How does the telecommunication work?

Follow the sequenceYou are writing this question on Quora App/Site → To reach to the quora server this must be going through your operators network.If you are using 2G or 3G network then the SGSN/GGSN you are seeing below the

In layman terms, what is the difference between Microsoft Word and Facebook as software?

The most important difference is that Facebook is a service, and Word is a application.  A majority of the computation when you visit Facebook is done on Facebook's servers before being sent to your computer to be displayed by your browser.  On the other

In layman's terms, why can't we go faster than the speed of light?

[NEW SECTION added 2018–11–18 16:07 UTC]Short answer:All motion is relative. The speed of light is a constant, independent of the motion of its source.When you combine the two, you get special relativity (SR).In SR you find that as the speed

How would you explain curiosity to a child?

The best method we have found is to treat the child as an adult. Don't snicker at their questions, or simply ignore their requests for knowledge. Furthermore, if they go to a normal schooling atmosphere, they are likely learning to not be curious. Deeper questions or tangents are not taken well in school settings, since teachers either

In layman terms, what is the difference between Microsoft Word and Facebook as software?

The most important difference is that Facebook is a service, and Word is a application.  A majority of the computation when you visit Facebook is done on Facebook's servers before being sent to your computer to be displayed by your browser.  On the other

In layman's terms, how did Germany become the economic powerhouse of the euro area, especially after the two world wars?

Population, education and resources all put to use in a freshly rebuilt modern industry after WWII.Remember that much of the pre 1945 industrial capacity was destroyed and had to be rebuilt with the latest technology.

How to understand time travel in simple terms

In the simplest terms, time travel usually means being able to leave the current time and reach a point in future or past without losing your age.Traveling in past if out of the picture for now because with our current understandings, it has been concluded that

In simple terms, how does using color to graph 4D equations work?

If you have a function of three variables, say f(x,y,z) , then you can assign colors to the output values of the function. Usually this would be a continuous color spectrum like the rainbow. Red could correspond to the number 5, and green to 6. The exact details are determined by the range of values output

In layman's terms, what is a quasar?

Historically, Quasar stands for Quasi-stellar object. This was because when they were first optically detected they look like blueish stars. The were originally detected in the radio, and it took some ingenious work to find the objects that were producing the radio waves.In layman terms, we *believe* them to be super-massive

How to explain the definition of a moving average to a child

How old is the child?As far as I understand, MA is practically a low pass filter.Maybe - I haven't tried this yet - you could make some jagged

In layman's terms, what is ISIS?

A militant Islamist group today occupying sizable areas in Syria and Iraq, ideologically based within an extremely strict, harsh, intolerant politicized type of Sunni Islam known as Salafi jihadism (and even amongst other Salafi-jihadists the ISIS brand is 'extreme', and it fights against others that are essentially

In layman's terms, what is Freemasonry?

We are the old's oldest and largest fraternity. We expect our members to have a religion but we forbid discussing religions at our meetings so we might never learn what religion you're a member of. Technically we require a belief in a supreme being so it's

What is business intelligence in layman's terms?

Business intelligence can be used simply to gleam insight on a company's customers and prospects. A business intelligence tool can help a company understand who their customers are. Most companies have a lot of data on their customers and if

In layman's terms, what is management science?

Kevin, this information is useful.   I have related question if someone could please address.. My son is considering a management science undergraduate degree, out of his interest in economics,from UCSD (UC San Diego).  Any insight someone can offer on its job prospects over pure economics-math combo degree?   Also would this program  help him for MBA in finance/marketing?

In layman's terms, what is IFRS9?

To a layman with no finance or accounting background IFRS9 can be described as - "Regulatory bookkeeping accords that are meant to bring more conservativeness and simplicity in accounting."

What is phenomenology (in layman's terms)?

Phenomenology is an approach where you start with

In layman's terms, what is the difference between a psycho and sociopath?

Differentiating between these two terms is tricky, because the definitions can vary based on who you ask. Neither psychopathy nor sociopathy are found as diagnoses in the DSM-V (the reference that psychologists and psychiatrists use to codify mental disorders) or any older edition. Many

In layman's terms, what is fermentation?

Fermentation is a process of breaking down the substance into a simpler substance with the help of microorganisms like yeast and bacteria. Fermentation process takes place when preparing bread,wine,beer,yogurt and kimchi. In other words we can say fermentation as an anaerobic breakdown of sugar

What is nationalism in layman's terms?

‘Nationalism' covers a range of political and emotional attitudes towards the country in which you were born or to which you feel a strong sense of belonging.Nationalists are primarily concerned with sovereignty and self-determination as well as protecting or promoting their country's unique cultural heritage and

What is PubSubHubbub in layman's terms?

A Publish/Subscribe (PubSub) system is a system where a content consumer can ask to receive updates from a publisher.In real life, your monthly subscription to a magazine is a PubSub pattern. Similarly the concept of 'friending' people on social network is also a PubSub pattern.It is traditionally opposed to polling patterns, where the subscriber (content

In layman's terms, what is lava?

What is lava?Lava is magma that reaches the surface.What is magma?Magma is molten or semi-molten rock formed by partial melting of the mantle or crust.When magma reaches the surface it erupts as a volcano and the magma is then termed lava.Lava

In layman's terms what is morality?

Morality is the set of tools we use to discern between right and wrong. Right is what takes us to a world where we all want to be. Consensus on the specifics of what this may be is impossible so I guess we can shoot for maximum liberty for all to pursue their agendas without interfering with

In layman's terms, what is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is an umbrella beneath which there are a collection of symptoms the most prominent of which are hearing things that are not present.There are a myriad of other symptoms like thinking people are talking about you or want to harm you when they are not.There are medications to alleviate some of the symptoms but not all.They can

What is a hypersurface in layman's terms?

A surface is a type of two dimensional space. There are some technical requirements that need to be met for it to be called a surface, but we don't need to think about them.A hypersurface is just a term for any n-dimensional space. Slap a dimension on a flat plane, and you get a hyperplane, or

What is GARCH in layman's terms?

It's worthwhile to start here first: What is the difference between GARCH and ARCH? Another way to think about ARCH is that it's just a generalization of the sample variance [0]. That is, instead of giving equal weight to each residual squared you observe across time, you estimate what weights

What is synaesthesia in layman's terms?

Think of it as a "crossing of the senses", or a form of extremely strong and memorable association. I find that many people do not really have trouble understanding the "crossing of the senses" part, but they're confused as to what is and is not synesthesia, so I thought I'd give

What is time distortion in layman's terms?

Time dilation? That's an effect that comes from speed. If you got into a space ship and traveled out for 50 years, then traveled back for 50 years, at nearly the speed of light both times, when you got back here, you'd find that a lot more than 50 years had passed. (If you were traveling fast enough,