A wants to divorce B; how does A get the divorce without a lawyer and/or without knowing the location of B?

I cannot tell you how to do it without a lawyer nor do I believe you should even attempt to do so. The old saying "the man/woman who represents himself in court has a fool for a client" is very true. Even in a divorce case. Lawyers go to school for a

According to Indian Hindu law, can a married man live with another widow woman before the divorce?

As per Hindu law, if a man and women get married they can further re marry only after ending their first marriage.So if a married man starts staying with a widow before marriage that amounts to illegality. So in order to start living with the widow is to end the first marriage.An expert

According to Indian Law, what are the legal entitlements of the wife over the husband's financial assets?

Thanks for the A2A.Legally, apart from maintenance from husband, a wife is not entitled to anything else, either movable or immovable, owned by the husband. However, at the time of Divorce, she would be entitled to alimony, and if the husband dies without leaving a

After divorce, should the parents and/or siblings of the ex-husband continue to pay alimony and child support to the ex-wife if the ex-husband dies?

First determine what is the likelihood of this.Many terminal illnesses today are curable or can be put into long remission, eg. cancer.An organ transplant might solve the pressing health problem.No, the family of the ex-husband will not do it except if they are extraordinarily kind.You

Are divorce attorneys worth it?

If you are dissatisfied, you may be tempted to file for divorce on your own using court provided documents or information from a book or website. While a do-it-yourself divorce may be acceptable in some situations, most people should consider hiring an attorney to represent their interests.Here are some reasons that a person should

Are divorce courts slanted against men?

It depends on the country. The problem is generally not so much that the court doesn't apply the law equally but that the legal framework itself is biased.Alimony for example is an outdated practice and is intrinsically biased against men, as men generally out-earn their wives and

Are divorce documents publicly available?

This varies by court. I've had occasion to search for domestic relations documents in my two states of licensure and also in New Jersey.In Pennsylvania and North Carolina, documents relating to non-support family matters are generally held by the Prothonotary or Clerk of Superior Court (respectively)

Are divorce laws unfair?

No, they are ambiguous. However, the issues are often exacerbated by the unenlightened systems which are being overwhelmed by high conflict personalities who are adept at bamboozling the system. Most states are no fault, which may seem progressive on first glance but ultimately makes

Are fathers treated fairly by the courts during divorce proceedings?

That is a good question. There are many variants to how the answer can go. For instance:What country or State are you in;Employment and support. They will use a program to calculate what spousal support and child support you will pay. You may

Are tapped conversation between two individual admissable during court proceeding?

Phone tapping means secretly listening or / recording a communication in telephone in order to get information about others activities. It is also known as ‘wire-tapping' in some countries (primarily in USA). Phone Tapping can only be done in an authorized manner with permission from the department concerned. However, if it is undertaken in an unauthorized

Are there attorneys that deal with common law marriage between same sex couples in the state of Texas?

Any family-law attorney can deal with common-law (informal) marriage claims. Because of the Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage and invalidating laws restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples, Texas' informal-marriage statute also applies to same-sex couples despite the obsolete man/woman wording.The question is whether the change in the law applies retroactively. If the evidence of

Can a father get a 10-year-old daughter's custody after a divorce?

A lot will depend on where you live. But a dad can get custody of a 10 year old daughter. There is just a lot of things a dad needs to work through and understand to do it.First, there is a predisposition for people to believe that the mother should be the one with primary

Can a husband physically abuse his wife without reason?

Your question details are way, way off base. In "usual" families, husbands don't physically abuse their wives - or vice versa. Someone who physically abuses their spouse is sick - whether it's happened three times or three hundred times. They're also a criminal - because beating your spouse is a crime. There is never any "reason" to beat

Can a judge deny someone a divorce?

In the USA, there are 50 States. There are three Parties to a Marriage Contract. They are the Husband, the Wife and the State. In order to dissolve a Marriage, you must get the State's permission. That is accomplished by getting

Can a judge dismiss a divorce case in California?

Can't answer for California and I'm not a lawyer, but in the jurisdiction I know about, the judicial officer could dismiss the case for procedural reasons e.g. a document that was supposed to be included in the information before the court was not included, the respondent to the case hadn't been properly

Can a US citizen file for divorce in India?

From the comment on the other answer,

Can a warring couple walk into the family court, file for divorce with mutual consent and get it, without having the usual court hearings?

I shall answer this question from Indian Legal System point of view. Both in Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act, there is a provision for couple to get seperated from each other with mutual consent. The court procedures in the same is limited but still there are conditions which need to be fulfilled.In the

Can a woman file a case against his husband on ground of cheating?

First of all, you must clarify the nature of cheating in your question.I believe cheating here refers to ‘adultery' by the husband. If that is the situation, a woman can approach a matrimonial court to seek divorce against her husband on the grounds of adultery. The critical aspect is that you will need evidence to prove

Can an attorney be disbarred for cheating on his or her spouse or significant other?

No, assuming they did nothing illegal (and adultery hasn't been a crime in the US since the late 20th century).  I guess that could happen if the attorney lied under oath in a divorce proceeding (committing perjury, which is a crime), but I don't think that's what you're talking

Can an attorney be disbarred for misrepresenting the law?

ABA Model Rule 4.1(a) (Rule 4.1: Truthfulness in Statements to Others) says that a lawyer, in the course of representing a client "shall not knowingly... make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person."Not all states have adopted this rule and, as

Can an employer legally deny me pay?

Generally, if you put in your time, you must be paid. That's true even if your employer decides your work was sub-standard, failed to meet quotas and so on. That's also true if you're accused of stealing, lying on your application or a host of other things. The labor law in the states I'm most familiar with (California

Can an LGBT couple married in a country where same-sex marriage is legal have their marriage recognized in a country where same-sex marriage is illegal?

There is no reason why the new country would have to, although it might.This happened to some couples who were married in Canada and sought U.S. recognition of their marriages, which was initially denied. Although the Windsor and Obergefell Supreme Court decisions eventually resulted in such marriages

Can I change the property settlement agreement after a divorce because of a significant change in income of the person paying the alimony and child support?

In Texas, 30 days after the judge signs the final order the court loses jurisdiction over the case and it is finished, done, final.However, in Texas, if the person paying child support begins to make a lot more money then it is certainly reasonable to try to raise the child support.In Texas, once

Can I divorce my parents?

I'll break it down to you."My parents suck." - Someone in nepal has no roof over their head. You have some access to internet to bad mouth two people that provide that for you. Please appreciate."Typical Indian Parents" - My parents are indian. I have curfews

Can I get a divorce without going to court if it is mutual?

If you mean without going into a court room and arguing orally, yes.In Nevada, a joint complaint for divorce or joint-petition to establish custody and visitation accomplishes this. The petition is filled out, signed by both parties (possibly under notary), and filed with the district court. As you can see, you still

Can I represent myself in a divorce?

Thanks for the A2A.You can represent yourself in most districts in the United States. The real question is: Should you represent yourself? If you have been married a short time, have not accumulated any wealth, own no real estate, have no financial holdings whatsoever and do not have any children; then yes, you may be able

Can my ex girlfriend legally keep my stuff?

It depends on where you live and whether you were living together.I can only speak from my own personal experience, so not sure if this will help:I divorced my ex-husband 7 years ago. While I was having a shower, he sneaked into the

Can my spouse kick out a guest without my consent?

I'm not a lawyer so I'm guessing that it depends on several things. Your question comes down to what will happen if she calls the police and tells them that the guest is unwelcome. Like all things legal, it depends.Even if your wife's name is not on the title,

Can no fault divorce be filed by both parties together in California?

I AM licensed in California, and there is some incorrect information in this thread. For one thing, the jurisdictional period you have to wait to have judgment entered is six months, not a year, and it has nothing to do with how long you've been

Can NRIs file a divorce case in India?

Yes, NRIs can file a divorce petition in India.Step wise procedure for NRI's to file for a mutual consent divorce :Place for filing the DivorceNow, either of the place of which the husband or the wife has Aadhaar card which has now become the most important

Can one file a divorce case in any court in India other than the court of his hometown jurisdiction?

Yes. It is possible.However at least one party must reside in the court jurisdiction where divorce is filed.Since it is a civil case, presence of the other party is not mandatory.However enforcement is not easy for a court order from one jurisdiction to be enforced in another jurisdiction and

Can one sue his employer if an unlimited PTO policy is only in name but not in practice?

Question: Can one sue his employer if an unlimited PTO policy is only in name but not in practice?You potentially could do so, yes.An attorney who is familiar business practices involving vacation and paid time off would be a good place to start if you are seeking useful advice, questioner.Here's the problem: If

Can we directly file a case in high court or the supreme court of India, without going to subordinate courts?

In India, there is hierarchy of courts, which means one has to first approach the lower courts for remedy. However, this rule is subjected to the following exceptions:Violation of Fundamental rights- If an individual's fundamental rights like Right to Equality, Life, Freedom of Expression is violated, then she can

Can wife gift property to his husband?

I think the question you're asking is what gifts can a wife get for her husband that he will really like? The answer to that really depends on what things her husband is interested in.For example, I work for a

Can you divorce a person without his or her consent?

Yes.I took a completely hands off approach to my divorce. I had a lawyer represent me at every conference and hearing. Even though my wife filed for divorce, she was bitter and determined to cause me the maximum amount of grief. I was granted a 5 year restraing order against her.The fact that

Can you really use sites like Divorce Writer to get a divorce without a lawyer?

Yes, and how well you do it depends on if there could be legal issues afterword. We have supported people through self devorces and the least expensive (and this is probably a state by state) has been around $300. US. The avaerage legal cost is $1500.00 The actual cost is much

Do attorneys sometimes hate other attorneys? Why?

Good attorneys don't bother to hate anybody in their professional dealings.Hate is a particularly unhelpful emotion when your job is to maximize your client's benefit.Some things that attorneys do are definitely vexing, however.Sometimes lawyers think that being a blowhard or stating their position loudly, insultingly or obnoxiously contributes to the best outcome for

Do divorce court judges grant any legal protection for dedicated fathers and/or good husbands?

Custody cases are decided on a "best interest of the child" standard.  While I'm sure that most judges are happy to hear cases where both parties are dedicated parents, a lot of times this description fits neither and it comes down to "which party has a better chance of offering

Do I have to have a lawyer to divorce if I have kids?

If I were you I would avoid attorneys at all costs. I would go before a Magistrate with a signed agreement, attorney free.The reason is that the law is predictable and if it were ever enforced people would follow the law and not litigate. The courts found a (unconstitutional) way to avoid the

Do I need a lawyer in same state my wife lives to file divorce?

Most likely no, but that doesn't mean it mightn't be cheaper or faster to file where she lives.  States have varying laws relating to things like length of separation, consent to divorce, and so forth and varying procedures and fees.  For instance if you are a resident of New York and your

Do lawyers have their own lawyers?

There's an old saying.

Do women pay alimony?

Yes, in India, under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955 applicable to Hindus for their Hindu Marriage the provision for maintenance during the pending main petition for divorce or any such relief and permanent alimony and maintenance at the time of finalisation of the main petition both

Do you know any lawyer who got disbarred? What was the reason for their disbarment?

I do yesThe disbarment was based on several cases he basically bungled and mine was his last strawHe went into a case before a judge with me and my mother with literally ZERO preparation. When asked pointed questions by the judge he failed to even have enough notes to

Do you still need a lawyer for a divorce when they can settle everything?

For those of you who are giving an answer to this question, I just noticed that the question is a -"JOKE QUESTION"! QUORA had posted THIS at the top of my page! And, I hold QUORA responsible for doing such a CRUEL and MEAN-SPIRITED

Do you think Gay Marriages and Homosexuality should be legalised in India?

Why should it?I don't understand the question very well; is it that you're against homosexuality, or is it that you're not sure about homosexuality?Based on the question, I feel like you're not sure what is it homosexuality. I will very gladly explain it to you.Homosexuality is one of the very many sexual

Does the USA have any laws that limits how many times you can get married?

I have no idea about any restrictions in the USA but...I work in a church office and yesterday a couple of our members were married. I was doing the paperwork last week and had to ring the bride to clarify a couple of details. Well, I say paperwork but although the forms she

For criminal cases, can a revision be filed in high court when the case is pending in supreme court? Is there any relevant case law?

There isn't a case law authority on the exact situation that you are referring to mainly for the reason that the said situation is covered by the famous rule of Res Sub Judice. According to this rule No court is

Has anyone divorced without attorneys? What was your experience?

I have, twice. Both times I used the same people, Divorce with Dignity, in the SF Bay area. Basically in California if a divorce is amiable, i.e. no children and no property issues then it's mostly a matter of filling in paper work and they, DWD, help you through all that. There are of

Have you ever regretted firing an employee?

We are talking fired not laid off now. The answer is no.However I have greatly regretted not firing someone sooner.I am not saying I enjoy firing people or that I don't feel compassion for someone who is being fired, I don't enjoy it at

How are judges in Cuyahoga county able to get away with not honoring Ohio divorce code when one spouse asks for the 6-month family counseling allowed by law? This is wrong.

I don't know the particular legislation you are referring to, and I'm not a lawyer.What I do know, however is that there is a difference between the words ‘must' and ‘may' when they appear in laws.If the law says that the judges ‘must'

How are personal injury attorneys looked upon by other attorneys?

PI lawyers are unquestionably of great value to many people in their  time of greatest need.  The problem, of course, is that people who have  suffered from personal injury are especially vulnerable to  exploitation.  I think lawyers are concerned, just like everyone else,  that PI lawyers

How to find out if my husband has actually filed for a divorce

Court will send summons to your address through their office server.Court will attempt few times to your address. If you are residing at that address and rejected it, the same will be noted and the Divorce case will proceed without your presence (ex-parte). If you don't live at that address, Court

How to get a divorce legally when my husband is abusive and tortures me

When you want to move out of a toxic marriage, it is important that you get help from appropriate person. Divorce matters due to violence is not only aims to get a divorce decree, but also, punishment, alimony etc. For that you can take help from your divorce consultant.

How to hire a good divorce lawyer in Bangalore

For hiring and getting in touch with the most suitable divorce lawyer in Bangalore, you just require to dial +91–9811782573 or send a mail sharing your requirements.While choosing a divorce lawyer in Bangalore for you, these following skills are assured about:

How to manage my studies while working full time

I will NOT say that's easy peasy. Because that is difficult. First of all accept the challenge that it is a difficult task, but be determined that you can and will do it.While working full time what you need is strategy. Some

How can we file case against Amazon in consumer court?

The time period for filing a complaint for a consumer from the date of violation of a right is 2 years. The law in this regard is laid down in Sec.24-A of Consumer Protection Act of 1986.The Supreme Court however in this Landmark Judgement of National Insurance

How different would the world be if divorce was illegal?

Possibly not all that different from how it is now. People have always found ways to leave unhappy marriages. Divorce or no divorce. They have taken jobs in different cities or on different continents. They have slept in separate bedrooms, worked night shifts, come home at midnight

How do divorce lawyers get new clients?

The following info contains some helpful tips and strategies for how to find clients as a new lawyer.NetworkingAlthough time consuming, networking can be one of the most effective ways for finding new clients for your law practice. There are groups devoted to just about anything you

How to afford a divorce lawyer if I don't make much money

In the United States, there is no right to an attorney in a domestic relations (family law) setting, so a court will not appoint one for you if you are indigent. Thus, you will need to retain private counsel, or choose to represent yourself.Low-income representation options:There are many attorneys who work on sliding

How to file a case in consumer court of Bangalore? What is the procedure

Look the procedure​ is similar in every consumer Court . The easiest way to file a compliant is to file it online through the website of consumer forum and u can also call on their toll free numbers . Similarly if you wish to file it by a

How to file a divorce petition by mutual consent

If neither you or your spouse want to continue the marriage, you have the option to apply for a divorce by mutual consent.You and your spouse can go to Court if:Both of you have been living separately for more than one year.Both

How to file a divorce

Consider these factors:1) Is your divorce amicable, or will you be battling out property division in a community property state?2) Do you have children with your spouse?If the answer to either of the above is

How to file a lawsuit in Texas? What are the required documents


How to file a mutual consent divorce while the reconciliation case is ongoing

Mutual Consent Divorce :It is the most convenient way of getting a divorce where the couple ends their marriage without getting into a conflict with each other.However, the one and only condition that a couple has to satisfy before applying for a mutual consent divorce is that they

How to get a court marriage done in Delhi

There are three ways to get Court Marriage In Delhi done depending upon the time the couple and witnesses have.If you want Court Marriage In Delhi please keep in mind the following:-Court Marriage In Delhi can not be done in 1 day. If someone says so he/she is lying.If you

How to get a divorce done legally if my wife lives out of India and does not want to come to India ever

The Family Court where you file divorce petition against your wife shall send court summons through ministry of law and Indian High Commission in the country where she is presently living. If there is any local address in India where her parents live can also be given

How to get free advice from the best divorce lawyer in Kolkata

The most efficient divorce lawyers in Kolkata may not give you free advice, but the legal experts of MyAdvo, do provide a basic legal discussion without a cost, and after that, you can choose your lawyer to handle your case.Anyhow, you can choose your divorce lawyer with the help from the legal tech

How to get free legal advice for divorce in USA

Divorce is something you are legally entitled to take on by yourself, but you should not unless you are willing to risk the custody of your children, a say in the child support you will receive or pay, and the alimony you will receive

How to get the best divorce lawyer in Kolkata

When your search is regarding the best divorce lawyer in Kolkata, then it can be assumed that you want to hire one of the most efficient lawyers for your divorce case.Honestly, there is no appropriate parameter to declare any lawyer or a group of lawyers as the best ones in town. Moreover, the famous and

How to know if a divorce lawyer is good

First, know what kind of divorce you're going to have. A heavily contested  divorce requires a different skill and personality set from your new attorney than a moderately contested or uncontested divorce will.  Keep in-mind, only a small percentage of divorces go to trial and most divorce

How to protect myself from lawsuits

Nafisa is correct.  The more contact you have with other people, the more you are at risk of a lawsuit.  That being said, having an understanding of rights and responsibilities is helpful. Publishers put out some fairly reliable information on consumer and even

How do lawyers decide their fees?

That's an interesting question. Although, I can't detail out an individual's decision over his/her fee structure, I will try to give you a general perception about this subject.Basically, every good lawyer divide his/her salary slab into two divisions. One being his/her

How do the courts determine the cost of a child after a divorce?

The assumption is that the child would have a certain financial standard of living if the parents were still married and the child is entitled to that lifestyle. Based on that, the courts add together the income of the parents and look up the monthly child support

How to file an RTI

It is amazing how information can be used to wield power the sharpest of swords and the bloodiest of guns are incapable of exercising. It is perhaps for the same reason that those in control of this bloodless weapon keep it close to their chest. The wind changed in 2005 when the Central Government passed a

How to know if a lawyer is good

I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the majority of lawyers are competent (or better), meaning that for most cases, you are likely to be able to find someone who is going to be able to

How does one prove adultery in the court of law? What are the acceptable evidences and what proof shall not be accepted as evidence? I am Indian. P. S. The law says it's adultery only when they have sexual relation, how do you prove this?

Adultery is a more biblical term not really used in a court of law anymore the term you will hear more often is extramarital affair. That's when one spouse gets in a relationship with an outside partner without knowledge or consent of the spouse. Now you

How frequently can someone marry and divorce?

As quickly as you can sign the papers and pay the filing fees.However, if you expect to get alimony, some states require that you have to have been married for a certain period of time first.Most states award "rehabilitative alimony" which means that the court wants to make sure a spouse

How much do divorce lawyers make?

Have a look atDivorce Lawyer SalaryI'm unsure of the figures in my country (Ireland) but the

How much does a high-class lawyer make?

It's worth noting that Stephanie's answer, which lists large law firms with profits per (equity) partner in excess of $2,000,000, represents the income of less than 4000 attorneys.  There are over 1 million licensed attorneys in the U.S. according to the ABA [1], so that's under one-half of one

How much does divorce cost?

How To Save Your Marriage AloneAny spouse going through a marriage in distress will probably lament on how frustrating it is that their partner is not as interested in patching things up as they are.When things really go downhill, the said spouse is left with even less

How much does it cost to get a divorce if both parties agree?

As per my views it depends on the standard of a lawyer and area of Court if you are going for the mutual divorce usually it costs in rural areas 8k to 30k and in urban areas 25k to 3 lakhs,every lawyer charges his/her fees as per his/her standard. For further consultation mail me manoj129kumar@gmail.com

How much does it cost to get divorce without contest?

That depends on the jurisdiction where you file. It could conceivably be free, depending on the court. In Texas expect around $50, In the People's Republics of New York & California I expect that it is higher. Either way if uncontested you should only HAVE to pay court fees, any piece of

How much in legal fees did you pay for your divorce?

My first divorce was quite expensive. It occurred in MN in 2005, and there was a custody case. It cost about $4500.My second divorce I decided would have to be different. I lived in IL, and one could get divorced if both parties agreed upon all

How much is too much when paying a divorce lawyer?

No amount can be specified as too much when you are paying to a divorce lawyer, as the fees are totally dependent on the qualities of the divorce consultant which are explained in this article.The fees of a divorce lawyer in India is dependent on the lawyer you are hiring. Depending

How much money could an excellent lawyer make?

Excellence as a lawyer doesn't translate directly to excellence at making money. Same as any occupation.A big firm partner billing by the hour can collect 1,600 hours times an effective hourly rate of $600, about half of which is take-home pay,

I caught my neighbor using my electrical outlets outside, and I told him I was going to call the cops and tell them what he was doing. He laughed and said I can't prove it. What should I do?

Here are two ways to deal with this at the extreme ends:1.Flip the breaker or GFI when you aren't using your outside outlets. Then send him a note:

If a client lies to his attorney and the attorney repeats the lie publicly, can the attorney be held responsible?

Do you mean making a public statement to the media or using the client's lie to file something in court?It will depend upon what sort of obligation the attorney was under to investigate the facts for himself and what the lie relates to, as well as whether or not the attorney had a good faith

If a divorce attorney had an affair with his client's wife during divorce proceedings, could the attorney be disbarred?

Probably. It would create a conflict of interest or at least the appearance of one: the attorney would be acting or appearing to act against the interest of his client. Also, although in many jurisdictions there is no explicit, universally applicable rule, against having sexual relations

If a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend get into a fight, can the husband legally kick the wife out of the house?

Only if the husband/boyfriend is the only person whose name is on the mortgage or rental agreement.If her name is on either of those or she has been paying the mortgage too (and the bank can verify that) then no.You also have to return all of

If a man refuses medical help for his wife or child on religious grounds, and the wife or child dies, can the man be charged?

There have been many cases of this kind in the United States. Parents have been charged, indicted and convicted depending on the condition of the family member with charges that range from neglect to manslaughter. The defendants' attorney usually attempts to use a strategy involving the Freedom to exercise religion clause of the constitution, inevitably failing to

If a woman chooses to keep a pregnancy when her partner prefers that she have an abortion, why should he have to pay child support?

I'm very pro-choice.Having said that, I was involved in this situation. The 20-year-old schizoaffective girl that my 16 year old son dated swore she was on birth-control. I had taught my son to be responsible. Even if his partner was on birth control,

If it were legal, how many spouses would you have and why?

There is no bloody way I'm going to have more than one spouse - even if the government points a gun to my head to have more.One spouse is all I could humanly handle. One spouse and four kids are enough

If someone lives in Georgia, and is facing divorce, can the spouse filing for the divorce seek alimony and child support against the business?

I suspect the answer to this would be no. You're not married to the business.If the business is your spouse's main source of income, or owns the business, then the businesses revenue and his/her income from that business will be considered when calculating child support and alimony.But because the business is a separate legal

If we outlawed divorce and forced married couples to stay together, do you think that it would (in theory) lower the crime rates?

Well, it would certainly change the crime rates.If we changed the law, and for some reason our leaders were politically insane enough to really drill down with the force of the police and the broader state to prevent divorce, a massive underground

If you get disbarred, does your law degree get nullified?

Your JD is a degree confirmed by a university and has nothing to do with your admission to the bar.  If you properly earned your degree, your degree cannot be withdrawn simply because you are disbarred.  Consider this: there are indeed law school grads who do not pass the bar exam. As

If you hire a lawyer and that lawyer uses a clerical staff, who are not lawyers, to review documents, are they bound by attorney-client privilege?

California View: There are two protections related to client communications with their lawyer.Attorney-Client privilege as an evidentiary protection which keeps third parties from asking for those communication, despite relevance. Client Confidentiality is not an evidentiary rule but rather an ethical prohibition requiring a lawyer to protect a