Do Europeans see the Chinese infrastructure extension along the New Silk Road as a benefit or a threat?

Both.It is a very positive initiative for every country concerned. Chinese investments are generally welcome. It is also a great opening for new trade potential between Europe and Asia.But it also makes people nervous for several reasons:China is a bit of a new player here.

How to stop my daughter from abusing me mentally

Not a lot to go on - Emotional abuse is: "any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, any treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.Tell her that if she wants a relationship with you then things are going to have to change because you are no

Is China a dictatorship?

Hell yea!China is a dictatorship country that surpass many democratic countries in the world. The visions are clear and the statements are rocklike. Civilians rarely ever interact with the government, and the government rarely impose on the people. In any city of China, the amount of patrols made by police are meager

Is it hard to get a divorce in China?

In litigation, many divorces proceed through the following sequential steps. (Cases that are settled or resolved in mediation do not proceed to trial.) One of the chief hallmarks of China family law approach is caring about our clients. Our China

Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good

Is the USA still fighting global communism?

Yes and no. While the soviet union has collapsed which ended the

What are some of the biggest misconceptions Americans have about India?

How I can predict your misconceptions?Anyway Americans I noticed can not differentiate between Sub continental people like Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian.They do noy understand difference between Hindu and Muslim.The other popular misconception is India as a extremely poor country. That is not the case.What ever poverty figure you see in

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indonesians have about India?

Im not sure that the misconceptions you mean is political related or just a general . but heres some of  the misconception of most Indonesian (or maybe even the world) about India that i know- Indians are vegetarianI got to admit i

What are the most overrated and underrated militaries in the world today?

Overrated: North Korea. While they have a huge army with a million plus soldiers, many artillery pieces and tanks, much of their equipment is terribly outdated. Due to economic constraints, they rarely train and there is a critical shortage of fuel. Also, much of

What does the United States do right? What are the best examples of what the United States does right, politically, culturally, militarily, charitably etc.? Past or present?

Its capacity for redemption and reinvention - Soon after America declared its independence, Europeans scoffed at its supposed lack of history. Little did they realise what an elastic history this strange and wonderful country would have. I can think of no

What if France had kept Louisiana?

If France had not sold Louisiana to the United States in 1803, it would have shortly lost the territory. There's no reason to think that the retention of Louisiana would have done anything to avert the collapse of the year-long Anglo-French peace inaugurated by the 1802 Treaty of Amiens. A France that was determined

What is the biggest secret that your Government is hiding?

During imperial rule a single nation ruled over so many nations, not as a moral responsibility , but to rule over earth's resources and the minds of people. Even today, governments hide the intentions of the rulers and how this control is exercised. Earlier military power was resorted to for

Which is the most patriotic country in the world?

Everyone here just answered for themselves and so their answers are somehow manipulated with emotions . So we need an unbiased source to give us the proper results. Well luckily

Why is the USA still fighting a war in Afghanistan?

A lot of Afghans, including myself, wanted the US and the international community to intervene in Afghanistan in the 1990s during the Afghan civil war which followed the Taliban regime. We did not hear from the world until the horrific incidents of 9/11. The US finally

Are there still US ground troops fighting anywhere?

Yes there are.Active US ground troops (I assume you are talking about the main four branches) are located in Africa (AFRICOM - Arica Command), Middle East (CENTCOM - Central Command), Europe (EUCOM - European Command), Asia (SEAC - South East Asia Command), South America (USSOUTHCOM - U.S. Southern Command) and of course North America.There are many US military

Do American people even know or care that the USA is still fighting a war in Afghanistan? When are you guys planning on leaving Afghanistan?

In my view, most of the American public is aware that we're still at war in Afghanistan. But, the current war in Afghanistan is not WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or even Iraq. It is a relatively small scale conflict focused on counterterrorism

How will the United States be affected by Britain leaving the EU?

I don't believe that the day-to-day life of a common US American will be affected by a significant measure. However, this rings alarm bells in the Government and Business circles.The UK has been the voice of the US inside the European Union. Any major US foreign policy

If the United States disappeared, how would the world be affected? Which nations rely the most on American support, patronage, partnerships, trade, and military protection?

Other than the sudden drowning of some 315-odd million people, lots of bad things that would probably kill tens of millions of more people. First off, the planet itself would hardly notice. The total mass of the US is [math]2.28*10^{16}[/math] kg†. If we go further and axe

Is Australia a major ally of the USA?

Why is Australia allied with the USIn early 1942 Australia was in grave danger of Japanese invasion. Our traditional ally - Great Britain - was fully engaged with Nazi Germany in Europe and could not provide any sort of material support to Australia as the Japanese military spread South through South East Asia in a

Is France considered Britain's best friend today?

I wouldn't say so.If one had to chose a country that deserves the title of "Britain's best friend", it would probably be the United States, as Piers Sutton said: The UK and the US have long had a a Special Relationship that arguably reaches back to a time (in the XIXth century) when

Is the USA the most patriotic country in the world?

If patriotism is akin to insecurity then yes it is the most patriotic country in the world.The US has always been rammed down the throats of Americans as to how great it is to be an American, and that their way is the only way to live.The US has by far the largest military in the world, but

Other than being different countries what's the difference between Australia & the UK?

Bigger RoadsBigger CarsMost major cities on the coastlineShite TVAustralian Rules Football - Wtf is with thatShopping centres everywhereBottle shop drive throughsExtremely hot weatherPalm tree'd Avenues - never seen a palm tree in my life until I moved herePoisonous spiders, snakes, fish etc etc etcAnts the size of hands - slightly exaggeratedKoalas are not bearsSharks Extremely hot

Should more American troops be stationed in Europe?

As a Russian living in Lithuania i'd say damn YES. We need those American troops to protect us. Lithuanian military is as good as nonexisting, and EU has little resources, very little will, and no legal mechanisms to protect us. It is only the U.S. who is capable of doing so. Probably other EU countries except the Baltics could

Should the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?

A2A, thanks StevenShould the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?For the interest of Europe, yes. I believe Europe is mature enough to not trigger a WW3 and loose definitively any change to weight against the U.S.A, China, or even India and Russia (basically, we should throw bridges with Moscow, Europe cannot

Should the USA withdraw its troops from Europe?

There really aren't that many to withdraw anymore . . . (if I miss something, I would be pleased to be corrected.)The only regular ground contingents assigned to NATO in Europe are, last I checked, a weak cavalry regiment in Germany and a small airborne brigade in Italy. That's enough to maintain a

What are some cultural differences between mainland China and Taiwan?

I'm going to bypass all the political mumble-jumble that everyone else seems to inevitably bring up and go for some more light-hearted stuff.First of all, I should mention that the PRC is big, and while Taiwan is small, we also have numerous cities with different lifestyles and culture. Therefore, everything I will mention will primarily be focusing on

What are some interesting facts about IBM?

IBM was not IBM from the very beginning. Its actual name was "Tabulating Machine Company" and was founded by Entrepreneur Herman Hollerith is 1888.IBM (International Business Machines) was founded on June 15, 1911 as a corporation Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR). "Bellsouth

What are the main differences between what's culturally acceptable in China vs. the U.S?

There are many differences but one obvious one is a preference for family in business. The arrest of an executive of Huawei displays how some Chinese businesses, even important ones, are run by family members. That is unlikely to happen in the US, particularly in the tech sector in which Huawei operates.So, family connections come first in Chinese

What are the most powerful nations in world?

A lot of people only ranked countries based on military power, but they fail to realize the importance of soft power. So, I will list both. It is 10/2/2018 right now, for any future reader that will read this.Soft Power(in no particular order):United StatesThe U.S. is undoubtedly a very powerful soft power. Hollywood has the

What are the world's most underestimated countries?

( I had added this as a comment to one of the answers. I suppose due to short answer, that one got collapsed. I am adding the comment as separate answer.)Poland.I have lived in Poland, and I liked it there. The infrastructure was good and it's improving. Living costs are low while you can

What do Russians who live in Russia think of Vladimir Putin?

Wow! So many intelligent english-speaking people who call themselves Russians expressed their disgust with Putin and his propaganda... I am so ashamed to be so brainwashed, I really don't understand why it is so bad to save integrity of Russia, to do what most

What do you think about Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar? What will be its impact on the Qatar economy? Was Trump responsible for Saudi to cut ties?

Qatar's desire to be regional super power competing with Riyadh, led them to support groups like Hamas, Muslim brotherhood, Syrian rebels ,sudanese rebels, some of which are now designated terrorist by Saudi Arabia Egypt ,baharin and UAEIt all started during Arab Spring.Qatar

What does breakfast look like in countries around the world compared to the United States of America?

I can talk about India!!! Well, because I grew up in India. The diversity in texture, color and presentation are the factors which make Indian breakfast look very different from an American breakfast. This diversity can be seen clearly in the pictures given

What is the healthiest country in the world for food?

The United StatesLook, the Japanese may be healthier, but to tell you the truth they have a very limited diet, subsisting mostly on rice and fish.  That's generally because that's all that's available in Japan. Anything out of the ordinary,

What makes the USA different from other nations?

Constitutionally guaranteed free speech.In the U.S., no law can be made that abridges your right to free speech-with only a few exceptions. You can't threaten people, and you can't incite violence. Otherwise, you're free to say essentially whatever you want.I remember a story about a restaurant employee using racial slurs

What was the American perception of Japan's rise as an economic powerhouse from 1963-1995?

The following is from my personal experience from living in the US during this period. In the 1960's there was an influx of Japanese imports into the US. There was a widespread stereotype of Japanese products being cheap, inferior alternatives to American goods. As time wore on, Japan began to dominate

What were the biggest historical lies?

There is an inherent bias in every person, and especially when the political atmosphere in a nation is tense, rhetoric can easily distort the truth. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is full of extreme conspiracy that constantly aims to bury the other side with

Why are there still American troops stationed in Afghanistan?

The main reason? China, Russia and Iran.As China's Belt and Road initiative gains momentum through Central and South Asia, Afghanistan is a vital land bridge link between China's far west and Middle East(and Europe thereafter).By redeployment of Daesh/ISIL fighters from the Syrian battleground to Afghanistan, the 8000-strong US military in Afghanistan will have some 3000-5000 Daesh

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What is appealing about these theories and why do they persist despite logic and general consensus that they are false? What are some reasons for the popularity of these theories?

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Strangely enough, the best explanation is that they're comforting. Studies have shown that belief in conspiracy theories is most prevalent among (1) fearful/uncertain people who (2) feel as though they lack control over their own lives. See Here's Why People Believe In Conspiracy Theories. Conspiracy

Why does the U.S. still have troops stationed in Afghanistan?

Why do we still have troops stationed in Afghanistan?Trump is using the Taliban excuse to stay there to exploit the 1 billion dollar mineral resources found atop in the mountains. There is a whole article on it where he foolishly admits it;Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: MineralsDo we think

Why does the USA still have a presence in Europe even though Europe gains nothing from it?

As long as America honors its commitment to NATO, Europeans profit from the solidarity and security this alliance has provided now for 70 years - which is, of course, a two-way street: America needs Europe as much as they need us. However, if Trump pulls the United States out

Why don't countries that have foreign policy problems with America take a proper stand and tell America to remove military bases from their countries?

Because in many cases the bases are not American but are leased or rented to the Americans and the hoist country gets good US cash back in turn. For instance there are no US bases in the UK. Notice the letters RAF in front of the

Why don't people of Sumatra rise up against Indonesia and join Malaysia?

A Malaysian here. As much as we love and feel a familial kinship with Sumatrans (especially the Malays there), there isn't a need for Sumatra to join Malaysia.First there would be a shift in demography and a sudden surge of population. We are barely keeping our undocumented

Why is Afghanistan still at war?

This isn't a simple question, and doesn't have a simple answer. Afghanistan has no railroads crossing it from Iran and the Persian Gulf to India. No significant highways as well. The pipelines you would expect between the Middle East and South Asia - simply are not

Why was Japan never invaded by China or Korea?

The earliest dynasty of China ( evidence proved) is Shang(商). At that time(about 4000 years ago), chinese territory was limited in a few provinces of modern China. But now, China controls most land of Far East Asia. Why? Because people increases with time, and more land is needed to feed more

Will Japan invade other countries again?

Yes, but probably not for a long time, and only under the right circumstances.Japan currently has many things keeping it from invading another country.The populace is very peaceful with general prosperity and low crime.Their Constitution forbids aggressive military actionThey have an aging population with reduced

Are Russians really as spooky as Americans make them out to be?

Are Russians really as spooky as Americans make them out to be?Interesting question. What do you mean by the term

As a European what scares you the most about the United States?

Well, where to begin.Trump in the White house and his access to nuclear launch codes for one. He's a perfect Nero.The growing incluence of the Evangelicals in America and their efforts to expand their reach in Europe. A few new seemingly neutral organisations have popped up in

Could India and Pakistan unite again as they were before 1947? What effects would this have on both countries?

Listen, and listen well. This is going to be short.As a Pakistani, I will try to be as unbiased as possible. Okay ready? Here I go:Consider a universe, parallel and similar to our own, where one day, for some reason or the

Has Russia ever apologized for stealing nuclear secrets from the United States during the Manhattan Project?

No.  Any more than the USA would apologize for keeping it secret from its wartime ally.Note also that the main source was information given freely by scientists who felt the secret needed to be shared.Note that Germany

How does the world generally view the United States?

Italian here.Please note that almost all my impressions derive from American fictional works. I have only been in America for two weeks and I don't really know this wonderful country from direct experience. Just wanted to give my two cents.Positive:As a nation, you're rich. Developed.Cool.Wonderful places, especially the cities.Helped

How Long Before The World's Resources Will Run Out?

Very, very hard to say! What most of those making those estimates have missed is the incredible ingenuity of humans to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in

Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other American companies to tighten their security?

Question: Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other companies to tighten their security?Answer: It's an interesting question that includes an interesting way of looking

Is it now loud and clear to Pakistan that India is no more going to be bogged down by nuclear bullying of Pakistan and it now has the courage to use the Air Force to strike enemies of India even inside mainland Pakistan?

I think that threshold of nuclear apocalypse in the event of Indian attack on Pakistan has been pushed a bit further away. It's true that post Balakot strikes PAF also ventured into Indian airspace and in the ensuing dogfight between PAF and

Is it possible to fight against the IMF and the World Bank without fighting against capitalism?

IMF is an institution which manages International liquidity. World Bank is a lending organisation of IMF Group which lend for development projects and infrastructure to different countries of the world at nominal rate of interest. All countries of the world are members of IMF and have their drawing rights on the basis

Is the 'United' in United States of America ironic?

No, this is not ironic at all. Indeed, the word 'United' best suits the federal union of America or American type. The word has its roots in the mode of formation of the federal union. In simple terms, the federal union of America was formed by a voluntary agreement between a number of sovereign and

Is the United States a Rogue State?

Considering the U.S. a "rogue state" would depend on your definition of such, and also your point of view. I guess by one definition we started as a rogue state due to forcefully breaking away from our imperial overlords. From a modern standpoint, I can certainly see why citizens of

Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good portion of our middle-class jobs have been sent offshore. Minimum wage means that husband and wife must

Should I waste time studying international relations?

I hope this answer doesn't come too late, because I beg to differ with those around you and from fellow Quorans.Truly, IR relevance and career opportunities depend on how passionate you are about it, and how much hard work you're willing to put. I studied

What are some common misconceptions about World War II?

One very common misconception is that battleships were highly vulnerable to attack by aircraft.The modern version of events has it that battleships were easy targets for dive bombers and torpedo bombers and that they succumbed easily to such attacks. This is why battleships vanished from the navies

What are some of the biggest misconceptions Americans have about India?

How I can predict your misconceptions?Anyway Americans I noticed can not differentiate between Sub continental people like Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian.They do noy understand difference between Hindu and Muslim.The other popular misconception is India as a extremely poor country. That is not the case.What ever poverty

What are the Anglo-Saxon countries?

There are none - most of what is now England was once made up of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, known as the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, but after the Norman Conquest, the term ‘Anglo-Saxon' lost its meaning.The term ‘Anglo-Saxon' is now used, especially by the French, to mean English-speaking, despite it

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indonesians have about India?

Im not sure that the misconceptions you mean is political related or just a general . but heres some of  the misconception of most Indonesian (or maybe even the world) about India that i know- Indians are vegetarianI got to admit i used to think this way

What are the most common misconceptions about globalization?

A single world government is the inevitable goal of a global economy.This is by far the most common misconception people in the west, primarily conservatives, have about globalization. It does not matter how diverse nation-states are, or the recognition and respect for their existence

What can the United Kingdom learn from the United States?

While not perfect, I do admire Americans optimism and willingness to progress, to find those with capital who are able to take on their ideas and put them into practice and make money. Also being innovators in new technology and of course their space program, which in getting to the moon, is likely their greatest hour.

What countries will be global superpowers 30 years from now?

It will not be regardless of what most US' dreamers fantasize. Military power by itself and in itself is not a good matrix to measure

What do you hate most about your own country?

Welcome to the Caribbean, mon. I'm from Jamaica and I'm about to tell what I hate about it. Here we go:The crime rate - Jamaica has one of the highest homicide rates per capita in the world. Our track record with homicide, drug exportation and gang violence has gotten so bad that we have two simultaneous ongoing state of

What do you want to say to the people of Pakistan?

● As an Indian I want to say to my pakistani friends that History of pakistan not started from Muslim arabs conquest of Sindh but Indus valley civilization. Pakistani must accept that their ancestors were hindu/ budhist. Its okay that you are muslim now but you must acknowledge and respect hindu- budhist ancestry. Hinduism is not religion but

What does the US get wrong about China?

Pretty much everything.I've noticed that a lot of times, you have a Chinese official make a statement. The US press will take one sentence from that statement, and that gets copied, and in the end you have a totally misleading sense of what that official said and

What events are VERY important to your nation, That only very few from the rest of the world have ever heard/learned about?

ANZAC DayEvery year on April 25th both New Zealand and Australia pause for a day to commemorate an event which happened 104 years ago and to pay respect to all those who have served in the armed forces of either country.It's

What is the benefit of studying International relations?

International relation means - Sociology, Psyciology,politics,arts, finance, management, self development and understanding the global concept of how the world functions, where it came from and what it has become and how it works now. I am not sure if everybody who studies this course gets so

What reasons do US citizens travel to other countries for, considering they have every imaginable tourist spot in their own country?

I guess it's for the same reasons people from other countries travel to different places as well: new culture will give you new experiences.And despite the US having many beautiful spots, it doesn't have it all: the history of European countries or China, the Eastern culture in South Korea or

What would happen if Trump becomes Prime Minister of India?

Thanks for the A2A.The aftermath of Donald Trump becoming a prime minister of India can be Huge !! These ripples or even Tsunamis can touch the roots and twigs of business sectors ( Economy ) , climate change policies and what not.If Donald Trump becomes the Prime Minister of India, radical changes are

Who is Pakistan's biggest enemy?

Pakistan was no different than India when it was created in 1947. But there were two unique problems that Pakistan faced that India did not. The first was that Pakistan was created with Western interests in mind. It was strategic and part of the deal Jinnah had made

Why did France invade Mexico?

Mexico (under the thumb of Spain) borrowed capital from many different countries and then failed to pay under the bad terms. Mexico was in a bad state, limping like hurt prey and all the predators came out to take advantage. So, a series of countries, England, France, USA, attempted to collect at different times. Seeing as how trillions in

Why does the United States of America still need states?

I frequently dread how quickly and significantly Americans, let alone the rest of the world, are treating the United States more like a distinct single country such as Germany, than a collection of States (governing bodies) akin to the United Nations or perhaps even the European Union. Don't get me wrong, the United States is

Why doesn't the US recognize Taiwan as a country?

The question is based on the premise that the US doesn't recognize Taiwan as a country.It depends on a simple principle.I.e. recognize in an abstract sense, or in a practical, functional, factual sense, grounded in reality.Both have dedicated offices providing consular services for example, issuing visas, diplomatic reciprocity etc.The US, in point of fact have just completed

Why don't countries give their excess food to Africa?

It's simple: if they are getting free food from us, their agricultural sector cannot develop. And if they cannot rely on us all the time for food, and they can't produce food themselves, they are screwed.Let's presume Africa has a food shortage. When

Why has the West been so successful over time?

Fascinating question with so many possible answers. I'm going to assume you are referring to material success, because success could also be defined in many other different ways (mental health, spiritual etc). The West can be taken to mean mostly North America

Why is it that Russia and China have hypersonic missiles but the US doesn't. Shouldn't the US have better weapons due to their high military budget?

I can talk to what happens in China and probably much the same occurs in Russia but I cannot confirm this.The people in China are vehemently in support of their government and what they are doing for China and they work hard, competently, do not

Why is the rest of the world so unfair to Venezuela in its time of need?

Because they're all afraid of American dogs!The first UN rapporteur to visit Venezuela for 21 years has told The Independent the US sanctions on the country are illegal and could amount to

Why is the USA still fighting a war in Afghanistan?

A lot of Afghans, including myself, wanted the US and the international community to intervene in Afghanistan in the 1990s during the Afghan civil war which followed the Taliban regime. We did not hear from the world until the horrific incidents of 9/11. The US finally intervened in the country

Will China annex Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistani control if it fails to pay back its massive debt taken for the CPEC project? Is China engaged in predatory lending in Pakistan like it was in Africa and Sri Lanka?

The possibility indicated in the question has many ifs and buts. It is not a strait event.For the first time since the launch of BRI in 2013, Chinese President has openly but selectively admitted various drawbacks of this project including the concerns of host countries, during the Second Forum Summit of BRI in April, 2019.

With the Chinese population being 4 times that of the United States, and China's high economic growth, will this allow them to become the world's sole super power because their economy will be 4 times the size of the US?

China is a great power, but will never be a superpower. There are several reasons why this is true. First off, while China has the worlds largest army in terms of manpower, they are still very dependent on foreign(primarily Russian) hardware,

Do you think Pakistan knew the NAVY SEALs were conducted the Bin Laden raid but could not admit it because of the backlash?

It was a staged operation with the help of Pakistan and i don't think Pakistan is so dumb that american navy seals reach abbotabad ,kill osama and blow their own helicopter and go back without Pakistan even knowing about it, just few km away from capital Islamabad and i don't think if there was Osama in that building

Is Israel LGBT-friendly?

Israel is very LGBT friendly, with a but.Israel is very LGBT friendly because:Tel Aviv is a liberal, open and diverse city, it is very-gay friendly, led by a very gay friendly municipality and appears from time to time in "best LGBT tourism

Is there anywhere in the world where a 7 day week is not observed?

The Soviets actually experimented with various sized weeks. The thinking was that if the size of the weeks changed that would make it impossible to observe Sunday as a religious day of gathering (or Saturday for the Jews), this was a part of the general campaign to eliminate religion from the "Soviet Paradise"At first

Should the US invade Venezuela?

No. Really, really just

Should the US just leave the UN?

I am a huge opponent of the United Nations and the very concepts that lead to its charter, many of them being inimical to the founding concepts of our own country.That said, for the U.S. to unilaterally leave the U.N. might be a mistake. I believe there needs to be some

What are the main causes for child marriages in the Middle East?

Poverty- Marrying a daughter off means one less mouth to feed, and families can receive payments for the bride.Honor Culture- Marrying off girls at an early age is seen as protecting their honor and that of the entire family by ensuring chastity before marriage.Gender Inequality-

What caused the Russian Airbus A321 crash over Sinai?

There is very little data available in the public domain so far. What is 'known' is thatThe plane lost speed quicklyThe loss of speed was in advance of loss of heightThere were a number of seconds of this before data was lostThere was

What do people in other countries think of America?

I ‘switched the USA off' on my social media. After the latest mass shooting I was so fed up with everything I saw, the NRA, Trump's reaction, ‘Guns don't kill people, people kill people', ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun

What will happen if the United States decides to merge with India, to become one country?

In this situation this new country would be the world's biggest economy that no country would be near matching. It would have the biggest population in the world. The USA would benefit from cheaper goods produced within their own country, less debt, and big work force while India would benefit from better

What's the crime rate of North Korea?

The crime rate is enormous since the crimes are being committed by the government.  Ten thousands people are being kidnapped and held along with their families in concentration camps  which are basically of two types: "re-education" camps and death camps. They are being maltreated in all imaginable ways .

What's the most obscure passport in the world?

While this passport is definitely not obscure, many immigrant officers simply couldn't recognise it, it's the passport that I'm holding, the Hong Kong passport. Holders of the Hong Kong passport could travel to 152 countries or territories without visa (or visa on arrival), yet this passport is often confused with the passport of China, and sometimes Taiwan. When

Why does the US support Israel? What benefit does the US get out of this alliance?

I am going to keep this answer short and to the point, rather than go into great detail with many references. These are the most important facts for this question/answer, in my opinion.The US supports Israel because both countries share democratic, western values. The founding fathers of America based their new country on ‘Judeo-Christian' values

Why is the Maharashtra-Karnataka border so troubled while the Kerala-Karnataka border area is peaceful?

peace prevails where there is mutual understanding and respect.long long ago,way back in 1968 there was some unrest at the karnataka - kasaragod border. not otherwise. many keralites studied and are studying in mangaluru.they also come there for job,health care facilties etc. kerala govt has also sanctioned money to improve GOVINDA

Will we beat the Islamic state?

Who is "we?"  If you mean "the West," the flip answer would be: Only if "we" decide to actually fight them.  But that's actually my REAL answer.  Right now, and for the foreseeable future, the main Western powers lack the political will to engage in an effective "fight" against ISIS.  So, I would