Are online working jobs real or fake?

Online freelance jobs are absolutely real, and I have personally made a lot of money working online.However, if someone tells you that you can make a very large amount of money in a very short time, then thats most likely a scam.Yes you

Are there any work from home jobs in India? Are they genuine? How much do they pay? What is the selection criteria?

Blogger / Content WriterAirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd, is a Corporate Partnership of Many Smart Moms To Super Boss who wish to Start their Own Small Scale Start-Up in the field of Aviation, Artist, Book Writing, Blogging, Cabs, Career Guidance, Developmet [ Apps and Blogs] Education, FinTech, Forex, Guideing [ Local / Online ] Tours and Travels, Mystery

Are you "safe" in your job, and could advance for better pay, but if you do, there is a great possibility of being fired, so you stay where you are?

Unless you work for the government, there is always the possibility of losing your job. Companies are bought and sold every day. Companies are run out of business by competitors. Companies are forced to reduce staff because of costly government regulations. You think you are safe

Does fake work experience work in IT jobs?

It is not a good idea to show fake experience for the following reasons:You would spend money to get fake experience. Financial loss.You may get into a company even after showing fake experience as the company would not do a background check because they simply don't care. You will get into a company which does not care about

Has LinkedIn helped you get a job? If so, do you have any tips?

LinkedIn helped me get three major breakthroughs of my career, in terms of designation, compensation and raising career graph. One is the quantum leap of becoming a Senior User Researcher at Flipkart, which is my current job. Another was a big deal:

How can one clear his job interview?

Hi!.This is a common question for everyone now-a-days.First of all ,interview is a place where our skills and knowledge revealed out.This is not meant that whoever answer all the questions is skilled and whoever not answering all the questions perfectly is unskilled person.Everybody

How do art students get successful jobs?

No matter whether you are an art student, or desire to make toilet paper, seek to serve others with your life, and find opportunities to apply your knowledge and skill in ways which make money.I'm a musician who loves jazz and improvisation, but I spent my career in country and gospel music because those are musical genres which serve

How to apply to a Facebook job without having a Facebook account

Others just arent interested in keeping up with friends online. These users would rather catch up over a cup of coffee or on the phone instead of through liking each others perfect social media posts.Jobs IN social media: http://socialmediajob.streamOnce you confirm this code, you are asked

How to find a job on LinkedIn

It's not how you'd think.Last year I got 20 interviews, 5 job offers and accepted one with the top company in my industry.All of this came from LinkedIn.But I didn't go on LinkedIn Jobs tab and apply to jobs. You have to be a lot more strategic and professional than that.You have

How to get a job in Hong Kong

Hong Kong doesn't really have a lot of growth that requires trained manpower. There are requirements for professionals and can not be sourced locally, because most students who go for higher studies abroad do not return. Local students who complete higher studies go abroad too. Moreover

How to make my husband get a job

It is nearly impossible to make anyone do anything - unless you hold a gun to their head or threaten to torture them inside an old Iron Maiden you keep hidden in the basement.I am going to assume your husband is in good physical health, mentally stable, and able to secure employment and hold down a job. I

How tough is it to get a job in Australia?

It is bloody tough. No matter how well qualified you are before you arrived in Australia or no matter how much experience you have had before, it means nothing. When I left India my designation was AVP Operations in one of the divisions and plus, I had a valuable degree

If an Indian boy loses his job after marriage and if he can't get any job after that, then will the Indian woman divorce the husband or will she stay with him throughout his life?

As in my view there are two types of woman 1) who believes in her own strength to drive away all negativities which her husband faces, because of falling out of getting jobs. She would rather help him and encourages him to search out for the new job. She would make him understand the different

What are some jobs for a 15 year old?

If you are smart, adaptable, and hard working - entrepreneurship. Most simple and obvious is landscaping and offering your services for odd jobs. The odd job route has the most tolerance for under age 14. You can get an ambitious venture started before 16 but don't expect major success until at least 16 where

What are some of the best ways to ace a job interview?

After sending out several job applications, you've finally been offered an opportunity to go on a couple of interviews! Whether you've got years of experience under your belt or you're just beginning your career, putting in the preparation before the big day can help you stand out. A great place to start is by

What are some of the most common mistakes people make in job interviews? How can these mistakes be avoided?

I've been on both sides of the hiring equation, and I'm somewhat surprised at all the answers that are along the lines of "do your research about the company." Not once have I done any research about any company I've applied to work

What are some tips for a job interview?

It's ideal before an essential prospective employee meet-up. Abruptly, your heart's beating, your mouth goes dry, and you start to feel queasy. What's more, you begin to question that you will most likely answer even one of the enlisting supervisor's inquiries legitimately.In the event that this sounds recognizable, you experience the ill effects of some

What are some tips for doing a good job at work?

Here are a few tips for doing a good job at work.Come to work prepared with a good night's sleep and a good breakfast before you head out.Don't be afraid to admit that you don't know something. Many costly mistakes are made by people trying to fake it to make it.Don't be afraid to ask for advice or

What are the best jobs for travelling around the world?

If you are one of these people who love travel but don't want to risk quitting your job and not having a steady stream of income, there are other ways to see the world. You don't have to leave the workforce or even drain

What are the best paying jobs of the future?

Updated June 2018:The best job for the future have not been created yet!However these are good topics to study in the next 5–10 years :Software design and developmentCyber securityArtificial intelligenceMachine learningData analytics and predictive analyticsBusiness, Commerce, EconomicsRoboticsHealthcare: bio technology, palliative careRenewable energy--/-/--//-/-/---/2017If you are living in a developed country, chances are the best jobs

What are the best ways to find a work-from-home job?

Work from Home .. seems to be easy to achieve.but Work from home means, you must be good with all requirements for particular job or project.Majority people plan a half only when it comes to act on work from home option.wfm , means you must be equipped at

What are the highest paying careers?

I agree with Lalit Patel.Never switch positions based on percieved pay. Do what you enjoy and advance in that area. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that "wealth equals happiness" or that "wealth equates success". It's a bunch of hogwash.I know many people who outsiders would feel

What are the pros and cons of a job as a firefighter vs a job as a police officer and what are some misconceptions about both?

Having run into a house that was on fire only once, I can honestly say it takes special type of people to do that type of thing.Takes those same people to use the Jaws of Life to cut someone out of a wrecked vehicle.To glove up and deal with homeless guy on the street with 4 shopping carts

What is a way to begin well in a job interview?

Groom yourself properly. The first thing anyone notices is the amount of efforts you took to look presentable.Body Language. Your interview starts the moment you enter their premises. Sit straight but comfortably. Don't panic or hesitate. Be confident. Don't cross your arms or legs. Be approachableSmile. The biggest weapon. The ultimate killer.

What is the best online home based job?

this my recommendation to you >>> learn how to make 90$ par day with instagramProven method that's 100% newbie-friendlyNo special skills or experience required.Start making money as soon as todayJust 3 simple steps to create your first campaignclick here get

What jobs will get me ripped?

Reinforcing Ironworker.Most guys have 32 inch waist or less and you WILL get much stronger with an added bonus of increased pain tolerance.Before I started doing the reinforcing side of ironwork I was already pretty strong and overall didn't have much fat to lose. I was a 32 inch waist.After a year I have a 29 inch

What type of job an arts graduate can do?

I don't know much about art in general, but I have always appreciated it. I have listed few job domains -Game DesignerGraphic DesignerMagazine Art DirectorGraphic NovelistSpecial Effect DesignerMovie Set DesignerJewellery DesignerWeb DesignerThere are many other sector where you can easily find jobs. The only thing which you need to care

What's the best advice for people headed to their first job interview?

1- Test your acting skillsMillions of athletes, well-known CEOs and, of course, actors and actresses use to do this before they face a real situation. Before the job interview, you should think in a scenario. You can use a room of your place and ask a relative/friend to pretend

What's your biggest frustration with looking for a job?

This day and age looking for a job is more frustrating than it has ever been for candidates. I believe this is mostly because employers really do not know what they want or should be looking for. I know this sounds crazy, but

Which is better, working in the US or working in Germany?

I have worked in both Germany and the US [as well as Pakistan, Switzerland, UK, and Austria ;-) ], and have known Pakistanis and Indians working as software engineers on consultant contract. In general, Germany is vastly better w.r.t. living conditions and work life balance. Software consultants in the US will

Which is the most underrated job in your country?

Here are 10 underrated career choice options in India 1. Independent Party LeaderWe all are born leaders , we all know the present political situation of India. Assess you strenghts, understand the mishappenings involved, make a strategy and become party leader.2. PhotographerIf you really wanna a photographer and go beyond the facebook pages  .... Watch 3 idiots with

Why can't homeless people get a job?

It's not that cut and dry. Its not that they cannot ‘get' a job, it's how do you keep the job when you have no place to live?This is harder to achieve than one might think.Always keep in mind that a truly homeless person will NOT want you to know they are. Also keep in

Can someone overcome the education gap of 6 years and still get employed in the IT industry?

It depends on the reason of the education gap, how the time was utilised by you, which degree finally you completed.There are two more important aspects associated and they are :-Your Knowledge & Current Market Requirements...Be ready for the challenges during job search but if

Do I need a certificate or degree to get a job?

Do I need a certificate or degree to get a job?In this question, I have observed two things:1. Do I need a certificate or2. Degree to get a jobSee in government jobs, when you are applying for any post:You will generally find two or three boxes. That are:Qualified – GraduationOver Qualified – Post

Do people want to work in Japan?

The following link has some statistics on immigration flow into and out of Japan. Although doesn't mention specifically about people working in Japan for migration purposes, it can be assumed that most of these migrations are for work purposes (and their

Do you have any idea about jobs in orphans or old age homes for homeless women (security problem in this society) looking for a job and shelter? If they want to help others and need shelter and job, what is the best source?

No, not unless you are able to attend to a community college, trade school or four year college WITH a dorm to train or get a degree for such a job. (Which is another topic for another day. Just avoid rip-off for profit schools

How can a 16 year old get a job?

Iam very good in link building and can make links from facebook,google, pinterest and many more sites how do I get a job in link buildingIf it's link building that you want a job in, I recommend you look up SEO businesses or freelance work that requires it.

How to know the job I'm currently in is the right job for me

You are the architect of your life. The vision and grand purpose of your life must be decided and committed on by none other than yourself if you are to maximize your life's meaning. In the right job, you'll find that you're learning, growing and moving closer to the greatest version of yourself.Here are three

If you are fired from a job for no reason, can you sue?

It depends on where you are. Most states in the US are at-will-employment states, which means that, absent a contract or a CBA (which is a contract), or some other narrow legal reason, an employer can fire an employee for no reason at all. An employer can't fire an employee for improper reasons, including

Is a job in Exercise Physiology in high demand?

Yes and No.Clinical Exercise Physiology is having a hard time emerging as a strong niche in the healthcare for many reasons, largely (in my opinion) a failure to organize, lobby and show why they are needed in healthcare. If you are looking to work clinically as a full career, this may not be it and

Is hunting ethically okay, and is hunting for sport okay?

I believe the ethics of hunting for food varies based on the audience/hunter & the method of kill. Hunting for sport is absolutely unethical, no matter the method of kill.Yes, on our planet animals kill other beings to survive or as

Is it fine okay to quit a high paying job in India and move abroad (Japan) for a consultant role?

It depends.Japan is not India and literally very few people there knows and wants to communicate in English. You may required to learn Japanese.To learn Japanese you have to spent 2 years almost 4–8 hours a day all week days.If you are sure you can do that and your client firm will bear you for that time and

What are some jobs for a 15 year old?

Some that come to mind:  Do a twist on babysitting by being a "kid escort":  Some parents would like to have their kids go to the local park, on a neighborhood bike ride, to play in the schoolyard, even to church, but aren't sure their kids are quite old enough to go alone.  Of

What are some jobs that pay well that anyone can do?

I believe that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to. I know that sounds a bit cliche but it's true. I think your question is more of

What are the best online jobs for a 15 year old?

Hello,There are many ways to make money online. I make a decent amount of money through usertesting. All you do is verbally give your opinion about new or existing sites which take about 10–20 mins and you get paid $10 per test.There are many legit survey sites, but the trick is finding the

What are the best part-time coding bootcamp programs that I can complete with a full time job?

As of April 2019, here is my list of top 3 best part-time online coding bootcamps.Before I jump in, selecting an online coding bootcamp is very different than picking an in person coding program. In recent years, there are lots of

What are the best places to find a job at 14 years old?

Upwork, the world's largest online workplace - Freelancer - Hire & Find JobsThose are freelancing sites, If you can manage to get good at something like graphic design or IT, you'll start working immediately.If you're not experienced with any of these but eager to learn, here are some sites that

What is a job which isn't appreciated as much as it should be?

Teachers and Nurses. While nurses are somewhat more compensated, the patient to nurse ratio doesn't do their pay justice at all. And while there are some shitty nurses along with shitty healthcare - I'd like to give the majority the benefit of the doubt because they do show up to their jobs and do jobs that - lets just

What kind of high paying job can you get with no degree or experience?

High paying job without a degree:Actors & Actresses / example: Johnny Depp, James Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Robert Downey Jr.BartenderBlackjack DealerCEO / February 26, 2018 (Harvard Business Review) - 89% of CEOs without college degrees

Where do art students find work?

(I can refer only to visual arts)everywhere that arts is need!artists must also use creativity to make their place in the world and "sell their fish" just as they need creativity to develop their artwork and for the industry there is

Which is the best job consultancy in Pune for IT jobs?

Best Job Consultancy in Pune for IT Jobs :There are many Job Consultancies in Pune but in case of IT freshers the best support you will get it from VibrantMinds.If you are Fresher then I would suggest to contact to VibrantMinds: visit Fresher Job Openings, Off/On-Campus Job Opportunities, Daily Job

Why can't homeless people get a job?

I have disabilities which warp my sense of time and energy. I cannot work. (I am in stable housing right now, but have been homeless in the past.)Here are other things which make it impossible to work when you are homeless:lack of job historybeing below legal working agelack of job history in

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad on job search?

You are still looking for a job, still asking for advice, still searching without results. Zero results equals bad on a job search.This could indicate you lack computer skills at electronic resumes, cover letters and references. Ask your librarian for assistance on job searching. You

Why is it so hard for someone who has worked in consulting to adjust to corporate job?

I guess, it all comes to freedom which someone experiences during self-employment versus the rules of the corporate world.Once you are out of the

Are there any "real" work at home jobs that aren't customer service?

Selling CBD oil on behalf of CTFO.There are ABSOLUTELY...- NO sign-up fees!- NO join fees!- NO website fees!You won't even be asked for any payment information.We even give you your own website AND maintain/update it too!All that and it offers a

As an applicant, what is the most frustrating part of looking for a new job?

Fred, the lack of feedback is certainly something candidates talk to me about often in Silicon Valley.  All too often, candidate's share, "I interviewed at XYZ company, thought it went well, but I haven't heard from them."The truth is though, more often than not, the company is not interested in moving forward and only

Can I apply job in Singapore from India?

Singapore is a good country for areas like IT, finance and software engineering.What are your chances of getting a job?Singapore has a lot to offer foreign graduates, being a highly developed country with one of the most successful economies in the world. Its cosmopolitan workforce is efficient and productive, and in growth areas such as

Can I work 3 part time jobs?

Convert Rs. 150 into Rs. 1,08,55,400 /- in Six Month + Earn Rs.1200 crore with same plan. Work for 4-6 Months and earn long term income.You can earn Rs.150 from each direct member. You can refer unlimited direct members.Simple Mathematical Calculation. One time investment of Rs. 150/- only.

Do dream jobs exist? Can people secure their dream job if they put in their best effort to pursue them?

Dream jobs definitely exist - I've had them a few times. Problem is that your dreams change over time - a dream job for me 20 years ago would be totally different to my dream job today To get a dream job requires

Has anyone ever got a job through LinkedIn?

I went from being an unemployed college grad in 2015 to working for one of the coolest (and exclusive) companies in Silicon Valley, while quadrupling my income in 2 years... and it was all because of LinkedIn.First, let me say that I understand that first sentence sounds a like stretch, but it's 100% true.In 2015, I had just graduated

Have you ever unexpectedly quit your job?

I worked in a restaurant that was part of a retail outlet when I was around 20 and got along really well with my manager. Within only a few months, she was promoting me to supervisor. While this was happening, the head manager of the whole retail outlet had left and his

How can a job seeker from India earn in dollars by working from home?

Thanks for asking me to answer. We (I am in India) can work (from home) at freelancing sites like (formerly GetAFreelancer, Rent-A-Coder, VWorker, Scriptlancer), (formerly oDesk, Elance). There are several portals, but these are the two

How to find a job as a freelancer

Ok, let's not kid ourselves here. Freelancing is not that ‘you sit at home and work comes to you' bullshit. Reality of freelancing is - you have to fight for it, and fight hard.The best advice I've received when it comes to freelancing is not to focus only on one platform. The

How to find a job that I think I could enjoy doing

People tend to assume that enjoying their work is an attribute of their job, e.g. that they have a definite preference for being a professor or a quantitative analyst.In practice, most of the research suggests that what matters is not so much

How to increase my income while in a full-time job

Here are some online jobs that you can try:Virtual AssistantContent WriterSocial Media SpecialistWeb DeveloperOnline TutorOnline surveysVideo EditorBusiness AdminGraphic ArtistBloggingData Entry JobsFreelancingThere are many online sites as well by which you can find these jobs. But before going online, you should be equipped with the necessary tools and skills. Tools would

How to motivate my wife to get a job

In order to motivate your wife to get a job you should sit with her and try to ask her what she thinks about joining a job.You can also inquire if there is any problem in joining a job. If she needs any help, you can assure her to be by her side in lessening the burden of

How to quit my day job to work online part time

Hi,Leave a full-time job because of taking part-time job. OK...Nobody can stand out online without having a professional skill.First, learn that called trained on how to do the online job. Learning from reading a few articles and watching a few videos that educate you a few ideas. This is not called trained.Next, you will think

How did you get your job in sales?

My 1st job out of college was working for a ComputerLand in the service department. It was your basic break/fix, installation, technical support position all rolled into one. Within a year my service manager was asked to take a sales role and I was promoted to his vacated position. A year later there was a

How to get a job? I graduated with mechanical engineering in 2012 and have been jobless for two 2 years. My percentage and skills are good, but I am not getting calls. I am not interested in government jobs. What should I do

36 STEPS TO FINDING YOUR DREAM JOBFinding a your new Dream Job or Career is never easy but it can help if you know where to start. Below you will find my Top 36 Steps to finding your dream job. Which

How to know if I'm doing a good job at work

Three weeks is not a long time. The typical probationary period is 6 months and you have a good solid learning curve in what you are doing.If you are truly concerned, ask your manager if you could speak with him/her briefly. Be straightforward and ask if there are things you should be doing better, doing

How to start an online job

Hi Gaya Thri,Here is my website to help you to find an online job and how to start an online job.In my website, I have explained about the online job and what are the online jobs are available and how to start it.Visit my site and gather the information

How to determine if you have job burnout or you just need a vacation

Job burnout comes with symptoms of illness, often stomach problems, headaches, anxiety, chronic fatigue. If you are suffering from one or a combination of these, I would say you need to first take a long vacation, re-assess your life goals, do a life/career audit where you write down the honest truths about each aspect of your life. Decide if

How to search a job while working longer hours

Searching for a new job while working is a very common situation. Do you have any sick days you can take in order to attend the interviews?Just showing

Is it harder or easier to get a new job when you are getting older?

Except for the first eight years of my career when I was employee, I was a contract programmer/consultant for the next 37 years. Which meant when one contract ended, I had to look for another. I tended to have mostly long-running full-time contracts, sometimes five or six years each,

My only work experience is at a job that closed down and I have no references because the bosses all changed their numbers. Will this effect me getting a job in the future?

It may limit your choices. My job history involves more than a few places that no longer exist and bosses who flew away into retirement and are unreachable. If they ask do provide reasons why they can't speak on your behalf (closed company, retirement, move unknown, death). BUT try putting your work

Should you still give a two week notice and work the two weeks when quitting a job if you think that your current boss doesn't like you and might give you a bad reference to a new, potential employer?

Suppose you're wrong about what you think.That is, had you worked for the two weeks, your boss wouldn't have given you a bad reference. That is, your boss wouldn't have given you a bad reference...until you up and quit with no notice.Why give your boss an additional reason to dislike you?At my last job, I gave 7

What are good paying jobs that don't require a college degree?

DID YOUR PARENTS tell you that, in order to secure a good job, you had to earn the right college degree? While this may be true for many careers, going to college isn't always an option. It's very expensive, time-consuming, and you may not want to wait to reap the benefits of

What are part-time jobs that pay well?

Here are a couple you could try out:Part-time/Freelance Salesman. Try and find a job that allows you to sell an expensive but high demand item at your own time (Usually full commission based) As what you are selling is expensive, after commission, the money you gain could be pretty good. For example, I did a part time/freelance

What are some jobs that have become obsolete and how did that happen?

I was a Ship's Radio Officer in the 1960s. Big HF transmitters, morse code, etc. My Brother In Law started like that, and then

What are the best jobs in Canada?

The best jobs in Canada are the jobs that provide a decent wage and make you happy. Full stop.Oh, were you looking for me to name some? Nope, I won't do it. My nephew is going to school to be a banker and he has been put down

What are the best part time jobs for a student?

Following jobs can be done as a Part Time Priority basis -Librarian :If you're the kind of person who loves (and this will vary by position) helping people find information, suggesting books, talking about books, teaching research techniques, organizing and classifying things, you'll likely really enjoy working as a librarian, and that's worth a lot.

What are the best part-time jobs from home?

You may check out The Work Central - Apps on Google Play for some of the best and genuine sites that offer work from home jobs. These are flexible jobs that allow you to work whenever you want and you can

What are the best websites from which I can make some decent part-time earnings (5-10K per month)?

The below answer is out of my personal experience.Well, i will suggest you to just go to Klippd: Coupons, Cashback, Offers and Promo Code. Stay Klippd, Stay FrugalThe website can definitely help you make money in the passive form.The website will not only help you earn money but also save

What are the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs?

Without entering into any specifics, I believe the jobs you will enjoy most will be those that match 3 general requirements:1. Those that while performing them fill you up, and that is enterily up to what you decide makes your life better.2. Those where the culture and values of the company you are working for, are

What are the most flexible career paths for someone starting over?

Most people have to start over at some point in their life these days.Choose what you like and go for it.My wife was a teacher but not happy. After that, she became a salesperson for a food manufacturer. She became very successful and had her own company with

What are the most important things employers want to know of me when I apply for a job?

The most important thing that an employer wants to know about you is that you won't be a total disaster if they hire you.  The employer wants to reduce *risk*.  If they hire you then the difference between someone that is "merely competent" and someone that is "totally amazing" makes very little

What are your top 3 pain points about job hunting?

Recruiters. There are very few good ones, who communicate like normal human beings, make appointments and keep them, provide information and answer questions intelligently. The rest are clueless, they lie continuously, make promises they have no intention of keeping, make snap judgements they are not qualified to make and

What is a good way to get exercise in a 9-5 type desk job without looking like a weirdo?

Just don't make a big deal of it. And don't exert to where you grunt or make noises. Working on your Ujayii breathing in a close cubicle will not score you anything other than gossip points.Be cool. Counsel no one on

What is the absolute worst piece of job-hunting advice you ever received?

I've been told often that offering to work for free is giving your employer permission to exploit you. This is probably the worst advice I've heard.I've seen dozens of young college graduates miss out on opportunities because they've priced themselves out of the market. They have no skills, experiences, or

What is the job sastisfaction part associated with a police officer's job?

When an incompetent person gets high off telling other competent people what to do..Mr Officer, who told you to uphold the law? LolNo disrespect Mr Officer, but do you know your place on the chess board?Cops busting drug dealers, so that the cops can be

What is the most enjoyable job?

A job in which you have passion, you love to do, which you find enjoyable. If you are working a despise job which pays you well but you are not satisfying with that, then you should leave.I would like to suggest Search job on WorknrbyWorknrby

What is the most frustrating part of looking for a job?

Ugh. Bad recruiters.A good recruiter is a gem and can teach you about your own industry. A really good recruiter will tell you honestly what your market value is and bump up what you're requesting.Bad recruiters, unfortunately, saturate the business. Usually they don't view you nor your career wholistically and just want to plug you in somewhere. Many just

What job are you looking for?

Either a Customer Service or Data Entry job. I realize I don't have a lot of empathy for certain people; especially people who irk me a little bit. I care about many people actually; just some people really, really get on my nerves. But when

What's the best way to quit a job when the process of giving notice makes you uncomfortable?

Deal with the uncomfortable and give notice. In my is about being uncomfortable see benefits later. See savings. Or retirement funds.This will also benefit you despite feeling awkward:Your conscience will feel better about doing the right thing/lack of guilt.You can use this employer as a reference barring you call in sick everyday, intentionally

What's the worst or best job you've had?

I have enjoyed most of my jobs over the years - crime writer/investigative reporter for a major daily newspaper, the first Director of Hermann Hospital's (Houston) Life Flight emergency helicopter ambulance, as the national marketing manager for the air ambulance aircraft leasing company, as a Senior VP for business development of a healthcare system,

What should every software developer look for in a job?

Here's my 2c... <5 years work experienceOptimize for learningJoin a company where you're going to learn from other smart software engineers. Your goal is to become the best engineer you can be and to learn the trade and the craft >5 years work experienceFirst, optimize for your local team. Your hiring manager is unbelievably important as

What's an enjoyable job?

An enjoyable job really depends on your perspective. Any job, by definition has its good and bad sides (this is why you get paid to do it). Fun (such as going to an amusement park) requires you to pay somebody.So, at the end of the day, your attitude

Where can I start working online?

In nowadays more and more companies are hiring fully remote employees, and more and more people are leveraging these opportunities because it presents many advantages, not only for an employer but for the workers too.I'm the CEO of 6nomads, the platform that helps

Who enjoys their job? What do you do? What makes it enjoyable?

I enjoy my job because I get to help people every day and know that what I sell makes a difference in their quality of life... every time I see someone cry because their pain is gone for the first

Why did people quit their job?

Once a employee joining in any orgainsation their expections will be high as compare of their previous organisation. If any of their expections gets failed by work culture, salary, policies etc., will push the employee to leave the job.2. Fake promises3. Unsatisfaction on job4. Company politics5. Work pressure6. Low apprisal7. Team

Why did so many of the most brilliant students I knew in college, end up in terrible jobs that pay little and offer nothing beyond a small paycheck?

I'd consider myself fairly intelligent for a college graduate. Not to brag. Just a statement of fact.I graduated with honors with a degree in mathematics and a minor in physics. For four years I thought I would continue on to earn a PhD in mathematics. After college I started a graduate program in mathematics.Even though I had an