What do you wish would be invented to make cleaning the house easier?

Something reducing microbe dispersion at home.

Who invented the gym?

What a brilliant question! The first gymnasia go back to Ancient Greece and to Persia (known as Zurkhaneh, which roughly translates as "house of strength".)Japan has been known to have some form of physical education and training activity and spaces as far back as the 17th century while many a vyayamshala (Sanskrit, lit.

Why did it take humans so long to invent bicycles?

The first two-wheeled person powered conveyance was invented by a German nobleman in 1817. It was a bit more like a scooter you sat on, as didn't have pedals. This was only about 10 years after steam-powered locomotives were developed. Several different inventors turned their attention and bikes became popular enough that they were soon banned from sidewalks as

Are bicycles the most efficient form of human transportation ever invented?

Wikipedia actually has a great page on this that's very well-researched.There's a chart with everything listed out, but it can be a little hard to read. Here's a summary of the most efficient ways to travel, with all the numbers converted into fuel consumption figures:Velomobile (4470 MPG, 0.053 L/100km)Electric Scooter (2000 MPG, 0.118 L/100km)Bicycle

Are bicycles the most noble invention? Why?

How does one define "noble" as applied to an invention? The bicycle is a simple elegant machine that turns fuel we already consume - food - into power for transportation at a speed faster than walking or running. The mechanics are easy enough that most people can learn how

If someone invented a tracking device to put in every human so you know where they are what's would your opinion be?

My opinion is we already have them and they're called smartphones. We choose to have them.However one essential difference is that we can choose to take the batteries out, or turn them off or leave them at home (or send them on a wild goose chase with someone

If the claim that some animal species are smarter than humans is true, why haven't they invented things like humans have done?

You question itself has the answer.If you see most of these innovation one way or the other harming our planet and adding to the damage already caused. Being more intelligent than humans these species might have foresee the repurcussions of such inventions so

Is there anything that has not been invented and needed to be invented?

A2AIt's never easy to be the first to think up a new idea that is also useful.The reason is that there have been 50 billion people who have lived before you did. So look around your

Were chopsticks invented by the Chinese? Why do they use chopsticks?

The earliest appearance of something that resembled chopsticks was at least 4,000 years ago, but some scholars believe that they might have been in use as long as 9,000 years ago. They first appeared in China and at that time were only used for cooking.

What are some examples of technology developed in Ancient Rome?

Concrete.  The Romans used it in innovative ways.  They were good at developing arches and other sorts of building.  The aqueducts relied upon keystone arches.  The Pantheon of Marcus Agrippa on the Campus Martius is a coffered concrete dome, one of the best preserved buildings

What are some inventions we need that are simple?

These are most my simple Inventions & Discoveries to enable us to live very self-sufficiently on 5% pension at ages 70 & 85: LIVING WITH: PLANET-SAVING - EMISSION-FREE - POLLUTION-AVOIDING - NEAR-FREE - CLIMATE-CONSTANT - HAPPY-HEALTHY - MINIMUM-EFFORT - RE-INDUSTRIALISATION - SIMPLE:1. DON'T GET

What are the most amazing things invented using IoT?

Real World Applications of IoT1. Smart HomeWith IoT creating the buzz, ‘Smart Home' is the most searched IoT associated feature on Google. But, what is a Smart Home?Wouldn't you love if you could switch on air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even after you have left home? Or unlock

What has not been invented yet, that is highly needed in today's society?

An instant learning machine, that allows us to instantly download information into our brains.Some device that will organize the internet and be able to communicate with a human user to filter the information interactively until the desired data is found.

What is the first thing that humans invented?

Shaped rocks for cutting and hammering things.Recently, tools dating to about 3.3 million years ago were unearthed at a dig in West Turkana, Kenya. These tools are knapped; that is, they are stones that were struck with or against another stone

What is the most important invention in human history?

There's one innovation which sparked every other. Without it, we would be starving in a cave now, and Albert Einstein would've wasted his life as a Hunter.A long time ago, humans were Hunter-Gatherers. The hunters of the tribe would scavenge the local area, to find plants and animals to eat. There was a limited amount

What year were bicycle pegs invented?

There have been different varieties and designs on bicycle pegs for a very long time, I would imagine since the early 1900's. Even those old penny farthings had a peg- you got a running start, planted a foot on the peg, and vaulted onto

What's a realistic sounding, but fake, fun fact that you invented and that people believed?

I love this question, because it means I can lie and make it sound believable. I've made up some lies and some people believed it, but usually they call me out on my shit, but here are some that did work. Best way to make people believe you is to be an expert in the

What's one thing you wish had never been invented?

If I could wish for 2 things instead, it would be single-use plastic and cigarettes. I can't decide which is worst so yea.So many people fell prey to cigarettes which caused them to lose their life and money.So many used single-use plastic used which cannot be recycled even though they are

When and why were bicycles invented?

What's the connection between a Volcano and invention of a Bicycle?In April, 1815, a giant volcano blasted in Indonesia which spread it's volcanic dust throughout the Earth. The dust reached Britain, and the dust covered the sky of Britain for 12 months.As the sky was filled up with gray

When was the 10-speed bicycle invented?

Some modern riders might think that the push for ever more gears on the rear cluster from 5 to 6 to 7 and eventually to 10 and more is a recent phenomenon. In fact the ten speed lies at the mid-point between the earliest derailleur systems, invented some time around 1900, which had only

Which MBTI types are most likely to invent the next technological innovation?

A lot of people will say INTJs, but I disagree. I like INTJs but they play things too safe to be innovative from what I have seen.I could be wrong, but the question was

Which sports that were invented in Great Britain are commonly played around the world?

Wikipedia has this covered, as with most things, so start with: List of English inventions and discoveries - WikipediaA few to keep you going:Association Football (Soccer)Rugby UnionRugby LeagueGolfLawn TennisTable TennisBadmintonSquashReal tennisCricketBaseball / RoundersField HockeySnookerBilliardsCrown green bowlingSkittlesNetballBobsleighCurlingDartsTiddlywinksBoxingShin-kicking

Who invented the bicycle?

bike which we currently ride today in modern era was initially developed in 1885 by the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler.Daimler was born on March 17, 1834 in a village near Stuttgart, Germany. He became a gunsmith's apprentice in 1848 and continued until 1862. During this time he gained factory experienceIn 1872,

Who invented the internet?

A2A "Who invented the internet?" in this forum is like being asked a question on American political philosophy when there are already answers given by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.With the many great answers here, let me contribute to this collective

Why did it take so long to invent a telescope?

We don't actually know all that much about the development of the telescope. As Gwydion Madawc Williams points out, there are some references that suggest Thomas Digges built a telescope, but the references are vague.Now, what follows is only speculation, though

Why were bicycles not invented sooner?

Short answer: -Ball bearings didn't exist, at least not good enough ones.  Roller bearings are an old concept, but smooth, hard, uniform metal ball bearings didn't exist until the mid 1800's.  Bicycles were actually one of their first major applications.-Chains weren't manufactured with high enough quality/precision/strength until ~1880's

Are many inventions just other peoples ideas that have been reworked? If so, why?

Let's think about this.What is a light bulb? It's an electric lamp. Depending on the light bulb, how exactly it works differs; an incandescent light bulb works by the Joule effect, electrically heating a thin metal filament immersed in gas that prevents

Has a hippie ever invented anything?

There's a writer named Michael L. Klassen who has written a book called Billion Dollar Hippie.  The basic premise behind Klassen's book is that hippies have invented a great deal of money-making products and innovations.  According to Klassen's web site, these product innovations include:Selling salad as a meal in

How was the wheel invented?

Human beings are creatures of convenience. We seek things that will save us time, effort, and money. One has to only look at the most popular pieces of tech on the market and realize the reason behind their popularity is because of their convenience and efficiency.The wheel offered exactly that. Less

Is it possible that someone will invent something to eat whatever you want and not get fat?

That something has already been invented, or rather - discovered. It's EXERCISE.In my own experience, if you do enough exercise (or in my case, endurance sport) you can seemingly, quite literally

What are some common misconceptions about patents?

Myth: Ideas can't be patented. Truth: Patents are a form of intellectual property, not a form of tangible property. A patent doesn't give ownership rights to any particular physical object, but rather a right to control commercial exploitation of an inventive idea.Myth: An invention

What are the inventions that were invented incidentally?

That microwaves can be used for cooking food.The story goes something like this:A man named Percy Spencer was experimenting with a magnetron, which was a new vacuum tube, recently introduced, while doing research for Raytheon Corporation. He had a bar of

What tools are out there to aid the creative process?

- Mind Maps: Create a mind map by placing a word or image in the center of a blank page, then go through and write any ideas you have and connect them to the center image. There are a variety of different resources I use to boost the creative processRead a New Book: New

Which was the first civilization that knew about the function of the wheel and invented it?

As to which civilization invented the wheel it was likely Mesopotamia or was a culture that closely interacted on account that archeologists have found a wheel dated 5,500 years ago (3,500 BCE) within the walls of the ancient city of Ur.Interestingly the wheel that was found was not something to go on a wagon, or Chariot. It was actually

Who first invented mobile phones?

Martin Cooper was the first to introduce the cell phone for Motorola in 1973. It used a

Who invented dancing? How was it invented?

The answer to both of your questions is really ambiguous. Who invented dancing? Because dancing existed even in pre-historic times, it's impossible to find records of the very first person who danced. I would like to think, however, that the very first human would have danced. Dancing is a natural form of expression. I guess

Who invented homework, and why was it invented?

This is an abstract from article about teacher, who invented homework :

Who invented the light bulb?

In addressing the question of who invented the incandescent lamp, historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel list 22 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Edison. They conclude that Edison's version was able to outstrip the

Who invented the manufacturing of ABS material?

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Stryene. A common enough plastic, it is used in everything from utensils to musical instruments and toys (famously, Lego) to pipes to automotive bumpers. It is used where you need a tough plastic with somewhat higher

Who Invented the word 'Invention'?

The invention of the word

Why is China's economic growth slowing?

Four issues:1) growth fueled by importing production technology will eventually come to an end,2) there may be the need for the development of better institutions to support the right innovate business development and growth3) China had a brilliant policy of fiscal spending on infrastructure construction that avoided many

Are religious institutions human inventions?

Not entirely. There is a real religious (Or spiritual) experience behind every religion. And a certain amount of pattern which is either divine Or a result of human psychology interacting with the divine. The Mass, for example, is patterned on the actual meal that Jesus ate with his disciples, which

Were UFO's ever seen before humans invented any flying machines?

Lots of times. The Bible could be said to be talking about UFOs where Jesus was seen to ascend into the sky in a cloud (big silver thing which flies, well that's got to a cloud), numerous times in ancient past there are flying devices mentioned, once reported by a

Why were cigarettes invented?

Tobacco has a long history in the Americas. The Mayan Indians of Mexico carved drawings in stone showing tobacco use. These drawings date back to somewhere between 600 to 900 A.D. Tobacco was grown by American Indians before the Europeans came from England, Spain, France, and Italy to North America. Native Americans smoked