Which are the best investment stocks? Which ones will go soaring in 2016 and which are undervalued?

I do not know whether you are a short term investor or one who is inclined for long term investing. If you are in to long term investing, then these would be some of the stocks in their respective areas to invest

At what age did you learn about the stock market versus what age were you when you actually started investing?

I learned about it as a senior in high school in 1963 in Mama Nathe's social class. I made a dummy investment in

Can a 15-year-old get into the stock market?

I purchased my first parcel of shares when I was 14 years old through a discount electronic stock broker which my mother set up for me in her name, of course all the share certificates and the account belonged to my mother - but she was kind enough to let me spend my money on

Can you bust some common myths or misconceptions surrounding the stock market?

These are 4 Common Indian Stock Market Myths you should definitely know about.Myth #1 -There is absolutely no doubt that Warren Buffet is one of the best investors the world has ever seen but there is a common myth that he buys

How did the Wolf of Wall street's strategies work?

Well, I wouldn't call it a strategy so to speak, but a method by which they seperated people from their money and into their pockets via exploitating the price/demand relationship. They basically took large positions into very small companies with a small float of shares

How to learn about investing? I am studying engineering and don't know anything about economics or operations of stock markets. Can someone suggest books or links to websites, to learn the basics

Here are the basics of investingThe investing arena is loaded with uncertainties and noise. We often invest on impulse, under the influence of the information overload that surrounds us.But what if we had a checklist that can safeguard us from our impulsive ventures? While i wouldn't recommend

How to start investing, and where should I start it? Which field is the best to start investing? How much money do I need to start investing

The best option to invest small amounts is Mutual Funds. Some selected funds have given really good returns.BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDS·Professional management. Qualified professionals assisted by research teams manage your money.·Diversification. Diversification lowers your risk of loss by spreading your money across

How risky is forex trading?

At first I had trouble in guessing and understanding the signals in Fx trading. Then I identified a software program called Forex Profiter which helped me to figure out the signals, so that I gained more profit using Fx in a simple way. I'm not marketing this however I am sharing

I am 17 and I want to invest money in stock market where should I start?

I am glad that you started thinking about Investments and Savings at such an early age. Before you actually start investing money, I would recommend you to start investing on learning about Stock Markets. Here are the 7 proven steps to gain success in Stock market. Follow these

I'm a 21-year-old student, and I'm interested in the stock market, but I'm unable to choose which stocks to buy. What are the factors to look for while buying a stock? Which stock is capable of giving solid returns?

Being exposed to the market at this age is a great opportunity in itself.Yes, there will be problems in choosing the stocks initially, but there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind before you invest.Are you going to invest your own money? Yes/No doesn't really matters, you

In Indian stock market which are the best shares for investment?

1)TATA MOTORS ( strong balance sheet, low debt , high scope m brand name , target price 550 rs in one/two year)2)LARSEN ( Big projects , brand name , PE is more than industry PE , high dividend yield ,

Is investing in the stock market worth it?

Yes, Stock Market Is A Great Investment.Most of the people at some time have thought to start investing in stock market. However, they are afraid to take next steps as they have always heard how a closed kin or Uncle has lost almost all his money in stock

Is this a good time to invest into gold (GLD)?

Yes and yes. 1000 years ago, 1 ounce of gold bought you a well made suit. Today, 1 ounce of gold will buy you a well made suit. No currency in the world at the time would be worth that today unless it was made up of gold

What are best cheap stocks for investment?

I shall advise not investing directly in the stocks.Stocks via Mutual Funds route are the best option.Mutual Funds generate their income from stock markets. These generate matching or better returns.BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDSQualified professionals assisted by research teams manage your money.Diversification.

What are some generally unknown things about stock markets?

I am sharing some interesting facts, generally unknown, or generally misconceived by the investors. I call them ‘Stock Market Myths and Misconceptions'The stock market has more than its fair share of myths and misconceptions. People with varied backgrounds enter the market, a few with

What are some good stocks to invest in right now?

These are the five stocks you can consider investing in:1. Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Sector: Automobile | Industry: Cars & Multi Utility Vehicles)Maruti Suzuki is a behemoth in the automobile space in India and currently commands more than fifty percent market share. The company has robust revenue growth coupled with strong cash

What are some good undervalued stocks to buy right now? I have some cash saved that I want to invest and get profits in around two weeks to one month.

In the short term, such as less than a year, but certainly the period of weeks that you mention, stock movements tend to be mostly random. As a matter of fact, whether the stocks are undervalued or not tends to have very little

What are some secret investment hacks?

Wouldn't you want to know the best investing secret from some of the smartest financial experts in the world? Well you're in luck!Over 20 investing experts were asked to share their best investing

What are the best dividend stocks for long-term investments?

Investing in stocks with healthy dividend yields and high dividend payouts is a quite stable format of investing. In a strong equity market, stock can deliver good capital appreciation (Sensex rose at a 11.8% CAGR over the last 5 years) but taking into re-invested dividends, total shareholder returns over the

What are the best Indian stock market websites/blogs/apps/magazines/stock and share market newspaper?

In this age of internet and information abundance, there is no dearth of websites or apps or magazines that carry stock market news & information, and the redundancy is so huge, I get bored so many times, reading the same

What are the best investment blogs/websites?

****Can someone pls recommend a pure growth stock site?Macro - Bridgewater. http://www.bwater.com/home/resea...Index - Vanguard. http://Vanguard.comData -Morningstar. http://www.morningstar.comNews - The Wall Street Journal.

What are the best marijuana stocks to invest in?

First of all, I believe you are probably looking to invest in order to take advantage of the large recreational pot smokers. I'm not going to lecture you on the risks (pot is illegal, ect). I'm also not going to lecture you on portfolio construction and active management. I'm going to analyze some

What are the best stocks to invest in 2016?

Leave oil, gold, silver and other commodity stocks alone. They are for savvy traders only. Not for investors. Mutual Funds are too expensive and the only people that make money from this are the managers.There are stocks that will shoot the lights out but in the current climate, they are

What are the best stocks to invest in right now? Does penny stocks worth it?

I personally do not invest in many penny stocks. They are too high of a risk without enough reward. Now of you day trade and scope the market properly you can be successful. Personally I like robo advisors to allocate my funds. Makes

What are the best stocks to invest in right now (March 16 2016)?

Just pick one.Seriously.In a study featured in the book "A Random Walk Down Wall Street", super models throwing darts at stock charts posted to a wall outperformed the average investor as well as most stock brokers.But this tendency for people to ask other non qualified or dubiously qualified people for a "stock

What are the biggest misconceptions about investing in the stock market?

I will list down some of the misconceptions and the actual reality for you below:Misconception #1: Let's take a gamble on the stock marketIf you are looking to gamble, try your luck hitting the slot machines at your local casino. The stock market is not the place to gamble unless you want to lose your retirement fund.RealityIf

What are the biggest misconceptions about the stock market, what caused them and why are they false?

The biggest misconception about the stock market is that investing in stocks is the same as gambling.Unlike putting money in slot machines, people who put money in the stock market tend to make money over time.No investable asset class outperforms stocks over time.People do not refer to home ownership as a gamble, but

What is a undervalued stock I should invest in?

INITIATING COVERAGE - Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited.CMP- Rs25| Target Price- Rs35 | Horizon- 12 MonthsHimachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL) is a diverse telecom infrastructure enabler and delivers innovative, customized and competitively priced end-to-end telecom solutions. It specializes in manufacture of Telecommunication Equipments, Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) and Intelligent Power Systems. HFCL provides single

What is Forex trading?

Here is a good article to know the basics of forex trade:Starter's Guide to ForexAre you new to the field of trading? You may be here for the financial freedom, or you may be planning on practicing to get a trading job

What is the best stocks to invest in 2016?

Interesting question!As for me, I should try to buy undervalued assets or assets that reach low and waiting for several years (may be more). One of such examples is Twitter. Now price of its shares is sharply down, but in future it's seems to be higher. And somebody can invest more

What is the most misunderstood thing about the stock market?

Greetings!Interesting question! Well, there are certain things about the stock market that are misunderstood, let's know-1. Investing is too riskyMany people think that investing in stocks is like gambling. Sure, investing in a single asset can be very risky, but investing in a broad market, over a period of time can yield

Which are the best investment stocks? Which ones will go soaring in 2016 and which are undervalued?

I do not know whether you are a short term investor or one who is inclined for long term investing. If you are in to long term investing, then these would be some of the stocks in their respective areas

Which is a better investment idea? Real estate investment vs stock market

You can buy a house worth 300k with only 30k to start and have someone else (tenants) paydown the mortgage.When you buy stocks, you buy 30k Of stocks and hope it goes up over time..and it maybe worth less than 30k.I invested

Which is the best stock analyzing website on Indian stock market?

"EquityBoss is a ground-breaking stock research analytics which empowers investor with actionable investing insights in an easy to use web based software to make an informed and sensible investment decision"EquityBoss offers 40+ fundamental and technical indicators to carry out research and some of key financial ratios are compared against the industry standard to provide visibility where

Which is the best web site for fundamently & technically analysis of indian stocks market?

Here're a few websites which will help you understand fundamental and technical research better. Do visit and make a good use of it!BrainstormIf you have any queries regarding the Indian stock market such as Technical analysis, reference material for fundamental analysis, F&O trading etc. then

Which is the best trading platform to trade binary options?

They are none.All binary options are a scam.Seriously, you cannot argue or disagree with this. It's not opinion; it's fact.Every single binary options broker, exploits people who are ignorant, stupid, poor and desperate... They are the victims, who think they can profit