Do attorneys sometimes hate other attorneys? Why?

Good attorneys don't bother to hate anybody in their professional dealings.Hate is a particularly unhelpful emotion when your job is to maximize your client's benefit.Some things that attorneys do are definitely vexing, however.Sometimes lawyers think that being a blowhard or stating their position loudly, insultingly or obnoxiously contributes to the best outcome for

How do lawyers decide their fees?

That's an interesting question. Although, I can't detail out an individual's decision over his/her fee structure, I will try to give you a general perception about this subject.Basically, every good lawyer divide his/her salary slab into two divisions. One being his/her

If you hire a lawyer and that lawyer uses a clerical staff, who are not lawyers, to review documents, are they bound by attorney-client privilege?

California View: There are two protections related to client communications with their lawyer.Attorney-Client privilege as an evidentiary protection which keeps third parties from asking for those communication, despite relevance. Client Confidentiality is not an evidentiary rule but rather an ethical prohibition requiring a lawyer to protect a

What is required to be a good lawyer?

As a criminal defense attorney, I have observed some common traits of the most effective litigators. Some of these are:charisma - they intuitively know how to connect with people, charm them, and convince them of the righteousness of their argumentgreat speakers who know how to be

In their personal day to day life, do lawyers ever see things that are not legal and open for suit? Do lawyers proceed to sue a company or individual because of it?

There are old terms for the practice of looking for a lawsuit and instigating it: champerty: an illegal agreement in which a person with no previous interest in a lawsuit finances it with a view to sharing the disputed property if the

Why do you love being a lawyer?

Purely for financial reasons.  Just kidding.  Look, I became a lawyer primarily because I wanted to help people.  And that's the core part of why I like being a lawyer.  But I'm not going to go on about that here because everyone says it and no one really believes it.  So let me tell