How to become a full time teacher from a substitute teacher in a Public School

I did that. I decided to take the teaching tests in Massachusetts. (MTEL). I had an engineering background so I decided to take the Technology/Engineering test.  My license after passing the test was a "preliminary" license. I got into a program at Fitchburg State University that enable me to make that license into an Initial license.

Do software engineers with a degree get paid more than those who don't have one?

Software engineering is a meritocracy. If you can program in high school, you can actually make more by skipping a bachelors because you would have 4 years experience when college kids are looking for their first job.College has a huge opportunity cost for a software engineer. You are losing $60k * 4

Are there any entry-level QA tester jobs in the USA?

QA Entry Level Tester Jobs, Employment20 Best Entry Level Qa Tester jobs (Hiring Now!) through the above links

What are some careers that will be coming out over the next 20 years that nobody has heard of yet?

3D copyright Clerks, and lawyers.People say we have to any lawyers now, but they haven't seen the pile of law suits that will be filed against selfie driving cars yet..! A great place to reconcile men's rights over robotics instead of the other way around..! But 3D copyright and patent will be

Are data analyst/data science jobs boring?

Yes - this is more of a fundamental value question.  With any job, there are two aspects at play:What are the requirements of the job?How do you perceive your work?While you can slightly modify elements of (1), there is often little you can do that won't result

Which is the best online job support website?

Hi ,I think you are asking about professional services such as On Job Training.You can go to Technical Support online jobs and all kind of online Job Support, online TrainingThank youHope it will be useful to you

If you've done both is it harder being a classroom teacher or a school administrator?

Being a good admin is difficult by far.I have met several teachers - some who have their Masters degree in Ed Leadership - who have outright said that they would want my job, regardless of the pay. My wife is one of them.Anyone with the right connections

What are the demanding jobs in Denmark?

There are so many cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels. That's why jobs in HoReCa segment are so popular. You can find most of them through Workee app.

Which offer to choose, Google or Apple?

Finding the best team is far more important than deciding the best company, especially between Apple and Google, which are both great companies to work for.  Being on a good team in one is better than a bad team in the other.

Are tech companies like Apple and Google practicing age discrimination against older Americans in their hiring practices?

I'm 51, and I work at Google as a staff engineer. There are plenty of older people here. They are just not in the same shit jobs that young people get.Think about it. If you are 50, that means you grew up when the Internet was an embryonic platform, available only to people in

How easy or difficult is it for a large corporation to fire a newly hired data scientist because they can't figure out how to do some of the work?

Based on my experience, the person would get let go immediately if they misrepresented their education or work history. If the employee was just a bad fit, it would take a while to build a case and then institute a performance improvement plan. In most cases though, it's better for

What are some unethical workplace and career life hacks?

A Crazy stranger's story:I was working in a software company where 20–22 people used to work over there as developer, designer, sales etc. And usually 5–7 days in a month i was being on leave because of distance and has to

Is data science a boring science?

HiIt depends on what sort of roles do you enjoy. Please allow me to add more color on what is a data scientist role first.Analytics and data science jobs are very similar to strategy roles, as you are suggesting ways to improve business and make

What are some reasons for a person to stay away from the nursing profession?

Two back surgeries, knee replacement, arthritis in my hands and most of my joints, blood sugars that I was unable to control over a 12 hour shift etc etc. I wasn't fast anymore. At anything. It was time to leave after 35 years.

Which is the best and safe website for online job?

If you like click to pay sites then you can earn money online through Clixsense site. It pays for clicking on ads, taking surveys, completing tasks and offers etc. It is a safe and genuine site and no need worry about the payments.The initial earning may be low but once you

Will product management still be a high demand career in 10-20 years?

Yes, without a moment's hesitation! It's been a pretty good career for me for the last 20 years as well. There is no one else in a company who has responsibility for ensuring the future revenue streams for a company. Sales clearly have targets for the

Does the average accountant get paid more than the average software engineer?

One thing that benefits an average CPA (and not necessarily an average accountant) is the certainty of the tax season while there is no certainty of income for an engineer.   For average CPAs,  tax software answers most questions. The certainty of income from preparing

As a junior software engineer, how do you choose which technology stack to build, or at least start, your career with given there are so many?

As a junior?You don't get to choose.You turn up for work, smile, then get busy with whatever stack the product is written in, using whatever computers and tools the rest of the team are using.Here's a funny thing.When you finally get in a position to choose, you still don't get to pick your favourite. You pick the

Can I get a job at 15?

Generally speaking, it's not a bad idea, but different people have different circumstances, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. At this point of life, your studies come first, and if your grades are dodgy, you need to put the focus there. If your family circumstances are such that

What tips would you give to someone who wants to start doing youtube? Any ideas to give them or how to go about it?

Hi Mario more YouTube videos and try to find out your interest and skills.if you want to make money from beginning than start with product reviews videos. and if you want to share your knowledge about different subject than you can make videos related

Why most of the doctors not happy with their profession?

Well, not most of them though , few of them are unsatisfied. Since it is the most noble and pioneer profession worldwide which everybody does not deserve serving humankind. Compromising desires and fantasies for other's sake is not so easy for everyone. Sometime

Is it better to join a top tier tech company (Microsoft, Google) right after college or having an experience of 3-5 years might be a better idea?

If you get hired straight out of college, then grab the opportunity right away. In case you change your mind, the experience will definitely boost your resume. You'd be in demand with any other company you choose and can easily negotiate

What do you think about a career as a pilot in the next 10 to 20 years?

Go for it!We are all committed to air travel so make the investment and train to be a pilot.Flying is, and will remain a very important means of travel. It will change, as hydrocarbon fuels become scarce, but it will still be the major way to travel.

What is a 'good' company?

What makes a company stand out among the rest? What makes it the place you'd really like to work or do business? • They treat employees like grown-ups. They share information with employees, listen to their ideas (or better yet, actively seek out and act upon their

What can I learn/know in 10 minutes about your profession that is useful for the rest of my life?

Do not trust ad-hoc security mechanisms. People like to think that being able to build a secure system is function of how smart one is, and implicitly assume that they are smart enough. But something secure  is a skill that has to be learned. In cryptography - for an overwhelming portion of the cases,

At what age is it ideal to start working? Is 28 ideal?

When you feel that your family responsibilities are coming on your shoulder, that's the right time to start.That feeling can come at any age.Children of age 4 selling newspaperChildren of 5 protecting tgeir siblings..many more

How can anyone have a sustainable career in rapidly advancing technology?

To be frank, it's the High Tech or IT sector which is spearheading all efforts in process automation and thereby making jobs redundant. There is even a highly specialised field called Business Process Management ( BPM ) which focuses on optimizing processes and automating them.

What is a trusted website for an online data entry job in India?

if you are looking for home based data entry projects then i'll recommend you to go with Business Process Outsourcing Company in Lucknow, India . JOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES is Top business outsourcing company in Lucknow, India. We provide services like BPO, Call Center and Data entry for organizations across different industry verticals.

Which programming language is most useful for finding a job?

I'd made some research and in my answer I gathered some infromations which can be useful while looking for the best programming language on the job market.1. Demand on job market (the data from job listing website

Is software engineering still a better career than data science?

Both Software Engineering as well as Data Science will be there in the market even after a decade or two.I guess what you are talking about here is career perspective based on the technology hype. Gartner's hype cycle is on of the best resources

What will be the greatest non-tech/IT careers over the next 10-20 years?

The trade professions - carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic - because they can't be outsourced and sometime is always in need of repair, maintenance or installation.Healthcare - nurses, doctors, physician's assistant - people age and get sick.  In the US, the first batch of the huge Baby Boomer generation reached retirement age in 2011. 

What is the best engineering major for the future?

Any engineering field is good provided one has the attitude, aptitude and passion to pursue and the College has sound infrastructure including faculty, laboratory and good placement track record.Choose a field that suits you and do full justice while studying. Best wishes.

Why Is The Legal Profession So Conformist?

Honestly, it depends on what part of law you're looking at, and where you're located.  Certainly, the biglaw firms on the east coast are far more conservative and traditional than smaller law firms on the west coast, but there's certainly a spectrum of acceptance of "embracing difference".  Keep in mind that law firms

What jobs will be replaced by software or robots in the next 10 years?

Bank tellers, drivers and taxi drivers, welders, fighter pilots, paperboys, and perhaps, teachers

What do you think about a career as a pilot in the next 10 to 20 years?

Go for it!We are all committed to air travel so make the investment and train to be a pilot.Flying is, and will remain a very important means of travel. It will change, as hydrocarbon fuels become scarce, but it will still be the major way to travel.

What is Microsoft?

Microsoft is the world's leading producer of computer software. Microsoft was incorporated in 1981, but the company's roots go back at least as far as 1975, when the first commercially available personal computer appeared on the cover of Popular Electronics. The Altair 8800, as it was called, was a rudimentary system, but it found a market for home-based

Can professional software testers get paid same as software engineers, or programmers still get paid more?

It depends on the extent of work really. There are SDETs writing some serious business automation and even software to run tests that just doesn't exist out there. They can make just as much, and sometimes more than SDEs at a similar level.On the other

Will Java be in demand in 2036?

It's hard to respond to that. Google will change his language for sure, at least in android but it will not be done tomorrow. The biggest problem with Java is Oracle nothing more. They bought oracle just to gain money from other company. The language evolve very slowly.I think Java will be still popular,

Will technology ruin the radiology profession in the next 20 years?

No, it will not. Anyone who is at the stage of considering applying to residency today can have a long and successful career in Radiology. I even think that your children (my grandchildren) could have good careers in Radiology (but my crystal ball is a little foggy at that distance in time).To be

What will be the best jobs for girls in the next 20 years?

Most of the girls like job which is easy to do and they can get time from there to chit-chat.But still there are so many girls who are so particular about there work and always do it on time and focus

Why do engineers get paid less than most business students when engineers do more important work?

That is because the economy runs through capitalism i.e. profit and not through how much value you created in peoples lives through your ideas.That is the reason investment bankers earn the most but if you look at the impact they make to a generic lay- person its non-existing. Whereas engineers who design structures are responsible for

How many years does it take to become a nurse?

It all depends on what level of education that you attain. If you only get an associates degree, the program is two years long. But you also have to complete prerequisites, so it's about three years in total. Getting your bachelors degree usually requires about

Tesla Motors (company): Has Tesla laid off any employees due to automation?

I don't work at Tesla, so I can't answer the question for sure, but I highly doubt that they laid off any workers due to automation. The simple reason is that they built their factory to be almost fully automated from the beginning. They didn't need to lay anyone off, because they didn't hire them in

Can I get job without a CCNA certificate?

Absolutely. CCNA certification may help you in job application process in networking field. However, what matters is the knowledge you have acquired.Whereas, certification is supposed to be a validation of knowledge, there are many without certification has much superior knowledge & skills in networking

Over the next 30 years, what industries will not be fully taken over by technology and still be reliant on human decision making?

Here is my simple answer: technology itself. When all the other industries rely on technology, the choices and decisions of scientists and programmers will matter the most to push the technology industry forward. Of course, this assumes that we will not build a meta-machine that can infinitely improve itself in the next 30 years, but given

Which sector in India can boom in the next 3 years?

Technology injection i. e. Digital PaymentsThe process to obtain forms, submitting them , registering yourself, booking tickets , online taxi , netbanking are so easy that they will replace traditional ways (though not completely)The government delaying and lack of accountability and