If North Korea ever reached the U.S. with a nuke, would Russia and China step aside & let the U.S. destroy North Korea without retaliating in return?

I don't think Russia or China would have any choice, but if they did...yes, they would pretty much give the US a free hand in North Korea. Even the worst possible outcome for both nations - a unified Korea with US troops on China's border - would be

Why is North Korea a secret ally of the US?

As per the knowledge in public domains, China is the most important ally,  biggest trading partner and main source of food, arms and energy for North Korea. Also, North Korea maintains good relations with Russia. At the same time, recent news reports suggests that North Korean army is preparing for war with US.

Can the U.S stop the missile from North Korea?

Where is it? Oh, they haven't actually launched any such missile, have they.You scared me for a minute, with the question that assumes the missile is already on it's way.Yes, by the way. The U.S. would likely be able to destroy any ICBM they deemed an actual threat to anyone not named Kim Jung Il.

How likely is the U.S. is going to attack North Korea and or vice versa?

One huge problem with attacking North Korea is that you have to destroy every single one of their artillery pieces and missiles and aircraft all at the same time before they know the attack is coming. If you don't, they can kill a lot of people in Seoul and elsewhere very quickly. That's

Is North Korea going to attack the U.S. anytime soon?

Not directly. They don't have the capability to hit the states yet. But they may soon have the capability to hit a lot of US troops based in South Korea, Okinawa, Japan, and Guam which would be considered an attack upon the US.They cannot win a total war with the US, so

If North Korea ever reached the U.S. with a nuke, would Russia and China step aside & let the U.S. destroy North Korea without retaliating in return?

I don't think Russia or China would have any choice, but if they did...yes, they would pretty much give the US a free hand in North Korea. Even the worst possible outcome for both nations - a unified Korea with US troops on China's border - would be

Why won't China side with the US to destroy North Korea? Is the US military the reason why China supports North Korea?

For any reason, I don't think an unified Korea would make China feel safe either.You may say that destroying North Korea. Of course! North Korea, for me, sucks! This country sucks in everything! From human right beings, so ugly record!I am also an anti-Kim Dynasty. I view that the totalitarian regime of North Korea should have to

Is the U.S. afraid of North Korea?

NO they ain't afraid of north korea,but they also know that north korea possess the nuclear arsenal which might target the american allies such as south korea and japan and also they are just avoiding unnecessary use of powerful weapons.which would destabilise the world peace and turn it into a battleground which will eventually pull

Could China, Russia, Cuba and North Korea conquer the US if no other allies are involved?

No. There is not a single land border, and the two places where a landing from the sea would be possible, the Bering Strait, and the Key of Florida, would not bring about much success, as the first one would have Alaska as its only prize, while the second one is

Did North Korea really declare war on the United States of America?

I am always puzzled by the bellicose tirades coming out of the DPRK aimed at both the Republic of Korea and the United States. Whilst it is true that without the intervention of the United Nations into the Korean Conflict-primarily bolstered by the main body of American troops committed to the effort to

How would China respond to an unprovoked US invasion of North Korea?

If I am China and this happens, I will condemn the US as much as possible and profit from the situation. But how shall I receive such a gift bestowed upon me from the heaven (天赐良机)? Let me explain...North Korea is a liabilityFirst of all,

What would happen if a space shuttle had to make an emergency landing in North Korea?

Thanks for the A2A.Hopefully, the shuttle wouldn't need to. Generally, there is a designated landing area that the shuttle would be aiming for, so even if there was a mistake or something went wrong while re-entering the atmosphere, it wouldn't mean that they would just land in North Korea, unless where the crew was

Does China really prefer South Korea over North Korea?

No, China would much prefer North Korea over South Korea any day. Economically, South Korea has been a useful partner, and an occasional political partner when it comes to dealing with Japan. However, China and South Korea have fundamentally different views for the future of Korean peninsula that are

What are the similarities in South Korea and north Korea?

North Korea and south Korea are very different when it comes to implementation of their various economic policies .During the Korean war... north Korea was supported by the Soviet union whereas south area had support of the USA.. post the Korean war also... south Korea had fear of

Is there anything good about North Korea?

Note: This is a work of sad realities, sarcasm and some sad things and a few good things.Heaven for weed-loversWhile countries like India has a complete ban on marijuana (one can go to jail for possessing, growing or distributing this) and in USA the ban extends to certain states, in case of North Korea, it is completely legal.

What does the '-un' and '-il' mean in Kim Jong-un's and Kim Jong-il's names?

Those names in Korea can be written in Chinese characters which is called

North Korea: How can I get a permission to visit North Korea as a tourist?

As of 2017, the U.S. government has issued a travel ban to North Korea. NK is considered to be a highly dangerous place for Americans.A

Will North Korea attack Japan?

Not likely at all. It surely would be a suicide mission for NK, with or without USA backing Japan, and despite their communist bla-bla they are not likely to be that stupid.In any case, South Korea faces much more serious threat and that is what you should be concerned about.

Why is China supportive of North Korea? Why does China still protect North Korea? Why has China historically been an ally of North Korea?

A lot of the answers here already cover reasons such as refugees and the historical links.China also has a very strategic reason. If the US and China were in a war, China could use North Korea as a way to draw away US

If North Korea invades the South, will China help South Korea and invade the North?

No. They will not help at least militarily. They might shut off all trade and supplies to NK but they will not intervene militarily. They know a direct military confrontation between nuclear China and nuclear USA would be too risky. China does not

Can foreigners settle in North korea?

Yes, though few want to. Most of the foreigners who have settled in North Korea are ethnic Koreans from Japan who were persuaded that life was better in the socialist paradise. A few American soldiers have defected over the years. North Korea will accept foreigners if they are seen

In what way could South Korea conquer North Korea without any military means?

If the definition of "conquer without military means" is to remove the Kim regime and the Nomenklatura of North Korea (about 2-3 million) from power without force, the answer is probably none. It is entirely up to the North Korean people themselves.From the perspective of a member of the Kim family or elite class,

What countries has Kim Jong-Un visited?

Switzerland where he studied as a youth, and Japan with his mother as a child, and China with his father. Otherwise, he learned the less of his two other brothers whose travels and exploits overseas caused them to be passed over. Because of his

What if Kim Jong-un decided to join UN Council?

There isn't an option available to join the council.If he wanted to join the UN though he would be welcome to after making some internal changes to the country but those changes wouldn't be acceptable to him so he won't do it. He'd need human rights and travel rights etc to move on to at least where