How to run 5 kilometers in 25 days

I'm assuming you want to run 5 km at a stretch on the 25th day. Disclaimer: I'm not a running/fitness expert. I just run because I like it. The following answer may or may not be ideal.3 weeks is a very reasonable target to run 5 km comfortably. First week: 3kms distance

Which one is more effective running 3 to 4 km or cycling 10 km?

First. Loosing that much in such a short period of time isn't going to be healthy. You want to slowly do it and keep it there. Longevity over temporary yo yo ING weight.With that said your answer is Cycling. Running so much

How many kilometers of cycling is equal to 5 kilometers of running(in terms of burning fat)?

If you want to burn fat and you don't care that much about cardio fitness then I'd say forget about cardio excercise. It's less effective in burning fat in the long run and you build no muscle mass. It also increases cravings

How many kilometers can I walk per day without losing weight?

i dont understand what youre askingdo you want to remain the same weight and are asking how far you can walk without losng any ?you can walk as much as you like as long as you eat back the calories burned accordinglyif youre asking how many miles to walk to lose weight ,the answer could be none or

I changed Google map distance units to kilometers but after 5 trips it went back to miles on its own, does that mean I have to manually configure it each time?

I'm definitely not a Google Map expert, but I also use kilometers and I never have to change it to miles. I think if you're signed in and change your preferences to kilometers, it will remember that. Perhaps you weren't signed in. Sometimes I think I am signed in but then find out that I'm not. If you never