Does an external laptop cooling fan really cool down the laptop?

As far as i can tell from my personal experience it does great work! My laptop this summer needed to clean it 's cooling system because of the dust inside the fan circuit. This case caused high temperatures and suddenly started to power off randomly while i could hear the fan work real loud for some

Does anyone know any names of advance laptops for automotive design?

If I understood your question correctly you are asking for a computer, a laptop, that can be used to run various simulation/designing software used for automotive designing.If that be the case I would suggest you to buy a desktop rather than a laptop if you don't need to carry it

My 12 year old daughter always shuts her laptop screen closed whenever I walk in her room. Is she hiding something? What should I do?

I'm 20 years old, I do something similar to this whenever my mother walks into the room, doesn't matter what I'm doing, if I'm watching a video, reading an article, writing in my e-diary, writing an answer on Quora, watching anime, playing a game, looking through emails, checking

What are some cool laptop hacks?

FOR WINDOWS 8.1 PRO OS :1 To close current window press win+D key2 To get into the drives directly press win+E3 To search anything you want in the laptop press win+S4 Arrange your start screen as your wish,By just dragging the items and place in the start menu.FOR ANY LAPTOP:To get present screen into 90,270,180 degrees press ctrl+alt+right/left/top

What are some cool ways programmers customize their laptops?

Being a programmer, I always want to have my stuff at my hand. Which means I have set up a lot of software on my laptop to do daily things quickly.I use Arch Linux on my laptop along with KDE. The reason I use KDE is the facility it

What are some good laptops for a designer in India?

I can tell you what specs a designer should look for and which brands i prefer. You can then decide on your own.Specs you should look:# Screen resolution: If you are a website designer whose design will only be seen on digital devices then you can

What are some tips for keeping my laptop cool?

As the seasonal change augments the beginning of summers, laptop heating issues arise quickly to much our disdain. After all, laptops these days work very hard to keep up with our demands. It is not at all surprising that so many of

What are the best laptop Windows hacks?

For computers with low RAM (as in 2 GB or less), you can plug in a USB stick with at least 256 MB of free space to use as additional RAM with a Windowa feature called ReadyBoost. After inserting a USB stick, to the drive's properties and enabling this feature under the "Readyboost."  Note that ReadyBoost mainly

What cool things can you do with an old laptop?

How old is the laptop?  :)What are some things it could do back when it was new?  What are some of its input and output ports (USB, VGA, etc.)?One really easy idea is to use it as a media center PC.  If it has a DVD

What is a good laptop for industrial design?

I have been using a Cintiq Companion 1 since it came out and it is the best computer I ever had. It is my main computer and I cannot see myself going back to a laptop PC (or mac). I usually have open 1 or 2 instances of

What kind of advance laptop is good for automotive design?

In general Jonathan LeBlanc is correct. However I would like to amplify his statement with the following: 1. "Automotive Design" is a very broad term. Does this mean that automotive structures are being created? Or is

What laptop to use when hacking?

There's no clear cut answer for this because hacking is such a broad term.  It's like saying "What shoes to use for walking".  Well are you walking in the Sahara Desert? But to tickle your fancy and answer your question, any laptop with fairly strong multi-cored

At what age do you give a kid a laptop?

I'm always stunned by questions like this, because age should never be the deciding factor in decisions like this. You give a kid a laptop when all of the following conditions are met:They can handle expensive equipment without breaking it.They know how to handle themselves safely online.There is some need to have a laptop. If their school

Is the Chromebook Pixel a good fit for programmers?

How to Install Linux on a Chromebook and Unlock Its Full Potential, so there's that.A Chromebook Pixel is huge overkill in some areas and underkill in others in all the wrong places for a programmer. Pros:A really good keyboard and screen, which are musts for a programmerMore than enough processor power and

What is the best fishing kayak under 600$?

The best fishing kayak under 600$ Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak .The period Sports Fisher Kayak is publicized because the ‘ultimate fishing kayak'. A daring statement, however it seems that it's attained that standing, with the bulk house owners being terribly glad with their purchase, taking only one

What kind of an OS and laptop hardware is used by the astronauts aboard the ISS?

See Robert Frost's answer to Does ISS use Linux or Microsoft Windows for its computers?The laptops used for telemetry and commanding run on Linux.  The laptops used for procedures, tools, video conferencing, e-mail, reference documents, internet etc. use Windows.And also Robert Frost's answer to How are laptops used on the

How to install a new OS on a empty laptop

A2A: Use another computer to download an installer. For Windows, use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. Here's some advice on how to do it. You can purchase the license for Windows after you have installed it. (You need that in order to

How to know if it's safe enough to use a laptop or tablet after washing your hands or showering so you don't cause liquid damage to the device especially if you think that your hands always feel damp and it's very easy to cause liquid damage

Most likely a new device (without cables openly strewn about. Will be perfectly fine to touch with wet hands, let alone damp.... I wouldn't go dripping water all over it though,especially through ports of a computer, however I use my

Is there a way to bridge 2 computers, 2 laptops or a laptop and a computer to where they use their hardware to operate one operating system together?

A2A. Yes. As others have said this is clustering. Other distrubuted computing models exist as well. SETI uses a method that installs a client on computers and when notified that the sysyem is not being used allows the SETI program to send instructions for signal analysis. Some file sharing networks were a fir of

My 14 year old son wants a new laptop; what should be his budget?

So your 14 year old wants to get a laptop. Great! Glad I found this question.Reasons why a 14 year old should have a laptop include being able to do school assignments, having a a more powerful and productive base system to access the web and do everything they would otherwise accomplish on a phone, and being

What are the benefits and drawbacks of switching to Linux? I'm well trained in Windows and my office also uses Windows OS. Should I switch my personal laptop to Linux?

First of all, since you're saying you're open to trying new OSes, maybe it's a good time to evaluate *all* your options. Sure, Linux distributions are the first alternative (and most of the time the only ones) that people are finding about. But while all

What is the best laptop computer specs to do dev opps or for a developer?

DevOps requires next to nothing, most of the work will be farmed out to servers. Any laptop than can run the CLI, Go, Python, Node JS and Chrome will do.For a developer, you need a machine powerful enough to run the application you are developing. Developement tools are quite light weight.To

Why do Google engineers use Linux on their desktops when it is so buggy on desktops and laptops?

Because software engineers do a lot more than installing binaries.Windows can be the best operating system out there if all you want to do is to install packaged binaries and get stuff done with them. It has the widest variety of software in most categories, works on the widest variety of recent consumer PC hardware, and it

How to hack into my roomies laptop

Thanks for A2A.This doesn't answer "How" but I guess would give enough motivation to read about "How".This question reminded me of one of the incident where I sort of did a little hack into my roomies laptop.My roomies were counter strike freak in

What is the best laptop for a programmer? Why? How is Mac vs. PC for a programmer?

Many people will say "go with Apple, because it is a UNIX-based operating system", and that is a very valid point. Having access to a Terminal that "just works" with minimal configuration is a massive win.If you had asked me this question a couple of months ago, hands down I would have toed the traditional party line and recommended

Which are the best smartphones that I can buy within 30k INR? My budget is 30k INR.

Go for the following options-Asus Zenfone 5Z-A perfect all-rounder.Nokia 7 Plus-Sturdy build quality, good camera, Pixel like software optimisation, iconic design, great battery life. According to me, it has the best software experience under ₹30K.Huawei Honor Play-Insane performance and great battery life on a budget. Infact

Which is the best smartphone under 25000 INR?

Here's the list of few Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 in India 2019Oppo K1: 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, 16MP + 2MP Camera, 3600 mAh BatteryHonor 8X 128GB: 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 20MP+2MP Camera, 3750 mAh BatteryVivo V9 Pro: 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, 13MP + 2MP Camera, 3260 mAh BatteryVivo

Which is the best smartphone under 50000 INR?

Hi,The best phone for you depends on how you use the phone or the purpose for taking the phone(for eg :- a regular phone might not be good for me if i am a gamer). However, here are some that I think are the best :-012

Which is the best smartphone under 70000 INR?

Read this article you will find your answer.......Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy S10E have been launched. Let's tell you that these are the Galaxy S10E base models and the Galaxy S10+ is the high-end model... Read full article click link below....