Are there good YouTube channels that teach programming languages?

There are a bunch of great YouTube channels that teach people how to code.Derek BanasthenewbostonChris HawkesCodecourseJREAMLearnCode.academyLevelUpTutsThose are just a few channels that have good videos and playlists.I'm subscribed to them and watch their videos even

As a programmer, how fit are you?

I had to walk away several times from programming. I stayed well fit until about age 40. I ran Track and and played sports and raced Moto-Cross many years. Breathed gypsum powder working in mills full time many years between programming on weekends and days off.Lack of sunshine and clean air, lack of exercise and

Can I body build and learn to fight at the same time?

R2A: Requested to Answer- Thank you.The answer is (as others have said, unanimously so far)

Does a constructor really save time in a Java program?

That's not what it is for.The idea is that you create an object ‘ready to go' with all of its internal data in a correct, consistent state.The object at first does not exist. Then we create one with a constructor. This fills in all the internal

Does learning newer/different programming languages affect how you hack?

Dramatically-given you pick the right languages. Which isn't to say that some language are better than others. By "right" I mean "right for you".Languages, roughly, can different in syntax, semantics, or execution. Execution might change your capabilities-positively or negatively-by enabling new targets or projects. You basically can't program iOS without

How and where do I start learning C programming?

I started learning C one year ago around January. Back then, I knew nothing about the language and had to start from scratch. I guess same is the case with you (anything additional is a bonus) so I will just narrate what I did and

How can an art student learn coding?

First you should ask yourself what do you want to learn? There are things you need to do before you even put your hands on a keyboard and they will have a bigger impact on what your goal/project than writing the

How to become a very good programmer with a B.S. in Computer Science and one year experience working with Python, some Java, and Scala

Firstly, I'll tell you what you shouldn't do to become a good programmer. No matter what anybody tells you, if you spend too much time doing any of the following things it might improve your skills a little, but you will never be a good programmer:You won't become a good programmer by just reading

How to learn computer hacking as a beginner

Since most of the books and free resources on the Internet are only meant for those who already have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject, they fail to teach hacking for beginners.Consider the following steps:Step-1: Begin with the BasicsFor beginners who have little or no previous knowledge

How can one learn hacking step by step?

I am answering this question assuming that you like to become a professional IT security and forensic expert.You need to know the laws before you figure out how it was broken.Master C, VC++, Python and Javascript.Learn about operating systems, Modern Operating Systems Book by Andrew S. Tanenbaum will

How can we learn hacking online step by step? Which online platform helps to learn hacking?

There are many online courses to learn hacking. The best value online course is:The Complete Hacking Course: Go from Beginner to AdvancedCurrently they have 80% discount off from that course. So hurry!I've a lot of experience with these

How to crack a Facebook password? I want to learn to hack like the greats. Where should I start? Are there any good books or tutorial websites I can use to teach myself? Where can I learn to create a home practice hack lab

Let me split my answer in to two parts.Facebook HackingHacking in generalFacebook HackingIf your only aim is to just crack someone's Facebook password then you are simply wasting time.Facebook runs bug bounty programs where ethical hackers / security researchers around the world report security vulnerabilities and get monetary rewards as compensation. Security vulnerabilities are

How to learn coding at home

I'll give you just one simple advice.Forget about learning and start building something. You will learn on the way.And no I won't give you any links to resources where you can learn to code.I am sure you already have plenty of resources downloaded and a plethora of

How to learn PHP web development as quickly as possible

Not more than a month to learn, not less than a lifetime to master..The web keeps changing, so no typical university curriculum is actually going to help you learn it well. Web development is one of the fastest changing fields, and hence you should train

How to learn SQL? What are some good online resources, like websites, blogs, or videos

1.Learn SQLIt provides various tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery, covering most aspects of web programming.Their online SQL tutorial guides you through syntax and most important statements, keywords, and functions. Short but concrete descriptions and many examples make this

How to motivate myself to learn programming

I am assuming that you want to learn programming but you're feeling intimidated on trying to doing so.Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.I know beginning to learn to program is not a child's play and is very challenging. It requires hard-work, effort and determination. Even the most brightest of

How to spot a beginner programmer

Beginner programmers say things like:What languages do you know? I know HTML and C++!You're not a software developer you're a coder, you don't have a CS degree!You're not a coder, you're a software engineer, you have a CS degree!But where do I actually write the code?That will definitely only take a week.This C program is almost done, only

I am 24 years old and just started learning coding. I want to be a programmer. Am I too late in the game?

It's never too late. So much can happen in a year; it can amaze you.I majored in Economics. When I was about 23, I randomly decided to go to a Railsbridge Meetup, where you learn how to make

I want to learn about how to hack and run unsigned code in embedded devices. Where should I start considering that I how to code in C/C++?

You as a coder, want to learn Hacking?Its quite natural, but one needs to know the Systems, machines better to exploit them. One needs to be good in Networking concepts, Server architecture, Inter-networking frameworks etc.One can also start to learn patterns of worms,

I wanted to be a software developer should I learn coding? And which coding language should I learn first?

Hey there,If you want to be a software developer, you need to, first of all, know the basic coding languages like- C, C++ & Java and then you can build upon your skills as a coder.If you seriously want to be a

I'm in my late 20s and I haven't written a single line of code. If I have the drive, can I become a really good self-taught programmer?

Can I let you in on a little secret? All really good programmers are self-taught!You have experience with the IT industry. You are good in Mathematics. You have networked with smart programmers. You are motivated. You are wiling to put

I'm looking forward to start an Oracle course, but I'm starting fresh and I have never done Oracle before. So can I directly go for Oracle 12c database or do I have to do some other course before?

If you ask me I would first start with grid technology. By Grid technology I mean 10g or 11g. I just want to say that start with basics of Oracle and then go for the latest technology.If you do so

To learn about ethical hacking and network security, do I need to have a good knowledge of programming languages?

Ethical hackers don't take classes in how to be oneI didn't know programming languages at professional level when I was into this. You don't learn "ethical" hacking. You usually have a curious or malicious, often both, mindset and learn by doing and by exploring system-level documentation and source code. I

What are some cool bit manipulation tricks/hacks?

Compute the sign of an v; // we want to find the sign of v int sign; // the result goes here // CHAR_BIT is the number of bits per

What are some cool C tricks?

The offsetof macro is one of the most amazing things in the C language. It lets you get the offset of a member field in a structure relative to the address of the structure.Consider the snippet of code below.#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER) ((size_t) &((TYPE *)0)->MEMBER) struct abc { int a; int

What are some cute things that beginner programmers do?

There are different levels of being a beginner programmer. I'll write some examples, some of them are real stories of cute things I personally did.Beginner beginnerswrite one letter variable names because they save space.write code in their native language instead of English.don't use

What are some of the best ways to learn programming?

The answer has 3 parts, and I've tried to answer each.1. Learning a Programming Language. 2. Problem Solving through Programming 3. The Next Big thing- Fortune 500 companie$1. Learning a Programming Language.1.1 Which Language ? Answer: Kah Keng Tay's answer to

What are some places to learn hacking?

HACKING If you dont know anything about hacking, then you should probably start with a low level certification course called CEH.I am sure that this course will not teach you anything extraordinary which you will not find after googling but i

What are some programs every programmer should make at least once?

I am going to mention only the very basic ones that you should do while getting started to get a hang of any programming language of your choice (or programming in general):1. Program for Tower of Hanoi solution: Output will be the number

What are some self study tips for developing programming skills?

You want to change from an Army job to a Technical job ? You really are taking a sharp turn here.Most companies dont really hire you for technical jobs if you dont have an engineering degree.Although 3D Animation and Design is less technical , it dosent mean its easy. Creativity

What are some tips for a beginner programmer who hits the learning wall often?

It is really hard to be a beginner, because your skill does not yet match your ambitions. You know that what you are creating is just not as good as it should be. That is a tough place to be.You have to keep creating work.That is the only way you will the

What are some tips for beginner programmers?

Divide and conquerBreak down your problem to a set of smaller problems, let's say you want to build a simple calculator for example, don't consider this as one major problem that you want to tackle. Instead think of it as a set of smaller problems/tasks:The app should add two numbers, will I use integers? Doubles?

What are some tricks to learn Java quickly?

Q. Best way to learn  english language!!A. Read the oxford dictionary... Really?? No you learnt english reading novels and watching movies.Q. Best way to learn Java!! A. Don't go on reading a book/dictionary.Q. Then How do I learn

What are the best daily tip websites for beginner computer programmers?

Three of the best tip websites for beginning computer programmers are GitHub, Ray Wenderlich, and Stack Overflow. GitHub is online community where you can build programs together. You can get tips from other programs

What are the best text editors for a beginner programmer?

I disagree with suggestions to avoid IDEs. While there is certainly merit in using pure text editors, if you are a beginner you should use all the help you can get. An IDE can help you with debugging, suggestions and code completion which will make you faster in the beginning, and

What are the best YouTube channels for learning programming?

There are quite a few great youtube channels to get started with programming. I don't usually refer to youtube to learn programming but I guess I know of some channels which have good recources. Listing down a few of the good ones :1. TheNewBoston (Recommended)TheNewBoston

What are the good online tutorials and books to learn Android development?

If you have no experience with any programming language, the first thing you'll need to do is learn Java. Here are some websites to help you do that:Vogella Java Tutorials - An awesome series of step-by-step tutorials for Java. I like Vogella because it lets you go at your own pace

What are the most common misconceptions of what software engineering is and isn't?

There are a number of things that come to mind :)Software does not trump business management.  On this point I am talking about a business that creates custom software for its internal use.  An eCommerce company is one example of this kind

What are tips to learn Android?

Well, you'll at least need to learn Java. Once you've gotten the basics down, I'd suggest watching Android tutorials on YouTube and following along with them.The best way to learn is to practice. You can start with small apps that are simple but get you familiar with Android concepts, and slowly work on new projects that build on

What can I learn in computer programming in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

1. At the time of preparing for an interview for companies like Amazon, Google etc , writing code specially tree, link-list is very helpful and always recommended before going for such interview.After writing code, how do you verify it? By giving inputs and checking output? If it's

What do new computer programmers struggle with the most?

New programmers are typically sent on many wild goose chases by their instructors. And sometimes by their managers too. Really.If an instructor/manager expects you to memorize APIs and libraries so you can code without using intellisense or referring to documentation, they are doing you a disservice.If an instructor/manager emphasises your knowledge of syntax so that you can

What frustrates beginner programmers the most? I'm trying to determine the largest pain points for beginner programmers.

While everyone here has answered about technical stuff i will try to answer about the the trouble of picking up a language and the learning process.The huge number of options are frustrating. It is very overwhelming and intimidating. I've just started learning python and have been working on small projects for now. It is very annoying to choose

What is a list of programming languages ordered from easiest to hardest to learn?

Well, it's rather hard to say objectively which languages are easier or harder to learn, and different people might find different languages harder. Still, there are some candidates on being

What is hacking? How to learn hacking?

Ha ha ... I m happy that I m writing an answer to one of my favorite questions.Let me begin.What is hacking?In my view hacking is just a misconception for today's generation. A misconception that is built by Sci-Fi movies and

What is the best programming language?

Best programming languages :1.C++:C++ happens to be C#'s more basic forerunner. At first launched in 1983, C++ has since that time been a backbone of computer programming. Both Apple and Microsoft depend on C++ for developing applications and Operating Systems alike. With that viewpoint, it won't be wrong to state that a large portion of the

What is the best programming language for Hacking?

Hacking is usually meant to break a code. There are three sections of hacking ― Web Hacking, Exploit Writing & Reverse Engineering and each of it requires different programming language1. Web HackingSince most of the tech is build around world

What is the best way for a beginner to learn HTML/CSS?

Hi,There are multiple resources, you can find them online or offline. Recently I have done research on Best Free HTML&CSS Online Tutorials for Students. Find the below details may helpful to you.As we all knew, learning is continuous process in everyone life though you are student, professional

What is the best way for you to start a fitness program in your opinion?

I think the best way to start a fitness program is to just .....start one! That simple, begin right where you are at . You will learn and grow from there. It can be as simple as walking around the block, meditation for 5 Minutes a day or doing 10 push ups and sit ups 3 times per

What is the use of programming language in hacking related things?

Writing the toolsThey don't come out of nowhereHigh level-languages offer easy writing and reading, with the sacrifice of some important things(like speed and low-level/hardware access)As a person who has written web servers in assembly, using anything but that for network based hacks is a very sane ideaUsing the toolsWriting scripts allows you to automate these

What part of kotlin do I need to cover to start Android programming?

If you are familiar with Java than no worry about kotlin. You can start anywhere. I would like to suggest you should start from the formal introduction of kotlin and why should use for Android development. Why use Kotlin for Android Development? - AndroidWave

What programming language do hackers use?

Well, talking about the softwares for hacking ? There is no such software that would that would directly crack your any piece of code and let you inside your girlfriend's account. Just kidding !! Hacking is not something you can learn by simply reading eBooks, reading this article, watching YouTube videos, liking

What should beginning programmers know about software architecture?

Good Software Architecture........ is inexpensive to maintain for developers. Low Cost.... is inexpensive to maintain for the business. Low Cost.... is flexible enough to add features. Future Ready.... allows a lower hiring level

What's a good beginner workout program?

Okay so let's firstly get all the basics right. You always need to have a good base to build upon that.So there it is, in the beginning what weights you're lifting don't matter. What matters is that you're performing the exercises with proper form. Proper form is crucial when building muscle. Lifting heavy is not

Where do teenage programming/hacking prodigies learn to program?

First, let's be clear about one thing.Nobody learns to code through classes, or books, or bootcamps or any other similar resources.You learn to code by coding. That's it. Classes and those other resources are just that - resources for information and ideas and techniques. They don't become yours until you do them.Teenagers and

Which is the best programming language for hackers?

It has already been answered, referWhich is the best programming language to learn for hacking? What are some books for beginners?How should I start to learn hacking and what are the prerequisites, like programming languages, networking, OS, etc.? Is it a must to have knowledge of Java, PHP, or some others

Which is the best programming language to learn for hacking? What are some books for beginners?

Hi there... Hope this will be help youHaving the prior knowledge of programming is something which will separate you from all the other script kiddes( Wanna be hackers) and other tool lovers out there, Lots of times during penetration tests you come across a point where you need

Which is the most difficult programming language to learn and why?

Apart from the 'joke' languages invented purely for their unintelligibility, most answers here seem to be concentrating on standard Von Neumann or Harvard architecture languages.     In that case probably the lower level languages starting from C down through various flavours

Which programming language should I start learning with?

I'm going to disagree with almost every answer given so far.C lays too many traps for people who aren't already familiar with how computers work. It's an excellent language to learn later, to gain a better understanding of what's really going on under the hood, but not a good choice for your

Which programming language would you recommend a beginner to learn first?

First, ask yourself a question why you want to learn a programming language?1.For job.2. To enrich your carrier path or3. To build an application that you're dreaming about.If it is for a job I strongly recommend Java. The reason I'm suggesting to

Before I start to learn programming what should I learn first?

Sure.This wouldn't have sunk in when I was 8 and learning to program...but I think it might help somebody a bit older.  There's multiple levels of programming.  At the Assembly/C/C++ level you should think about it as micro-managing the computer.  You need to tell

From where can I learn programming languages?

Programming is an art that is never be learned. You can Never Ever Learn it. You just go with the flow and practice it.No one can learn a code to the bit. Programmers mostly retain the coding convention and apply them.By practice and regularly applying them in developing source codes

How to build up motivation for practicing programming

You really need to create stuff. Even silly stuff will do!You must develop a love for programming if you want to get into it.Since I don't really know how much programming you have already done, or what exactly are you trying to learn, I'll use an analogy:Suppose you're trying to learn guitar and you are introduced to the

How to improve my coding stamina

Minimize distractions to have marathon coding sessions. Lay out a detailed plan or a TODO list before getting down to actually typing code, because its easy to get sidetracked if you open a browser window to check something while you are

How to keep myself motivated when I fail while trying to learn to code

I'v read many success stories from may people like :What was Anudeep Nekkanti's Competitive Programming strategy to become 35th in Global ranking, in just 6-7 months?How did Venkatesh Ganesan crack Google (company) despite being a Mechanical

How to boost my motivation in beginning programming

You need to start by checking you can actually achieve what you are setting out to do. Can you commit to do the work required? Do you have the time?Will power and being motivated simply isn't enough. You need to commit to this

How to keep myself motivated to practice coding

To learn any language you have to pretty much practice every day. Doing this requires a lot of effort, discipline and hardwork.The best way to learn how to learn a programming language is to have a project and to set a goal or an outcome.Once you have a goal, break it down to smaller, manageable tasks and then

How to stay motivated while programming

‘stay motivated'? Does this mean you have a boring project? If so, do it well.I worked at a place in which the work was ‘easy' compared to what I had done at other places. One review, my boss asked me if I was ‘on vacation'. I said ‘excuse me?'. He said, is the work we

How does one become a great coder/programmer?

There are three ways you can improve your programming knowledge:Learn a new language or technology to keep up with the ever changing technology. Nowadays it is easy to learn due to the hundreds of available online courses on the internet.Practice your coding skills because knowledge can only take you so

How should you start learning programming?

This question has been answered literally 10s of thousands of times on Quora, but I'll give my opinion since this was an A2A.No matter the route you take, it doesn't really matter as long as you practice a shit ton. Look through the popular languages

I want to learn to code. Which programming language should I start with?

First, start with a good teaching language. It is folly to start with an industrial language like Java, Python, JavaScript, C, Swift, etc. Industrial languages carry a lot of baggage that can distract a beginner who should be focussed on learning basic programming concepts, NOT on their starting language's quirks and

If almost everyone can learn programming for free, why is the salary relatively very high?

It has nothing to do with how cheap it might be to learn program. Most people simply do not have the kind of innate personality and traits needed to actually work as a programmer.Do you remember ‘word problems' from grade school math?Questions like:

Is Head First C# the best book to learn C#?

It depends on what type of learner you are.Personally, I can't make heads or tails of any of the Head First books, and find them impossible to read.Others, however, tell me that the Head First books provide the best presentations of the subjects that they have ever seen.So if

Is it a good practice to listen to music while coding/programming?

I do not know that if it qualifies as correct answer to this question but I would like to share my experience with you :I usually put earphones while working and then play one soothing song not ROCK music on

Is it possible to learn computer programming by yourself?

Absolutely.I always recommend starting with Smalltalk. It's the best way to cover all your bases...First of all, Smalltalk is supremely simple and easy to learn. It has all of 6 reserved words. The complete syntax fits on a post card!Second, it's the

Is learning C still worthwhile?

This is was the same question I asked myself when I started writing my first program. I tried many languages but finally I came to C, the most beautiful and charming language of all. I was literally blown away by the simplicity and elegance of C. Though C is simple it is one

Is programming a good replacement of gaming for a teenager?

When my son (now fully grown - and a pretty decent software developer) got

Is programming easier than riding a bike?

I have already answered a similar question that I believe will answer yoi question :) Look :

What are the best book to learn C#?

O'Reilly Media is publishing a lot of books about all kinds of topics and they have some good C# titles.Sams Publishing | InformIT also makes plenty of good books.WROX also has a very good reputation for books.The above three publishers are the big names for books, especially for

What are the best C# books for beginners?

Video games have only been almost for 50 years they usually took the world by storm. Utmost people grew up with games and many wishes to eventually work in game development. There are lots of large gaming engines. However, Unity is perhaps the most attractive option.

What are the best part-time coding bootcamp programs that I can complete with a full time job?

As of April 2019, here is my list of top 3 best part-time online coding bootcamps.Before I jump in, selecting an online coding bootcamp is very different than picking an in person coding program. In recent years, there are lots of

What are the best programming languages to learn in 2014?

Everyone writes about C++ and Java or even C. The question was what is the best language to start learning NOW in 2014 not 1994.C++ is widely used because it's absolutely general purpose. But writing in it takes time... But

What can I do when I loose motivation to learn programming?

Have you ever told yourself you're going to spend the next few hours learning to program, but you end up watching cat videos instead?Staying motivated can be a challenge when programming, and there are a range of different things that could cause it. If you're feeling lethargic

What is the best approach to become more proficient at C++?

The main way in which you learn C++ is by writing lots of code in C++. This is true of any other programming language as well.That being said, though, C++ is probably the least beginner-friendly out of all mainstream programming languages. Because of

What is the best programming language to learn in 2018?

The 9 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018..The good news is that as you learn to code, you'll start to discover criteria for which programming language to learn. In fact, to a large extent the best programming language will be different for everyone, depending on what you plan to useJust like English is the international language

What is the best site to learn fitness training?

I would highly recommend bodybuilding . com with a lot of fitness information and also nutrition information.I also recommend reddit . com / r/ Fitness , r/ body weight fitness , r/flexibility for some great workouts.You may also find some

What is the best site to learn how to code?

If you're itching to learn coding, but lack the time or money for a formal class, try taking a course at any of these 11 online academies. All of them offer their courses for free, and some offer certifications for a small fee.

What is the best way for you to start a fitness program in your opinion?

I think the best way to start a fitness program is to just .....start one! That simple, begin right where you are at . You will learn and grow from there. It can be as simple as walking around the block, meditation for 5 Minutes a day or doing 10 push ups and

What should you know before starting a workout program?

What are your goals?Without answering that, you cannot develop (or have one developed for you) a proper workout program. Your program should mirror your goals. For example; a weight loss program is much different than a strength gaining program.Safety/LearningDeferring to an expert is always the best option. Hiring a CPT

What's the best way to start learning programming language design?

I'll just tell you what i have done...If you have ample of time (i began in class 8, am currently in class 11) you can follow the following sequence:First you can learn QBASIC. It is  a very basic language and builds a nice base for learning how

Where should I start learning a programming language?

Life was so much simpler when I was young.... We had home PCs which all came with one language - Basic - built in, so we learned Basic. If we wanted to draw stuff on the screen, that's what we did.

Which is the best book for C and C++?

Best online C & C++ Programming Tutorial For BeginnersIf you are planning to learn C, it is important to get started with the tutorials. These tutorials will cover the basic concepts of the language and help you develop complex programs. Trying to create some programs will help you learn c language basics.Introductory C Programming Class

Which is the best book to learn C++ after C?

Assuming that you are starting with C++. I would highly recommend to start withTeach yourself C++ in one hour a day : Siddhartha Rao, Jesse Liberty: Books or Teach yoursel C++ in 21 Days : Jesse Liberty, Bradley L. Jones:

Which is the best book to start C and C++ as a beginner?

For C: I would suggest nothing but The C Programming Language by Dennis Ritchieand Brian Kernighan.This is the book that introduced the 'Hello World!' program to the world, which is now practically a standard first program

Which programming language should a beginner start with and what are the steps necessary to learn it?

Hi :-)I am going to give you a detailed plan for how to start learning a programming language. Please read my whole answer and give your opinions and suggestions in the comments section.First of all choose any of the available programming

Which programming language should I start learning next?

Before you start reading my whole answer, start learning Python.Here is why I recommend you pythonEasy to learnHere is how you write "HELLO WORLD" in C++#include stdout int main() { std::cout << "Hello, world!\n"; } And this is how you write in Pythonprint("Hello, world!") It is as easy as

Which programming language should I start learning with?

I'm going to disagree with almost every answer given so far.C lays too many traps for people who aren't already familiar with how computers work. It's an excellent language to learn later, to gain a better understanding of what's really going on under the hood, but not a good

Which sites are good for learning Java?

Only practice makes diamond developers, believe me. So first things first, here we have two sites full of Java programming practice tasks.CodeGym - very helpful and unique course with many Java tasks and code checker! It's still raw but awesome, so I recommend it to all my new students. If you are serious about developing your Java

Are CSS/HTML frameworks easy to learn once you know the core HTML/CSS?

Since this question has been answered, some of the information about MakerSquare's program has changed. Please visit for the latest information.When you say CSS/HTML frameworks, do you mean something like Foundation from ZURB or Bootstrap?  If so, then absolutely yes!  At