Are Japanese wives more tolerant of their husbands having affairs outside?

I was a Japanese wife, though I am not Japanese. I experienced infidelity in my marriage which is what led to our divorce. My husband was trained by his father, who cheated on his wife on- goingly, and his friends, who encouraged him to see prostitutes in college. I

Are LGBT people accepted in Japan?

In any country in the modern world, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people have hurtles to jump. Being out and open about your sexuality can be met with anything from acceptance and love, to hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution. Every country has different dynamics and social views. In some, we can "put a ring

Do a lot of Japanese people have bad teeth?

Yes they do. I've lived in Japan over 2years and visited more than 10times before moving there.The reasons?-- pardon my spellchecker I'm traveling on a bullet train as I write this :)Their government doesn't believe in fluoride. No fluoridation of any water whatsoever, results in a

How common is bullying in Japan among mama-tomos?

Yikes. This is a good question, and as a new mom, it's also one that frightens me deeply. My son is only 8 months old, and when I'm out doing activities with him and other moms, most of the people I meet are being friendly to each other. But

How common is bullying in Japan?

Much less common than the foreign press would have you believe. A few months ago, I look for serious research that attempted to compare bullying in Japan with other countries. There is very little.My two

How does Japan react to gay people?

This is a simple question with a very complex (and therefore long) answer.The perspectives held by straight people and gay people on straight people's "reactions" to gay people will be significantly different. Many straight people (not just in Japan)

How does tipping work in Japan? Do I tip for meals? For taxi rides?

I remember when I was in Japan, I left the change equivalent to a little less than a dollar at a kiosk because I was in a hurry. As I started running to hopefully catch the next train, the cashier lady began shouting,

How much does it cost to visit Japan?

The cost of our Japan trip (2 adults & 2 kids) was pretty much in line with what BudgetYourTrip website said at that time. For kids, the per-person cost was around 40–50% less; I would say, if the kid is younger than 11 years, one can assume that

Is bullying in Japanese schools common?

Thank you for the A2A. Yes, bullying is common in Japan - just as common as 25 years ago, and just as common as most countries with comparable population and class size/number of students per teacher. It's most common between 4th grade and junior high school (9th grade).While it's always difficult to assess the exact number of incidents

Is Japan a bad country?

Thank you Revin for the A2A. Your curiosity helps power Quora.Background: Japan is one of 195 countries in the world today. I've lived here for enough years to understand that it is indeed a Country! (Humor)Japan has lots of natural disasters: typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, active volcanoes, mud slides, floods...(terrible)Japan has lots of

Is there any law against bullying in Japan?

When people say Japan is very safe -they generally refer to personal safety in streets.In this regards,Japan is very safe,however,it is can be quite unsafe in terms of societal structure and way human relations exists here.Society is strictly hiearchial with constant pressure of expectations and hence the bullying,discrimination,suicides and other issues.I have a friend

Is tipping bad in japan?

No, and many gladly accept tips if managers aren't looking like in the case of taxi drivers. "Keep the change" isn't an uncommon thing for Japanese taxi drivers to hear but they don't expect it either.I've seen taxi drivers accept tips from Japanese including my mother. They might

Is Tokyo a happy place?

There is no easy or simple way to answer this question.In a general sense, it is a wonderful place to live. The country is safe, convenient, and there are a lot of ways to occupy your time.Access to anywhere is easy because of the sophisticated train lines, and safety is often taken for granted simply because

Should I tip in Japan?

So you're all set to either visit or live in Japan as an expat. You've brushed up on your casual Japanese to make sure you're the most polite guest you can be, you've read up on customs, you're familiar with

What are some beauty tips and tricks used by Geishas?

Oil CleansingOil cleansing is a recent skincare trend, where you are advised to cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser first before using your regular face wash. This makes sense, because makeup (even waterproof) ones are not fully water soluble, so, using both oil and soap-based cleanser is the way to make sure all your makeup is taken

What are some causes behind bullying in Japan?

Collective SocietyJapanese always try to belong to a group. This might apply to many East Asians but Japanese do not value being independent as much as people from the U.S do. ExclusionismJapan has a tendency to exclude heterogeneity. They tend

What are some of Japan's best kept secrets?

Japan is a very rewarding place to travel and offers a unique experience, particularly for those who are willing to put in a little extra effort. As with much in life, what you put in, is what you get out. First up - The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge

What are some of Tokyo's very well-kept secrets?

One fact of Tokyo that surprised me (and continues to surprise me) is the fact that many streets and roads in Tokyo used to be rivers or streams. Many of these rivers and streams were paved-over in the decades after WW2, though some were covered even earlier.Although the water in these streams

What are the best kept secrets about Japanese women?

That the great strides they took after World War 2 in business, education and representation have almost completely been wiped away by a constant pressure to procreate. That women make up less of a percentage of the Diet than they do of the US Congress. That while women graduate more from college, there

What are the biggest misconceptions about Japan and Japanese culture?

Biggest? Why only the biggest? I have had so many misconceptions to deal with while interacting with foreigners including on Quora. This would be a perfect opportunity for me to express my own native Japanese perspectives on some of the well distributed ideas regarding our country.Table of contentsJapanese trains

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Japan?

There might have been a various instance when you have heard about the way Japanese do things differently.In fact, Japanese trains are late all the time...The government finally started tracking these numbers and found that trains in Tokyo on the Chuo-Sobu Line were late an average of 19.1 days a month

What are the main cultural differences between Japan and the USA?

I have been associated with a couple of Japanese companies over the years, and have traveled to Japan as their guest. I have also worked with several Japanese workers and managers in various circumstances and count several as friends. My perspective and experience is based mostly on business so I'll focus on that aspect of cultural differences.In

What do you like most about Japan?

I would have to say the people. I'm not talking about appearance, the general culture and personality of people. I have been to many countries and nowhere except the Philippines have I felt like a guest. The people are great at

What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?

What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?You don't tip in Japan. Tips are included in the waiter, bellhop, barber's wages or salary and included in the price of the goods or service. It's why everything is so expensive in Japan. So in essence you already do pay

What is the perception of bullying (ijime) in Japan?

In official terms within the school system, it is widely condemned and there have been at least a few anti-bullying programs adopted for use in schools in an effort to reduce the incidence of bullying.However, I saw relatively little discussion of workplace bullying

What is your best advice for someone moving to Tokyo?

Initial moving costs are high due to the need to go through a rental agency and fees that don't exist in places like the US (ie: "thank you" money for the landlord). There is another fee that often needs to be paid every two years - equivalent of a month's rent - to the landlord

What kind of bullying have you experienced in Japan?

It was a long ago when I got bullied. I was in elementary school. Many classmates didn't like me because my behavior was different from others. It took some time for me to notice that I was being bullied. I was feeling strange that some of my belongings disappeared and one day

What other traditions, like tipping in restaurants, are uniqely offensive in Japan?

I am trying to give you a list below, which is incomplete, although it depends on the person how much/if s/he feels it is offensive. It may range from offensive to impolite. And a lot of Japanese understand foreigners may just not have the knowledge, so they tend to cut slack

What should a foreign traveler know before traveling to Japan?

Be ready to remove your shoes frequently. Many situations will require you to do so. Best to pack slip on shoes to wear during your visit. A phrase pronounced as 'die joe boo', means 'It's okay or okay'. Super helpful utility phrase which I never saw in any phrase book

What sort of behavior could be considered rude or offensive in Japan?

Everyone so far has mentioned some of the most important tips but I'll throw out a few more. Note -- this is a mixture of do's and don'ts.Bring back omiyage (usually edible snacks with some sort of link to a region -- whether

What was Tokyo like in the '80s?

I echo those who wrote with nostalgia for those heady days. Japan was the

What were the biggest cultural differences you noticed between Japan and Australia?

I studied abroad in Japan for 5 months last year, but live permanently in Australia, so I feel I have some experience to answer this question.For me, the main difference I felt was the hierarchical nature of Japanese society as opposed to the

What's the best travel route in Japan?

We've helped over 600 travelers a year plan their first trips to Japan.Based on this, our most popular route at its core includes:Tokyo (4–5 nights) - (3 hr train ride) - Kyoto (4 nights) - (2 hr train ride) -

Why do Japanese schools have so much bullying?

Often the bullying comes from, wait for it, trying to get others to conform. It could be your parents (especially your mother) doesn't fit the other students' ideal , or you are not interested in the right 'interests/activities'.  Of course, bullying can occur in any country where one is perceived as different, but in Japan this is quite common

Why do we hear very little about taxis in Tokyo?

Why we don't hear much from cabs in Tokyo?  - They fit flawlessly into the transportation system, but unlike in other cities cabs are not as vital for transporting people (at least until midnight, see below). - The cabs are squeaky clean and in perfect condition and the doors open automatically

Why does Japan have no tipping culture?

Japan has no tipping culture because it is extremely service orientated. Most places will reject tips, as it is considered crude and offensive to both sides.Tipping adds unpredictability to the situation and puts undue stress on both customer and staff, two things that Japan abhors. So they fix their prices and pay their staff

Why does Japan have very different gym/fitness culture than other countries like US or Australia?

Buisness Hotels and Apart-Hotels in Japan don't have gyms, so maybe the hotels you stayed in were either of those?I find it strange that you couldn't find a gym nearby, then again I don't know about Osaka but Shinjuku has either office buildings and Shopping centers and it is very

Why doesn't Japan pay off its debt?

No country necessarily ever has to. It can reduce its debt burdens however, getting to zero debt or prioritising debt servicing is an opportunity cost and can lead to discontentment amongst the electorate.Without looking at the latest figures, the current debt to GDP ratio of Japan stands at

Why is bullying/ijime so pervasive in Japan?

This is a good question, and I think, from my limited observations, that it has something to do with the rigid hierachical system of Japan which has its roots in Bushido.  I recently saw a war film (WWII) with a Japanese group and I was half expecting to see a Japanese

Why is bullying in Japan and Korea so mean and terrible?

A friend of mine born and raised in Japan - but a

Why is everything considered rude in Japan?

Actually there are only about a half dozen things considered rude.Sneezing directly on someone.Eating food on a subway (but not on an intercity train, the bentos and beers come out before the train even leaves the platform).Loud talk, cursing swearing, sonic abuse you could call it.Disrespect for private space

Why is it considered offensive to tip somebody in Japan?

I have Japanese students who go overseas, and I've talked to them about this. One student related her experience to me:She went into a cafe in town in the UK, and had a cup of tea and a scone. I think it came to just

Why is Japan's health and fitness level so high?

Because of their discipline and eating habits in school they don´t only teach them history math etc... they teach kids about how important is to maintain clean the school/house what kind of good things gives you excercise. there is a morning exercise routine that almost

Why is office bullying so common in Japan?

I used to ask my then boyfriend who is Japanese this question:

Why is overtime work so common in Japan?

I used to have intimate knowledge of these habits, when I worked on projects in Japan - so allow for a margin of error in what follows because I haven't updated what I saw: In the latter part of the 20th century, as part of Japan's ascent to what at one time was imagined to be world

Why is the divorce rate in Japan so high as compared to India?

I agree with User's answer. Getting a divorce in India is tremendously taxing. It can be expensive, the legal system is pretty corrupt and takes advantage of the couple and not to forget, it is frowned upon. For example, if it is a divorce

Why is the Japanese passport the most powerful in the world?

First of all, Japanese people do not want to live anywhere else in general as the country, and the general public is relatively well off. Second of all, Japanese people are so accustomed to their own culture that living overseas would be rather uncomfortable. This would apply

After my trip from Japan I loved eating with chopsticks. Would it be weird if I ate everything with chopsticks back at home in the US?

I've got this new theory which probably isn't right, and a few observations about chopsticks :)As a background I lived in China for 4 years, married over there and have lived here in New Zealand with my Chinese wife for 6 years now.

Are extra hours very common in Japan?

It depends on the company and the industry, but in general, working unpaid overtime is the rule, not the exception.When I worked at a public school, officially teachers worked from 8 to 5, with a 45 minute break for lunch. (I officially worked from 8:30 to

Are there many Japanese children addicted to manga and anime?

According to my teacher Dr. Nissim Otmazgin (Regionalizing Culture: The Political Economy of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia: Nissim Kadosh Otmazgin: 9780824836948: Books) 1 out of 3 books in Japan are mangas. It might not be what you think necessarily. Manga's themes are too

Can you hate Japan but love anime?

Not likely. Anime, especially those made in Japan, tend to focus a lot on Japanese culture and their ways of life. So you are constantly remedied that it is Japanese just by their actions and customs presented in their cartoons.There are some Japanese anime that don't focus on their culture,

China's contribution to Japan's defeat, did the nationalist or communist party deal the most damage to Imperial Japan?

Quoting at lengthAt the onset of the war, then, the CCP was not in any position to defend anyone from the formidable Japanese military. In fact, it wasn't even in a position to defend itself from the KMT. The initial battles of the second Sino-Japanese War in southern China were the largest

Do foreigners feel excluded in Japan, how is it like for a foreigner living in Japan?

Yes. I've lived and also visited Japan for the past 16 years, I'm also married to a Japanese national. No Japanese person will ever admit to or acknowledge exclusion but it's rife. It's indirect and subtle to a frustrating point which will then be interpreted as

Do most foreign residents in Japan speak Japanese?

To be completely honest, in my experience, foreign residents who aren't white are more likely to speak Japanese fluently or almost fluently than foreign residents from English speaking countries.I'm a white person living in Japan. My Japanese is rough. I've been studying for less than six months. I can order food and other simple things like

Do non-Japanese attend Japanese schools?

It depends on the region and the school.In Tokyo or other metropolitan areas non-Japanese kids aren't that special any longer. Go to many places in Kyushu, and some schools don't even have a single haafu. My kids' elementary school has about 550 kids, and I knew only of another mixed kid whose father

Do people want to work in Japan?

The following link has some statistics on immigration flow into and out of Japan. Although doesn't mention specifically about people working in Japan for migration purposes, it can be assumed that most of these migrations are for work purposes (and their

Does being an 'otaku' imply something negative in Japanese?

Yes it does. They are usually seen as socially withdrawn nerds at best, or mentally disturbed criminals-to-be at worst.Illustrative example: Akihabara (or 'Akiba' in short)This is a district of Tokyo and the mekka of 2D-subculture in Japan. There are a few leftover consumer electronics shops in there, but most

For people who were not born in Japan, what are some reasons that you decided to live in Japan?

Like many others, I came here to work and study for a year. I will have been here for 22 years on Sept. 1! In fact, as of next Sept. I will have lived half of my life in the US and half

Has Japan ever accepted responsibility for its atrocities commited during World War II? Have any reparations been paid to victims?

While they may have apologized after the war, the overall feeling Japan has to the war, specifically that with China is more about covering up the atrocities as opposed to accepting what happened and moved on from it. This action can be explained by several reasons, the ones coming to my mind being the lack of major consequences

Have you been to Japan? What's your most lasting impression of Japan?

I lived in a small town in Japan almost 30 years ago teaching English. It was a life-changing experience and filled with the kindness of strangers, the thousands of years of rich, vibrant cultural history, the journey of awareness of self and making me a better person, of healthy food and lifestyle, of learning, and of respect

How bad is the bullying in South Korea versus Japan?

In the School the same thing. If someone does not like someone - they beat. If someone should be punished more seriously - they boycott. Plus, the Koreans have another mechanism for boycotting - not to sit at a table during dinner where

How can foreigners start business in Japan? I'd like to start a restaurant or cafe in Japan.

If you want to start a restaurant ( Inshokuten = 飲食店, food shop ) in Japan, you need to get restaurant business permit ( Inshokuten eigyou kyoka = 飲食店営業許可 ).And in order to get restaurant business permit ( Inshokuten eigyou kyoka = 飲食店営業許可 ), you need to know about relevant laws.In Japan, if you

How common are bikinis in China, South Korea and Japan?

I suspect some people don't want to answer because they'll get suspected of looking at bikini girls all day, or of photographing them. But I'll bite-Korean women do wear bikinis, but less so than North Americans or Europeans do, and the bikinis are a bit dowdy in comparison. It's a conservative country. As well, Koreans have the odd

How common is bullying in Japan among mama-tomos?

Yikes. This is a good question, and as a new mom, it's also one that frightens me deeply. My son is only 8 months old, and when I'm out doing activities with him and other moms, most of the people I meet are being friendly to each other. But even with moms of such

How common is bullying in Japan?

Much less common than the foreign press would have you believe. A few months ago, I look for serious research that attempted to compare bullying in Japan with other countries. There is very little.My two

How did Japan manage to forge such close relations with the US after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

With all due respect to Mr.Balaji, I have to disagree with most parts of his answer : from the doctor metaphor (which I felt was not in good taste) to the part where he says America nuking Japan is somewhat justified. Those parts are not fully researched. Most of you know the bombings of

How different are China and Japan?

Japan learned and imported a lot of Chinese culture during the Tang dynasty. Both Japan and China were heavily influenced by philosophers such as Confucius 孔子 and Han Fei 韓非. Japan is still influenced by Confucianism like Filial Piety 孝 and Li 礼 which is a kind of a

How different is Japan from other Asian countries?

Cambodia: There are no traffic rules in Cambodia, its every man for himself. Traffic lights are just decorations.The huge amount of poverty. Large percentage of the population living on less than $US1 a day. Little kids as young as 4

How does 'ijime' or bullying in Japan differ from other countries?

Hierarchy is very important in Japan. In every interaction you have you need to know where you stand with that person, whether you are on the same level or not. In such a strictly hierarchal society it's not surprising that those perceived as the weak links of a group may become targets. And here is where

How is Japan as a country?

Japan is the third largest economy by nominal GDP and is one of the most technologically advanced nations on the earth. A permanent ally of USA after WW2, it primarily follows capitalism. It's capital, Tokyo is the largest city in the world and has the largest share of Fortune 500 companies HQ

How is Japan different from other major countries from ASIA?

Japan is a unique and interesting country in the Asia region.There is no country to be compared to Japan especially within other major countries in Asia such as India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.Japanese people might be offended about it when they had to

How is the Japanese school security like?

Rather than school security I think it is more than neighborhood securityJust like Sue Umezaki said in most places the community, especially the retired citizens, would be the ones patrolling for outsiders, as well as look out for fires and robberies. Also there are a lot of

How should I teach my kids to deal with bullies in Japanese school?

What kind of bullying are your kids facing? Is it the normal name calling or violence, or is it the more unique power and group bullying that is known to happen in Japan. Since Japan is once big hive mind, everyone is worried

How welcome is a foreigner in Japan?

As some have said, it depends on where you go.Personally, I have lived in Hiroshima, Japan for the past 6 years. It has mostly been a very enjoyable experience, with only a handful of distasteful incidents (that I could count on one hand). Most were from elderly people giving me the

In Japan and China, how serious is the campus bullying problem?

China has no such problem?  I totally disagree.  I think the problem very much exists, and in some cases, extremely serious. We haven't heard a whole lot about it because the issue is not well recognized (or prioritized) as a social phenomenon yet.   As Baidu mentions, in China, bullying doesn't get reported until it touches upon criminal

Is bullying because a student is of a mixed race prevalent in Japanese schools?

It is going to depend on a number of factors.As others have mentioned, there are private ‘international schools' where you tend to get foreign kids, and some ‘hafu' kids. They have an entirely different environment.

Is bullying common in Japanese high schools? If so, what are the reasons?

Bullying is more typical of middle school than high school. There are two main reasons for this:Japanese middle school covers the age range where bullying is most common in many countries.Japanese high schools are selective and as a result the student body is

Is bullying in Japanese schools common?

Thank you for the A2A. Yes, bullying is common in Japan - just as common as 25 years ago, and just as common as most countries with comparable population and class size/number of students per teacher. It's most common between 4th grade and junior high school (9th grade).While it's always difficult

Is crossdressing a common thing in Japan?

Thirty years living in Japan . . . rural areas, suburbs and urban Tokyo/Yokohama.So . . cross-dressing as in drag queens: not so common, contained in certain areas and events.Cross-dressing among TV celebrities: ubiquitous! Many famous cross-dressers on tv every day and evening. I could name so

Is it allowed to bring your own chopsticks to restaurants in Japan?

If you're eating in a relatively lower-cost restaurant where you're most likely going to be offered nothing but wooden waribashi (disposable chopsticks) to use, there's usually no big problem doing this. In some of the traditional, family-run places where I used to eat regularly, the owners would actually thank me for saving them the small cost

Is it difficult to open a boutique in Japan as a foreigner?

If you're simply asking about the difficulty of opening one or processes involved, I don't think it's difficult because Japan is very structured and organized when it comes to setting up businesses and it has very efficient government agencies, at least

Is it fine okay to quit a high paying job in India and move abroad (Japan) for a consultant role?

It depends.Japan is not India and literally very few people there knows and wants to communicate in English. You may required to learn Japanese.To learn Japanese you have to spent 2 years almost 4–8 hours a day all week days.If you are sure you can do that and your client firm will bear you for that time and

Is it true that in Japan it is very common for men to have affairs?

I worked in 2 different bars in Japan, as well as teaching English there. I saw a lot of people that I knew were married or had committed partners do things in bars which they would not have done in front of their

Is Japan a bad country?

Thank you Revin for the A2A. Your curiosity helps power Quora.Background: Japan is one of 195 countries in the world today. I've lived here for enough years to understand that it is indeed a Country! (Humor)Japan has lots of natural disasters: typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, active volcanoes, mud slides, floods...(terrible)Japan

Is Japan a developed country?

Japan has all the infrastructure, social systems, and health care that one would expect in a developed country.The Japanese Constitution actually gives Japanese women rights that the US Constitution does not include.Japanese labor law protects workers better than

Is Japan a powerful country?

Short answer: Definitely yes.To be honest, it depends on how you define power. They do not have a colossal army right now (esp. when compared to China, Russia or US), since Japan has been prohibited to spend much on her military. Last time that they did so, it caused a lot of trouble for both United States and

Is Japan an isolated country?

Geographically yes, Japan is surrounded by seas and is a island nation. Politically, Japan also remained mostly isolated from the world up to the Meiji Restoration in 1868. From the Meiji restoration up to the present day 21st century, Japan became more involved with foreign trade

Is Japan starting to care about foreigners?

For one, they are not boiling them alive in fish broth along the seashore where villagers would spot their shipwreck and dutifully call in the

Is Japanese food healthy?

The traditional washoku diet of old is considered among the very best on the planet, along the Mediterranean diet.Between Western-style breakfasts on the go, Yoshoku-style fast food and western fast-food, the boom of junk food like ramen and the loss of home cooking skills among the younger people (in Japan like nearly

Is overtime work is normal and accepted in India like it is in Japan?

In the corporate sector overtime is a very common thing, without any extra compensation. However, people in the government sector rarely work overtime.The trend in corporate sector is slightly different from Japan. In Japan, people tend to stay in office until the boss has not left the office.

Is there a reason why nuclear bombs were only used on Japan and not on Germany?

The Germans had already surrendered. Ironically, if you read Joseph Farrell's

Is working overtime still common in Japan?

Unfortunately overtime is a normal thing in Japan.The Japanese logic says that a person working for a longer is more productive than a person working smart and efficient. A good employee is measured by the time spent in office, rather than the amount of work actually

Is working overtime typically compensated in Japan?

Overtime pay is required by law. No argument there. Japanese labor law is at first glance very strict and very generous to those working overtime. The problem here is the way that it's implemented. There are ways to circumnavigate the law, and a lot of companies labelled as

Should I go to Osaka or Tokyo?

This is a popular holy war question, sort of like Coke vs Pepsi, but, in my opinion, Tokyo vs Osaka comparison is meaningles.The reason for that is the scale. Tokyo even without suburbs has population which exceeds that of Osaka more than five times. Tokyo is a compound of several large entities and every single of them is very

What are cultural similarities between Japan and Canada?

I'll speak from a Quebecer perspective because I cannot really speak for Canada for that matter :Just like the Japanese we tend to think of ourselves like an island that nobody can understand. So we often give up explaining how we understand the world to foreigners.Just

What are some causes behind bullying in Japan?

Collective SocietyJapanese always try to belong to a group. This might apply to many East Asians but Japanese do not value being independent as much as people from the U.S do. ExclusionismJapan has a tendency to exclude heterogeneity.

What are some cultural differences between South Korea and Japan?

Korean food tends to be very spicy, where as in Japan the only spicy food we have is wasabi.Also j-pop tends to be very cute while k-pop is extremely sexy. Kpop seems to have taken on a more American sound as

What are some Japan jobs for foreigners?

I'm gonna think that one would already know the basics of Japanese if they were to get a jobIn Japan, finding a job can be not as easy as in other countries, as most of the vacancies require Japanese proficiency. But if you pay attention, actually, there are also some jobs that don't

What are some terrible facts about South Korea and Japan?

As far as Japan goes, take a look at the torture and human experiments they performed in China during WWI. China actually has museums with statues of Japanese doctors cutting Chinese people open while they are still alive, with no anesthetic, and experimenting on them. There are also sealed glass cages where they put Chinese victims