How to earn money online without investment

Hello friends This is my very first answer on Quora so let it go some grammaticalmistakes!!So yesterday i came across a app which is 100% legit and you can earn more than RS 25000 without any investments!!Here is the link if you like to join :

How to become good at saving money

Take every bill you have and the heat bill take the highest number during winter months.Add 4 bills for each bill ie: electric,gas,oil, housing, gas for/ car a wk x 4, anything such as lunch dinner out.Everything done weekly x4Stick

How to earn $1000 extra this month

Most of the jobs are usually substituting your time for income but some of them can turn into a business.1. Walk dogs – If you love dogs, and you need to walk, then this might be perfect for you2. House sit – Housesitting is becoming more and more popular these days, specially in

How should a young person invest money?

Investing is not just about the numbers or calculations but about behaviour too.Let me share with you some some basics about money and investing. I feel these are what truly determine investment success.  #1: Never let your money be idleWhat if I say that I

Is it better to pay off a mortgage or invest?

This is a simplified answer from a blog post I wrote: Should I pay down my mortgage or invest? - Foxy MonkeyFirst of all, Congratulations! It's a good problem to have.The answer is

Is it good for the Indian government to invest in bullet trains (high speed railway HSR)? Is India really ready for it?

Choo Choo! Here comes the Bullet TrainFew days back, Indian PM Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzō Abe announced that India will be buying bullet trains from Japan to connect Ahmedabad and Mumbai. This news made me ecstatic for couple of reasons.First of all, Indian Railways infrastructure is old, slow, overburdened and has questionable safety

Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?

The short answer is, Yes.Olymp Trade is a trading platform which means there are inherent risks within the trades themselves. However, the platform is a member of International Financial Commission. This membership provides a kind of insurance to traders on the platform, protecting them from fraudulent activities on the part

What are biggest misconceptions about investing?

Here I am going to compare two methods of investment that most people do:- 1. Taking home loan to buy homes.2. (SIP): Systematic Investment Plan to invest in Equity Funds:Assumptions:1. Investor is equally comfortable with

What are some good investments?

My top 5 best investment tips.Learned through trial and several unforced errors.What's not in the news. Most people buy what's hot. All over the news. At cocktail parties. Then are surprised when it flames out. By the time an investment is popular the music is getting ready to stop. Buy what's not in the

What are the health benefits of taking fish oil supplements?

Research studies show fish oil benefits are downright amazing.And knowing this is the second most important thing you can do for your health.Studies are published almost daily as the scientific community discovers more and more of the many extraordinary omega 3 fish oil benefits.If you haven't already been swept up in

What is the best thing to do with $10,000? How should the money be invested? (No debt. Not looking to own either a car or a home. Full-time employed, covering all expenses and continuing to save money.)

Before developing an investment strategy you need to have set aside a reserve of savings to meet near term and unexpected expenses.  You may lose your job, get your hours reduce, incur unexpected medical expenses or have some family burden place on you.  Figure out an amount that will make you feel secure and place that

What is the best way to invest 10 dollars?

99% of investers will disrespect the idea of investing $10. The people who give a serious answer however respect your effort highly. I give you a specific an doable idea to invest with $10.I wrote this answer for many other topics. Up to you to

What is the easiest way to make an extra $1000 a year?

There are various opportunities online. Due to technological advancement, many people opt to stay at home and find something that could generate income.Here are some online jobs that you can try:Virtual AssistantContent WriterSocial Media SpecialistWeb DeveloperOnline TutorVideo EditorBusiness AdminGraphic ArtistBloggingData Entry JobsFreelancingThere are many online sites as well by which you can find these jobs. But before

What's your secret to successful investing?

Awareness and knowledge is power. Learn everything there is to about Investing & PsychologySuccessful investing is control of your emotions, largelyConcern yourself with what you control (position sizing, your asset allocation, research, emotional control) rather than what you can't (Price)Be contrarian - to truly become successful your

Which are the best investment stocks? Which ones will go soaring in 2016 and which are undervalued?

I do not know whether you are a short term investor or one who is inclined for long term investing. If you are in to long term investing, then these would be some of the stocks in their respective areas to invest

At what age did you learn about the stock market versus what age were you when you actually started investing?

I learned about it as a senior in high school in 1963 in Mama Nathe's social class. I made a dummy investment in

Can a 15-year-old get into the stock market?

I purchased my first parcel of shares when I was 14 years old through a discount electronic stock broker which my mother set up for me in her name, of course all the share certificates and the account belonged to my mother - but she was kind enough to let me spend my money on

How to effectively save money

The glib answer would be don't spend it, but that's impossible!There are some fairly easy ways to save, and yeah, some are easier than others, and you have to think about what you absolutely can't do without.I currently live on my disability, so biting the bullet almost every time I do something a reflex

How to make an extra $1000 this week

The answer to your question is really very subjective; it depends on the individual. The intention of my answer is to provide you with the example of my experience.Personally, the

How to save some money from my salary

The best anyone can do is to gain Financial Independence - don't depend on a profession for making your ends meet. For anyone to gain financial independence, financial discipline is a must. This is the single most important thing that

How to save money? What's a best way of saving if you don't make good money

First, download a personal finance management app like MoneyStream or Mint. Use it to analyze your spending behavior over the last few months.Knowing your shopping and spending habits, you'll be able to get the best deal on a checking account. (If you already

Is investing in bicycles a good idea?

If by invest you mean purchase as an individual, and if you do not expect a financial return directly from the bicycle as an object, but a personal quality of life return balanced by saving the money you don't spend on a car - yes,  a bicycle is an excellent investment if you ride

Is it worth it to invest in an electric bicycle?

This question is actually somewhat complex but for us e-bike enthusiasts, the answer is not (hint: it's yes). Here's some of the key points from an analysis I did comparing the long-term cost of ebike commuting the cost of car commuting:The BasicsCarFirst, let's talk sticker price. Your average new

Is opening a rock climbing gym a good investment?

I worked at a climbing gym for 5 years or so. It was big for the time (hell it still is) and when it first opened the closest gym was maybe 45mins drive away and significantly smaller. Granted I was very happy to get a discount on gear I was buying I

What are some good investment strategies that are unconventional?

Unconventional isn't as good as tried and tested, buy and hold investing. Depends if you mean investing for personal finance or investing in your business life. Anyway here are some ideas;Buying domain namesLoaning your money outUnconventional business strategies. For example, rather than doing

What are the best investments to make at the age of 15?

The very best overall invest is education. Make sure you are doing your best in school, avoid all the noise and drama that is common at that age, because I can tell you that it makes zero difference later in life when things actually matter.Money wise, if you want to put it somewhere and leave it for

What are the best saving schemes?

Saving Schemes are launched by the Government of India or public sector financial institutions or Banks. They vary in their interest rates, investment horizons and tax treatments. A saving scheme financially prepares us for unforeseen personal and medical emergencies. It helps you meet your

What are the best stock market WhatsApp groups in India?

I think you should go for a company named Speculate and their website is I am following them from long time and found genuine and reliable. They provide services through WhatsApp also so those who are searching for some best advisor in India who provides services on WhatsApp should

What is the best strategy for reinvesting to grow an investment balance, assuming there is a fee for every reinvestment?

Dylan, Thanks for the question.Best is a very subjective word. I can tell you what I like and what I have seen work. Find yourself a DRIP program. Dividend Reinvestment Program. By a share of stock... or ten shares or 100 shares.... have the dividends reinvest. There is very little to no cost to have the dividends reinvested.

What is the best way to double the invested money every day?

Well, if you get one of such ways then tell me too. I have said before that getting insane returns in short periods of days, months do exist but they are always risky.Personally, I admire investing long term. Hence, I can't say much over it.What you are asking is a magic wand and I

What is the best way to earn money from an investment every month?

Hi I hope you meant that you need returns in monthly form from your investment or maybe you meant that you want to invest on monthly basis anyways will try to answer both.If you need return in monthly form by investing a lump sum amount you can

What is the best way to invest money at the age of 22?

Best thing is to start and allow compounding to work for you! A simple graph below will show you why its important to start early:3 people, Early - About Time - LateEarly - Starts saving Rs. 500 per month in a Fixed Deposit

What is the fastest and most effective way to save money?

Friends 2019 has kick started, and I wish all of you a very happy new year, so in this post I will be sharing with you saving tips for the year ahead.Friends you must understand that saving money is an art,

Where should I invest my money as a teenager?

Anywhere but BitCoin. Don't get sucked into it. It will collapse at some point. The stock market is always touch and go. My favorite space now is private debt. The returns can be 18% a year and produce solid returns. We have

Why do rich people invest money into sports teams?

In most cases, it's about fun and ego. If you were a billionaire, wouldn't you want to buy your hometown basketball team and have your name associated with the franchise from that point forward? And doesn't everybody think they could do a better job managing their

Are options a good investment?

Options are not really an

Are penny stocks a good investment?

Sure - penny stocks can be lucrative. But so can gambling at a casino. Or winning the lottery. Or finding a $20 bill on the street. For the most part, it'll take a lot of luck for you to come out on top in these scenarios.Investing, however, should be done in a way to maximize

As a teenager, how can I begin investing my money?

A safe way to invest would be to put your money in a low cost index fund. These funds will essentially follow what the market is doing. If you invest in the S&P 500, DOW, Russell 2000, etc, for example you should make 7–8% per

Being young, how can I invest $1000?

My one-paragraph answer: Take your birth-year and add 60. Go to vanguard(dot)com and invest it all in the Vanguard Target Retirement fund that's closest to the year you calculated.  If you wish, you can put some it in a Roth IRA (up to $5500 per

Best ways for a 19 year old start investing with a thousand dollars?

Interesting question!From my point of view, the best way to start investing your money ($1k) is investing in ETFs, but if you have enough experience you can trade. Also you can easily earn $1k in your situation if you invest in ETF, for example, in

Can anyone Trade in Forex?

Yes Absolutely. Anyone can trade in forex.Even though the process of forex trading is not very difficult, it has caused huge losses to many inexperienced traders over the years. Following a reliable forex signal providers and stay aligned with market trends. To become a successful forex trader, one has to follow a simple set of rules:

Can I turn 1000 into 1million?

You can turn $1000 to $1m in Two ways:Easy Long Way: invest in ETFs and REITs funds that gives you 10% to %20 annual returns. Year after year your investment is growing in value.But keep in mind you need to forget about it, and the more you invest the more value you will get

Can you bust some common myths or misconceptions surrounding the stock market?

These are 4 Common Indian Stock Market Myths you should definitely know about.Myth #1 -There is absolutely no doubt that Warren Buffet is one of the best investors the world has ever seen but there is a common myth that he buys

Has anyone had success investing using TipRanks?

TipRanks has very intricate datasets. Intrinio actually partnered with them to offer their data via our API. If you go to our marketplace, it's the only place in the world that offers TipRanks datafeeds via an api.Here's a blog that goes

How to get started in property investment

Good question! First, you should pat yourself on the back for wanting to get involved in property investing-it's a great way to earn an extra source of income and generate cashflow, especially at such a young age. You have multiple different options, depending on how much time per month you

How to invest money so that I can be a wealthy person

Hi, I am 21 years old investment freak and investing since i was 19 years old.Here are list of the things that a young investor should do in order to get sufficient wealth at the time he/she is 50.Now lets us assume you make an SIP of Rs 5000/ mnth. Let your

How to learn Forex quickly and start to trade

If you want to do it quickly, so you must be ready to learn 1st steps by yourself.You need to find good material about Forex, it should be basic information, about classic patterns, levels and some information about candlesticks. All classic things are visible and workable on candlestick charts.While you are

How to live my dream lifestyle

Here's the short answer:I was in your shoes not too long ago, hoping to live my dream lifestyle, but didn't know how to do it. After struggling for a while, I realized that I needed a coach to help me get there. Thanks to her, I'm living my

How to turn $100 into $1000

On of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is by launching an affiliate marketing business (or adding affiliate marketing to your existing business).Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online, even if you don't have blog, website, or any products of your own. Following a few simple steps can get you up

How can poor people become successful investing?

Invest in yourself. It will be the single biggest return on your money you will ever get. This doesn't have to be a formal education, start where ever you are and start reading every day. Learn something that helps you every day. You

How corrupt is Wall Street?

Like me, you probably remember the usually urbane Jon Stewart almost LOSING it, in his epic encounter with Jim Cramer on The Daily Show. The reason? The fact that Jim and his type treat high finance as a GAME.But that is how it is. World leaders, politicians, major bureaucrats, corporate movers and shakers,

How did the Wolf of Wall street's strategies work?

Well, I wouldn't call it a strategy so to speak, but a method by which they seperated people from their money and into their pockets via exploitating the price/demand relationship. They basically took large positions into very small companies with a small float of shares

How to invest money in the stock market

Step 1: Learn the basics of finance and accounting. Make sure you know how to read a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Make sure you understand key financial ratios like PE, PB, etc.Desired Outcome: You should be able to identify the financial health of a company by looking at the financial

How to learn about investing? I am studying engineering and don't know anything about economics or operations of stock markets. Can someone suggest books or links to websites, to learn the basics

Here are the basics of investingThe investing arena is loaded with uncertainties and noise. We often invest on impulse, under the influence of the information overload that surrounds us.But what if we had a checklist that can safeguard us from our impulsive ventures? While i wouldn't recommend

How to start investing, and where should I start it? Which field is the best to start investing? How much money do I need to start investing

The best option to invest small amounts is Mutual Funds. Some selected funds have given really good returns.BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDS·Professional management. Qualified professionals assisted by research teams manage your money.·Diversification. Diversification lowers your risk of loss by spreading your money across

How to keep yourself organized

Really organized people are not born organized people. They have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized. Here are the essential ten habits they use to keep their lives in order.I often say - You have same time in the day as Elon Musk - what he achieved what have you?So,Make Schedules and

How risky is forex trading?

At first I had trouble in guessing and understanding the signals in Fx trading. Then I identified a software program called Forex Profiter which helped me to figure out the signals, so that I gained more profit using Fx in a simple way. I'm not marketing this however I am sharing

How should a 20 year old invest $10,000?

First, pay off debt. ANY debt. Your car, etc. At 20 years old, your greatest path to wealth is your income, not your investments. $10K is nothing (and you'll learn this later). You can do more with the $400-$1000 you're spending

How should a 21 year old student start investing?

This answer is not a how to (there are few good, permanent how-to's in investments, if any, because markets change and evolve very business hour of every business day), but it's about the root starting point to making investments and

How should a 25 year old invest his money?

Hey,Investing in mutual funds at the age of 25 is a perfect time to start investing. Since you have another 30-35 years of professional career, this gives you immense time to create long term financial independence and fulfilling financial goals.It is difficult to predict which one

How should a twenty year old get started in investing his first savings?

Lets start out by first congratulating you that in your early 20's you are already entertaining the thought of investing, which is huge & very necessary! Now to your question, how should you invest your first savings. Contrary to popular belief, your first purchase should NOT

How should a young person invest an inheritance?

No differently to how you would invest the money if you had earned it. Depends on your:Age (especially for how many government bonds you want)Where you are located. If you are an ever-moving expat, that is different to if you are a

How should a young person invest money?

Investing is not just about the numbers or calculations but about behaviour too.Let me share with you some some basics about money and investing. I feel these are what truly determine investment success.  #1: Never let your money be idleWhat if I say that

How should an 18-year-old get started in investing?

You've definitely got the right thinking, Olid. Starting at such a young age, we have one huge advantage over most people as you build your wealth: Time.The earlier you start investing, the more time your money has to compound and grow.It's exciting to think that a little bit of your

How should I invest $1000?

There are lots of ways to make and invest money, but a way which I invest/make money and would recommend for anyone who's looking to make money is binary options trading. I make a lot of money trading binary options. For those who do not have an idea what binary options is all about, binary

How should I start investing my money as a 26 year old with no related knowledge?

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.   The second best investment you can make is to reduce costs.Invest in yourselfEducation: You should be investing in your education.  That doesn't necessarily mean college or grad school -- but it does mean massive knowledge accumulation

How should I start saving and investing money?

Yes first you should have a emergency fund.We often feel that why should we save now when we have enough to pay for our needs. Savings are necessary for different needs, and different individuals have different needs. Saving is the first step for securing a part of

How would you invest $100?

What are your options?Are you a cryptos nerd?Do you know the Blockchain Technology?Do you know Cryptocurrency?What do you know about investment?First of all, know that the returns is not sure, even though in STOCKS; or might take a donkey year before you

I am 17 and I want to invest money in stock market where should I start?

I am glad that you started thinking about Investments and Savings at such an early age. Before you actually start investing money, I would recommend you to start investing on learning about Stock Markets. Here are the 7 proven steps to gain success in Stock market. Follow these

If I make $150,000 a year for 15 years, how much money would I have?

Think of it this way. Look at America. Land of the credit card and debit card. Calculate the post tax income. Something like 50% of those will spend from just a bit more than that amount to a whole lot more than that

I'm 28 years old and haven't started saving or investing. Is it too late?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, if your goal is to retire in your 20s like some of the people out there, you are sadly too late :)Joking aside...Why would it ever be too late to start saving or investing? I Googled top inspirational quotes and

I'm a 21-year-old student, and I'm interested in the stock market, but I'm unable to choose which stocks to buy. What are the factors to look for while buying a stock? Which stock is capable of giving solid returns?

Being exposed to the market at this age is a great opportunity in itself.Yes, there will be problems in choosing the stocks initially, but there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind before you invest.Are you going to invest your own money? Yes/No doesn't really matters, you

In Indian stock market which are the best shares for investment?

1)TATA MOTORS ( strong balance sheet, low debt , high scope m brand name , target price 550 rs in one/two year)2)LARSEN ( Big projects , brand name , PE is more than industry PE , high dividend yield ,

Is Ethereum a good investment?

What Is ‘Good'?It all depends what you mean by ‘good'. This will differ for many people and could mean:‘Safest' cryptocurrency investment.Great return potential.A solid cryptocurrency project, that should reward investors over time.Investments are a personal thing. Acceptable risk for one person will be

Is forex trading profitable?

Yes, Forex trading is profitable. Let me expound it for you why so many people are choosing this market:No commissionsNo clearing fees, no exchange fees, no government fees, no brokerage fees. Most retail brokers are compensated for their services through something called

Is greed a motivation?

No doubt about it. One of the characteristics humans have as part of our

Is investing in Bitcoin a good idea?

Bitcoin is making news as its price makes new highs every day. Before you plan to invest in Bitcoin you should explore the below important points:Are you ready to invest in a product which has no sovereign guarantee by a government and which is not backed by any regulatory body?It is not clear whether Bitcoin is a

Is investing in residential real estate a bad idea?

It's never a bad idea to invest in Real Estate but it is crucial to do your research about the location and the current market scenario before any investment decision. Also, commercial real estate gives higher Returns on Investment (ROI). After purchase of the property, you have control over the type

Is investing in the stock market worth it?

Yes, Stock Market Is A Great Investment.Most of the people at some time have thought to start investing in stock market. However, they are afraid to take next steps as they have always heard how a closed kin or Uncle has lost almost all his money in stock

Is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies?

I believe that investing in emerging markets is one of the quickest ways to accumulate wealth. If you only risk capital that you can afford to lose then the risk to reward ratio is highly in your favour.Here are the 5 most common objections you

Is operating a laundromat still a profitable investment?

I looked into this a while ago and they are tough investments. I think for these to be profitable you need to:-Buy low (look for a property owner that isn't selling at top value).-Check conditions of the machines. Having to replace or repair machines

Is this a good time to invest into gold (GLD)?

Yes and yes. 1000 years ago, 1 ounce of gold bought you a well made suit. Today, 1 ounce of gold will buy you a well made suit. No currency in the world at the time would be worth that today unless it was made up of gold

Should I invest in Bitcoin?

When I first noticed Bitcoin, it was hovering around $11 in 2012. I tried to start mining, but quickly realized my Macbook Pro's processing power wasn't sufficient to justify the time and energy it would take to get up and running.

Should I invest my money?

Sure, good investment is best friend for our rainy days, so everyone need to invest for their retirement, below is the some of the evergreen investment options which provide you assured returns.Mutual FundInvesting in mutual fund gives you the added advantage of investing in diverse industries to minimize market

What are best cheap stocks for investment?

I shall advise not investing directly in the stocks.Stocks via Mutual Funds route are the best option.Mutual Funds generate their income from stock markets. These generate matching or better returns.BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDSQualified professionals assisted by research teams manage your money.Diversification.

What are some differences between rich people's mindsets and poor people's mindsets?

You all have one question in your mind that Why is RICH getting Richer and POOR getting Poorer and what is the Big difference between Rich and poor people ?Here are the 3 lessons from Robert Kiyosaki's book RICH Dad Poor Dad.1. Take different

What are some generally unknown things about stock markets?

I am sharing some interesting facts, generally unknown, or generally misconceived by the investors. I call them ‘Stock Market Myths and Misconceptions'The stock market has more than its fair share of myths and misconceptions. People with varied backgrounds enter the market, a few with

What are some get rich quick ideas that actually work?

I once gave a pep talk to my interns. 8 of the 11 came from Ivy League universities. Being old and wealthy, I felt qualified to pontificate. One asked: Are there ways to become rich that definitely work over time? I replied: Yes! There is

What are some good stocks to invest in right now?

These are the five stocks you can consider investing in:1. Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Sector: Automobile | Industry: Cars & Multi Utility Vehicles)Maruti Suzuki is a behemoth in the automobile space in India and currently commands more than fifty percent market share. The company has robust revenue growth coupled with strong cash

What are some good undervalued stocks to buy right now? I have some cash saved that I want to invest and get profits in around two weeks to one month.

In the short term, such as less than a year, but certainly the period of weeks that you mention, stock movements tend to be mostly random. As a matter of fact, whether the stocks are undervalued or not tends to have very little

What are some real estate investing secrets?

There are ten steps to every Real Estate Investment strategy and you have to be aware of these. It basically from the start to the end. For your investment to be successful, you have to follow this.Step #1 – Choosing Your Property TypeWell, there are

What are some secret investment hacks?

Wouldn't you want to know the best investing secret from some of the smartest financial experts in the world? Well you're in luck!Over 20 investing experts were asked to share their best investing

What are the best blogs on activist investing?

Activist investors often fundamentally espouse the same investing principles as traditional value investors. The best sources for information therefore continue to be the traditional business press: the WSJ, the FT and Bloomberg. Independent blogs have a long way to go before catching up, but posts on Seeking Alpha can

What are the best books about property investment?

Everything is moving online and all the things you need are always available online and with little research, you can find things for free.Let me share a little secret. Whenever I need something, I go online search for companies offering those and then see which one has a free trial. I take the free trial period and

What are the best dividend stocks for long-term investments?

Investing in stocks with healthy dividend yields and high dividend payouts is a quite stable format of investing. In a strong equity market, stock can deliver good capital appreciation (Sensex rose at a 11.8% CAGR over the last 5 years) but taking into re-invested dividends, total shareholder returns over the

What are the best investment blogs/websites?

****Can someone pls recommend a pure growth stock site?Macro - Bridgewater. - Vanguard. http://Vanguard.comData -Morningstar. http://www.morningstar.comNews - The Wall Street Journal.

What are the best investment websites for beginners?

When it comes to investing, the most important thing to realize is you are on your own. It's not easy to find grab-and-go solutions that work best for your unique situation.And when it comes to making money, there is a lot of bad advise out there. Tons of appealing get-rich-quick

What are the best marijuana stocks to invest in?

First of all, I believe you are probably looking to invest in order to take advantage of the large recreational pot smokers. I'm not going to lecture you on the risks (pot is illegal, ect). I'm also not going to lecture you on portfolio construction and active management. I'm going to analyze some

What are the best places to invest in penny stocks?

You want stock EVERONE knows about when getting started. So you don't lose your money early and you don't have to wait several years for a profit You could have made with a broker(i.e. Merrill Lynch) Brokers get their fees from buy or sell of your stock. Their advice is

What are the best stocks to invest in 2016?

Leave oil, gold, silver and other commodity stocks alone. They are for savvy traders only. Not for investors. Mutual Funds are too expensive and the only people that make money from this are the managers.There are stocks that will shoot the lights out but in the current climate, they are