Do most foreign residents in Japan speak Japanese?

To be completely honest, in my experience, foreign residents who aren't white are more likely to speak Japanese fluently or almost fluently than foreign residents from English speaking countries.I'm a white person living in Japan. My Japanese is rough. I've been studying for less than six months. I can order food and other simple things like

Do non-Japanese attend Japanese schools?

It depends on the region and the school.In Tokyo or other metropolitan areas non-Japanese kids aren't that special any longer. Go to many places in Kyushu, and some schools don't even have a single haafu. My kids' elementary school has about 550 kids, and I knew only of another mixed kid whose father

Does being an 'otaku' imply something negative in Japanese?

Yes it does. They are usually seen as socially withdrawn nerds at best, or mentally disturbed criminals-to-be at worst.Illustrative example: Akihabara (or 'Akiba' in short)This is a district of Tokyo and the mekka of 2D-subculture in Japan. There are a few leftover consumer electronics shops in there, but most

Other than Japan, where's Japanese most spoken?

There's no much data about that, at least I've never found it easily. I know Japanese is spoken as a second language by roughly ~1 million people and is also an official language of Palau, although only spoken mostly by elderly people of Japanese ancestry.I'm not completely sure but

What are the differences between Japanese culture and American culture?

Speaking as a writer myself, you'd better plan on either moving to Japan or reading everything you can get your hands on about Japan ON TOP OF befriending some Japanese nationals in your area. Quora ain't going to cut it.Anything else than

I would love to hear from people familiar with linguistics. How are English structures different from German, Japanese, and other major languages? What kind of impact does that have on learning English?

English grammar ,being largely analytic, is one of the easier grammars to learn. It shares this characteristic with Chinese grammar. This doesn't mean that expressing oneself eloquently is easy, but basic grammar is quite simple. Elaborate English is hard due to its's rich vocabulary, but it shares that with Japanese.Japanese grammar

What books would you recommend for learning Japanese?

#Tks very much for the quetion: What books would you recommend for learning Japanese?TOP 13 WAYS TO LEARN JAPANESE FASTER!I have learnt Japanese from Dec 2015. I want to share all my exprience to you as below.#1. Take a Class or Computer CourseIf you don't know any Japanese, a structured class

What is the best way to learn to speak a language? (Korean/Japanese)

I have learned Japanese after graduation and before starting my new job. So, I had full time classes everyday for 2 months before I could speak comfortably in Japanese.

Which language is easiest to learn: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

Chinese: Grammar: Easy  The words are organized in generally the same way English is (subject verb noun) and grammar is arguably easier because there are less conjugations and exceptions to rules. Speaking: Medium-Hard.  Tones are hard for English-speakers to grasp, as are some of the sounds (like the Chinese "r").  However, English arms