Are gays and lesbians immoral?

No person is considered to be immoral, but the act does. I have a few friends who belong to this group and I respect and treat them equally with others.I'm an INTJ, but believes firmly in the Bible. Homosexuality is unacceptable in the Scripture.The Holy Scripture has totally defeated the useless arguments

Are LGBT people accepted in Japan?

In any country in the modern world, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people have hurtles to jump. Being out and open about your sexuality can be met with anything from acceptance and love, to hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution. Every country has different dynamics and social views. In some, we can "put a ring

Can a Muslim support gay rights?

Yes. We condone the actions of those who drink alcohol, those who smoke, those who eat pork, those who adulter, those who engage in homosexual acts etc. They are explicitly considered unlawful in Islam.However nowhere in Islam does it day that we take action directly against these people. We are permitted to express why we believe it's

Can gay people have kids?

Absolutely. In a variety of different ways, depending on exactly what you mean by "having" kids.Gay people are in most cases unlikely to have kids their same-gender partner as the other biological parent, as Andrea Ferro mentions, although it must be noted that many gay men as just as attracted to trans men as to cis men,

Can sexual orientation change or be changed?

Sexual orientation can be changed. You wanna know why most efforts today fail?First of all, people are using church methods instead of secular methods.You wanna know why most efforts today fail?Its because they dont believe in themselves.But most of all, you wanna know why most efforts

Can straight men be friends with gay men?

Not only friends, but INTIMATE friends.Among my closest friends were those who

Can you support gay rights and oppose same-sex marriage?

The only circumstance in which I think these two positions are compatible is if you are against marriage in general. In otherwords, if you are a marriage abolitionist.For example,I am

Did God create gays and lesbians?

Assuming you subscribe to any of the Abrahamic religions, God is the creator of everything, in so much as nothing would exist without God. Depending on your personal world view, you may take that to mean that God directly creates all things,

Do American ministers have the legal right to decline to marry gay couples?

Do American ministers have the legal right to decline to marry gay couples?Of course. Ministers are free to not marry somebody of another faith. This is pretty common.  A church can decide it will only

Do people ever go from gay to straight? Are any conversion or 'correction/cure' therapies or strategies proven to work?

I can only speak for myself - YES! After almost 20 years of living a homosexual lifestyle, I broke free. My conversion therapy was simply the touch of Christ. I rode the entire gay spectrum - from gay clubs, to the gay music circuit, a

Do some women and men choose to be lesbian or gay? If so, why?

TL;DR: No, they are born this way!Scientific    evidence has shown that some of the hypothalamic  nuclei are  different   in homosexual versus heterosexual individuals. A  study  comparing the   size of the Interstitial Nucleus of the Anterior Hypothalamus 3 (INAH-3) in homosexual and heterosexual men found  significant  differences: in homosexual men the

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage? Why/why not?

I will not marry into same sex, I like my life partner to be a woman because I like the feminine companionship in a partner. Similarly, I think the people who opt for same sex marriage like certain traits of the same sex in their marriage. I do

Do you think Gay Marriages and Homosexuality should be legalised in India?

Why should it?I don't understand the question very well; is it that you're against homosexuality, or is it that you're not sure about homosexuality?Based on the question, I feel like you're not sure what is it homosexuality. I will very gladly explain it to you.Homosexuality is one of the very many sexual

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

Yes, the Bible classifies homosexual activity as porneia, which is all sexuality-related sinful activity.Throughout the entire Bible whenever homosexual activity is not specifically mentioned it is because heterosexual marriage is implied as the default position.It, as well as all other forms of sexual immorality, are wrong because they defile what marriage represents (and sex as a part

How can gay couples have children?

Gay people have gay magic!Gay people have a whole universe for themselves called the gayverse.In this magical world you can only enter if you go through the door of gayness which looks pretty fucking fabulous. Louis XIV would be jealous of its awesomeness.Buuuuuuut!You can NOT see it if

How do lesbian women and gay men think about each other?

You are asking for a pretty big generalization, so you are not likely to get a very precise answer.I would say, however, that in the early years of Gay Liberation (70s and 80s), there was a strong political alliance, and during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic especially, lesbians proved to be strong allies and

How do two gay people have a baby?

We did. My partner and I are a gay couple (28 years) and wanted a child where there was an active mom. We met a lesbian couple who also wanted a child. We got together. One of us ejaculated into a champagne glass and one of the lesbians inseminated her partner . She

How to go from being straight to being gay

You probably assumed you were straight because that was the normal thing to expect. My experience growing up was somewhat similar. Up until around eighth grade I assumed I was straight, even though since I'm a late bloomer I didn't really have any sexual desire.

How does gay marriage threaten your marriage?

Until last week, we had two types of marriage in the United States: straight marriage, recognized in all fifty states, and gay marriage, recognized in only some places. Now, we have just one type of marriage, and it's recognized everywhere.That is how gay marriage threatened

How does it feel to be gay and Christian?

As a gay Christian teenager with depression, it can be pretty difficult at times.I'm non-denominational, and because my parents are Hindu and atheist respectively, I don't really go to church all that often, partially because the only churches I've visited have been stridently against queer people. So for me, I believe that while God was the

How does Japan react to gay people?

This is a simple question with a very complex (and therefore long) answer.The perspectives held by straight people and gay people on straight people's "reactions" to gay people will be significantly different. Many straight people (not just in Japan)

How were you able to tell that your kids were LGBT before they even told you?

I'm writing anonymously to preserve my son's privacy. He came out to the whole world last year at the ripe age of thirteen. But we had always known. Since he was very little, he liked girly playthings and games. He loved to get into my closet and try my high heels. One of his very first Christmas

If being gay is biological (not a choice) that means Darwinism would've eliminated the gay gene since homosexuals don't reproduce. Therefore, being gay is a choice. Is this argument flawed?

If being gay is biological (not a choice) that means Darwinism would've eliminated the gay gene since homosexuals don't reproduce. Therefore, being gay is a choice. Is this argument flawed?Yes your argument is flawed.Several people have already explained why, but just to add. The argument

If society celebrates 'gay pride,' why not 'straight pride'?

I'm just going to come right out and say it.I hate Gay Pride. I hate Black Pride. I hate Muslim Pride and Women's Pride and all the other damn pride things people celebrate. Yeah, take that convention!Damn it! There's a torch burning mob

Is being gay or lesbian a gift from God?

A devoutly religious person (say, devout practicing Catholic, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Orthodox Jew, most Muslims, perhaps Baptists or conservative Evangelicals, etc) might go so far as to say it's a special "challenge" from God, in a sense. I am not saying this myself, because I'm not sure I'd agree with this fully, but I'm

Is Christianity against gay people?

Thanks for the A2A. Christianity is not against gay people per se. The Bible does contain prohibitions against behaviours which are promiscuous and/or held to be sexually perverse and it is would be relatively easy to read those passages in a reductionistic way and use them as a weapon against gay

Is Christianity changing its views on homosexuality?

The Catholic Church used to be totally anti-gay and even burned gays at the stake, but they now admit that people are born that way, and should be treated with dignity and respect. However, all gays must remain celibate their entire lives.Protestants for the most part didn't really care much, and it was not a

Is it okay to accept the LGBT community as a Christian?

The commandment "To love thy neighbor AS THYSELF" and the Golden rule are not suggestions written in the bible, but they are the LAW, the highest set of laws of the entire bible that Followers of Christ obey and do to have eternal life. Congrats to all gay couple exchanging marriage vows to love one another in all circumstances

Is Singapore LGBT-friendly?

Having spent some years in Singapore, I do know quite a bit of Singapore. Singapore is a melting pot of people of various races, ethnicity and religious groups. The Singapore Government values harmony among all, and thus try to do

Is there any heterosexual man wants to be gay?

I haven't personally met any. But hey, it's a big world; with three and a half billion men in it, I reckon there's a straight dude somewhere who wishes he were gay.I more often meet straight guys who wish they were bisexual. Im one of them. I like sex, I'm sexually adventurous, and

LGBTQI Rights: What are the best ways to help gay people in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death?

Here are different strategies. Some may not like them, but here are some possibilities:1. Support SOCE in such places. If any of the gay folks were not born as gay, they should be helped to appreciate their true orientation. For the others, help them to become strong enough to not act upon their desires. Just

Should churches be forced to marry two gay people?

If my existence infringes on your beliefs, that's too bad. I exist. I'm not going to commit suicide just so that your beliefs are preserved. If my getting or being married infringes on your beliefs, that's too bad. I'm not getting married in your church. Why should

Should straight people refuse to get married until there is complete marriage equality for gay people?

My best friend promised not to get married until I could. It's a nice gesture, but it doesn't do much good.EDIT. ....big ol' gay edit.... snip snip, edit edit.... EDIT:This is all very simplistic, and I don't agree.If

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and

Was anyone in the Bible a homosexual or lesbian? If so, who?

There is an interpretation that the relationship between David and Jonathan was homoerotic. Samuel 20:41 describes when David and Jonathon part company as the former has to escape from the court of King Saul, who is intent on killing him.The text leads with

What are some reasons why some gay people are opposed to gay marriage?

In the early years of the gay civil rights movement, the cry was for 'gay liberation'. This slowly evolved into 'gay equality'. There is a subtle but important difference.'Equality' is about having the same as what everyone else has, fitting into the same roles and behaviours. You get married, so why shouldn't I?What

What do closeted gay men do to appear heterosexual?

They do nothing at all. If by closeted you mean gay men who are not out, I have known quite a few, and they do nothing aside from simply not stating that they are gay.Well, the one thing they will often do is have a girlfriend. I have no idea how this relationships works.Other than

What do heterosexual and a gay man have in common?

As much or as little as any other two groups of people might.That being said, a short list:GenitaliaLoveHumanityAspirationsDesiresHopesDreamsEnjoyment of food and drinkThe number of bones in their body (unless the gay man is bottoming when you do the count)The range of eye coloursThe gamut of hair coloursProbability of handinessProbability

What do people in your country think of LGBT people?

Chinese here.Take Chinese netizen's reaction to Apple's CEO Tim Cook's coming out as example. Please note that it was three years ago so people's opinion can be changed slightly.Their reaction can be generally classified into two categories. Some are making jokes about it, such as

What do you think about straight-acting gay men?

Depressing, irritating, unfortunate.‘Straight acts' are definitive proof that we need to change our views on homosexuality and masculinity fast.I've already written about this subculture (if we can even call it that) before on Quora, so I'll try to keep this answer synthetic and short, but brutal with a little bit of uuuuh.Straight acts are

What happens when a gay couple marries when it's not 'legal'?

As far as India is considered, nothing much happens despite the fact that homosexuality is still a crime here.In the past couple of months there have been 2 weddings of note, that I have come across. One was of a woman Police officer who married another woman and

What is the difference between 'lesbian," 'gay," 'bisexual," 'transgender," and 'queer'?

Lesbians are women who identify as women and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other women who identify as women.Gay men are men who identify as men and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other men who identify as

What is the ratio of lesbians to gay men?

The more rigorous studies have shown different results within a range of 0.6 to 5.4 percent. These studies include Bell-Weinberg, 1970 (~2 percent); Billy-Battelle, 1993 (1.1 percent); Cameron-Ross, 1975-78 (~3 percent); Catania-NABS, 1992 (2 percent); FRI, 1983 (5.4 percent); MacDonald, 1988 (2 percent);

Which celebrities are against gay marriage?

There aren't many.  Generally the major celebrities who are Republicans are either very quiet on the issue or completely in favor of marriage equality.   Conservative celebrities like Elizabeth Hasselback, Bruce Willis, Dennis Miller, John Voight, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all spoken in favor of marriage equality.  That said, Victoria Jackson (if she can

Which countries will legalize gay marriage in 2018?

(Updated Dec 2018) I wrote an extensive response to the previous version of this question: What countries will legalize gay marriage in 2017?Countries awaiting enactment (already approved):Austria, whose Constitutional Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in Dec 2017, requires enactment by Jan 1, 2019.Taiwan, whose Constitutional Court had a similar

Which will be the first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage?

Taiwan legalized marriage equality in May 2017, and the country has until 2019 to revise laws (or they'll automatically enact then).The likely candidates for intial action (e.g. recognition of foreign marriages, partnership benefits, civil unions) are:Nepal, which revised its Constitution in 2015 and listed LGBTIs as disadvantaged persons. A formal request from the government's Human Rights Commission

Why are some people against gay marriage?

WHY ARE PEOPLE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE: Not having researched this matter nor discussed it with others, I can't say I'm speaking from any position of authority. Nonetheless, I do have something of a theory about it, at least as to people in North America.RELIGION-BASED OBJECTIONS: Christians, in particular, rely on scripture to justify their unrelenting

Why are you opposed to gay marriage? And how would gay couples being married affect your life?

I hope the begining of my answer is not going to be the end.I'm not opposed.I fear "we" have a great concern with this topic, the so called "tree hidding the forest".HomosexualityAs you may know homosexuality is a

Why do people debate over whether or not being gay is a choice and would it really make a difference if it was or was not?

Why do people debate over whether or not being gay is a choice and would it really make a difference if it was or was not?The science is already pretty closed on this. People are born gay. Same as people are born straight. Everyone

Why do people support gay marriage?

Because no one has ever made a compelling case for refusing marriage rights to same-sex couples. They've tried, but they ultimately didn't hold up in court.The other reason is that we came out of the closet in large numbers to our friends, families,

Why do some devoted Christians turn a blind eye to people who get divorced yet are repulsed by and condemn homosexuality and cite the Bible as justification for their beliefs? Can't this be seen as hypocritical?

Not necessarily. If divorce for any reason was promoted and defended as homosexual relations are, and those who oppose it are maligned as possessing an irrational fear and attacked as hateful, and denied employment or business locations. And if the practice (by men)

Why do some people feel disgusted by gay/LGBT+ people?

I used to work with a charity that worked with Muslim men who sleep with men.In my book they were gay, simple, precise and to the point. Many were married and had children but would admit to the group that this was a lie they lived. They didn't feel positive about their wives in any other

Why do straight people support LGBTQ people?

For awhile I was really homophobic because to me it seemed like some otherworldly existence. It didn't fully occur to me that anyone that falls into the LGBTQ spectrum is a person with feelings just like me. Looking back I'm embarrassed by how ignorant I was

Why do you think homosexuality is ok?

Ultimately, I suspect, there are two reasons I think that homosexuality is OK:Some of my friends are gay or lesbian, and I don't see their relationships as categorically any worse than those of my straight friends (or any better - some relationships of both sorts have been good and some toxic).My society thinks that it is

Why does It seem like western countries are regressing, It seems like LGBT comunity are in a costant attack from their respective governments and homophobia is becominga serious issue?

Appearances and propaganda aside, acceptance of LGBTQ people is at historic highs - 65%. The daily attacks are a sign that the 50 years of activism (I worked with Harvey Milk to defeat the Briggs Initiative in 1978) has resulted

Why is being a gay man looked down on more than being a lesbian?

I asked my mother this before because she used to really dislike gay men, but she had no issues with lesbians. She told me it was the extreme promiscuity that so many gay men practiced and the diseases that often result from this.

Why is there a special term for women who enjoy the same sex as 'lesbian' whereas gay men are simply considered 'gay'? Why aren't gay people, regardless of gender, simply described as gay? Why is there the additional lesbian classification?

Interesting question. I'll take advantage of that Pride month to go full-on History crash-course. (Please do feel free to correct me if you have more expertise in Queer history than I do).First, we lesbians do call ourselves gay. You will encounter many lesbians

Will marriage equality force churches and other religious institutions to perform marriages for gay couples?

No. No ones religious freedom is being infringed upon with this ruling. In fact, those religions that did affirm same sex marraiges now have equality under the law ... Something that  only certain religions enjoyed. ( talk about needing to quit while you're ahead ) I was raised a Catholic. I

Can animals be gay/lesbian?

First, you need to unmderstand the difference between homosexual behavior and homosexual orientation.Homosexual behavior can be observed by an independent viewer and confirmed without any communication with the observed animal. It's very easy to establish whether animals other than humans exhibit homosexual behavior. In fact, they do. It's been

Can plants and animals be gay?

In animals biologists talk about sexual behaviours, they don't talk about their orientation because that would require you ask how they feel, all you can do is observe what they do, homosexual behaviours occurs all the time in animals, how they feel about it is anybodies guess, presumably they enjoy it, though animals being exclusive homo or hetro

Can science prove that homosexuality is genetic?

OK, first, pet peeve time.Science doesn't prove things. That's not how science works. Proof is a concept that is useful in formal logic and mathematics.Science uses observational evidence to answer questions about the universe, to within certain probablistic limitations.Right now the evidence is convincing that people with same-gender attraction are born that way. But there's a lot of

Generally speaking, who has it harder: Gay men or Lesbians?

I'm not sure. Gay men and lesbian women have different problems. For example, gay men are more likely to be discriminated against. people are typically more homophobic towards gay men. But that's not completely good for lesbians either.The reason why people don't come after lesbians as often is because they're sexualized. Poor lesbians can't get a

Is gay bullying very common among teenagers in America?

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please, get help immediately."I'M THINKING ABOUT KILLING MYSELF."We're here for you. Please call the Trevor Lifeline (866-488-7386) - it's free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also ask

Is it common for two platonic homosexuals to live together?

Gay men, gay women, two opposite gender straight people, are totally capable of cohabitation without a romantic or sexual relationship. This is because not all people regardless of sexual or romantic orientation are compatible.If you are straight, and I took a random person of the opposite

Should gay men and lesbians be bracketed together?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It makes as much sense as grouping together straight men and straight women - if you are needing to refer to

What is the difference between a gay person and a homosexual person?

What is the correct difference between homosexual and gay?There is no "correct difference." The difference, as I see it, is that one is a scientific term and the other is a culturally appropriated term.I would also make the argument that the each

What is the ratio of lesbians to gay men?

The more rigorous studies have shown different results within a range of 0.6 to 5.4 percent. These studies include Bell-Weinberg, 1970 (~2 percent); Billy-Battelle, 1993 (1.1 percent); Cameron-Ross, 1975-78 (~3 percent); Catania-NABS, 1992 (2 percent); FRI, 1983 (5.4 percent); MacDonald, 1988 (2 percent); NCHS, 1988-91 (3.5 percent); Schmidt, 1987 (0.6 percent);

What's it like to be gay and change in a locker room of the same gender?

Guys in my dorm used to go naked into each others rooms, walk up and down the hall to get to the shower, etc. without anything on at all. Our swimming pool was for guys only and clothing optional. I once saw a guy holding a towel in front of him because

Which group meets more discrimination, gay men or lesbians?

As a lesbian who looks straight, I must say I encounter more misogyny than homophobia on a regular basis. Both straight women and lesbians/bi women aren't treated well for rejecting men, but lesbians reject men as a category, not

Why are gays gay?

I've been asking myself the same question for years, and I still don't know the answer. Why? Because it's not a deliberate decision or anything of the sort, and furthermore, it is not usually a choice to be gay.Allow me to provide some context via my experiences; imagine if you

Why can't gay men donate blood but lesbians can?

HIV And The Blood Supply: An Analysis Of Crisis Decisionmaking. (History of the Controversy)From the text:

Why do people discriminate against gay men and lesbians?

The underlying reasons about why gay folks are discriminated against are the same underlying reasons that anyone who is discriminated against receives that discrimination. We live in a society based on a hierarchical system: Kings were above their Dukes, Dukes above their lords, lords above their peasants. Land owners above

Why do some people pretend to be gay and try to fit in the LGBTQ?

I'm sure this is a troll question - but I'm going to answer it anyway, just in case anyone is reading this and takes the question seriously.I call bullshit. LGBTQ people have it harder in society than us

As a gay person, what was your experience like showering after gym class?

About as nervous and frustrating as it is for most teenage kids.  We're all judgmental of our bodies.  We're all worried that our equipment won't "stack up" to the guys around us.  We are awkward and painfully disarmed. See, I'm not

How to sustain your sanity as an aging gay man in a culture which over-values vanity, the physical body, and prioritizes sexualization over virtues

I love the way you make it sound as if the straight world never does anything like this.Straight culture is massively guilty of all the things you mention. It's simply that it tends to do them to women most of all. If you're a straight

I think I'm gay, but I'm afraid that if I do tell, my parents, they will kick me out of my house. I'm only 14, and I have nowhere to run. What can I do?

I know lately, these past few years with media being more prevalent, there's a lot of preassure on those of us who are gay to come out. No matter the consequenses it'll have on us.So, as a person that's 21 and gay, I'd advice you to not come out if you worry it'll harm you

What are some common misconceptions about transgender people?

Ok there are a lotI'll try to avoid covering what other people have.That when someone says they are trans, it means they still have the genitals of the gender they were born with. A lot of people assume this right away. They don't seem to know sex reassignment

What is the biggest challenge of being LGBT+?

The Hiding and the Fear.The hiding who you truly are for fear as taken over.

What's the best approach to dating a transgender woman?

Just treat her like any other woman. Leave the transgender part out of your thoughts about her and the dialog. She is a woman. She was always a woman. She will always be a woman. She just has an unusual medical history that most women do not.

Are American Muslims LGBT friendly?

Depends very widely.First generation onward tend to be ok and tolerant of it, since Muslims are a minority, tend to be more left wing and are now the most condemned group in the US. FOB immigrants tend not to be because they come from very conservative countries and had little contact of other people.In my opinion,

Are Catholics in Indonesia more accepting towards the LGBT+ community?

Short answer: Yes (but it depends)Long answer: There aren't much people in Indonesia that support LGBT community, especially among those who are highly religious.From statements of some Catholic leader in Indonesia, they're generally highly opposing LGBT, while opposed against prosecution and discrimination of LGBT community. But, LGBT issues rarely

Are feminine lesbians more likely to be accepted than masculine lesbians?

Some mostly excellent points from those who have answered before me. In my experience as a femme lesbian I have often been more excepted in the non lesbian community than the lesbian. This has been due to many reasons, including

Are gays and lesbians immoral?

No person is considered to be immoral, but the act does. I have a few friends who belong to this group and I respect and treat them equally with others.I'm an INTJ, but believes firmly in the Bible. Homosexuality is unacceptable in the Scripture.The Holy Scripture

Are LGBT people accepted in Japan?

In any country in the modern world, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people have hurtles to jump. Being out and open about your sexuality can be met with anything from acceptance and love, to hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution. Every country has different dynamics and social views. In some, we can "put a

Are LGBT people socially accepted in Venezuela?

I think this question can be seen from (at least these) two lenses and I reckon we'd find two quite different answers.Disclaimer: I'm a 25 years old Venezuelan, currently living in the capital.Let's see.The first answer would be this. It depends on who you're asking. There's part of the population

Are masculine gay men more likely to be accepted than feminine gay men?

In my opinion, the general answer is yes, unfortunately. Our society tends to view masculine gay men as being more "manly" (than feminine gay men). In other words, masculine men are closer to the socially constructed idea/model of what a man is supposed to be, while feminine gay men are

Are Muslim immigrants a threat to increasing gay-acceptance and gay-friendliness in Europe?

Why is the Spanish left so angry at Mariano Rajoy for attending a same-sex wedding, and what has been the response on the Spanish right on his attendance? gives an idea of some of the sentiment in Spain and Partido Popular. This party is traditionally Roman Catholic, has roots in

Are people that are gay born that way or is it possible to turn from straight to gay later in life?

A2AAs to whether gay people are born that way, see Steve Alexander's answer to What's your unquestionable proof that homosexuals are "born this way" and are unchangeable?As to whether it's possible to turn from straight to gay later in life, the answer is

Are people who are against the LGBT community secretly LGBT themselves?

It's actually very common.A famous example is John Smid. He is the former director of a gay conversion therapy camp for Christian youth, called Refuge.A bit of background on him. Back in the 80s, he realized he was gay and divorced his wife. He was

Are straight people passionate about equal marriage rights for gay people?

When the Finnish parliament was voting on the law on equal marriage in Finland, I was waiting for the results outside the parliament.There were thousands of us, families with children, old people, friends, neighbours; gay and straight alike.When they announced

Are there any real Muslims who support LGBT people?

Are there any real Muslims who support LGBT?Funny, today I answered this question:Where do atheists think the homosexuality prohibition comes from?There I stated a fact that is sometimes forgotten: historically the Islam has been somehow tolerant with homosexuality.

Are there gay rights in India?

The answer is a sombre no, I'm afraid.After the Supreme Court's 2013 verdict, LGBTQ+ rights in India had a major setback. We got a glimpse of hope in August, with Supreme Court declaring that the right to privacy is a fundamental right, and this extract from Justice S. A.

Are there openly gay Catholics?

Some of this depends on how you define openly gay. I know two practicing Catholics, one a priest and one a celibate by choice lay person, who would both tell you (assuming you were close enough to them to merit the confidence of course) that they are sexually attracted to other men. They, however, believe that, while

As a closeted gay man in the US, how do I date other gay men without coming out of the closet just yet?

I'm not gonna answer this question, so I'm saying this up front so that my answer can be downvoted if that's the case.  I want to talk with you a little bit about why it's important for you to get rid of the closeted part of your life.  This will inevitably resolve the crux

As a gay dad, how old were your kids when you told them?

My son was 12 when I came out. In fact, it was because of him that I came to accept my own sexuality. I've had an inkling that I was bisexual since I was very, very young... right around when I first started to hear about sex. However, when I grew up, being gay

As a woman, would you marry a gay man?

If we loved each other, why not?There is more to a marriage than fucking, and if we both accepted it and decided we could be happy together I don't see where is the problem.My friend and I work together (not always,