What college has most students?

This depends on what specific question you are asking, because we count full-time and part-time students differently. For total enrollment, Miami Dade College (principally a community college) has the highest total number, a claimed 92,000 credit students (students who enroll in at least one college-level, credit-bearing course during that academic year; Highlights and Facts) in 2014–2015.

What's the most frustrating thing about being a liberal?

That we seem to be held to different standards than the Republicans. Now, let it be known that the worst thing about this is both sides do it. Conservatives and Republicans think

Why is 'Allowing same-sex marriage' a sign of liberalism?

Liberalism embraces the idea that governments should not interfere in matters where there is no compelling reason for the government to do so. It also embraces the idea that when the government does perform a function, it should do so in the same way for everyone to

Are liberals or conservatives more tolerant of opposing views?

As of me writing this answer, there are 58 answers to this question. The vast majority of the answers state that conservatives are more tolerant of opposing views, and a fair few of them cite their own experiences in life as examples of this.If you know anything about forming a cogent argument,

Are most people liberals?

The majority of citizens of

Are Republican politicians from California more liberal than Republicans elsewhere?

I'm not sure there's any factual way to answer this question.  There are varying degrees for both parties almost anywhere you go.  I'll offer my observations.  DISCLAIMER: Opinion onlyCalifornia is a beautiful state, and I love to visit.  Politically, it seems to be a bit of a mess.  Friends of mine that live there have talked

Can liberalism be defeated?

Yes, but at great cost, and never completely.  We can look to some of our Muslim neighbors and see this in action.  Iran, for example, used to be a relatively liberal country before the 1979 revolution that contained liberalism there (and knocked America out of the country as well). 

Conservatives, what are your most liberal opinions?

Conservatives, what are your most liberal opinions?I have several.Let's start with Health Care.Our current system is dominated by the business end of the industry, not by the health care part. This ensures that the bulk of political spending from the health care industry to

Do people become more conservative as they age? Why?

I certainly hope so, or we're really screwed. I leaned left back in High School, although I was never as left-wing as some of the other kids my age. I was a Democrat, but in 2008, I supported Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama, because

Do you feel that our schisms in America between liberals and conservatives are beginning to cool down?

No, I don't.But I have a view that some suburbs are actually the most representative of America- ideologically, religiously, ethnically, culturally.I liven in such a suburb. Our community of 120,00 has Baptist, Catholic, new age, Fundamentalist,The real bias on social networks isn't against conservativesOur media is incredibly polarized. The country seems to be watching different

How did the Republican Party go from a liberal to a conservative one?

The answer is somewhat complicated, but there were initially liberals and conservatives in both parties.It's important to remember that regionally, the US hasn't changed that much. NY, for most of the history of the country, had the bankers. The North East

Is being liberal a good or bad thing?

In the simplest of terms, it doesn't matter.Of course, it's much more complicated than just three words. Personally, I consider myself very liberal, but my opinions of my fellow leftists vary just as much as they do for those on the right.About a year ago I visited some family members in Alabama

What are some things liberals repeat that you find frustrating?

I am a communist. I believe in Marxism Leninism. Liberals and conservatives frustrate me for different reasons.Liberal sayings:

What are the faults of liberalism?

The word liberal is confusing. In the US it is used to indicate progressive political views, while in many European countries it is a synonim for conservative.Both conservative and progressive movements have positive and negative aspects. Conservatives traditionally resist

What arguments, as a liberal, would you like other liberals to STOP using?

Stop making the gun debate about needs, and while we're on that subject, stop saying blatantly false things about guns that make us look stupid.Full disclosure: I support risk-based gun control that makes it harder for the wrong people to get guns via regulation. I also support high capacity magazine bans.Before we get into why the

What can a liberal tell a diehard conservative that will change their mind and make them leftist minded?

With all due respect, this is the wrong way to approach a conversation about values. There is no way to make someone change their mind, and a conversation between people whose goal is to change the other's opinion will go nowhere.So the first order of business is to get clear on the initial

What don't most liberals realize?

Islam is neither the nor a religion of peace and seems to have a constant negative effect the bigger its presence in a country grows.There are only two genders. Gender is not a social construct and is based directly on

What would you say is the one primary misconception about Conservatives or Republicans that you wish was understood clearly by critics?

Thank you Kevin for the A2A.First, Conservative and Republican are NOT the same thing.What do Liberals get wrong about Conservatism? Almost everything.First, I will list some of the Conservative principles. These principles guide us and inform our opinions and political positions. You will

Why do liberals seem to be so out of touch with reality to me?

This is an example of how far our thinking in the US has drifted from reason. When discussing

Why do some people really hate hippies?

Rightly or wrongly, hippies have gotten reputation for the following things:1. Being dirtyHaters will exclaim, "Dirty hippie!" and shake their head in disgust. Some hippies believe in not showering with the frequency normally accepted by society. Some

Can a devout Christian also be liberal?

If a Christian (follower of Christ) is  intellectually honest, actually reads and studies the words of their savior, and thinks for themself, they would have to be socially liberal. Even "radically" liberal. Sadly many (most?) do neither of these.Jesus (if you read his purported words) was a radical humanist who, among other things,

CNN published a false document that Buzzfeed published. Are both news organizations fake news?

I should point out a few things about the Forbes opinion piece referenced in the question. The author made some key errors in coming to his conclusion and the entire piece seems like that he started with a conclusion and then

Does the average American know that, despite the US Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage in 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges), some Native American tribes/nations do not legally recognize such marriages?

Most Americans don't know it. Just like most Americans don't know:Most tribes DO recognize such unions.Most tries pre colonization recognized such unions.Most of the ones that don't recognize them today do so because of colonization, loss of cultures, missionaries, or fear that recognition would alienate angry white fundamentalists.

How do Americans view political correctness?

How do Americans view political correctness?There is no one single answer to this. There isn't an American view, but rather many many views.This is mine.Murphy Barrett's answer to What is political correctness?Politically Correct: In agreement with the official doctrine of the Party. Following the Party