Why do space shuttles land in kazakhistan?

Space shuttles are no more in use.Astronauts from ISS retrun to Earth by Russian made Soyuz crafts..As the landing base for Russian crafts are in Kazakhstan where  they have control and recovery felicities.

Why do space shuttles land in kazakhistan?

The space shuttle never landed anywhere except the USA. The Soyuz capsule actually lands in Kazakhstan. As it was launched from a Russian launch facility. The shuttle while it was flying launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It then at the end of mission landed back àt

What are some good films set and made in Central Asia?

I have never been able to find the film with English subtitles, but I think

What do Kazakh people think about Indians?

Personally, somehow I think Indians as our friends:Some Kazakh and Indian names are similar: Amir, Adil, and many others (if not same, but sound similarly);Some words are common: when I was in Singapore, in the Indian restaurant, I was surprised when I read the word

What is the best country in central Asia countries (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan) to visit?

Kazakhstan. Tajikistan is the poorest of the former Soviet republics, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan both have extremely authoritarian governments, and Kyrgyzstan just isn't quite as developed as Kazakhstan.Kazakhstan has two large cities, which have a nightlife, there are plenty of sites to see, and most importantly since you're a tourist Kazakhstan seems to have put more effort

Is Kazakhstan a European country?

I would not call Kazakhstan a European country. The temperature and humidity may vary slightly, but the main characteristics are very cold winters and very hot summers.Most of the country is empty dry land with little to no rivers, the economy is based

What are the biggest mistakes people make when visiting Kazakhstan?

People are still mislead by the Borat film and assume that Kazakhstan is a backwards and undeveloped country whereas, in reality, is the most developed of the Central Asian republics. Some people often assume that because it is nominally a Muslim country then it will be similar to many other Muslim countries.