Do people treat fat people differently?

Even though I don't treat them that way, some people do. I find it really unattractive and careless if someone gain huge amounts of fat. Although some arrogant fat people (not all fat people) that does not notice that their fat is actually obstacle for other people from time to time, I find them really annoying.In today world of

Do you believe in forgiving? Forgive and never forget? Or forget but never forgive?

Yes I do believe in forgive and forget. Forgiving seems almost unnatural, right? Here are a few reasons why you should forgive someone even if part of you doesn't want to :1. Forgiveness doesn't mean what happened was OK, and it doesn't mean that person should still be welcomed in your life. Forgiveness just means that

How to hate someone

Loving people is difficult, but hating is very easy ( since love takes more time to spread, whereas hate spreads with rocket pace).Anyways, why you wanna hate a person? ? any particular reason ?? Did u breakup with the person and wanna hate him/her, so that you wanna come out of your

How to take myself more seriously

Figure out one thing that you want to learn about.. Just one thing... Then go through the process of teaching your self on the certain scope. Some time soon, when you can already say that you're knowledgeable of it. You'll just be surprised of how weirdly awesome you are because you became a master

How to stop caring about someone who doesn't care about you

From my own experience I can tell you that the BEST THING to do is to stop caring as fast as possible. You see, getting in love and getting emotionally attached to someone is VERY difficult to break apart and this

How did your marriage end?

Going anonymous because many of my friends and family members lurk about here.I was in 10th grade when I met the love of my life. We used the same coaster to our homes after school. Only at that time I didn't know she was

How to know whether if the person I like will be my husband or not

I wanted to buy a car, I went to different showrooms, looked at different models, took them for test drives, calculated and recalculated the payment options and the load on my finances and after almost a month of indecisiveness, I ended

How to stop hating someone living with me

A2A.Have you tried telling her that her statements or whatever has been bothering you? May be she is not even aware that her jokes are hurting you this badly. Try telling her politely but firmly that you don't like personal comments. If

How to treat a woman right

When I met my husband I immediately felt comfortable. He talked about himself, was very courteous and never judged me. He took me and my daughter out to eat, gave us things he felt we needed like clothes and shoes. He wasn't rich but he was incredibly generous. I told him

How should a man treat a woman?

A woman can be a mother,sister,wife,lover,friend, colleague, random stranger,mistress,etc to a man.These are roles which defines their identity to a particular man.But only to a particular man. The same woman who is a sister to a particular man, can be a girlfriend to some other man, a colleague

I was staring at a guy too much because he was really handsome. Then he looked at me and put his finger in his nose. Why did he do that?

Normally that's a pretty gross thing to do but in this case it was a clever ploy to stop you leching by turning you off. But you already knew that, really, since you KNOW you were overdoing in the first place after staring

Is surgery necessary in treating varicocele?

It's a really clever question to ask: Is surgery necessary in treating varicocele?I think it's even more clever to ask: which is better

Other than kindness, what character traits make people admire you?

Hard-workingNothing more respectable than someone willing to work for what they want. The driving force to keep getting better, and to never settle for less is extremely attractive!In my eighth grade year, I was lazy and not hard working, but I got good grades somehow.If they work too hard, I can't deal with

Psychology of Everyday Life: Why can't some people understand certain feelings?

First things first...There is nothing wrong with you if you can't understand others feelings. Secondly, the fact that you take logical decisions to be sympathetic or show emotions is admirable in that you care for how others feel despite your lack of emotions.Now coming to the point...I had a friend who was very bad

What can a person do when his elderly parents fight knowing they actually lived together for more than 30 years?

You should perhaps leave them alone, and not interfere...Unless they are fighting bitterly, and saying hurtful things to each other. And, unless you see evidence that they are truly unable to tolerate one another. Also, unless you witness that other than fight, they have no loving/caring chemistry anymore. If not, and if all they are doing

What is the best way to handle rejection?

When I was 20, I was kicked out of school. The reasons were victimless and non-academic (I was more than a bit of a trouble-maker), and after much pleading, and making my way through the school's Honor Board system, it was reduced to a 2-year suspension. I think they were hoping that I'd move

What is the most important thing someone has ever said to you?

Well I have learnt now how tough life is by this guy who happened to meet us on an Uber trip on 20th of January ,2017.Well me and three friends of mine booked an Uber after a long session of classes at our coaching today. We

What makes people emotionally abusive?

Fundamentally, I think it's the need to prove one's self worth. We all have this need but in some people the 'proof' manifests itself in a rather twisted way. Such as needing to put someone down to make oneself feel better. Or the need to control someone else in order to feel in control ourselves.

What's the one fun fact that you tell people most often?

This,Jelly fish can evaporate in sunlight.When jellyfish are in the water, they can be a bit intimidating. Their tentacles can pack a painful electrical shock. However, once they wash up on shore, they are anything but intimidating.It turns

Whenever you hear people complain for no reason, do you keep your opinions to yourself, or, do you say something as a way to get them to stop?

Depends on the person, what they are complaining about, how I am feeling, there are some people in this world, I'm listening to them and it's usually something trivial they are complaining about , I think the one that gets the horns coming out of my head and my fangs protruding (

Why can I not understand people?

First and foremost, you will NEVER fully understand all people due to the facts that many people:A-) Have no bloody idea who they are as people, beyond a somewhat shallow perspective they may have of themselves. If that were not the case, books

Why do guys stare at girls?

It is a secret, women for centuries have been trying to answer. Yes, it has bafffled so many for decades and even had psychologist trying to do some survey.It is a question that has boggled the mind of girls for decades. Some have tried to

Why do most people not attempt to understand human behavior?

It's startling to me that many/most people don't even care to understand their own motivations and reactions.I was raised to be a member of a community and a citizen of the world. As a willing participant in those larger groups, it has seemed necessary to

Why do people stop caring?

Why do people stop caring?The reason some people stop caring is that they feel hopeless. Why care when it doesn't change anything? They get tired of putting forth effort when there doesn't seem to be a payoff. When people stop caring they are being defensive sometimes. It's easier to not care

Why do people take verbal abuse so seriously?

Words have power particularly words that one understands the meaning of! If a Chinese abuses you in his/her language which you do not understand,  it will just be 'blah blah' to you and will mean nothing, isn't it? But, if you  know that language well and understand the meaning, what will happen? You

Why do the people I know don't know me?

Do you put up lots of barriers to ensure they don't? Do you alter who you are depending on who you are with? Do you conversations consist more of small talk than deeper more meaningful conversation?1 of these is enough to ensure no one

Why don't I care about people?

I'm not a professional in psychology nor anything related but I think I get the gist of your question. When I was growing up, I lived amidst alot of people yet I was alone. When I'm angry with my mum, I wish she could leave home and never come

Why don't I like people?

Thanks for A2A..Good that you recognize that "Human relations are must to live a life". So that should be your stepping stone in the direction of your improvement.Even I don't like some people in my life, but that hasn't stopped me from functioning well.Why?Because I have developed the

Why don't people help each other?

Let's just start by asking yourself:

Why don't people talk to me?

It could be because of your image that has been painted on their mind. Introvert, less talkative, reserve etc. I'm a recovering introvert and I face this problem often but things are improving now. Some steps that I've taken are1)Indulging in group discussions when my friends are having one.2)observing how the popular, funny, extroverts in

Can you rely on people or do you have to rely only on yourself?

Test it out for yourself. Obviously the only real person you can rely on to get things done the way you want, is yourself.However I like to test my friends (sounds horrible i know but it shows me who I can rely on and with what).Give them a simple task to

Do people dislike people who like anime?

In my experience, it isn't the hobby itself that turns people off, it's the social cues that fans sometimes miss.I used to wear anime shirts all the time in high school. We didn't have a dress code, so no big deal, right? I also used

Do you personally think you can tell the difference between a real smile and a fake smile?

Of course , Between real and satire .A person smiles on your success . Another tries to smile but he does not mean to show his appreciation . But adds a smile . You can come to know who is overjoyed and the other is just stretching his lips . To add

Does dominant person in a group speak more than all the others?

Without other influence, you can expect that the dominant person within a group, whether in a work or social environment, will generally speak more than others in the group.  But you should remember that being dominant is not the same as being the best informed, the most logical, or the wittiest in

Does unconditional love exist? What's your personal opinions or experience?

I'd rather give a few instances of what unconditional love means to me, than answering the question directly:He wakes me up in the morning before going to work to make sure I have my breakfast on time.He has never ever refused me for anything

How to hate someone

Loving people is difficult, but hating is very easy ( since love takes more time to spread, whereas hate spreads with rocket pace).Anyways, why you wanna hate a person? ? any particular reason ?? Did u breakup with the person and wanna hate him/her, so that you wanna come out of your breakup

How come people say they are sorry but their behavior doesn't change?

How come people say they are sorry but their behavior doesn't change?

How to treat someone I hate

HelloFirst of all hate is a feeling we all have to deal in every day of life. It sometimes produces the negative wave about you too.Which is kind of unhealthy for urself.When a person you hate comes in your front, a sudden burst of negative feelings will consume your head.Which eventually can

How to become a natural conversationalist

It sounds to me as if you are putting a whole load of unfair expectations onto yourself. If you make your

How to make someone shut up

If you are bored of someone or someone constantly hits u,you should give him/her a shut up call. the best way to let shut up someone is thatYou have not to give attention to that one,don't listen to him or you can pretend that you have not much time to talk.You have to

Occasionally I handle the incoming calls at the office. I am shocked how rude people can be. Can you ask a person who is belittling and cursing at you to stop swearing, or is it better to just hang up the line?

If it's for a job, definitely don't hang up, as that would possibly get you fired.But otherwise, I'd say it depends on what exactly is being said.If their flat out insulting you, attacking you, etc., then yea, ask them to

Should I stay away from her?

This questions answer depends on what has she done and who she is .If you are talking about your relationship then you must know every relationship undergoes different hardships and downs . May be she has done something wrong that is not liked by you but maybe is correct on her part.If you like yo stay

What are the characteristics of a mentally strong person?

This are the top 15 major characteristics of a mentally strong person:1. They're emotionally intelligent.Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of mental toughness. You cannot be mentally tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them. Moments that test your mental

What are the types of people that you should always avoid?

Avoid is probably not enough.I was once in my apartment which I was renting with my girlfriend some 10 years ago. She invited one of her girl friends over to our place to see each other and have a cup of tea. She showed up with her boyfriend. It was September,

What are the underlying reasons people stalk other people?

The underlying reasons could be because the stalker has been rejected and has a personality disorder or other mental illness.People stalk for different reasons. I agree with this from wikipedia-Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection

What is more important, to make people better, or to make myself better?

You cannot change others.You can only guide them or give them tips or show them how to make their lives better.But you cannot force them to take you up on your offer.Just like you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.But you can change yourself.And the more you improve yourself the more

What is the best way to get revenge on someone in the most discreet way possible?

There are many ways to do this however I recommend you not continue to drag an anchor of hate. Our courts do not take kindly to evil perpetrated events of revenge. You could suffer severe consequences for your actions should the person become injured physically or emotionally. Take a long hard look at your question and then look

What is the ratio of good people vs bad people?

Let us first define the categories.Good people don't allow themselves to be, do, or say what they know to be bad. I'd say they are less than 1% of the population.Malignant people will be, do, or say things for perceived benefit or

What's the one fun fact that you tell people most often?

This,Jelly fish can evaporate in sunlight.When jellyfish are in the water, they can be a bit intimidating. Their tentacles can pack a painful electrical shock. However, once they wash up on shore, they are anything but intimidating.

Why are human relations so difficult?

Around the globe, human behavior can be divided into two distinctly different and divergent categories... 1) prosocial and 2) antisocial. This is the one great chasm or rift in the fabric of humanity and the vast majority of society is unaware of it (although I'd say that

Why are people always apologizing now for sharing their opinions?

Because they may have, inadvertently offended someome? Sure, I have the right to my opinion, I have the right to my own viewpoint, yet I still find I have a responsibility to do so, in a manner, that does not instill hostility, that does not portray me, as the divine human being, without fault, without a sence of how

Why are people mean to overweight people?

We live in a society which has a serious empathy deficit.Many people are judgmental.They don't understand the hormonal and macrobiotic elements of obesity. It is simply not about eating less.People treat others as objects, not human beings.They have learned nothing about the gospels.

Why do Korean people say 'fighting'?

Another answer suggests that "fighting" came into use in Korea in 2002 as an ad campaign, but that's not quite true.  That word was already in wide use  when I was growing up in Korea in late 70 - early 80's.  As for the origin of its use,  the story goes like this - back during the

Why do people keep telling me that I am a bad blogger?

Echoing Emily Gillatt-Ball's thoughts, Elvis Canziba, you gave us nothing to go on, so I admit I'm confused..What do others actually say about your being a bad blogger? And how do they know? What have they seen that they're critiquing?I tried to find your blog, but ... I can't.

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad at CSS?

Its because you might not be following basic coding standards. For example, if you wanna apply same style to multiple elements, use class. It reduces number lines of codes. Never, forget to add comments.One thing you should keep in mind

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad CEO?

Thanks for A2A..Since I do not know anything about you, I can only give you an answer based on certain assumptions. But would that answer based on assumptions, really help you?That my friend is your problem, if you actually are a CEO.As a CEO, you should have a decent idea that if you look for answers without providing reasonable

Why do people love and hate each other?

I can't speak to the general condition of hate, but I can talk about it within the context of my experience and try to examine what that's all about, so I'll give it a shot.There have been plenty of people who I've found stupid, unethical, annoying, lazy, or mean,

Why do people misunderstand me?

Everyone is misunderstood at some point in their life. Why do people misunderstand you? The answer is simple, it's because other people aren't psychics. It's possible that you aren't communicating well enough, or maybe, they aren't listening well enough. Either way, the message is getting lost in

Why do people not care about other people?

I can tell you why I choose not to care about others, who some people don't care about others and why some people don't care about the enabling a productive benefit to others, but care deeply about adding to their detriment which can seem like not

Why do people think others don't care about them?

Perhaps depending on what country you live in, there is not much of a reason to think others care about you.I live in the US, and the vast majority of treatment I've experienced from other people throughout my life and the stuff I

Why do so many people these days seem to jump to the twin flame concept, when they meet someone? Why can't they just be happy with that person and not try to label them?

hiwell here goes I think twin flame came out of someone knowing that when you meet this person it's so intent it's so different than a normal love ,it's so different than a normal pain, everything to do with a scenario of twin flames are perfect, one in the same

Why do some people feel good making fun of others?

It's people with low self-esteem that pick on others. It's pathetic that people do this, obviously they have zero self awareness and what drives their behavior.I almost feel bad or embarrassed for the person picking on the people because they're hurting inside.When somebody is confident they feel no need to do this mindless behavior. Instead they wish to help.

Why do we hurt the people we love?

When you care for someone truly, you become vulnerable.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly care about.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly love unconditionally.Only that cuts deep.In the end all we remember will be

Why is it so peculiar and difficult to understand human behavior?

Since everyone of us is unique on this planet and everyone's having a different mindset, a different way of thinking, a different way of living life , it's very obvious to see dissimilarities in behaviours, and since it's hard to read minds even it's impossible to read someone's mind , and since

Are most people who say that they've never looked at another person while officially in a relationship lying?

Absolutely. What about TV and social media?Unless this person, doesn't listen to music, doesn't watch TV, is strictly religious and has no idea what social media life is about then maybe not. But 95% of people in relationships, including myself has looked at a another attractive human being and said

Are you afraid of people?

There is no reason to be afraid of another person, they are just like you, just with different personas, quirks, skin shades/tones, and mindset. Everyone is equal, there are just a few who know how to manipulate the minds of the masses and create a

As an introvert, what are your biggest interpersonal challenges?

My biggest interpersonal challenges are that I typically hate socializing, and love solitude. I can easily get along with and have fun with anyone, but I quickly tire of others when they don't share the same traits and interests as myself.I hate talking on the phone unless it's necessary,

At what age people hurt you most?

Child hood because you have little control over your life and when you are old because you lose the control in life you once had. Generally the person who hurt you the most in life is yourself. If you didn't plan ahead. If you didn't do the things you wanted to do. If you

Did people treat you differently when you became a conservative?

Not a conservative, but speaking as one of those intolerant liberals you're all so upset about, for me it depends on why a friend becomes conservative.For the record, if we've been best friends for years, that's not going to change just because you changed your mind about basic political issues. However, there is a limit. It seems like most

Do people treat fat people differently?

Even though I don't treat them that way, some people do. I find it really unattractive and careless if someone gain huge amounts of fat. Although some arrogant fat people (not all fat people) that does not notice that their fat is actually obstacle for other people from time to time, I find

Do people treat you differently when you're ugly?

yes! but it depends on what kind of ugly you are. like someone else said.if you are a mean person who is ugly you can get people to ‘fear' you. you won't be someone people can walk all over.if you are a funny / famous person you can get people to want to be around you, and be

Do you care what other people think of you?

Do you become concerned about what other people think about youDo you want to other people to admire & respect youDo you want to satisfy everyoneDo you put your needs away to do as per others wishesDo you find you do everything that you can for others - but

Do you think people are starting to become more entitled?

No.Baby Boomers were brought up in America's golden age. College was affordable, business opportunities were high, and the American Dream was a reality.Times have changed. Millennials live in a system where rent is unaffordable, inflation for essentials is high, wages are stagnant, and tuition is so high people become corporate indentured servants

Do you want to say something about anything?

Today while talking to api she sent me a Screenshot of a pervert man who consistently sending her creepy messages. Here are some messages sent by him. Though the screenshot haven't covered much but from way earlier he used to send her a lot

Greed: Why are some people greedy?

I think the roots of greed in people lie in the lack of understanding among them about importance of sharing resources and sharing them fairly.In the world of shared cabs we have all been in a situation where your co-rider has to

How to get better at manipulating people

Let me share with you my personal experience. I've had the bliss to have parents who are moral and good. I've followed their advices and their examples, and even when I was little I was the good girl, the one

How to still be a quiet person, when there are certain people/person you meet daily who really don't leave you until you don't show them aggressiveness

They may like the aggression, they may see it as a sign of caring, as if they can still get under your skin.Like they still

How to stop being obsessed about someone

Well applauses to you for obsessing so long and now let me tell you something-:You are in the same condition as me and i'm sure after reading my answer you'll feel better to know that their are others like you.Back in class

How do some people have the ability to make friends so easily?

My kids are each 12. My son makes friends very easily. My daughter, not so much.Here's the biggest difference I notice: my son wants connection with people, he craves it My daughter is interested in observing people and she's interested in discussing ideas. But connection is not her

How to act when somebody treats you as if you were less intelligent then them although the opposite is true

It depends on the person. If it is someone I'll never see again, I'd ignore him.I do have a friend/colleague who naturally assumes she is the smartest person in the room. My husband is also exceptionally intelligent, which she does recognize. When the friend was spouting off about going

How to feel when you do something nice for someone else

I always treat others in nice way, it's how I am so I don't feel nothing in different because this behaviour is me everyday. But when someone smiles at me and I receive that tenderness then I feel so so blessed: I am doing well and people stay better because I was there for them.When we have love, respect

How to make yourself not hate someone

Hatred. This word, first of all, is one which expresses a feeling too strong for any human relationship, far from what we call 'dislike'. Hatred is like a fire. a fire which burns holes in your heart. Holes that can be filled only with true love only.If you're trying to extinguish hatred by

How to not get frustrated with people around you

There is an old prayer that sums it up pretty well:"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."I am an atheist, but

I don't want other people to care about my life. How could that be bad?

I think not expecting others to care about your life is something which happens when you are aware that nobody really cares about others life's excepting your parents. To reach this level of thinking ,you have to understand in deep the actions of others towards you not their words. Everybody has their

If your friends don't contact you often, does that mean they don't care?

No, I do not feel that lack of contact from friends means they do not care. Friendship is a knowledge shared between two people who have shared experiences that have caused them to create a bond. This bond means that there is a connection. The definition, the events, the degree of

Is it bad if I don't feel like talking?

Not necessarily. It can be good to have periods of introspection, and not everyone is by nature chatty -- thank goodness! It's also probable that you can learn more by listening than by talking.If your mood is also low and you are preoccupied by negative

Is it disrespectful or rude to shake hands with your left hand in America?

Is it disrespectful or rude to shake hands with your left hand in America?I met my co-worker's husband today. His right hand was busy because he was holding something, so I set out my left hand to shake his left hand. He then moved his belongings from

Meeting new people: Why people don't call me back?

Hard to know exactly why, but you could try some things based around one simple idea I will mention in a minute that will hopefully be a game-changer.Try this. Don't leave these tedious messages. Don't call that often. People hate phones now, and dislike voice messages worse. It's so formal and binding. If people do

Nobody cares to talk to me or invite me out. What's wrong?

A2A.Umm, well, I can give you two answers, one you will like, one you won't. The one you won't will probably be a more profound explanation.The answer that might cheer you up.First of all, analyze the scenario. What

What are some little things that successful people do?

We live in a ‘follower' generation where most people want to be followed by thousands, have hundreds of friends and have a deep desire to be ‘famous'. But I can tell you right now that this is the path to self-destruction, and never is the choice of a successful person.1. They

What are some things you believe but can't say?

I believe that by and large, trans women do not understand where trans men are coming from. And if I try to speak up about it, I'm a trans woman hater, which isn't true. I just think that my perspective is equally deserving

What are the best kept secrets about asking for help?

The number one best kept secret about asking for help is that it is much more beneficial than detrimental. Many times, especially in the workplace, people seem to feel as if asking for help is bad. People feel that they

What can I do when people keep giving me a hard time or a mean attitude, and when I'm polite, people just intentionally ignore me so it feels like people just trying to mess with me?

And time you will learn to just get rid of those people. You don't wanna hang with people who give you an attitude, for no reason? I've cut out people like this in my life, and I'm 52 years old. I have one sister I don't

What do people think about introverted people?

Actually, I use to be an introvert and I forced myself out of it. The thing is being an introvert sucks...BIG TIME.Nobody is a complete introvert or a complete extrovert, each person is a percentage of both...normally we refer to a person as being introvert when he/she

What do you do when you just don't seem to care anymore?

Jerk off, drink excessively, rant to myself reading the news, sabotage premature seemingly good relationships, rant some more to myself or whatever poor soul is around about politics, news, religion. Drink some more, sleep some more, screw some more and or jerk off as

What do you think about people who don't work out?

I don't thinknabout it I guess , I mean if they want to work out or not it's really not up to me to judge anyone for what they do or don't do, I don't like working out I hate exercise but I

What do you think about people who say they have no girlfriends?

He is satisfied with his hand and has also a good collection of porn.He know how to love himself.He is happy with his Bhai zone and following the code of Bhai group in which maximum boy have no girlfriend.He may be gay.He may

What does it mean when a guy stares at you and doesn't look away when you look at him?

I stared at this one young woman because it was extremely enjoyable to look at her. It felt unfair to have to look away. She was uncomfortable catching my gaze - made her self-conscious - so I would find a convenient location somewhere behind her and stare. This deprived me of a good vantage point to