Can an attorney be disbarred for cheating on his or her spouse or significant other?

No, assuming they did nothing illegal (and adultery hasn't been a crime in the US since the late 20th century).  I guess that could happen if the attorney lied under oath in a divorce proceeding (committing perjury, which is a crime), but I don't think that's what you're talking

Can girls be attracted to a guy( decent looking) because he has six pack?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 23 days.Whether you are aiming to accomplish your

Could more women asking men out improve society?

I don't know if it would improve society, but there are a reasons to think that it would be better for women.Let's consider a very simple mathematical model where there are [math]n[/math] men and [math]n[/math] women in a (completely heterosexual) population.  Let's further assume that each person has

Do beautiful and attractive women get attracted to handsome men?

Obviously, attractive women and men are going to notice each other, but believe  you me this is not always a good thing.We older women's mothers and grandmothers had a saying :"Handsome is as handsome does."  This means that a man can be

Do boy-friends/husbands really take you for granted after a period of time?

Yes my husband has taken me for granted .. it's been 5yrs of our married life . Everytime he keeps hurting me in some or the other way thinking that i will never leave him and go .he knows that I'm badly in love with him and

Do guys like when girls plan out dates & take them out?

Yes, assuming they find you attractive, most guys are lazy daters and would prefer the woman makes choices.This is the exact opposite of what most women prefer - women generally are attracted to men who take charge and make decisions... so

Do I give my ex another chance, knowing that he's always asking about his chances with other girls?

Do you give your ex another chance, knowing that he thinks about his chances with other girls? Good question. At this point, you have a good idea of who he really is, and you are still considering it. You have to decide how you

Do I need to tell my husband about my past?

Here are the scenarios1. You tell him and he doesn't mind2. You tell your husband and he get furious3. You tell him and he seems to be okay about it. When things aren't going fine between you two, he secretly checks your mobile to see if

Do women stalk men?

Women stalk. Even better than men.I am a woman and I have stalked all the man whom I have found interesting.During my teenage, I used to stalk my crush throughout the school. I used to sit on the bench which was diagonal

Do women take men who endlessly talk about sports seriously?

The sports columnist at my university was a woman, and I've met many women who have an avid interest in playing sports as well as have favourite sports teams. But I think (I'm not a sports fan so my word on

How an ugly guy can start a conversation with a beautiful girl?

You are not ugly.Tell her she's beautiful and introduce yourself.Every single person in the world, no matter how beautiful or handsome you think they are, risks rejection when they put themselves out there. In order to learn to cope with rejection you have to practice practice practice! Talk to

How to approach my crush, without looking very obvious

Maybe you can educate me here, why don't you want to be obvious?What if your crush fancies you too but doesn't want to be obvious? You two could go around for eternity not being obvious, never realising and not getting it together!Ask them out already! Ask them

How to get back respect once it's lost

We often take respect for granted. It has moved from Aretha Franklin's song encouraging people to

How to make your husband listen to you

Stop trying to get him to listen and start trying to get him to converse.  In other words, RESPECT HIM. He's not your servant, your assistant, your son, your minion, your employee, your pupil or some kid you're babysitting who is misbehaving or ignoring you. He's an adult. He's a human. He's your

How to find out whether a guy is married

Closely observe his actions. Look out for. 1. If he carries a Tupperware lunch box. With full fledged lunch. From starters to main course to desserts. 2. If he leaves office early and comes late

How to know if my boyfriend still loves his ex

Being told that the guy you're with misses another girl that isn't a relative is one of the most awful positions you could be placed in. It smacks on the line of emotional betrayal and now you're wondering if all the effort you've put in was wasted. For

How to know if someone is mentally healthy

If a person is happy and functioning well, using good coping skills and successful at navigating their environment, that is a good indicator. Most of what we call

How to know whether if the person I like will be my husband or not

I wanted to buy a car, I went to different showrooms, looked at different models, took them for test drives, calculated and recalculated the payment options and the load on my finances and after almost a month of indecisiveness, I ended

How to make conversation with a man who's shy and awkward

Okay, I am exactly that kind of guy! So I will give you my perspective.We usually don't talk much, because we are very straightforward and we just like to get straight to the point. We don't indulge in banter, because we are not

How to make my husband forgive me for cheating on him

If he felt for you like I felt for my wife before she temporarily annihilated me as a human by betraying what I used to consider the most basic point of trust, do not seek to get back to previous status. This does not mean you can't stay together. Ultimately staying together as

How to marry a Hindu girl while being a Muslim boy

Just getting married is not a big deal if both of you love each other. Simply do a court marriage followed by religious marriage.But marriage is not just a event it is a integration of two individuals and two families at most possible levels. Now in your case there will always be

How to tell a girl I like her and tell if she likes me

You don't. That's what most guys and even girls mess up in. They see someone they like and fill their head with the idea of love for this person. However, all it is - is an idea.Why? Because all the information are based on

How to treat a woman right

When I met my husband I immediately felt comfortable. He talked about himself, was very courteous and never judged me. He took me and my daughter out to eat, gave us things he felt we needed like clothes and shoes. He wasn't rich but he was incredibly generous. I told him

How to know if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship

An emotionally abusive relationship has a pattern of behavior by the abuser that makes the partner feel mentally injured. Calling the partner a couple of bad names during bad arguments is not necessarily emotional abuse. The goal of the abuser is to control the partner. One sign or red flag in

How hard is it for a divorced man to get married again?

Well, Its hard to do in several levels. I almost remarried once after. What my situation is, are due to the order of events. Married at barley 20 yrs. Old. We had a magical 15-18 great years. Then we both got careless, stupid, angry, etc. Now. I'm 41

I am in love with a girl who loves me, too. But another girl also loves me. Who should I choose?

Have you watched "Barfi"?Try this love test on both these girls.Whosoever stands still be with her. Although, I don't know how feasible this is or invent some other test of yours because they must have seen this movie.  :P

I have a crush on a girl who I barely know. How do I approach her?

There are a lot of great answers here to your question, such as the one by Jeremy Noel Johnson and Alex Markadonis so I'll skip over that part.I'll address something you're not asking but which is just as important;

I spite my husband but I don't want to leave him. what should I do?

Considering this episode has happened once, as you have not given any other history of cheating or infidelity.This is a tough emotional situation and just probably, it may be just so that you are over-reacting. I am not disbelieving you, I understand the emotional upheaval this kind of situation creates.

I think I married a narcissistic, immature woman. What can I do as a husband to help her?

IME, the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be the best you that you can possibly be.  You can't fix her, you can only control your own behaviors, and one of them is to consciously manage your own boundaries  When you hold

I want an open marriage. My husband agreed, and I started dating another man with his knowledge. Now my husband wants to close our marriage.

Why did you want to open your marriage in the first place? Was it for variety? To satisfy some need your spouse could not? Curiosity? The answers to these questions need to be addressed.A little background on me: My wife and I opened our marriage after 19 years. I

Is it possible to stay friends with your ex within a week from break up when you are both in love?

One of my best friend's in college was of the opposite sex and we ended up spending a lot of time together and eventually decided to embark on a "friends with benefits" situation. I had real feelings for him so needless to say it was a bumpy ride and an emotional rollercoaster. At some point he confessed to

Is it true that a woman will treat her man the way she treats her dad?

I'm going anonymous on this one because I have never made my feelings public about my father. I have never disclosed that I have an extremely strained relationship with my father to anyone. Maybe because I don't want my dirty laundry to be made public and

Should a person disclose his health problems before marriage?

Sometimes it is enough to vaguely describe certain aspects of our past when too much detail would cause pain to those we love. But we should make an honest attempt to share our story, our personal history, the good and the bad with our significant

Should I ask him out?

Should I ask someone out or wait for him to ask me out?I guess this is a

Should I confess my past affair, my physical relationship to my future husband?

I would say yes and my whole reasoning is that , someday sometime in the future things would become known. If the trust breaks then, its pretty hard to start afresh. Its better to start on a clean state from the get go.But

Should I give up on my crush since he hasn't made a move?

Right now, in your mind you're thinking what most girls/women think..."The guy hasn't made a move so he must not be interested in me."Now the confusing part of this isn't that he doesn't like you or if he does. It's your social mask you wear which seeks validation, acceptance, to be liked take action.It

Should I start asking women out at the gym I work at?

Fitness girls - yes.You'll probably have more in common with them and find it easier to strike up a conversation.Fitness girls where you work - no.Presuming you are being paid to work at that gym, you are under contract. You could get the sack.If there is a particular girl at your gym that you mean when you

Should one do a 60-minute yoga workout before or after a 30-minute run?

The answer depends on what your fitness/exercise focus is for that particular day.  What is it you are trying to accomplish? What type of run and what type of yoga will be the most effective in creating the fitness results you are looking forAssume

So I like this boy and I've never liked a boy this much before. Even though this boy and I have never talked, I have this feeling that I've never had with any other guy, that he and I are going to date. What does this mean? Am I right?

That's great to hear! But I want to give some advice First of all. You are physically attracted to him. That's Step 1 . Next you have to conversate and get to know each other that's Step 2. After that is

What can a woman do to treat a man better?

What can a woman do to treat a man better?What woman should treat what man better? A complete stranger she never met? A partner, friend, co worker? In what way was the man treated badly before that makes it necessary for him to be treated better?A good starting point is to use communication

What defines a healthy relationship between a husband and wife?

A lot of times when I write on relationships, I get comments that I write about

What does it feel like to be the abuser in an abusive relationship?

I think abusers in relationships do not realize that they are being abusive.  That is probably part of the reason why although I have seen a couple similar questions on Quora, nobody has answered them.  On the other hand, the "what does it

What does it mean 'to share yourself with someone', specially your wife or husband?

My first instinct is to say that it means the person with whom you're involved has been reading books about relationships. This is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot, usually during a fight.But there's a reason for that. "Sharing" means honest communication.

What is a woman's worth?

There are plenty of great personalities who have acknowledged the worth of women in the society in general and in the family in particular. I would like to put few of their quotes which I like the most.About hard-work 1. If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something

What is the best advice for people who are going through a divorce?

As a couples therapist, divorce is sometimes inevitable, and can be crucial to the couples' therapy. There has never been a client, that following the decision for them to divorce, that sadness hasn't followed me throughout the session. It's just incredibly hard to watch a relationship die. I remind myself

What is the most important quality to look for in another person?

Thanks for A2A Ms. /Mr. Anonymous!Being good looking certainly helps you get noticed, but if you don't have anything else to offer, you're going to get rejected anyway. The qualities I look for in a person is:To be able to analyze logically yet decide with emotions,To possess the unquenchable

What is the most lovely conversation you ever had with your spouse?

My-Beloved and I were cuddling in bed one afternoon when, out of the blue, he squeezed me to him and said,

What should ugly guys do if ugly girls ignore them?

99% of girls ignore 99% of guys 99% of the time.Each of that 99% is a continuously changing subset. There is absolutely no logic about handsome, or ugly or anything, it's random.Trick is finding that 1% of 1% of 1%

What should we talk about before marriage?

Although a lengthy post, hope you like it.Diya and Aahan were married for five years, their's was a love marriage. Life was not the same after marriage for both. It often leads to misunderstandings, cryings which took Diya into almost depression. They pointed fingers at each other whenever

What's the deal with emotional abusers?

Emotional abusers, some argue, are worse than physical abusers simply because at least in physically abuse the pain is not only visible but also quicker and easier to healEmotional abuse? Not so muchThe scars are mental. In your soul. Your heart. You can't see them but you know they're there. They take forever to

When does it make sense to stay in an unhappy marriage?

Never. Unhappy marriage can always be turned into a happy marriage.Find out why both of you are unhappy. Please be very honest to yourself when you try to find out what went wrong with the marriage.I am assuming that you loved each other when you got married at the first place.Do you have kids. They gets devastated

Which girl gives more pleasure- tall, short, fat or skinny?

I go for SHORT AND FAT!!! I am a tall skinny guy. I am physically and sexually attracted to a short fat girl who is way stronger than I am (physically more powerful than I am!!!), especially when I tower way over her while

Which is easy, to forget someone or to forgive him?

Neither.Forgetting is difficult because the harder you try to forget someone, the deeper is the impression on your heart and mind.Forgiving is difficult because we are mere human beings. At some point of time or the other, it's definitely gonna haunt us.So I say,

Why do guys stare at girls?

It is a secret, women for centuries have been trying to answer. Yes, it has bafffled so many for decades and even had psychologist trying to do some survey.It is a question that has boggled the mind of girls for decades. Some have tried to

Why doesn't your partner compliment you anymore?

your partner doesn't compliment you anymore. It mean he used to give you compliment earlier. If this is the case you need to observe your partner before making any assumption. May be he is loosing interest from you or may be he is suffering from some mental stress.

Why don't I get asked out?

Attractive is relative to what individual deems to be ‘attractive' to them, hence it is a fluid concept:According to my personal beliefs: Attraction is based on physical fitness level, certain facial features, ability to converse and like-ability. In most cases, women who have aforementioned qualities are intelligent, hard working, and are confident.Men are often intimidated by

Why don't women generally ask men out?

I don't know why women dont generally ask men out but I could tell you why I seldom do. I had a bad experience regarding this whole fiasco.Flash back. 2010.He was a homie, senior and average looking guy. Single all his life, shy and soft spoken. Maybe thats what intrigued me about him.

Are looks very important in relationships?

Physical appearance is extremely important. Obviously, personality is extremely important as well. Why would you want to settle for someone who isn't physically attractive or doesnt know how to care for their body? It is within human nature to pass our genes on with someone who is physically attractive, this is an undeniable fact. Even

Can girls approach boys?

Okay the answer is YES, why not?Secondly, let me explain your fear to you- Its called the "fear of rejection/Failure".It is the only thing standing between you and your goal. The biggest regret is not trying and failing but not trying at all.When you give it a try there

Does love always hurt?

It was an one year relationship, everything was going very well. Like only we both are the king and queen...( laila and majnu)..We daily used to have meal together.She was my junior so i always used to help her in study.Everyone know us that it is unbreakable relationship because of our activity.I used to pick

Have you ever had crush and that crush liked you without knowing?

In my senior school years I was infatuated with a girl in my year. She was tall, slim, blonde with blue eyes, bright and a blessed with a sweet, gentle temperament. Every night I dreamt of kissing her, every day as

How can a boy notice if a girl likes him?

Okay so if a girl really likes a guy....She will be often found staring at him ... if she is not quite shy then she might come to you and initiate a conversationAnd once she starts talking to you...she will try to talk to you every now and then...she will

How can a girl approach her CRUSH for a meet?

Hi,If you have a crush on a guy you should give signs to him about it. We guys love it when a girl gives us signs about it. The signs that kae us mad are as follows:Staring.Noticing.A wink or a smile.Meeting him up randomly.If you wanna ask him for a meet directly go and approach him for a

How to be more attractive to women

This is what I have learned after a good 20 years of interacting with women.Number one work out and gain muscle. I don't care what women say they are attracted to ripped guys. Have a car and a job. Money of course (duh). But it's not always necessary it

How to get my crush to ask me out

Do you have regular contact with this guy? How do you know him? Have you talked to him? Why do you think he's really cool?In general, if he was interested he would ask you out. All you want to do is look cute when you see him, know you're worthy to date him, smile a lot

How to approach a college girl on campus

Let me get down to the practical aspects of it. I'll tell you what i normally do, and then you can learn from what you like.PART I- Basic Rules. PART- II- The Actual Act. PART III- Rule of Thumb.PART II usually avoid mixed groups (girls and

How to approach a girl I didnt even know but I like her

Being a girl I would like to give you a piece of advice: It is a total turn-off when a guys "tries" to talk to her, or try to find reasons. It seems that the guy has less confidence, and that is a big no. Might be possible that the guy is a big-shot and usually confident, but

How to approach girls at school

Here's the thing that high school Sophomores don't accept: those girls WANT you to come up and talk to them. Maybe not all of them, maybe not all the time, but they do just the same. They have desires and wants and fears just like you do. They have egos that need to be re-assured and want to

How do i approach shy girl in highschool?

shy girls are biggest targets for me i just stopped flirting them... because i myself consider as a daring,intentional guy and i don't waste time for others..if you flirt any shy girl it does not mean that you made her brave

How to convince myself there's going to be someone better for me

The fact that you're here on Quora, asking about your chances, tells me you know they must be out there. And they are. First, get out of this abusive relationship, and move on. Take some time to devour the lessons this relationship

How to get the attention of my crush

Here are some surefire ways that I personally guarantee will get ahold of their attention.Get near them, shout

How to know if someone is mentally healthy

If a person is happy and functioning well, using good coping skills and successful at navigating their environment, that is a good indicator. Most of what we call

How to pursue a girl without being needy

Pursuing women without being needy is all about your mindset and emotional stability.You have to be secure in yourself as a person and don't rely on others to fulfill your emotional needs and provide you with validation.Here's the definition:Neediness means you don't trust in yourself and your own worth. You value the opinions of

How to stop myself from caring or loving someone too much

When we meet people we start creating memories. When we get attracted to them we invest our time and emotions in them. This leads to more stronger memories. When one day you decide to kill these memories it is going to hurt. So that

How to tell a girl I like her and tell if she likes me

You don't. That's what most guys and even girls mess up in. They see someone they like and fill their head with the idea of love for this person. However, all it is - is an idea.Why? Because all the information are based on assumptions. They don't know

How to approach your crush when they don't know you

I always did best with another person or two in the conversation at the same time, for the first time talking to my crushes, just to keep everything moving smoothly and keep the conversation going, make it seem more natural.And the best part is, they don't even have to know about your crush on

How to deal with someone who complains too much

1. "Positive Variation Technique" (I just made up that fancy terminology btw, you're welcome.)I have made a habit over the years (and it is constantly a work in progress, to be honest) of trying to think of a positive outlook to the same situation every time I find myself having a negative reaction (complaint), or offer

How should I approach my crush for date?

It's really tough, if you didn't have a talk (just a random hi/hello) with that girl in beginning days (I mean like in 1st month in freshman yr/office).So, if you like a girl in college, office, gym, neighbourhood then try to make good conversation F2F. Don't be shy more

How should I convince my girlfriend to lift weights?

This is a tough one. I agree that lifting weights is a good thing, but it just isn't for everybody. If she doesn't want to do it, bitching and moaning ain't gonna help. How about seeing if she might be interested in something else at the

Should I go and support my friend or stay away?

I think that this situation is very volatile and if it is messed with it has the potential to blow up. My advice is to let everything simmer down with time while encouraging your friend to make the decisions that feel right to her. While I would

What if a girl tells you that she likes you ?

See we can solve this situation but it will depend on her personality :- If she is an extrovert and cool about things genuinely then you can directly go and talk to her , Say hello and may be compliment her on something not in a cheesy way you can't say

What is the best way to approach a super shy girl?

I actually know the answer to this. It's only taken me my whole life to figure it out! I'm going to go over the important factors, and then give you an example script. Man I wish someone had told me this when I was still young and unsure of myself.You must be confident

What is the best way to get your crush attracted on you?

One simple fact.There is no way to get anyone do anything !You can fall for a person, you can be head over heels in love with her, you can go crazy for her, you can turn into SRK and do some typical filmy things but there

What should you tell someone going through depression?

Don't tell them much. If they are not in therapy, encourage them to get to therapy.If they are in therapy then they are trying every possible avenue to heal with a professional therapist. They are working at a pace defined by the professional therapist and that pace varies from week to week and case to case. Your

What's the best way to tell my crush I like him?

I'm going anonymous because this is something i consider very personal.I would say that you should wait a little bit and try to see if he likes you, just so that he doesn't freak out and think a random person

Why do we hurt the people we love?

When you care for someone truly, you become vulnerable.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly care about.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly love unconditionally.Only that cuts deep.In the end all we remember will be

Why would this girl constantly talk badly about me when she admitted she thought I was an extremely sweet and a gorgeous girl? Is it because the guy she likes doesn't like her at all and prefers me instead?

Exactly right my dear. You have good intuition and common sense and are a girl like your rival all striving for a nice measure of attention. If your honest in your question you are serious competition and she sweet talked you until it was not to her advantage to

Are girls always testing guys?

not all women but a lot of them do. And the only way to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of is by playing them back. I wish I would have known these things before I fell for a girl and her games.I'll go over

Can girls be attracted to a guy( decent looking) because he has six pack?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed

Do girls really just want to have fun?

Ya know... this song is a little more subversive than it sounds like at first blush. (All the best pop songs are like that, e.g. Y.M.C.A.)Cyndi Lauper's version is a little bit thoughtful. The opening lyrics are actually very poignant:I

Do guys like it when girls ask them out?

Absolutely! First off men are not subtle creatures. We need to be hit over the head a lot. Most of the time I'm completely oblivious to whether a girl likes me or not. My friends will say "man she was

Do guys like when girls plan out dates & take them out?

Yes, assuming they find you attractive, most guys are lazy daters and would prefer the woman makes choices.This is the exact opposite of what most women prefer - women generally are attracted to men who take charge and make decisions... so while guys

Do women like skinny, slim, or fat men the most?

Repeat after me - Women Are Not A Hive Mind.Seriously, this will save you so much frustration and bogglement, you won't know how you got along with this one simple idea.Women are not a hive mind. We aren't all in telepathic communication with each other, hashing out ideas and opinions and decisions, which we then

Do women stalk men?

Absolutely, and they are very good at it.Women are undercover surveillance experts :), they are so good at it that most of us men never even realize we are being stalked.Women have two tools at their disposal which men don't have.No.1 is that girls have more solidarity than men when it comes

Do women take men who endlessly talk about sports seriously?

The sports columnist at my university was a woman, and I've met many women who have an avid interest in playing sports as well as have favourite sports teams. But I think (I'm not a sports fan so my word on the

Have you ever met someone and everything around you immediately just disappeared?

I was in a bad way and ended up at a church I had never been to. I was wearing my 'I'm a happy Christian' face, but broken inside. Anyway, we worshipped and the Pastor started speaking. Suddenly he stopped, walked over to me and said

He treats me like his girlfriend but says he doesn't want a relationship. We've been dating for 2 months & we both haven't hooked up with anyone else during this time. We don't always have sex when we're together. What's going on?

Oh dear,I had the same type of a relationship that lasted over a year. The only time he called me was to confirm the one night a week at my place, or to brag about his greatness at work. We talked about everything, liked the same music, and I almost believed we were friends; we were

How to get a girlfriend (I'm 14 years old)

Here's my tried and tested method for teens to get girlfriends. Listen up here, lads.You gotta find yourself a good girl. By good, I mean good looking. You can't find yourself a girl that isn't at least a 9/10. Who gives

How to be a really good girl

Good girl...... for whom? A female plays mutiple roles in her life. For girls, I'm assuming these roles for a complete answer =>Daughter :Greet respect to your parents every morning & while going for school.Don't hide anything from your parents. =It's most important. Reduction in privacy level from parents isn't bad at all.Minimize giving