How does one manage employees who leave work early?

I'd answer your question with a question - Why does it matter when employees arrive or leave?Caveat to the following answer: Of course if you are in an environment with shifts or specific schedules (hospitals, call centers, manufacturing factories, etc.), then leaving early really isn't an option.There is

What are the biggest frustrations of HR professionals?

Can only talk about my own experience. I spent 5 years in HR and then left for more exciting job in consulting. During those 5 years I've done pretty much everything in HR field - HR admin, recruitment, compensations and benefits, training and development, budgeting, controlling,

What is your most frustrating experience with HR managers?

(must read 2nd point)I work as a footwear designer in surat. It is my 1st answer on qoura ( I am that frustrated with my HR), We face all sort of people while our job.. I have bit bad experience with gujrati people. Mass of whom I met were not so broad minded. I and some of my colleagues