Why do IITs get such super fast Internet connection?

Internet connection  depends on your ISP (Internet Service Provider).There are different types of connections provided by different ISPs like broadband, lease line etc.Other Institution and private houses can also get super fast connection if they ask for such type of connection to ISP.

How has the Internet changed the life of an Indian?

As science and technology have evolved, our lifestyle experienced changes.From the basic needs to the utmost luxuries, almost every facet of our lifestyle is now impacted by the internet. And as we go towards the future, the dependence on the internet and its role in our life

How to get stable and fast internet connection for very low expense all around India

First off, if you going to roam places in India, there will be a lot of zones where you will have poor to no internet connectivity. I am treating anything below HSPA as poor. Second, since most of us now have multiple devices which we want to connect to internet simultaneously (phone, tab, laptop, camera etc.)

How will the Internet/computers shape up in the 22nd century?

You're asking people to prognosticate 85 years into the future on something that has developed almost entirely in the last ~30 years. Imagine asking this question 85 years ago, when people could not even have imagined something like the Internet back when it was just the dawn of computing and

How to get 100 GBPS internet speed in India

If you are willing to pay the premium(I'm talking real premium ) for the service and equipment it is actually possible by applying for a leased line from ISP's like Tata Communications, Reliance Communications, Vodafone, Airtel and some local players near you.Even of you don't get