Can dogs understand the human language?

Which animals?  Which humans?Come on, this is much too broad.  Consider for a moment: do you understand human language?  All of it?  I'd be amazed if you do - I don't think it is remotely possible.Some animals, in frequent contact with

How come most animals can understand commands from humans but can't speak?

Please see my answer on the topic of animal language: Kilo Victor's answer to What separates humans from other animals? We used to think it was using tools, being self-aware, language but now we know some animals do these things too.

How to quickly and efficiently learn a new language

Most language learning courses try to give you the appearance of learning a language but if you genuinely want to learn a new language quickly you need to follow these five principles:Principle 1: Frequently used wordsThe Pareto Principle, promoted by Tim

How many languages does the average person speak?

Roughly 1.5. Roughly half the world speaks only one language, and half speaks two or more. But there are three tricky questions here.How do we define language?Is Scots a language? Montenegrin? Bavarian? Lebanese? Did you know that Kurdish is multiple languages? What about Hindu and Urdu? Bokmål and Nynorsk? Some of these are seen

Obsolescence: Will foreign language learning become obsolete?

No, it won't and you'd really have to believe in the utopia of technology to ever think that. Communication is not translating a few words on paper into something readable by a person of another country. If that were the case, Michael could

What are some mind-blowing facts about Korean language?

I suppose the answer to this would depend on what your native language is or what other languages you know. For speakers of most Western European languages , I think one "mind-blowing" fact about Korean would be the huge wealth of verb forms, which in addition

What are the top 10 language learning hacks?

Don't believe people who make you believe, language fluency can be achieved easily. It is work.Don't believe people who make you believe you need not learn words and more, this was boring. Learn the words not only by heart, but also how to write them.Don't believe people

What is the record for most languages known fluently?

We have some figures of 50+ languages from past polyglots like Mezzofanti - but there is no way to prove them and indeed many reasons to doubt. The person I know who is fluent in the most languages is Richard Simcott. He is very modest

Why do Russians use Cyrillic instead of the usual alphabet?

I think this question requires some background for a complete answer, so I'll first answer the complementary question: «Why does most of the Western world use the Latin alphabet?»The answer to this is not self-evident: indeed, the Romans did not invent writing, not even

Are animal languages smarter than ours yet we down play this because we don't understand them?

Did you know that even bees can describe the way to a field with flowers to their fellow bees in the hive? And bees have really small brains.I think we cannot claim that we downplay the complexity of animal language because we don't understand them. We do understand enough

Can cats understand the language of dogs and vice versa?

From my obsersvations, nature's creatures do definately understand each other's meanings. You only have to observe the natural world to see this interaction between different species in action. Dogs and cats are no exception.My dog once said to my cat "woof woof",

Can dogs understand the human language?

Which animals?  Which humans?Come on, this is much too broad.  Consider for a moment: do you understand human language?  All of it?  I'd be amazed if you do - I don't think it is remotely possible.Some animals, in frequent contact with particular

Can human and animal communication be compared?

The more you are around animals, the more you learn about the ways they communicate, and how they understand humans. A few things I have learned:-- Many of the ways that animals communicate, humans can also. After all, we are animals. -- We can communicate in ways that other animals cannot.

Do animals all speak one language?

Nope. In fact, many animals are bi-lingual or even tri-lingual. Some animals communicate with scents and body-language as well as sounds. Others broadcast on a specific frequency and then send out decoy messages on frequencies that are only heard by their predators in order to throw them off course.Cats might be the masters though

Do animals & birds have their own language? Do they speak among themselves?

Yes. Definitely... All the animals have their own language and speak among themselves. Singing and dancing of honey bees, crocking of frog, roaring of lions and tigers are some of the exciting examples of situation-specific languages among these animals, Not only they speak but also they can understand

Do animals have different languages like humans?

Dolphins and whales do. Apes of various kinds can be taught sign language, but seemingly do not have languages of their own, and parrots are famous for their capacity to learn our words (though most have a limited understanding of them.

Do animals think? If so, do they think in a language like humans?

Based on the knowledge we have, animals think, but their brain is not equipped to use language as it is understood by humans.In cognitive psychology, everything works through stimulus and response. If an animal is exposed to food, an object, another animal(stimulus), his brain will plan an appropriate reaction (response). All this is performed in the upper

Do cats have a cat language to talk to each other?

I not so sure there is any universal language. More like people; certain sounds mean one thing to one group of people and another to a different group of people. I used to talk to my home cats in Queens, but in

Do dogs understand different human languages?

People are documenting evidence to show that dogs can understand far more of our speech than was once thought. Some dogs appear to understand hundreds of words. It's also clear that real communication is going on in terms of tone of voice - dogs definitely seem to understand the

How come most animals can understand commands from humans but can't speak?

Very few animals have throats which can imitate human sounds: parrots and ravens are about it. Great apes have the mental capacity for language - they can be taught to type or to sign, - but their vocal chords are just not up to it.Having said that, most animals cannot even understand

How did humans start speaking?

I don't think it started with humans. The concept of communicating with sound goes back a lot further than we do. Even fish and insects make clicking or chirping noises to announce the presence. Some birds seem to have their own vocabulary as well. They have specialized chirps to announce the presence of a snake or

How does Serbian sound to non-Serbian speakers?

Serbian sounds like some type of Italian people (not sure what region in Italy ;) are speaking a language full of archaic Russian words and speaking very very fast. I think Russian flows a bit slower to my ears. Serbian

How is human language different from other animals' communication?

When we talk about distinctions between human language and animal language, we are considering both in terms of their potential as a means of intentional communication. Humans are clearly able to reflect on language and its uses. The human language has some distinct

How well can animals communicate without language?

There are vastly different capacities for communicating in different species of animals, reptiles, insects. Much communication is unconscious, like bright plumage during mating season, scent marking by distributive secretion during a rut, etc. The conscious communication is effected by means of a limited set of signals, though a

If animals could talk in what language would they speak?

I'm largely in agreement with Aurelija Garbanovaite, who's answer for some reason has been collapsed.But it's such a nice challenge, that I'll take some moments to reflect on this question.Well, speech is communication by sound.Many animals use sound to inform other members of the same species of their

Is Kannada going to go extinct?

The problem with people who think Bengalurians don't know Kannada is that they ignore the people who work as auto drivers shopkeepers and other small workers they only consider blue collar jobs, they stil talk based on the 1991 census ( according to that roughly 40% of people speak Kannada in Bengaluru) which was pretty inaccurate

Language is key to human development. Do any animals have anything that amounts to a complex language, and do they have the capacity to develop it further with or without human interference?

lol I have a great story for this. It iant technically complex language, and most animals are completely incapable of complex language because of their inability to move their jaws well, or not have tongues, or voice boxes to allow for inflections,

Suppose a child who lived with animals for years come in contact with humans. If he learns human language, can he translate animal language into human language?

One doesnt need to grow up with animals to understand them. They are easily understood by people willing to learn how to talk n behave with animals.All animals communicate and it doesnt take a genius to figure out what it us that they want. Common expressions are same for humans and animals.

What are some body language facts?

Body LanguageThe important part of your presentation is to master the visuals, which is 55% of your presentation. Visuals are everything that your audience sees.Psychologists believe that most of our movements are ingrained and almost all carry meaning. In humans, body language is

What are some body language hacks?

These kind of questions pop up in almost everyone's mind. And I personally think that the best way to learn what others body language is to observe your own self. Every secret lies within yourself only.But apart from that here are some of

What are some mind blowing facts about language?

Learning a language provides a passport into a new culture/region.Studying a language lets us become one with the civilization (that natively speaks/spoke said language).Explanation: When one studies a language, you understand the etymology of the terms/phrases commonly used. Look back at your own native tongue - almost every common expression has a

What are some mind-blowing facts about the Telugu language?

I was A2A'ed by Harish Aditham, but my answer is not going to be straight glorifying the language or listing '1001 facts you always wanted to know about Telugu' because you can look them up elsewhere. Also, most of the topics I wanted to cover were already elaborated by others (blame my laziness). So

What is the world's oldest language still spoken today?

Yes guys, thanks to the one who asked this question. Tamil is the one which is the oldest in the world dating 3800 BC by the recent temple incriptions in northern Africa.The reasons why I say Tamil as the oldest language is that:All the languages have a difference between various dialects like ka, kha, ga etc. Unlike those, Tamil

What was the first language spoken on Earth?

What was the first language spoken on Earth?Sounds like the OP believes that exactly one and only one language was spoken on Earth, the first time, at some point in time. First of all, I would like to know, if it is the case, why?Around two millions years ago, humans

Which human language do dogs understand easily?

Dogs don't understand languages as such; they have learnt the meaning of certain words, but can't string together (or understand) sentences that change meaning depending on word order, particles, conjugations, etc.It doesn't matter if you teach your dog

Which language will be extinct next?

Depends on whether you want an 'answer' or the real answer.  There are probably dozens of languages with one or fewer (yes, or fewer [1]) speakers left, but the problem comes in identifying them.  For the most endangered languages often

Which non-human animal has the most sophisticated language and why?

Thanks for the A2A.So far as we know no non-human animals have language. Many have sophisticated signalling systems for social interaction, cooperative hunting, play, mating.Dolphins might have a language. We've suspect this for a long time, and some scientists have produce some very strong evidence of this. John C Lilly, while not the most admirable researcher in

Why can dogs understand human language but not talk?

Who on earth told you they understand human language?Dogs are able to associate sounds with specific items or commands through training, but this has nothing to do with understanding language. If you use the command

Why can't dogs speak, if they can understand human language?

Oh! You mean like human beings?They simply can't because human beings use different parts within their mouth/throat called articulators (e.g. palate, soft palate, alveolar ridge, teeth, tongue, nose etc.) for creating distinct sounds in combination with the vocal cords.Now, dogs have a different

Why do humans have languages but animals don't?

Animals do not have languages as we understand it, with grammar, enough words to make long sentences expressing abstract ideas, but some do have proto-languages (ie: for a specific species of monkey a male crying ‘hok' means immediate danger jaguar, but ‘hok-on' means lookout

Why do you think animals cannot communicate with us using our language?

Thanks for the A2A.A physiological reason is that they don't have the necessary vocal structures. They don't have the right tongue or lip manipulation abilities to make our sounds and they often don't have the fine breath control needed.Another

Why is it impossible for animals to learn human language?

The ability to learn a language is a complex genetic trait involving many genes. Some genes control the morphology of the speaking, reading and hearing mechanisms and their connections with the brain. So a chimp may ‘understand' a human like concept but not have

Will there ever be animals able to speak a human language?

No. Our human languages are completely made up. Animals would have no interest learning a whole made-up language. Hell, sometimes, I find it taxing using the English language. 80% of the words we use are useless (Cacophony, serendipitous, farlek)...I can't imagine an animal taking the majority of their

Can I become smarter by 'thinking' in another language?

The language you think in is important. It is much harder to grasp abstract concepts or ideas in a language you don't master. Language and its power to condense something abstract into a word or sentence is important for your intellectual power.Some languages have features that others miss. So poetry for example can be vastly differently enjoyed in various

How are the Anglo-Saxon and European (Latin) way of thinking different?

Albert Gehring in 1908 wrote a book on the distinguishing traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons (when he says Germanic, he means the Germanic peoples, which includes the Anglo-Saxons).  His writing is highly unfashionable by modern standards, and for that reason it is quite intriguing.The most Germanic writer in

How to motivate people to learn another language

How do I motivate people to learn another language?By being the example of how the foreign language has enriched your life.Humans are curious creatures, we see the videos online of how people are super successful, how they are in great shape, how they are able to travel cheaply around the

How to teach the German language

I have just set up a website for teachers of beginners German. It is actually aimed at Primary School Children but I have found that older children and even adults can use the free resources and are making really good progress. Just go to and click on lesson

How to say ‘I love you' in Latin and Spanish

How do you say ‘I love you' in Latin and Spanish?Spanish:Te quiero. Most common way of expressing general love.Te amo: generally used in romantic love, but can be used in other emotional situations as well.If you is plural:In Spain: change

How is learning a second or third foreign language different from learning your first foreign language?

As you learn more languages, you get better at ‘hacking the process'. I admit, however, that my breakthrough came after my third foreign language. Quite by accident, I realized that what I need to be doing is first getting a grasp of the logic of the language, creating a framework on which to hang

How would you set up a self-study plan in order to achieve an intermediate level in a distant language (in my case Polish starting from Italian), dedicating one hour and a half or two per day?

First of all I have to say that with that amount of time dedicated to learning a language everyday, you should make a lot of progress!I actually wrote an article on how to make a plan already:-'ve already answered the first two

I would like to start learning one of those 2 languages that I love (German-Italian) and I live in Dubai so what language should I learn that will help me get into a new field and get paid more?

I believe learning German first would be better .This is mainly because is one of the most spoken native languages in Europe. It has excellent business opportunities. In fact, it is the second language used in science. It offers so many places to study.I have

I would love to hear from people familiar with linguistics. How are English structures different from German, Japanese, and other major languages? What kind of impact does that have on learning English?

English grammar ,being largely analytic, is one of the easier grammars to learn. It shares this characteristic with Chinese grammar. This doesn't mean that expressing oneself eloquently is easy, but basic grammar is quite simple. Elaborate English is hard due to its's rich vocabulary, but it shares that with Japanese.Japanese grammar

If would've, could've, and should've are proper English contractions, why aren't wouldn't've, shouldn't've, and couldn't've?

These are perfectly acceptable English for general use.If you're writing in a context constrained by a manual of style, they are probably disallowed, regardless of which one, because the standards of formality they insist upon ban double contractions.A casualty of their banning has been an explosion of

Is learning the Korean language beneficial, or not? Why?

It depends... on what you want to do and your background.In preparation for visiting South Korea, I made a sincere attempt to learn conversational Korean-it helps knowing Chinese and Japanese beforehand-to respect the locals and for practicality, since I heard that the locals do not speak much of any other language.

Is there something about the German language that lends itself to the construction of very long words?

Yes (there is there something about the German language that lends itself to the construction of very long words). It is firstly grammatical: the tendency of German to focus on the noun.English is far more interested in verbs, in advice, in commands in what to do and how to do it. German is

Obsolescence: Will foreign language learning become obsolete?

No, it won't and you'd really have to believe in the utopia of technology to ever think that. Communication is not translating a few words on paper into something readable by a person of another country. If that were the case, Michael could write

What are 2 common German words you can teach me?

German is not an easy language to learn, but at least, with few exceptions, it follows grammatical rules for German! (Kind of like Germans themselves, who are usually very logical and law abiding.) Also, there are colloquialisms and regional dialects, but this is like most countries-even

What are some misconceptions about Malay language?

From the people I met, these are some noticeable misconception about the Malay language:It sounds like Chinese. Malay are not Chinese. Malaysia do have Chinese.It sounds like Indian. Malay are not Indian. Malaysia do have Indians.It has harsh K's and harsh consonants. We

What are some ridiculously long German words?

I am sure you guys know about CERN - Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire.They built the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, the largest, most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world.The

What are some things that translators know, but most people don't?

It's difficult for me to say for sure, because I tend to believe that people are smarter than they actually are, so I would HOPE the following is absolutely plain and obvious to those 'most people' and not just to translators.-----1. Knowing a language is not the same as being able to

What are the benefits of being multilingual?

Chris Barnhill is on the right track.  For an individual, learning a second language is one of the best ways to inoculate  yourself against dementia (senility) not based on genetic factors.  It's useful to think of your brain as a muscle, and learning another language is one of the best ways to

What are the best language learning books?

There are quite a few books out there to learn languages.In fact, I think there's too many.You can have all the best software, best apps, best everything all downloaded.But if your learning mindset isn't correct and you don't learn how to create a custom learning process for yourself, then all those apps won't matter.Mainly

What are the biggest misconceptions about language?

I totally agree with Joonas Vakkilainen's very professional answer.Here are a few other misconceptions I (an amateur linguist) slowly realised to be wrong. After many discussions with many different people, and perusing many answers on Quora, it seems that other people get them wrong too.1°/ Language is about words.Actually

What are the most common misconceptions about linguistics?

Ooh, I get to do my rant-y pedantry thing. This'll be a dump of everything everyone always gets wrong about everything.Linguistics is not about learning as many languages as humanly possible; it's the study of how language works. The question

What can a Chinese speaker do to become fluent in English?

How can a Chinese redneck like me who has never been out of her own province in China incurred the wrath of a Yahoo user by speaking on the mic for 5 hours non-stop? (He later commented: "Are ya running for the president?"). 1. I don't believe in extensive reading or listening. I think only mentally challenged'd fool

What is the best and quickest way to learn a language?

The first phase: Initial learningWhen you come across a word, give importance to the following things:In what context was it used?What reaction did the word elicit?The sound it made, the way it looked (if the word was presented in a list of words like GRE lists, focus on points 2 & 3)Now comes the learning bit:Say the word out

What is the best foreign language to learn, and why ?

Spanish is the easiest language because its syntax, grammar and even the words are similar to that of English. It is the third most widely spoken language next to English. 5.6% of the world population speaks Spanish.French occupies the second place. The pronunciations can be tricky, but syntax is similar to English. French

What is the best way to learn Korean in 1 full year?

Move to Korea.Enroll to Korean Language School (어학당). Mostly they located in university, for example you should be able to find language school in Yonsei University, Korea University, Kyunghee University, etc, you named it. You will intensively study Korean, 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week. Generally there will be 6 levels/terms, each level usually takes

What is the best way to learn to speak a language? (Korean/Japanese)

I have learned Japanese after graduation and before starting my new job. So, I had full time classes everyday for 2 months before I could speak comfortably in Japanese.

What is the most effective way to learn a language from scratch?

Who else wants to master their target language in HALF the time it normally takes?Hmmmmmm.....?I know you're thinking.......How can I speed up my learning process? Are you going to join the struggle bunny learners who have 10,000 language apps on their phone and still can't order a pizza in their target language?Or are

What's your favorite oxymoron?

My favorite list of Oxymoron.India - All prime ministers in Nehru family are elected Democratically.Indian politician - All Engineering seats are to filled by reservation, not merit, Find out the Best Engineer to build my Home.Minority - The 5 % caste Brahmins

Which Chinese language is best to learn?

Which language to learn is depends on your target or motivation of learning. The major speaking system are Cantonese (uses mostly in Hong Kong, Macau, certain area of Guangdong and Guangxi province) and Mandarin(Mainland, Taiwan). The writing system are simply and traditional Chinese.The first choice would be Mandarin with simplified

Which language is easiest to learn: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

Chinese: Grammar: Easy  The words are organized in generally the same way English is (subject verb noun) and grammar is arguably easier because there are less conjugations and exceptions to rules. Speaking: Medium-Hard.  Tones are hard for English-speakers to grasp, as are some of the sounds (like the Chinese "r").  However, English arms

Which language is the most difficult for people to learn?

Written Chinese.Actually it's not that hard to just learn to speak some Chinese, it is the written Chinese that can drive foreigners, even native Chinese to crazy.

Why should we learn new languages?

Foreign Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different.Analytical skills improve when students study a foreign language.Business skills plus foreign language skills make an employee more valuable in the marketplace.Dealing with another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture.Creativity is

Will learning a new language make you more intelligent?

No, it will not make you smarter. However, it will be an excellent training for keeping your ability to actively use your brain up to date. When, after your studies, you stop to do efforts to acquire new knowledge, your brain functions

Are most Duolingo employees able to communicate fluently in any language(s) other than their native?

I would be shocked if the answer were yes.If you go to their website, you'll see that only a few of the jobs they are looking for require, or even ask for, knowledge of a foreign language.There are people who work at Apple and

How do native English speakers acquire vocabulary?

As a native English speaker, I'd say most of my new vocabulary comes via three routes:1. I see a word while reading and I infer what it means, often unconsciously. If I've only read the word once or twice, I'll have a vague idea of what it means; the more I've seen it, the more confident I

How many languages does the average person speak?

Roughly 1.5. Roughly half the world speaks only one language, and half speaks two or more. But there are three tricky questions here.How do we define language?Is Scots a language? Montenegrin? Bavarian? Lebanese? Did you know that Kurdish is multiple languages?

I'm learning English and I would like to have someone to speak with. Who wants to start with me? I can teach you French (I speak it usually).

Good thing I know this website wherein you can look for a native English speaker and you might as well share your mother tongue or your native language.Ever heard of TUTOROO? Visit this website and we will help you connect with a native English speaker. Or be a part

What is the best way to learn how to speak a language fluently?

Ok, so here's the deal about learning a new language! And no one will tell you this, but it matters the most - You need to become a child again! If you are too busy worrying about speaking something wrong and making a fool of yourself, you will never learn!

What is the easiest South Indian language to learn for a North Indian (Bengali to be more precise)?

Nothing is difficult,as long as you spend time with other language people,you will learn that language automatically if you are interested.for learning anything in this world all you need is interest about that thing.Anyway malayalam seems little difficult, Tamil,Telugu can be learnt easily.And I think Tamil is more famous among all south Indian languages.

What languages do you speak?

I think my credential tells the whole story here. I speak English, and if you're patient enough and give me a dictionary then I could claim to speak French too. Unfortunately for me, this is a Quora answer, which means that I have to drag this out for waaaaaay longer than it's normal to.Over the last six years, I've

When did language originate?

The answer is complicated by a number of facts, some of which are obvious and some which are not. Before we get to when, we need to know what.THE FOSSIL RECORDLet's start with the obvious fact: language leaves no fossil record. Ancient peoples (including other hominids) may have had spoken language, but if a language dies out completely,

Which are the must watch Foreign language movies?

Classics-The Bicycle Thief (1948) Italian.  A simple story that eventually plumes the deepest depths of what it is to be human.The Wages Of Fear (1953) French.  This film is a blueprint for suspense.  Its clever premise leads to white knuckles on such an elemental level.  Deliciously

Which language you like the most out of all languages you speak fluently?

It's a very difficult question to answer. I speak Telugu, English, Hindi and Marathi fluently. How can I choose anyone of them ? Telugu is my mother tongue. As such I am very fond of this language. I earned some recognition as