Will Japan invade other countries again?

Yes, but probably not for a long time, and only under the right circumstances.Japan currently has many things keeping it from invading another country.The populace is very peaceful with general prosperity and low crime.Their Constitution forbids aggressive military actionThey have an aging population with reduced

What is the most invaded country in history?

Italy is a good candidate. The following is a list of military campaigns conducted in what is now Italian soil by powers, armies and States that are not historically based in Italy and that are not generally considered of

Why did France invade Mexico?

Mexico (under the thumb of Spain) borrowed capital from many different countries and then failed to pay under the bad terms. Mexico was in a bad state, limping like hurt prey and all the predators came out to take advantage. So, a series of countries, England, France, USA, attempted to collect at different times. Seeing as how trillions in

Should the US invade Venezuela?

No. Really, really just