he will get a well paid job. Middle class things he can have comfortable living without borrowing for daily

Why should some one respect their own country?

Your view is correct at bigger scale. i feel we all dream of a peacefull world. No wars between two country. But if we think positively, we can say all places/countrys in this world are developed according to geographical / social /