Which book is best for preparation of physics for NEET?

Thanks forA2A.First of all, I would like to say that there is not even a single book about which we can say it is best in all aspects .Before telling you exactly which books to follow ,keep some key points in your brain i .e.Whenever you are taught or you read a new topic ,then try to

Why should I continue to work when the government will allow me to live a better lifestyle by not working?

Well there is just little truth in your question. Now there is rent control in NYC so some may live in quasi luxurious apartments. But as tenets die off, rent increases to the newer tenets. If you're referring to subsidized or sec 8 housing, it's not at all luxurious or spacious and upkeep (maintenance) is always a problem.

In India, if a central govt. employee loses his job as a result of the RTI filed against him, where should he go for filing a case? Can he get his job back?

Any central government, state government or pulic sector employee whose service is terminated by the concerned organisation for any reason can go and file a case directly in the High court under Article 226 of Indian constitution. The case will be filled in that High Court were the Employee was working