According to Islam, what causes homosexuality?

I can be wrong but I will share my opinion . There are different types of heart or conscious >> nafs-e-ammara, nafs-e-lawwama and nafs-e-mutmainna.There are levels of heart . You can google about these and find out everything. So whats that got to do with homosexuality ...if your thought

Are adopted children of gay couples more likely to be gay than other people?

Are black children adopted by white people more likely to be white? Sexual orientation is not a personal preference. You can choose to hide your sexual orientation, you can choose not to act upon it, you can choose to date people you're not

Are gay men attracted to feminine men?

Most are not.The thing is that most of the guys that dislike feminine qualities in men are not really very masculine themselves and some portray a role of masculinity that is not natural for them only to meet masculine men because that is what they like.In my experience most gay guys are waiting for the

Are gays and lesbians immoral?

No person is considered to be immoral, but the act does. I have a few friends who belong to this group and I respect and treat them equally with others.I'm an INTJ, but believes firmly in the Bible. Homosexuality is unacceptable in the Scripture.The Holy Scripture has totally defeated the useless arguments

Are homosexuals born homosexual?

Yes. The science is yet to confirm that, but the there is alreadya huge progress made.The general idea is that your chances to be gay are around 5%. But - if you have a gay twin, the chances are much, much higher. If you are fraternal twins sharing a half

Are homosexuals more prone to get AIDS than others? If so, why?

Most people here seem to be beating around the bush with their answers, so I'll try to be as straightforward as possible:Anal sex /

Are LGBT people accepted in Japan?

In any country in the modern world, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people have hurtles to jump. Being out and open about your sexuality can be met with anything from acceptance and love, to hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution. Every country has different dynamics and social views. In some, we can "put a ring

Are LGBT people born that way?

Hi!I don't know much about this but i'll still try to answer in terms of my knowledge and how I feel or what I thinking (personal opinion).I think LGBT are more sort of confuse state of minds... we don't hold proper knowledge or most of us lack with

Are most gay men feminine?

Yes this is a generalization I know there are allot of gay men who aren't camp and of course the opposite you get a few camp men who are straight but there is no denying that a high proportion of gay men are camp to varying degrees. I

Are same-sex marriages, geriatric marriages, open marriages, and bigamist marriages actually marriages or just convenient unions?

To answer this question, I'll cite some examples of convenient unions:Teenage girl marries the first guy who gets her pregnant because her parents said so, or to preserve the family's honor/nameCelebrity marries another celebrity to boost/revive their careersHomosexual person marries straight person primarily to allay suspicions of homosexuality and be accepted by societyArranged marriages between families for political, financial

Are there any Christians who support same-sex marriage?

I'm no longer Christian, myself, but I used to be. I didn't actively support marriage equality back then in the sense that I thought it was a good thing. I believed homosexuality to be a sin, and marriage between two people of the same sex to be further sin. However, I

Are there attorneys that deal with common law marriage between same sex couples in the state of Texas?

Any family-law attorney can deal with common-law (informal) marriage claims. Because of the Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage and invalidating laws restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples, Texas' informal-marriage statute also applies to same-sex couples despite the obsolete man/woman wording.The question is whether the change in the law applies retroactively. If the evidence of

Are there pro-gay Muslims?

You mean, like me?I'm Muslim, and I'm very very pro gay, if that's a word. I reconcile Homosexuality with the Quran as followsThe Quran has no explicit mention of punishments for sodomy. It talks about Sodom, but many scholars think that was about raping visitors, not homosexuality.Orientation is defined at birth.

Are transgender people gay or straight?

Yes, some trans people are straight and others are gay. Others are bi or pan or asexual, and others may identify as a different orientation.Being trans is about our gender identity - being straight or gay is about sexual orientation. These are two separate concepts, but because cisgender heterosexual people make up the vast majority of the world's population,

Can a gay man divorce his husband and marry a Christian woman?

ICan a gay man divorce his husband and marry a Christian woman?Sure, but there are some challenges involved...First - In some jurisdictions, it has been substantially harder for same-sex couples married in another state to get a divorce, but this problem is

Can a gay man remain married to a straight woman?

I think you are asking if a gay man 'should' remain married to his wife. 'Can' is more a question if it is theoretically possible, which of course it is. What the couple need to be asking is whether it is a good idea - hence 'should'. And, of course, only the couple themselves can

Can a gay person marry a lesbian?

I have two women friends, both lesbians, both married to men - for cover. Beards or merkins or whatever (what a dumb term that is! I've never actually heard it used IRL, we just call him a "dress" if you get

Can a heterosexual who really wants to be gay become so?

I feel uniquely able to answer this question - at least the male version of this question - as I have variously through my life wanted to become gay (or at least bisexual). And after years of

Can a Muslim support gay rights?

Yes. We condone the actions of those who drink alcohol, those who smoke, those who eat pork, those who adulter, those who engage in homosexual acts etc. They are explicitly considered unlawful in Islam.However nowhere in Islam does it day that we take action directly against these people. We are permitted to express why we believe it's

Can an LGBT couple married in a country where same-sex marriage is legal have their marriage recognized in a country where same-sex marriage is illegal?

There is no reason why the new country would have to, although it might.This happened to some couples who were married in Canada and sought U.S. recognition of their marriages, which was initially denied. Although the Windsor and Obergefell Supreme Court decisions eventually resulted in such marriages

Can gay men be attracted to heterosexual men? Or do they prefer other gay men?

Oh, I definitely have a gaydar.I had a crush on a guy at my first job. From the first moment I saw him, I fell hard. He was so attractive in every possible way. And I swore that he was flirting

Can gay people have kids?

Absolutely. In a variety of different ways, depending on exactly what you mean by "having" kids.Gay people are in most cases unlikely to have kids their same-gender partner as the other biological parent, as Andrea Ferro mentions, although it must be noted that many gay men as just as attracted to trans men as to cis men,

Can straight men be friends with gay men?

Not only friends, but INTIMATE friends.Among my closest friends were those who

Can straight men like gay men?

Let's untangle this one shall we? There is certainly more than one way a human can ‘like' the company of another. The ancient Greeks carved up these forms of affection into six types:Eros: sexual affection; lust, desirePhilia: the kind of affection one

Can the church change on homosexuality?

Having actually been through reparative therapy and attempted to change my gayness with a sincrere Christian Faith from the age of 11 until I was 21, I can say from personal experience that you cannot change your sexual orientation in any way.That leaves you with several decisions:You can be celibate, either on your own or by

Can two heterosexuals enter into a same-sex (gay) marriage?

Differences ar significantly pronounced among spiritual teams. Today, eighty fifth of american citizens UN agency ar religiously independent favor couple, as do sixty eight of white inject Protestants and sixty seven of Catholics. Among black Protestants, four hundred and forty yards favor couple (50% oppose). And

Can you support gay rights and oppose same-sex marriage?

The only circumstance in which I think these two positions are compatible is if you are against marriage in general. In otherwords, if you are a marriage abolitionist.For example,I am

Did God create gays and lesbians?

Assuming you subscribe to any of the Abrahamic religions, God is the creator of everything, in so much as nothing would exist without God. Depending on your personal world view, you may take that to mean that God directly creates all things,

Did Obama legalise same-sex marriage?

In 1996, during the Clinton Administration, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed by Congress and signed into law.DOMA was a federal law which officially declared

Do gay people regret being gay when they get old?

I'm not quite old yet, but I've been thinking about being old given the New Year and the fact that my calendar age is about to tick up by one more number.I'm a gay man who has lived long enough to intimately witness the profound

Do people ever go from gay to straight? Are any conversion or 'correction/cure' therapies or strategies proven to work?

I can only speak for myself - YES! After almost 20 years of living a homosexual lifestyle, I broke free. My conversion therapy was simply the touch of Christ. I rode the entire gay spectrum - from gay clubs, to the gay music circuit, a

Do (some) people 'become' gay because they can't get a girl?

No. Sexual orientation, as far as we know, is for the most part genetically and epigenetically determined and can not be changed. But sexual orientation is a spectrum. And on this spectrum a person can exist close to one of the poles, let's say the heterosexual one, and for the vast majority of

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage? Why/why not?

I will not marry into same sex, I like my life partner to be a woman because I like the feminine companionship in a partner. Similarly, I think the people who opt for same sex marriage like certain traits of the same sex in their marriage. I do

Do you think Gay Marriages and Homosexuality should be legalised in India?

Why should it?I don't understand the question very well; is it that you're against homosexuality, or is it that you're not sure about homosexuality?Based on the question, I feel like you're not sure what is it homosexuality. I will very gladly explain it to you.Homosexuality is one of the very many sexual

Does homosexuality have anything to do with evolution?

The strongest evolutionary theory for homosexuality is the so called

Does marriage end when one partner transitions?

The answer is twofold: legal, and emotional.Legally, it depends upon your jurisdiction. This has undergone a radical shakeup since the widespread advent of equal marriage (where the prospective spouses may be of any gender), but some laws have not yet changed.In Illinois, where I live, there are two statuses an already-entered

Does natural law support same sex marriage?

Here are the "natural laws" which exist in relationship to life on this planet:1.  Live or die, it's all the same to Nature2.  The species which has the most offspring and can adapt best to its environment usually survives the longest-  and Nature isn't placing any bets3.  Nature doesn't care

Does same-sex marriage last long?

The Atlantic Magazine did an article in this within the last year.  I believe this is the one I'm thinking of: the cover art looks right:  Inside MarriageWhat it found is that, on average, same-sex marriages last longer than opposite sex-marriages, and on average, woman are more likely to want a divorce

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

Yes, the Bible classifies homosexual activity as porneia, which is all sexuality-related sinful activity.Throughout the entire Bible whenever homosexual activity is not specifically mentioned it is because heterosexual marriage is implied as the default position.It, as well as all other forms of sexual immorality, are wrong because they defile what marriage represents (and sex as a part

Does the existence of animals who exhibit homosexual traits prove that homosexuality is natural?

Some animals do exhibit homosexual behavior, like penguins, dolphins, baboons, goats, chickens, salmon... the list is a lot longer. So we can certainly argue that some degree of homosexual behavior is inherent (or

Does voluntary gay-conversion-therapy work?

Mr. Question-Asker-Person, I'll assume you're straight. There's no problem with that, don't worry, I'm not going to tell you that's bad...hell, I'm straight as an arrow. It's fine.Now, let's play a little game. Imagine that only 10% of the world was straight and

Gay men, what do you generally think of lesbian women?

I thought of a lot of "snark" for this question (I abjure sweeping generalities and "what do you think of X" questions).  So I navigated away and a thought occurred that I'll share.  I know you're may not know it, but on Quora, we get a lot of baiting and

Has chick fil a publicly denounced same-sex marriage?

Chick-Fil-A has never made any public pronouncements on the subject of sexuality. Chick-Fil-A HAS demonstrated a corporate commitment to welcoming all of its customers regardless of race or sexual orientation. One of the ways they have demonstrated this is by their treatment of the

How can gay couples have children?

Gay people have gay magic!Gay people have a whole universe for themselves called the gayverse.In this magical world you can only enter if you go through the door of gayness which looks pretty fucking fabulous. Louis XIV would be jealous of its awesomeness.Buuuuuuut!You can NOT see it if

How to become heterosexual

To understand this question, we should learn why so many people "become" LGBT. I don't mean to offensive when I use "become". Some sicentists said that reason could be that the mother's body mounts an immune attack on the fetus of her unborn son. But babies have

How to find out if someone is gay

This answer is from a real life experience and is in Indian context. There was a guy who used to work at my workplace and he was gay but since he did not have any stereotypical gay mannerisms and characteristics as portrayed in ignorant

How can same sex marriage (if possible), impact religious freedom?

It promotes it. There are many religious homosexuals in the world. Being able to practice their religion, a religion in which their god accepts their homosexuality promotes the net religious freedom. Making choices for yourself preserves religious freedom. Making choices for other people (you can't be gay, you can't get married, you're not allowed to get

How common are gay animals?

The classification

How did you first know that you're gay? How old were you when you realized it?

I am embarrassed to write anonymously after all these years....but my family reads my ‘nice' account, so I have no choice.......I vividly remember the first times when I started noticing other boys. I was probably around 12 or 13. I lived in the country and by the time we got to my area there were always only

How do guys become gay?

I became bisexual (not gay) due to my own curiosity and persistance lolHere's my dirty story..I remember one day I just decided to experiment with my body back when I was like 15. I thought

How do lesbian women and gay men think about each other?

You are asking for a pretty big generalization, so you are not likely to get a very precise answer.I would say, however, that in the early years of Gay Liberation (70s and 80s), there was a strong political alliance, and during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic especially, lesbians proved to be strong allies and

How do two gay people have a baby?

We did. My partner and I are a gay couple (28 years) and wanted a child where there was an active mom. We met a lesbian couple who also wanted a child. We got together. One of us ejaculated into a champagne glass and one of the lesbians inseminated her partner . She

How to go from being straight to being gay

You probably assumed you were straight because that was the normal thing to expect. My experience growing up was somewhat similar. Up until around eighth grade I assumed I was straight, even though since I'm a late bloomer I didn't really have any sexual desire.

How does gay marriage hurt the 'institution' of marriage?

I have no problem with gays having a State sanctioned legal declaration of their commitment to each other (and all the benefits and detriments associated with it). What I object to is calling it marriage. Call it something else, and all the controversy will suddenly cease.I am not gay and have no idea what to call

How does it feel to be gay and Christian?

As a gay Christian teenager with depression, it can be pretty difficult at times.I'm non-denominational, and because my parents are Hindu and atheist respectively, I don't really go to church all that often, partially because the only churches I've visited have been stridently against queer people. So for me, I believe that while God was the

How does Japan react to gay people?

This is a simple question with a very complex (and therefore long) answer.The perspectives held by straight people and gay people on straight people's "reactions" to gay people will be significantly different. Many straight people (not just in Japan)

How far is China from legalizing same-sex marriage?

There's still a prevailing conservatism when it comes to marriage in Singapore. It has to be that of a man and a woman, and there are still many purveyors of this belief in the city state. There will always be a handful

How, if at all, is the accent, pitch and voice of gay men different than that of straight men and how accurate is voice in determining sexual orientation?

UPDATE: I found this interesting"Peter Renn's undergraduate study (which won a George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Award) demonstrated that gay-stereotyped speech more strongly correlates with childhood gender-nonconformity than with sexual orientation and proposed that gay-stereotyped speech is actually childhood-gender-nonconformity speech that has become associated with

How many gay people are there in the world?

According to Japanese statistics, there is one gay (exclusively homosexual) kid in every classroom at least. So divide 7.5 billion by about 30, and there is your answer.But the question is, are we measuring gay for one point in time? Some people

How were you able to tell that your kids were LGBT before they even told you?

I'm writing anonymously to preserve my son's privacy. He came out to the whole world last year at the ripe age of thirteen. But we had always known. Since he was very little, he liked girly playthings and games. He loved to get into my closet and try my high heels. One of his very first Christmas

I don't support same-sex marriage. Am I wrong?

Nope! 'Cause I don't support traditional marriage. I think that it's a travesty when two people turn a commitment that is supposed to be sacrosanct into a business arrangement focused on the accumulation of wealth, property, and stuff. I also believe that it's criminal

If a straight guy can turn gay, why can't a gay guy turn straight?

No one "turns gay" or "turns straight." Sometimes people who have been acting straight for years because of social pressures will want to stop lying to themselves and everyone around them and "come out" as gay. You've likely heard of "coming out of the

If being gay is biological (not a choice) that means Darwinism would've eliminated the gay gene since homosexuals don't reproduce. Therefore, being gay is a choice. Is this argument flawed?

If being gay is biological (not a choice) that means Darwinism would've eliminated the gay gene since homosexuals don't reproduce. Therefore, being gay is a choice. Is this argument flawed?Yes your argument is flawed.Several people have already explained why, but just to add. The argument

If homosexuality is innate/genetic, how has it survived evolutionary selection, given that a homosexual couple produces no offspring? Wouldn't an evolution-based standpoint argue that homosexuality is developmental?

Oh, there are so many aspects to it that I don't even know where to begin...For starters, homosexuality is not as disadvantageous as it seems.Humans are social species that originally used to live in packs of around thirty members and cooperated to get food.Since food was scarce, having too many babies in the

If society celebrates 'gay pride,' why not 'straight pride'?

I'm just going to come right out and say it.I hate Gay Pride. I hate Black Pride. I hate Muslim Pride and Women's Pride and all the other damn pride things people celebrate. Yeah, take that convention!Damn it! There's a torch burning mob

Is a gay massage good for straight men?

Any massage is good for any man.A guy who has the opportunity to come and someone else is doing the work will be appreciated. I have no doubt that a straight man who was given I want a full back massage, then travel down his ass and his

Is atheism against same sex marriage?

Atheism pertains to one topic and one topic only: The BELIEF in the existence of a god. Atheists BELIEVE there is no evidence of the existence of a god. It is possible that an atheist could be for or against any other social construct, including gay marriage, abortion or wearing helmets while driving motorcycles. An atheist can

Is Christianity against gay people?

Thanks for the A2A. Christianity is not against gay people per se. The Bible does contain prohibitions against behaviours which are promiscuous and/or held to be sexually perverse and it is would be relatively easy to read those passages in a reductionistic way and use them as a weapon against gay

Is Christianity changing its views on homosexuality?

The Catholic Church used to be totally anti-gay and even burned gays at the stake, but they now admit that people are born that way, and should be treated with dignity and respect. However, all gays must remain celibate their entire lives.Protestants for the most part didn't really care much, and it was not a

Is gay marriage legalized in India?

It technically is not legal to marry same sex as there are no laws ruling same-sex marriage, however, most Indian laws on marriage are based on the assumption of a union to be between a cis man and a cis woman. That being said,

Is homosexuality common in clergy?

There is some data on Roman Catholic clergy but it is hard to know how good it is. I've seen studies with numbers from 10 percent to 58 percent - The Church and the Homosexual Priest - and here are

Is homosexuality genetic?

I'm going to repost a comment I made in another question thread, under another of the grossly ignorant and bigoted anti-gay questions being spread on the site by a one or two users:There has been some data on

Is it okay to accept the LGBT community as a Christian?

The commandment "To love thy neighbor AS THYSELF" and the Golden rule are not suggestions written in the bible, but they are the LAW, the highest set of laws of the entire bible that Followers of Christ obey and do to have eternal life. Congrats to all gay couple exchanging marriage vows to love one another in all circumstances

Is it true that all humans are born as bisexual?

Yes, and No. There's more to it than you might think; As with most things it is not so black and white.By nature, and nature being the key word here, all humans that are operating within healthy parameters are merely sexual. It's one of the primal urges: It's part of the id. The pleasure centre cares only for pleasure,

Is legal same sex marriage inevitable?

Absolutely not. In the United States, same-sex marriage will only become universal if:a) The Supreme Court decides that the logic of Loving v. Virginia, the interracial marriage case, applies to same-sex marriage. Judging from the Prop 8 punt, it's not ready to do

Is marriage a religious rite or civil right?

A civil right? No. A civil benefit, yes.The only meaning to a secular recognition of a partnership is the economic benefits it bestows on the partnership. Most same-sex couples are fighting for the right to have those economic benefits applied to their partnership equally across state and federal lines, as they are to heterosexual partnerships.

Is same-sex marriage a sin based on Matthew 19: 4–6? Does same-sex marriage break God's law?

Why are you asking an atheist to answer that question? ;)I don't believe in the existence of the Christian god, and Christian definitions of

Is same-sex marriage now legal in Germany?

No - at least, not yet.The Bundesrat (upper house) hasn't voted on it just yet (although it's essentially a certainty that it will pass). Then, the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier must sign it (again, essentially a certainty. Steinmeier is a member of their Social Democratic party

Is Singapore LGBT-friendly?

Having spent some years in Singapore, I do know quite a bit of Singapore. Singapore is a melting pot of people of various races, ethnicity and religious groups. The Singapore Government values harmony among all, and thus try to do

Is there any good argument against same-sex marriage?

Certainly not.Lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people possess sexual orientations that are simply ordinary, if uncommon variations of human sexuality.Forming committed, loving partnerships is good for us and good for society as a whole. Stable, productive partnerships benefit everyone, not just the partners themselves.I've never seen any sort of argument against gay marriage that made

Is there any heterosexual man wants to be gay?

I haven't personally met any. But hey, it's a big world; with three and a half billion men in it, I reckon there's a straight dude somewhere who wishes he were gay.I more often meet straight guys who wish they were bisexual. Im one of them. I like sex, I'm sexually adventurous, and

Is Trump against same-sex marriage?

The answer to this question on any matter of policy is always the same - Trump will support whichever policy advances him the most, whether it be financial gain, notoriety/popularity or power, preferably all three.He has shown this time and again, particularly during the lead up to, and

LGBTQI Rights: What are the best ways to help gay people in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death?

Here are different strategies. Some may not like them, but here are some possibilities:1. Support SOCE in such places. If any of the gay folks were not born as gay, they should be helped to appreciate their true orientation. For the others, help them to become strong enough to not act upon their desires. Just

Should gay couples be able to marry?

Yes.First you have to understand that being gay is not a choice. It's inborn.Given that, a gay person cannot get attracted to the opposite sex. They want to but can't. This means that they are more likely to find peace in a companion of the same gender.Now there are laws in many places that have

Should homophobia be illegal?

This reallllllyyyy <BNBR VIOLATION> me off. This constant mass media attempts by all sides to label hatreds as phobias is wilfully deceitful. Phobias are unreasonable and uncontrollable fears, these are psychological problems one should seek assistance for but people stigmatise the words. Does any one really think that arachnophobia (fear of

Should I allow my 13 year old daughter to date a 17 year old girl?

No no no way. It's okay for your daughter to be figuring herself out and for you to give her space to do so without judgement, but you are responsible for her well-being in all aspects. And this means that you will have to

Should straight people refuse to get married until there is complete marriage equality for gay people?

My best friend promised not to get married until I could. It's a nice gesture, but it doesn't do much good.EDIT. ....big ol' gay edit.... snip snip, edit edit.... EDIT:This is all very simplistic, and I don't agree.If

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and

Was anyone in the Bible a homosexual or lesbian? If so, who?

There is an interpretation that the relationship between David and Jonathan was homoerotic. Samuel 20:41 describes when David and Jonathon part company as the former has to escape from the court of King Saul, who is intent on killing him.The text leads with

What are all the arguments against gay marriage?

Here is a libertarian argument that I find very compelling:Premise 1: Marriage is not a right. Not gay marriage, not straight marriage, not my marriage, not your marriage, not any marriage. It is simply a set of tax breaks

What are Confucianism's views on homosexuality?

A narrow reading of Confucianism would focus on its outward conservatism.Family stands at the core of the traditional Confucian social order, hence the importance of marriage, procreation, and filial piety. The conservative Confucian recognizes that homosexuality threatens to undermine these core values, and therefore condemns it.There is danger, however, in blindly following tradition. Some traditional

What are LGBT+ people tired of hearing?

What are LGBT+ people tired of hearing?Being rejected or disowned for simply existing.Imagine this.You're an Amish girl called Abigail. Everything's grand.You're the embodiment of the Virgin Mary, a good Christian girl. You pray more than once a day, you read the Bible for an hour everyday, you dress modestly, you refrain from ‘sinful' things, you are respectful to

What are the negative effects of same-sex marriage, aside from certain religious beliefs?

Last month, in a long, well documented piece by Michael Hobbes (a gay man) at Huffington Post no less, he detailed in unremittingly bleak fashion the negative reality of homosexuality in particular and by extension, gay marriage.He says

What are the 'over 1000 rights' that married gay couples in America do not enjoy?

The video you saw may have been exaggerating but there are well over a thousand pieces of federal legislation that pertain to married couples in the US Code. Some of the biggest problems faced by gays and lesbians include:Inability to file joint federal and state income taxes;Inability to claim survivor's benefits;Inability to adopt

What are the positives of same sex marriage?

What are the pros for legalizing same sex marriages?The pro that made the difference for the United States Supreme Court was the fact that legalizing same-sex marriages eliminated a type of discrimination that had no compelling state interest to justify it.Discriminating against toddlers in

What countries will legalize gay marriage in 2017?

As of December 2017:Finland officially enacted marriage equality on March 1, after passage in 2014.Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled for marriage equality on May 24, and has until 2019 to adjust laws (or equality will automatically enact then).Germany passed marriage equality in the Bundestag on June 30,

What do Buddhists think about homosexuality?

This is not going to be politically correct reply and if i'll ever twist the truth for the sake of "political correctness" i'd consider this as a serious fault in my practice and as a going astray.i'll break it to points, to give a full, true, practical answer to that question, to the best of my