Do attorneys sometimes hate other attorneys? Why?

Good attorneys don't bother to hate anybody in their professional dealings.Hate is a particularly unhelpful emotion when your job is to maximize your client's benefit.Some things that attorneys do are definitely vexing, however.Sometimes lawyers think that being a blowhard or stating their position loudly, insultingly or obnoxiously contributes to the best outcome for

How to know if a lawyer is good

I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the majority of lawyers are competent (or better), meaning that for most cases, you are likely to be able to find someone who is going to be able to

If you hire a lawyer and that lawyer uses a clerical staff, who are not lawyers, to review documents, are they bound by attorney-client privilege?

California View: There are two protections related to client communications with their lawyer.Attorney-Client privilege as an evidentiary protection which keeps third parties from asking for those communication, despite relevance. Client Confidentiality is not an evidentiary rule but rather an ethical prohibition requiring a lawyer to protect a

Should homophobia be illegal?

This reallllllyyyy <BNBR VIOLATION> me off. This constant mass media attempts by all sides to label hatreds as phobias is wilfully deceitful. Phobias are unreasonable and uncontrollable fears, these are psychological problems one should seek assistance for but people stigmatise the words. Does any one really think that arachnophobia (fear of

Under attorney-client privilege, what happens if the attorney leaks information to a third party?

Generally speaking, the attorney client privilege belongs to the client not the attorney and only the client has the power to waive the attorney-client privilege. It is  important to bear in mind that a waiver may occur even though the client

What are the biggest misconceptions about lawyers?

There are a couple of big misconceptions. One is that all lawyers are cocky jerks. Some are, some aren't. Most are probably somewhere in the middle. Second, all lawyers are expensive -- again, some are, some aren't, most are probably somewhere in the middle. Third, lawyers take cases on contingency or pro bono all

What is the procedure for filing writ as petitioner in person before a high court (India)?

The procedure to file a writ in any High Court is very simple. Firstly draft a petition in accordance with the rules of the High Court concerned. The Petition has to be accompanied by the relevant annexures, as also the certified copy of the order/endorsement etc., that needs to

From a moral standpoint, should abortion be legal?

Absolutely.Pregnancy is a condition that more often than not brings permanent changes to a woman's body. Pregnancy is uncomfortable and painful, and childbirth even more so. Pregnancy restricts a woman's freedom and her physical capabilities. Pregnancy can and does result in the death of women, sometimes from

What are some lesser known facts about Indian civil law that every Indian should know?

Here is the list-Registration of FIR by Police is mandatory except in cases of Matrimonial/family dispute, commercial offences, corruption & Medicial Negligence.If police donot registered your FIR you can send an application in writing to Superintendent of Police.If nothing happens even after moving to SP, now you have all right to move directly to the

Would the president or creator of a social club that has a charter and chapter advisors be legally liable for members in chapters if they break a law in their life since the club has members in other countries as well?

Local laws vary considerably as does the laws from nation to nation. In the US the RICO laws can easily be abused to go after such an organization in the ways it's being used against MCs right now. They get one member breaking the law, then call it organized crime

An attorney representing a client on a felony charge knows for a fact his client is lying. What is stopping the attorney from being legally culpable?

An attorney can represent a party who is guilty or lying. The attorney should point out any evidence that contradicts what the client is saying and encourage the client to enter into a plea bargain. An attorney cannot report a client's past commission of a

Excluding the religious aspects, what reasons are there for citizens of the United States to reject gay marriage?

In Canada, gay marriage became law in 2005. The only thing that needed to change shortly after was the wording for divorce law when the first gay divorce went into the books. Just like straight people, gay people get divorced to. As for what exactly needs to change: The wording in

How do attorneys feel about other attorneys?

Attorneys are just an occupation. This question would be the same if you replaced attorneys with seamstresses, bankers, basketball players, soldiers, or bakers. You like some, you dislike others. You might be attracted to some and think of others only platonically. Maybe you resent one that is more successful than you, or pity one that