How to cope with severe depression

Hi,I understand completely what you are going through. I had severe clinical depression under circumstances similar to yours. I will first tell you my story and then give you some tips on how to cope with depression.In September 2010 I received a

How is the victory of Donald Trump going to affect the international students aspiring to pursue their Masters in US?

Despite promising to bring jobs back to America, and his stand against outsourcing and H1B visas, he has mentioned that he would like Indian students and young Indian Entrepreneurs in the US.When talking about Indian students, he said

Do you recommend staying in my home university or moving?

Your question and details are quite confusing, though I will try to answer. From my knowledge you will get the degree from your home university and not from the German University. Your a regular student of Lebenon, so you get the degree from there. Check the course modules and syllabus that they are going to teach you in

How can an international student join the U.S Marine Corps?

Get in touch with a US Marine recruiter either by email or by phone.  Google US Marine Corps for this info.  They are well equipped to advise you in your situation.I know/knew several Marines who joined with the goal of citizenship in mind.Another path you may consider is after you enlist apply for

How is college life abroad for Indians?

It's a rather broad question but I can share a few things from my experience. Let me first set the premise. I am doing a graduate program in a social science subject on the east coast (New Jersey) and am halfway through my two year program.For

USA or Canada, which country is better for international students?

If you have the financial resources, go to the best private universities in USA. Those are world-class universities, taught by world-class professors, and are meant to cater wealthy foreign students.Canadian universities are not in that caliber. Most universities in Canada are public universities meant for local