How similar or different are Italian and Spanish cuisine?

They're somehow similar. Italian cuisine is much more -much more- than pasta and pizza, but they use very similar ingredients to those found in the Spanish cuisine.There are some nuances, however; beans are more present in the Spanish cuisine, where you can find also cold water fish dishes, not just warm water fish ones only. You can

Why is the divorce rate so low in Italy?

Based on many Italians I knew when I lived there, I think it has to do with a belief that marriage helps hold a family together - but this is coupled with many married people's willingness to tolerate extra-marital affairs. In general Italians are much more tolerant of this than Americans, and don't necessarily

Italy: What do Americans think about Italians?

Americans hold opinions based on no experience or fact, just on hearsay and Hollywood depictions.Most Italian Americans are descended from immigrants from southern Italy around the turn of the 19th/20th Century.Many immigrants were illiterate and spoke only regional Latino-Romance languages (Barese, Campanan, Sicilian etc.). The first generation

What are the best-kept secrets about Italy?

Italian's call cafes 'bars'. It's where everyone eats breakfast, a cornetto (croissant) and an espresso or cappuccino. Never make the mistake of order a cappuccino after breakfast, it's purely a morning drink. All of this costs anywhere between 2-4 euros, which is why a free breakfast hotel booking is not really

What do people get wrong about Italians?

I want to answer this question because in the past years I had a chance to work in many different countries around Europe (France, UK, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland).When you actually visit other countries for WORKING and not on holidays, the picture you get is very different from stereotypes

What kind of sauce should I use for a Italian Gnocchi dish?

Gnocchi can stand up to a lot of sauces, it is very hearty stuff. I like pesto with a touch of cream and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan. I would also enjoy a smooth, as in no chunks of tomato, marinara with a touch of cream and Parmesan. A hearty brodo with pancetta, peas and mushrooms would also be

Do Italian women like Asian men?

Try not to generalize with questions like this. A more accurate and meaningful question would be

How Italians treat Indian?

I do not think Indians stand out as a race in Italy. Do not be surprised if you are mistaken for a Bangladeshi though, as people from our neighbouring country can be found working in shops in large numbers in Rome, Florence and Milan

Why was Dante Alighieri exiled from Florence?

Because it was an enemy for the podestà (more or less it means the Florence's mayor). At that time there were two factions of guelph (if u don't know who were the guelph please tell me): black and white ones.Dante's family was part of whites so when the black