Why is bullying in Japan and Korea so mean and terrible?

A friend of mine born and raised in Japan - but a

Are Korean winters colder than Maine winters?

I have experienced both.  Maine tends to have more snow and colder dips in temperature.  South Korea can have lots of snow and get cold, but not as much as Maine.  However both are effected by whether you are more coastal than inland because

How bad is the bullying in South Korea versus Japan?

In the School the same thing. If someone does not like someone - they beat. If someone should be punished more seriously - they boycott. Plus, the Koreans have another mechanism for boycotting - not to sit at a table during dinner where

How do Koreans view Korean-Americans?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and then studied in the UK for university. Now I have settled in Seoul, Korea. I come from a very nationalistic background and my parents never refer to themselves as Korean-Americans

Is bullying in Korea really as severe as in the movies?

It is worse than in the movies.The ‘movies' you're referring to are probably like this.Once Upon a Time in High School - WikipediaClass fights, losers, etc. The typical scene of a bullying, right? But it's far from reality. It's more like bullying as

What are some cultural differences between South Korea and Japan?

Korean food tends to be very spicy, where as in Japan the only spicy food we have is wasabi.Also j-pop tends to be very cute while k-pop is extremely sexy. Kpop seems to have taken on a more American sound as

What are the main differences between Korean and Japanese culture (e.g. social structure and etiquette)? What is it like to interact with Koreans vs. interacting with Japanese?

Level of respect.Elaborating on what's already been mentioned, the level of respect to be shown based on age or societal ranking is much, much more strict in Korea.I attended an university in Japan and went to Seoul as an exchange student for one

What are the most popular sports in Korea?

Football edges baseball by a decent margin.Koreans are terrifyingly good at baseball. We produce great pitchers and also some great hitters. Although not the most dominant, many Korean players are recruited into the MLB.However, I feel as if Koreans are most unified when they watch

Which country is more stressful? Japan or South Korea?

Both countries are pretty high stress, on different aspects. I'll explain a bit further. And no, it doesn't have to do with North Korea either.KoreaThe stress comes from the excessive competition of our society. Everything is like a high strung competition here,

Why are chopsticks made of steel popular in Korea but not in Japan?

It's not exactly a new trend, as Koreans have apparently been using metal chopsticks for centuries. That said, I'll forewarn readers that a lot of this is my speculation as I haven't found too much documentation of the why...as of writing this.First of all, to my knowledge, Japan

Why are large aircraft carriers apparently so difficult to build even if they are conventionally-powered with oil when many countries like South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and China build hundreds of tankers and container ships that are much larger?

Aircraft carriers are not that difficult to build; the U.S. won the war in the Pacific by luck and their ability to ‘crank out' a great number of smallish (and large) serviceable aircraft carriers. The airplanes on deck and the ships engines were designed for

Why do so many people in North Korea ride bicycles?

I am the person that took those photos. Thank you for taking a look at my collections. For rural people and many who live in cities access to transportation means access to goods and services. Bicycles broadens their reach to access markets and sell their

Why don't some Korean men appreciate Korean women's beauty as much as some non-Korean men do?

Can't say anything informed without knowing what you look like, but I'd wager it's a combination of beauty standards, stereotypes, and a general air of exoticism. I've noticed an interesting trend: when a pretty Asian girl is dating a white guy, more often

Why is bullying in Japan and Korea so mean and terrible?

A friend of mine born and raised in Japan - but a

Why is bullying so common in Korea?

It is an artifact left over from the hierarchical system of Confucianism: ruler to subject, father to son, husband to wife, elder to younger, and friend to friend.Some people took that to mean they had a license to be complete assholes to people

Why was Japan never invaded by China or Korea?

The earliest dynasty of China ( evidence proved) is Shang(商). At that time(about 4000 years ago), chinese territory was limited in a few provinces of modern China. But now, China controls most land of Far East Asia. Why? Because people increases with time, and more land is needed to feed more

What is the best way to learn Korean (besides living in Korea)?

To watch K-Drama and to listen to K-pop music (USE THE MEDIA)My Malaysian friend can communicate with me using Koreans she learned from her favorite K-Dramas. Subtitles in those dramas made her use Korean in writings as well. She is quite good at

Which BTS member is the most popular in Korea?

Before I answered I want to point that I see ppl pointing

What's the crime rate of North Korea?

The crime rate is enormous since the crimes are being committed by the government.  Ten thousands people are being kidnapped and held along with their families in concentration camps  which are basically of two types: "re-education" camps and death camps. They are being maltreated in all imaginable ways .  http://www.theguardian.com/film/...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pri...