A few days at the end of each Q, my manager asks me to work overtime (like until 10 pm). He asks me not to report this to avoid paying OT and offers 1 PTO day for each day that I work past 5 PM. Is this legal? Is it a good deal?

If you are paid hourly, it's likely a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for your employer to offer time off in exchange for overtime.Comp Time - Exchanging Overtime for Future Time Off - Payroll Services LLCThe US Department

A man has been saving money in a secret spot on his own property, unbeknownst to his wife. If they were to divorce would his wife have any way of finding about this money?

It could depend on how he came to have the money, how long this had been going on, and how much money was involved. If he had at some point started sticking back half of his paycheck then it's probably someone could figure

According to Indian Hindu law, can a married man live with another widow woman before the divorce?

As per Hindu law, if a man and women get married they can further re marry only after ending their first marriage.So if a married man starts staying with a widow before marriage that amounts to illegality. So in order to start living with the widow is to end the first marriage.An expert

According to Indian Law, what are the legal entitlements of the wife over the husband's financial assets?

Thanks for the A2A.Legally, apart from maintenance from husband, a wife is not entitled to anything else, either movable or immovable, owned by the husband. However, at the time of Divorce, she would be entitled to alimony, and if the husband dies without leaving a

After 10 years of divorce, can I file for maintenance?

If you are Indian, and if you have not re-married yet, you can claim for maintenance, but you will have hard time convincing court why you did not ask maintenance for 10 years. If you already received cash as 1 time settlement,

After divorce, can a wife file a case for a monthly maintenance?

I am not your lawyer, I am almost certainly not licenced in your jurisdiction and this post is not legal advice.I do not know where you reside. Laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. I note you use the term

After divorce, should the parents and/or siblings of the ex-husband continue to pay alimony and child support to the ex-wife if the ex-husband dies?

First determine what is the likelihood of this.Many terminal illnesses today are curable or can be put into long remission, eg. cancer.An organ transplant might solve the pressing health problem.No, the family of the ex-husband will not do it except if they are extraordinarily kind.You

Am I liable for my wife's debt?

Depends on the circumstances surrounding the marriage. Marriage means sharing, but it doesn't have to mean sharing your spouse's debt burden. This isn't an issue with premarital debts, as you're not responsible for bills your spouse ran up while he was single. After marriage, it depends where you live. In community property states, your spouse's individual

Are couples who enter into a prenuptial agreement more likely to divorce?

One of the difficulties in doing a good statistical analysis of this is in defining the appropriate control group. I don't think that just pre-nup v no pre-nup would give correct results.For example; perhaps those who would consider a pre-nup already see

Are divorce courts slanted against men?

It depends on the country. The problem is generally not so much that the court doesn't apply the law equally but that the legal framework itself is biased.Alimony for example is an outdated practice and is intrinsically biased against men, as men generally out-earn their wives and

Are divorce laws unfair?

No, they are ambiguous. However, the issues are often exacerbated by the unenlightened systems which are being overwhelmed by high conflict personalities who are adept at bamboozling the system. Most states are no fault, which may seem progressive on first glance but ultimately makes

Are fathers treated fairly by the courts during divorce proceedings?

That is a good question. There are many variants to how the answer can go. For instance:What country or State are you in;Employment and support. They will use a program to calculate what spousal support and child support you will pay. You may

Are tapped conversation between two individual admissable during court proceeding?

Phone tapping means secretly listening or / recording a communication in telephone in order to get information about others activities. It is also known as ‘wire-tapping' in some countries (primarily in USA). Phone Tapping can only be done in an authorized manner with permission from the department concerned. However, if it is undertaken in an unauthorized

Can a 17-year-old be jailed for impregnating a 14-year-old?

Any sexual intercourse with a child is rape and in most states sexual relations even with consent involving a girl 14 to 18 is "statutory rape," because of the lack of the child's capacity to consent. Rape may also be

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?Not unless it was specified in the divorce decree that the ex-husband would get possession of the property after the wife dies. For instance, if he was granted the family home as his share of the marital assets, but she was granted a life

Can a husband file a case against his wife's lover?

Officially yes. Section 497 IPC can be registered against the lover.However unofficially No. 99.99% cases will not be registered by the cops who will insist that the case be filed as a PCR with magistrate , so that FIR can be registered

Can a judge deny someone a divorce?

In the USA, there are 50 States. There are three Parties to a Marriage Contract. They are the Husband, the Wife and the State. In order to dissolve a Marriage, you must get the State's permission. That is accomplished by getting

Can a judge dismiss a divorce case in California?

Can't answer for California and I'm not a lawyer, but in the jurisdiction I know about, the judicial officer could dismiss the case for procedural reasons e.g. a document that was supposed to be included in the information before the court was not included, the respondent to the case hadn't been properly

Can a married woman divorce her husband if he is not mistreating her?

That depends where you live. The law is different all over the world, and legal questions are meaningless unless you specify your jurisdiction.If you live in an area that has no-fault divorce (e.g., Australia) then you don't need to cite any reason at all for a divorce. You just apply for it after a year's separation.In Britain there

Can a mutual consent divorce be filed using POA?

Yes, a mutual consent divorce can be filed by a special Power of Attorney holder, who can file or take part in divorce proceedings as an authorized representative of the party seeking divorce. This applies to parties married under both Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act.Recently,

Can a mutual divorce be granted through a notary?

Absolute NO. The notary in India is under no power to grant mutual divorce under any provision of law. If someone says so, beware. It's a sham. Marriages governed under Hindu law i.e. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides provision for Mutual Divorce under section- 13-B through court proceedings

Can a warring couple walk into the family court, file for divorce with mutual consent and get it, without having the usual court hearings?

I shall answer this question from Indian Legal System point of view. Both in Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act, there is a provision for couple to get seperated from each other with mutual consent. The court procedures in the same is limited but still there are conditions which need to be fulfilled.In the

Can a wife claim a share in her husband's property, even after getting permanent alimony?

Yes if the marriage survives and no decree of divorce issued dissolving the marriage, then the status of the woman after the death of the husband shall be that of a widow, she can get share in the property of her deceased husband. As such no right of the wife is their in husbands property when the

Can a wife file a divorce if she is not physically satisfied with her husband?

No. Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction (ED)) of husband is a ground for divorce, but that is a much stronger condition than dissatisfaction. Also dissatisfaction can result also due to psychological issues (as opposed to physical like ED) between couple, and it

Can a woman file a case against his husband on ground of cheating?

First of all, you must clarify the nature of cheating in your question.I believe cheating here refers to ‘adultery' by the husband. If that is the situation, a woman can approach a matrimonial court to seek divorce against her husband on the grounds of adultery. The critical aspect is that you will need evidence to prove

Can an employer legally deny me pay?

Generally, if you put in your time, you must be paid. That's true even if your employer decides your work was sub-standard, failed to meet quotas and so on. That's also true if you're accused of stealing, lying on your application or a host of other things. The labor law in the states I'm most familiar with (California

Can I change the property settlement agreement after a divorce because of a significant change in income of the person paying the alimony and child support?

In Texas, 30 days after the judge signs the final order the court loses jurisdiction over the case and it is finished, done, final.However, in Texas, if the person paying child support begins to make a lot more money then it is certainly reasonable to try to raise the child support.In Texas, once

Can I file a divorce online?

Jennifer is right - you will still need to go to court. However, there are many tools out there that make this entire process much easier and less expensive. I founded a software called Access Family Law that virtually holds your

Can I file a divorce without valid grounds?

You can.You can file anything without valid grounds.Of course, if you do so, you might end up having your case thrown out of court, since valid grounds for relief, along with jurisdiction, are essential for a court action.The rub on this one, though, is that a lot of people would say

Can I file for custody after more than 4 years of divorce?

I don't know where you live, so I'll answer with regard to my layman's knowledge of PA law. Many states treat custody similarly, so this might apply to you.Yes, you can still file for custody after being divorced for four years.  Custody is always considered

Can I get a divorce through mutual consent in India without citing any reason?

How can I apply for divorce by mutual consent?If you and your spouse have been living separately for more than a year, you can make an application in court with your spouse. A legal divorce can only be granted by

Can I get a divorce without going to court if it is mutual?

If you mean without going into a court room and arguing orally, yes.In Nevada, a joint complaint for divorce or joint-petition to establish custody and visitation accomplishes this. The petition is filled out, signed by both parties (possibly under notary), and filed with the district court. As you can see, you still

Can I hit someone if they touch my baby without my permission?

If you are physically capable of hitting them, then of course you can. However, then you will either be hit back or, most likely, arrested. You might even be sued for a great deal of money.Legally, someone gently touching your child is not grounds for hitting them.I suggest you say to them

Can I report my parents for assault, i.e., physical abuse and emotional abuse, many years after the fact?

ANSWER: 10/13/2015; EDITED: 4/4/2019: Since the answers seemed to miss one important point, I'll offer it here for future reference.For children in the U.S., the statute of limitations doesn't begin to toll until the child's 18th birthday. Thus, if the statute of limitations is two years

Can I represent myself in a divorce?

Thanks for the A2A.You can represent yourself in most districts in the United States. The real question is: Should you represent yourself? If you have been married a short time, have not accumulated any wealth, own no real estate, have no financial holdings whatsoever and do not have any children; then yes, you may be able

Can I videotape a person inside my home without their direct knowledge and consent?

Michigan law prohibits (as a felony) the installation, placement, or use of any device for observing, recording, transmitting, photographing, or eavesdropping on the sounds or events in a private place without the consent of persons entitled to privacy there. It is also unlawful to

Can my ex girlfriend legally keep my stuff?

It depends on where you live and whether you were living together.I can only speak from my own personal experience, so not sure if this will help:I divorced my ex-husband 7 years ago. While I was having a shower, he sneaked into the

Can no fault divorce be filed by both parties together in California?

I AM licensed in California, and there is some incorrect information in this thread. For one thing, the jurisdictional period you have to wait to have judgment entered is six months, not a year, and it has nothing to do with how long you've been

Can NRIs file a divorce case in India?

Yes, NRIs can file a divorce petition in India.Step wise procedure for NRI's to file for a mutual consent divorce :Place for filing the DivorceNow, either of the place of which the husband or the wife has Aadhaar card which has now become the most important

Can one file a divorce case in any court in India other than the court of his hometown jurisdiction?

Yes. It is possible.However at least one party must reside in the court jurisdiction where divorce is filed.Since it is a civil case, presence of the other party is not mandatory.However enforcement is not easy for a court order from one jurisdiction to be enforced in another jurisdiction and

Can one sue his employer if an unlimited PTO policy is only in name but not in practice?

Question: Can one sue his employer if an unlimited PTO policy is only in name but not in practice?You potentially could do so, yes.An attorney who is familiar business practices involving vacation and paid time off would be a good place to start if you are seeking useful advice, questioner.Here's the problem: If

Can someone legally divorce his/her spouse after a said spouse has died?

Is this a real question? If you live somewhere other than America, or any other place where the deceased party is considered legally unable to maintain property or present themselves in court, then disregard this answer, or maybe ask someone in the legal

Can someone share my personal information without my consent?

Whether or not someone can share your personal information without your consent depends on what that

Can the declared grounds for divorce be changed after filing?

All our clients have a perfect customer support and in-depth instructions concerning how to file for the divorce.Are you in debt because of how much your ex partner took from you during your divorce? Then you are in luck because I

Can the wife force a divorce and request for compensation on the grounds that the husband is impotent?

In the U.S. you don't need to have serious reasons for a divorce. All 50 states have

Can we directly file a case in high court or the supreme court of India, without going to subordinate courts?

In India, there is hierarchy of courts, which means one has to first approach the lower courts for remedy. However, this rule is subjected to the following exceptions:Violation of Fundamental rights- If an individual's fundamental rights like Right to Equality, Life, Freedom of Expression is violated, then she can

Can wife gift property to his husband?

I think the question you're asking is what gifts can a wife get for her husband that he will really like? The answer to that really depends on what things her husband is interested in.For example, I work for a

Can you divorce a person without his or her consent?

Yes.I took a completely hands off approach to my divorce. I had a lawyer represent me at every conference and hearing. Even though my wife filed for divorce, she was bitter and determined to cause me the maximum amount of grief. I was granted a 5 year restraing order against her.The fact that

Can you get a divorce if your spouse doesn't want one?

I am assuming you are female.According to my knowledge , in Arabic countries you can.Depending on the reason it may be a divorce or an annulment of the marriage.I would assume you could world wide.Speak to a Lawyer.

Did you ever have a spouse talk you out of filing for divorce and then they turned around and filed for divorce from you?

Nope... once we started down that road we finished it.My divorce became final in Valentine's Day.... To my surprise and laughter, while she hated that.If you want yours to do the same make sure all your papers are filed with the county clerk's office on August 14th. Six months later it becomes final.Badda-bing! Badda-Boom!

Divorce: Is it possible to file for divorce in India while staying with wife?

I cringe just writing this...I was too quick to forgive and trust again. After all, it was my fault my Husband strayed in the first year of our marriage right? I wasn't paying him enough attention, or meeting all his needs, so in swoops the trashy tramp and she seduced him. Ha!

Divorce more than once is it healthy?

I don't think you should go into a relationship with the expectations of marrying that person. It's best just to not think about it Marriage. You have been there once before and look what it brought you. A divorce ,....a failed marriage. Why get into something

Do attorneys sometimes hate other attorneys? Why?

Good attorneys don't bother to hate anybody in their professional dealings.Hate is a particularly unhelpful emotion when your job is to maximize your client's benefit.Some things that attorneys do are definitely vexing, however.Sometimes lawyers think that being a blowhard or stating their position loudly, insultingly or obnoxiously contributes to the best outcome for

Do divorce court judges grant any legal protection for dedicated fathers and/or good husbands?

Custody cases are decided on a "best interest of the child" standard.  While I'm sure that most judges are happy to hear cases where both parties are dedicated parents, a lot of times this description fits neither and it comes down to "which party has a better chance of offering

Do I have to have a lawyer to divorce if I have kids?

If I were you I would avoid attorneys at all costs. I would go before a Magistrate with a signed agreement, attorney free.The reason is that the law is predictable and if it were ever enforced people would follow the law and not litigate. The courts found a (unconstitutional) way to avoid the

Do I need a lawyer in same state my wife lives to file divorce?

Most likely no, but that doesn't mean it mightn't be cheaper or faster to file where she lives.  States have varying laws relating to things like length of separation, consent to divorce, and so forth and varying procedures and fees.  For instance if you are a resident of New York and your

Do the present Indian laws give 50 % share to the wife in the case of divorce?

There is no such law in India which gives wife a particular share in the property of the husband, let alone 50%.The law entitles wife to maintenance and alimony and that too if she does not have independent source of income

Do women ever pay alimony to her husband after a divorce?

Usually not.This is because many married women choose not to work, despite the preposterous decades old feminist narrative and pop culture propaganda (i.e. Tim the Tool Man Taylor, the bumbling idiot husband who would be totally helpless but for the help of half nerd half metrosexual handyman-the perpetually womanless Al

Does the USA have any laws that limits how many times you can get married?

I have no idea about any restrictions in the USA but...I work in a church office and yesterday a couple of our members were married. I was doing the paperwork last week and had to ring the bride to clarify a couple of details. Well, I say paperwork but although the forms she

For criminal cases, can a revision be filed in high court when the case is pending in supreme court? Is there any relevant case law?

There isn't a case law authority on the exact situation that you are referring to mainly for the reason that the said situation is covered by the famous rule of Res Sub Judice. According to this rule No court is

Has anyone divorced without attorneys? What was your experience?

I have, twice. Both times I used the same people, Divorce with Dignity, in the SF Bay area. Basically in California if a divorce is amiable, i.e. no children and no property issues then it's mostly a matter of filling in paper work and they, DWD, help you through all that. There are of

Has CrossFit sued anyone for using the term 'WOD?'

Crossfit does not have a Trademark on the term "WOD": http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/sh...They have a trademark in the term "Crossfit" which they defend vigorously. Mostly, to protect the brand, but partially because they are legally required to do so in order to continue owning the trademark to the term. IANAL - This is not legal advice.

How can a woman be sure she gets all of her rights in a divorce case?

You obtain a good family court attorney! Make it clear to this attorney what you want to be sure you get (custody, placement, spousal and child support, property division, etc.). Do not try for it on your own. There's too many legal issues in a divorce that

How to file for child custody if I agreed not to file it in a mutual divorce settlement

You can file for child custody the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act 1956 and the Guardians and Wards Act 1890 (GWA). This is a secular law for appointment and declaration of guardians and allied matters, irrespective of caste, community or religion, though in certain matters, the court will give consideration

How to find out if someone has truly filed for a divorce

If you are somewhere in the US. I would think you simply go down to your local court house and inquire. For me I was finally directed to a section in our local family court building in California. In the office I was eventually guided to was the

How to get a free divorce

Most states provide grants for family law centers where yiubgetvhelp filling out the forms . There are also fee waivers available but I doubt that you get one for the actual divorce which is about $300 in CA. You may have to pay alimony , child support . The best way

How to hire a good divorce lawyer in Bangalore

For hiring and getting in touch with the most suitable divorce lawyer in Bangalore, you just require to dial +91–9811782573 or send a mail sharing your requirements.While choosing a divorce lawyer in Bangalore for you, these following skills are assured about:

How can we file case against Amazon in consumer court?

The time period for filing a complaint for a consumer from the date of violation of a right is 2 years. The law in this regard is laid down in Sec.24-A of Consumer Protection Act of 1986.The Supreme Court however in this Landmark Judgement of National Insurance

How to avoid alumni in mutual consent divorce case

When a couple thinks to separate mutually. So the primary step is to come to agreement with the terms and conditions of the process.The terms and conditions basically includes the questions pertaining to property, custody, alimony and maintenance .So before filing of the Petition it is important to come to decision on the terms and

How to avoid an emotional breakdown seeing my spouse in court during divorce proceedings

In England and Wales, a divorce can only be obtained when a marriage has irretrievably broken down and it can be proved by at least one of five specific facts, set out in the divorce petition.Might help- This is How I Saved My

How to file a case in consumer court of Bangalore? What is the procedure

Look the procedure​ is similar in every consumer Court . The easiest way to file a compliant is to file it online through the website of consumer forum and u can also call on their toll free numbers . Similarly if you wish to file it by a

How to file a divorce petition by mutual consent

If neither you or your spouse want to continue the marriage, you have the option to apply for a divorce by mutual consent.You and your spouse can go to Court if:Both of you have been living separately for more than one year.Both

How to file a divorce

Consider these factors:1) Is your divorce amicable, or will you be battling out property division in a community property state?2) Do you have children with your spouse?If the answer to either of the above is

How to file a lawsuit in Texas? What are the required documents


How to file a mutual consent divorce while the reconciliation case is ongoing

Mutual Consent Divorce :It is the most convenient way of getting a divorce where the couple ends their marriage without getting into a conflict with each other.However, the one and only condition that a couple has to satisfy before applying for a mutual consent divorce is that they

How to file for divorce in California

As a registered Legal Document Assistant, I can outline filing an uncontested divorce in California in 7 simple steps:Step 1: In every divorce case, the divorce begins with filing a Summons FL-110 and Petition FL-100. In addition to these standard judicial council forms, there may be other local forms required

How to get a divorce done legally if my wife lives out of India and does not want to come to India ever

The Family Court where you file divorce petition against your wife shall send court summons through ministry of law and Indian High Commission in the country where she is presently living. If there is any local address in India where her parents live can also be given

How to get a divorce if my spouse won't sign the papers

I asked for a divorce on the grounds of spousal abuse but my then husband (who is a narcissistic and abusive individual) insisted that I was being ‘brainwashed' by the police, social services, our counsellor, etc. As a result of that he refused repeatedly to sign divorce papers.So we ended in court! There I

How to get a divorce without knowing where my spouse is

R2A.Well, if you do not know where your spouse is..send a notice to her permanent address, which I assume you definitely know. A lawyer should be able to guide you better in this regard. Serve her summons through a lawyer, you might

How to get a mutual consent divorce

The simplest and quickest way to get divorced is to take a mutual consent divorce.For mutual consent divorce, both the parties need to be in favour of the divorce. Anyhow, you may feel happy that even if the case is filed as contested divorce, it can be turned into a

How to get divorce in Canada

Step 1: Decide to Divorce and separate from your spouse.Step 2: Obtain a divorce application. Each province and territory has their own set of forms. You can get the correct forms for your jurisdiction through a lawyer, bookstore, court office or family law information center.Step 3:

How to get free legal advice for divorce in USA

Divorce is something you are legally entitled to take on by yourself, but you should not unless you are willing to risk the custody of your children, a say in the child support you will receive or pay, and the alimony you will receive

How to get money back from a divorce attorney

The first thing to do is to set up a meeting with your attorney to explain your concerns about the bill. See if you can come to a meeting of the minds about what you should have been charged versus what you have

How to go about filing for divorce or get legal advice when my husband controls the finances

Go see a lawyer.  A consultation is usually available for free or for a relatively modest fee and the attorney would explain what procedural remedies are available in your jurisdiction.  You may be able to obtain help from an attorney on a deferred-payment plan if there is a significant marital estate.  In my state, Pennsylvania, you would be

How to protect myself from lawsuits

Nafisa is correct.  The more contact you have with other people, the more you are at risk of a lawsuit.  That being said, having an understanding of rights and responsibilities is helpful. Publishers put out some fairly reliable information on consumer and even

How to file an RTI

It is amazing how information can be used to wield power the sharpest of swords and the bloodiest of guns are incapable of exercising. It is perhaps for the same reason that those in control of this bloodless weapon keep it close to their chest. The wind changed in 2005 when the Central Government passed a

How to file divorce papers without an attorney

In Florida there is a family law self-help website at Florida Courts where you can download forms and instructions. I'm not saying that there are never times when these are appropriate, because in fact there are times when using these forms and doing it yourself is appropriate. But I

How to find an ex who refuses to pay child support

1. Check Social Media / the InternetFacebook, Twitter, Google - always a great place to start. It's the cheapest / easiest way to gather information on someone. While this step seems obvious, may people overlook it. If your ex has ‘blocked' you

How to hide money in a divorce

Without getting into the question of whether or not there is an honorable way, one of the difficulties will be that you are not just hiding an asset from your soon-to-be-ex (stbx). You are also hiding it from the court.In effect, you will be lying to the judge in the papers you file. Should

How to know if a lawyer is good

I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the majority of lawyers are competent (or better), meaning that for most cases, you are likely to be able to find someone who is going to be able to

How does adultery affect divorce settlements?

In much of the US, it isn't a concern of the court. They generally do not involve themselves in WHY the marriage failed, only in recognizing that it has failed, and how should the issues be untangled. I think this is wise.After all, adultery could be the reason for the failure,

How does one prove adultery in the court of law? What are the acceptable evidences and what proof shall not be accepted as evidence? I am Indian. P. S. The law says it's adultery only when they have sexual relation, how do you prove this?

Adultery is a more biblical term not really used in a court of law anymore the term you will hear more often is extramarital affair. That's when one spouse gets in a relationship with an outside partner without knowledge or consent of the spouse. Now you

How long after separation should I file for divorce?

How long after separation should I file for divorce?That depends on where you live and how long you feel like waiting.For my first divorce, we filed within 4 days of separating. It was all over and done with within 6 weeks. It only took that long because my husband hired an attorney to file the divorce papers.My second husband

How long do you have to be married in CA to file for divorce?

There is no minimum time between when you marry and when you can file for divorce (technically called dissolution of marriage). Welcome to California.Often marriages that blow apart within days or weeks will end with an annulment (technically called nullity of marriage), but not all short

How much alimony should I pay to my wife?

The basic rule of deciding the amount of alimony is the basic requirement of the wife. Anyhow, at times, the comfort of the wife caused trouble to the husband, as the amount raised to 60–80% of the total income of the husband, which is

How much does a high-class lawyer make?

It's worth noting that Stephanie's answer, which lists large law firms with profits per (equity) partner in excess of $2,000,000, represents the income of less than 4000 attorneys.  There are over 1 million licensed attorneys in the U.S. according to the ABA [1], so that's under one-half of one

How much does divorce cost?

How To Save Your Marriage AloneAny spouse going through a marriage in distress will probably lament on how frustrating it is that their partner is not as interested in patching things up as they are.When things really go downhill, the said spouse is left with even less