What do people get wrong about Irish people?

Probably what most will say: drunkenness is not as common as people think. It as actually relatively uncommon. In fact, the legal drinking age in Ireland is 18, making it one of the oldest legal drinking ages in Europe, as many others are 14 and

Do Irish people celebrate Halloween in Ireland and do they wear costumes to school on Halloween?

Yes we do celebrate Halloween in Ireland and we do wear costumes to school on Halloween (well usually the week before Halloween as we have a week off at the end of October/start of November every year for mid term break).Halloween actually originates from the Celts and the ancient Celtic festival Samhain (pronounced sow-in) means 'end of summer' in

Do Irish people celebrate Halloween in Ireland and do they wear costumes to school on Halloween?

Yes we do celebrate Halloween in Ireland and we do wear costumes to school on Halloween (well usually the week before Halloween as we have a week off at the end of October/start of November every year for mid term break).Halloween actually originates from the Celts and the ancient Celtic festival Samhain (pronounced sow-in) means 'end of summer' in

What screams "I'm Irish"?

People can normally tell an Irish person simply from their accent. We have a distinct way about us too though that I have not found very often elsewhere.I think one of the most remarkable things about us is that we are THE most relaxed people on the planet. Nothing seems to make us mad or excited. We are

Which Irish political party is most similar to the UK Conservative party?

Fine Gael. And this question presents an opportunity to demonstrate how far right the governing UK Conservative have gone in recent years.In the European Parliament, the Irish Fine Gael and UK Conservative Party both belonged to the European People Party (EPP). In fact, Fine Gael still does. But in 2009, the

Why are British and Irish people so pale compared to other Europeans?

We darken* in sunlight, it just doesn't happen very often.The UK and Ireland are actually quite a long way North of a lot of Central and Southern Europe and the majority of the US for that matter. Look at the latitude of Birmingham or even Plymouth in the far south of

Could I celebrate my Irish ancestry(I'm 1/32nd Irish)?

I mean you can, just know that Irish people like myself sit around mocking you. I used to work in the tourist office in Waterville and in our lunch break we'd do impressions of all the Americans (it was always Americans) who came in a told us that their great great great great great

Is there any rivalry between Irish and Northern Irish people? If so, how is it?

Well we get quite a few Irish Quorans who quote the following at Northerners of whatever hue- it's not even a sectarian argument:Ireland is

Why are the Scottish and Irish so friendly? What caused that?

The Irish are friendly because deep down they are a stoical people who just want a quiet life and for everyone to get along.The Scots aren't that friendly.Decent, perhaps; law-abiding, sure. Angered by perceived injustice, definitely. Friendly? No, not very, in my experience. Less unfriendly than the (southern) English, but that's a pretty low bar to clear.

Are Irish people racist?

I'm black and Irish.I was born (LIMERICK city to be exact)and mostly raised in Ireland till I moved to the uk. As so, I feel like I can speak on this but mainly from Irish youths POV.short answer: yes, but its not really their faultlong answer: I feel living in west Ireland (Co. Clare)

What is being Irish? How can you become Irish?

Hello.I have recently received my Irish Citizenship through my Grandfather. Check out my article: Colour Me Irish! A Guide to Irish Citizenship through Foreign Birth Registration.

What do Irish people think of Northern Ireland?

Put a wall around it and let stew in there own poison.As a southern Irishman i cannot stand the place.

What do Germans think of the Irish?

the most germans thinking about ireland see a green nice country with lovely people. many germans also have respect since they were able to solve many of their economical problems within the last years. also the supporters of the irish football team

Why did Britain block efforts to relieve the Irish potato famine?

From the British point of view - Protestant British - the potato famine had the useful effect of clearing a pernicious overgrowth in Ireland, that of the - Catholic - Irish. Why would the British interfere with this altogether excellent working out of Nature, to such

Do Irish people like Canadians?

I grew up on a diet of Canadian imports including

Are Irish people mostly blond?

No. Most native Irish as most Europeans outside of Scandinavia have brown hair of various shades (67%). Nevertheless, pure black hair is extremely rare among Irish folks as it is in most Northern European countries. The difference is that when Irish people

Which nation is more friendly Scottish, English or Irish?

I am English.I would have to say Ireland/the Irish, by a long way. Between the English and Scottish, I'm not sure – probably the Scottish. England is very difficult to generalize about because it has a much larger population than

What do Argentine people think of the Irish?

There's no evident connection among Argentina and Ireland, beyond the popularity of St. Patrick's day since a little more than a decade. And this is not because of the love to the Green Island, but as an opportunity to drink a lot with a good excuse.There's nothing against Irish people, for sure.

Irish Ethnicity and People: Who's worth following here from Ireland?

In addition to the people who already answered your question and the people named in those answers (all of whom are worth following), let me mention Andy Hayes and Sable de Oliveira .Edit: I see nobody mentioned Ultan O'Brien . He is also well worth following. 

Do italians like Irish?

Italians see irish people favorably.They are praised for their civilty and politeness, as all northern europeans here .The two things that they have in common are being 2nd class citizens in the late years in US and being catholic.They are known for

What do Canadians think of the Irish?

I can't think of any Irish people that I've met in Canada. I know one fairly well but he lives in the UK and he's only half Irish, my living half-brother.They seem friendly yet reserved. It's been decades since I drove in rural Ireland but I

What are some Irish traits?

Insecure, massivelyCreativeMay seem a very backward people to visiting tourists but certainly not as bad as we used to beGenerally friendly but a lot of it can be artificialBegrudgingGenerous, consistently ranked high for donating to charitiesCelebrate mediocrityQuite racist but nowhere near as

What is Irish traditional music?

Traditional Irish music has been quite mainstream, so people in Ireland enjoy all sorts of music no matter the genre.Despite of globalizing cultural forces traditional Irish music remains to be vibrant and fresh. Many Irish Musicians or Wedding Bands

What are Irish Travelers?

Groups of related Irish families who, until about the 1960s, were itinerant crafts people (often tin smiths) and musicians who lived in horse-drawn caravans and tents. They had their own language, called Shelta or Cant, and rarely married the settled community. They are increasingly settled now, although frequently discriminated against and rejected.

What is the English -Irish relationship?

I heard an anecdote about an Englishman who went on a cycle tour of Ireland, and he had a great time everywhere he went, except one day he had a meal in a restaurant, and when he came out, someone had vomited

Would Irish people be against an American learning Irish?

Not only will they not be against the idea, they will either give you huge props for daring to learn or will (at worst) be indifferent.Keep in mind that few Irishmen speak Irish fluently. But you'll find many more who recall phrases, greetings and such from school. So if you ask politely if

Why do Irish Americans have many children?

They don't. Not since the 1970s already.They used to. But not anymore.NYT: For the Large, Boisterous Irish Family, a Slide Into HistoryThe smaller Irish-American family has been attributed to many factors, but the one most often cited

Why do Irish people look so different from English people?

The very earliest inhabitants of the British Isles including Ireland, Wales and Scotland) were probably the Cro-Magnons, a branch of the white race that populated the Iberian peninsula and parts of France. These people were probably dark haired, dark eyed, and dusky white,

Why do French people speak in French and the Irish don't speak in Irish at all?

Ireland was occupied for centuries by England and was part of the kingdom. It appears that they addopted the language of their former oppresor. Old Welsh, Scottish and Breton in France suffered the same fate. They were all celtic languages. English was used by the elites, in the administration and for education. The majority of people just

What do French people think of the Irish?

Depends on who you ask. Given the stereotypical and somewhat outdated sense of rivalry between the French and the English, the French probably on some (not serious) level would feel a kindred spirit with an Irish person who makes jokes about the English. If watching rugby or football in a pub when there's a

Are Irish people friendly towards tourist?

I've traveled to Ireland, and Northern Ireland a couple times. Sit down in a pub in Ireland and try not to start a conversation with a local. I've never been able to even with my whole family sitting next to me. Very friendly people. Seem to enjoy talking about America and the relatives they have there. What family you

Do the Irish-speaking Irish people see the non-Irish speaking Irish as English people, the same way the North Welsh call the South Welsh English?

We have many insults for people in Ireland- relating to where they live or come from- rather than whether or not they speak Irish.E.g. most of Ireland refer to Dublin people in a derogatory manner- calling them 'Jackeens' (referring to their waving of

How would the British respond if Northern Ireland return back to the Irish Republic?

Leaving aside the semantic problem that Northern Ireland was never part of the Republic (whatever the latter's constitution may claim) - and assuming it was done with the will of the people on both sides of the border - I'd imagine somewhere between a fond farewell and good riddance, shading towards the latter.Whetever goodwill Great Britain

What do Northern Irish think of Indians?

A2A: Firstly I'm not from Northern Ireland, but rather the north of the Republic of Ireland, but the border's only about 10 miles / 15 km from where I grew up. Having that said my personal experience with Indians is from Dublin, and England.I've worked with some

Do the Irish feel British?

Irish from the Irish Republic? definitely not.Irish from Northern Ireland? if they're nationalist/republican, definitely not. If they're unionist/loyalist, then you're into some interesting issues. Some definitely do feel British, but I'm not convinced they are in the majority.Those who do feel British tend, IME, to be more fixated on the monarchy as a symbol of Protestantism and

How many people speak Irish?

All the Irish people!

What is some Irish folklore?

In the 1930's there was a project, school children all over Ireland went to their Grannies and Granddad's and Aunties and Uncles and asked them about the old stories. They wrote them down neatly in exercise books and it was all collected. Those stories are now being digitised and are gradually being made available online. It

Do the so-called 'Scots-Irish' have any Irish blood?

A short history lessonIn the 5th century CE, the Gaels from what is now called the island of Ireland, invaded the West coast of what is now called Scotland. They founded the kingdom of Dal Riada or Argyll as it became. Up until circa the 10th century , the Island of Ireland was called

Are the Northern Irish considered British or Irish? What are the cultural differences between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?

Everyone Northern Irish is automatically a British citizen, because Northern Ireland is part of the UK.However, all Northern Irish citizens also have the right to citizenship of the Republic of Ireland.In between is a grey area. Officially everyone in Northern Ireland

Are there many people in Barbados who are of mixed Irish and black ancestry?

The island of Montserrat has (or had, until the volcano started erupting back in the late 1990's) a  population of Creole folks, many of whom descended from Irish slaves or indentured servants.  You might want to look up Dr. Mick Moloney, who lives in the Philadelphia area, who's done a lot

Do people from Ireland consider Irish Americans to be Irish?

It really depends on how closely related they are to Ireland.I have a friend who is half Swiss / half Irish. His mother is from Ireland and his father is from Switzerland. He himself was born and raised in Switzerland. He has dual Swiss and Irish citizenship. He has lived a total of close to

Do Irish people consider Irish Protestants to be Irish?

Despite the sectarian front-loading, this is an easy one. Irish people regard anybody born on the island of Ireland to be Irish, full stop and no further qualification required. Religion has nothing to do with it.Whether or not that person wishes to engage with that cultural identity or adopt another, well of course that's their absolute right.

How many people died in the Great Famine (aka Irish Potato Famine)?

Around a million deaths is the generally accepted figure. A similar number of people emigrated.Before the famine the population of Ireland was in the region of eight and a half million*, so the Irish population fell by approximately 20%.The Irish population continued to fall until the 1920s, bottoming out at

Are Irish people violent?

Are people violent? Yes in varying degrees. We all have both the capability of committing violence and probably the will to do so too. Ireland is these days a first world country with the lifestyle and education that goes along with it. The

How did the Irish Republic handle the land question after the 1922 divide?

Very badly from both the perspective of how to deal with partition and how to deal with the fact that many unionists had what a lot of republicans thought was too much land. In the case of the former the