What are some unknown historical facts about the US that they don't teach you in school?

I've been listening to some American history podcasts recently and they have brought up some interesting points. Such as when the declaration of independence was written all men who signed it were committing treason. For that matter the breakdown of colonial relationship with England was

Is it possible to hack using the programming language C?

Almost every programming language allows hacker to hack the applications, get control over hardware and much more.Hackers prefer language which is sophisticated to them and using diverse hacking tools.So the answer to you question is YES.C is used to hacking purposes because : 1.C is middle level language,which interacts with hardware. How ? Almost all

What's the easiest way to learn history?

You're probably going to hear a lot of people say that you need to read and watch documentaries and stuff, which is completely true, but what is more important is having the right mindset. You need to always remember that you are

When history has proven a misconception of historical characters and events, is it not the duty of historians, documentaries and especially educational systems to bring forth the correction for the sake of ending ignorance?

Yes. We do a very poor job of teaching history in our schools. Christopher Columbus, for example, was idolized. We were never told how he killed and enslaved the natives of the lands he

Who invented homework, and why was it invented?

This is an abstract from article about teacher, who invented homework :