Do you think it is wrong for a woman to have an abortion without telling her husband?

This happed to me, I happily married my best friend since fourth grade. We were married for a year when we found out we were expecting twins. (We dated 5 years prior) She went out of town with her friends about 2 months into the pregnancy. I trusted her. I

How to cure my severe OCD

I suffered from severe OCD. Now after years of inner work, I can say that I still have OCD but this has no longer a big impact in my life.In my opinion, the first step is acceptance. When you accept your thoughts and understand that

How to cope with a lying and cheating husband

Find yourself a really good therapist, and work on discovering why you have such low self esteem. Only someone who truly believes they are worthy of a lying cheating husband, would want to learn to cope, and continue to put up with it, rather than kicking his lying cheating ass

I lied to my husband over something stupid and he wants a divorce. Is there a way I can save this marriage?

Whether there's a way you can save this marriage or not is not what matters the most here. My question for you is, Is it worth it, when it's clear he's using this little incident as a lame excuse to get what he probably has wanted for quite

If a client lies to his attorney and the attorney repeats the lie publicly, can the attorney be held responsible?

Do you mean making a public statement to the media or using the client's lie to file something in court?It will depend upon what sort of obligation the attorney was under to investigate the facts for himself and what the lie relates to, as well as whether or not the attorney had a good faith

In what ways does lying affect a marriage?

Lying destroys trust. Without trust, there can be no marriage.That includes lying by omission and

Is cheating worse than lying?

Nope. Not in my opinion. We pretend to be faithful humans and only hurt about the lies and deception rather than the actual act. It is societal inbreeding that makes us react horrified at the thought of least in public. But inside your own head as a unfaithful person or as a person who knows their

My ex wants me back but lied to me. Should I even give him a chance?

Ok, what they all said, but nicer.It's not seeming like a good idea. You already know that and are looking for confirmation, right?He has lied to you about having sex with another woman and then risked your sexual health when having unprotected sex off the back of that lie.

My husband was fired from his job over a month ago. I just found out today. He's been going to 'work' as normal every day. What do I do? Should I confront him?

Poor guy! I'm very sorry for your husband's situation. It is always a hard blow when someone gets fired. Sadly, in today's society, we

Should I lie about my salary in an interview in order to get a higher offer?

My thoughtsIf you tell your company that you are currently being paid less than the industry average, then they will certainly see this as an opportunity to pay you less. You have 2 main choices when negotiating:1. Don't tell them what salary you are on.2. Lie about your salary.Some people here

What are professions that requires one to lie the most?

1. Shopkeepers- "These apples are fresh, it came today itself", how can they tell that he bought these apples 10 days back!! Buyer- I think that green shirt will suit me.Shopkeeper- Yes, this will suit you the most.Buyer- I don't think the green shirt suits me, I should buy that

What are some lies that husbands tell their wife?

No, honey, those pants don't make your ass look fat at all.I love your new hairstyle. I like short, bobbed hair on you.Dinner was fantastic, honey. I'm so full!Of course I'll gladly help, my love. Anything I can do to make your life easier.No, I'm not upset that you bought it.

What are the biggest dieting lies?

The ones I can think of are these:Watch your calories. It's more about watching what you eat and the ingredients.Losing weight is easy. No, it takes time and commitment over the long term.Diet pills don't work. There are no special formulas except common sense.Overweight people are lazy or undisciplined. Not true. There

What commercial is the biggest lie?

No commercial is a lie, in that sense. I had answered somewhat similar before. Experts in the business are masters of behaviour and persuasion. This makes them devise a strategy which can trigger the required emotion/intent in the consumer's mind, and help influence a purchase decision. it is psychology at work for sure. but it a larger than life

What do you think about people who lie about being a Navy seal?

My simple perspective sees two categories of people who lie about something like this.The first category consists of those who have legitimately served their country. These are the

What happens if a child lies to Child Protective Services?

If a child lies to CPS, they will destroy your family. Plain and simple. CPS has to take someone's children regularly, or there is no reason for them to exist. The truth is not going to keep them employed, so

What is the best revenge for a cheater liar husband?

It's NOT lowering yourself to his level, trying to be like him, fighting fire with fire.  He used you.  Don't let him use you again.  Don't ever do anything for him again, nothing.  Cut him completely out of your life if you can.  Find someone worthy of your love.  He will find plenty of unhappiness in his life

What is the biggest secret that your Government is hiding?

During imperial rule a single nation ruled over so many nations, not as a moral responsibility , but to rule over earth's resources and the minds of people. Even today, governments hide the intentions of the rulers and how this control is exercised. Earlier military power was resorted to for

Why do husbands lie about their cheating ways? They call you crazy saying I an not cheating and when your not looking they continue to cheat?

To start with did you expect the truth? Lying about an affair is the norm so forget the lying and deal with the affair, ask him why and insist on the truth no matter what it is.I have first hand experience and it's true what they say, if he's not getting steak at home he'll eat

Why do I lie and cheat on my husband?

Because you do not love him and you don't want to be there in that relationship. He may be great and maybe he would be great for you, but you are not ready for a monogamous relationship if you are cheating and lying to

Why does he lie about cheating?

Researchers who study everyday transgressions believe that character isn't responsible for people to cheat. The situational circumstances make people to lie and cheat to temporary turn things into their favor. We might break the rules under some conditions and in some mind-sets,

Why does Trump lie about unimportant things? A good example of this is Trump calling Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' on tape, yet Trump lied and said he called him 'Tom Cook Apple'. Why would he do this?

He's a compulsive, pathological liar. It goes hand in hand with his malignant narcissism. He lives in a world so delusional, so bizarre and detached from reality that he cannot even distinguish his own lies from the truth, indeed, he believes

Why must my husband cheat on me and lie?

Who knows. Only he can answer those feelings. Mostly because he feels trap, or he is a failure at work. Maybe he doesn't like or love you anymore. He wants to cheat to make it easier to get out of the marriage. Let

Will you marry if you found out your girlfriend of 5 years/would-be wife lied about having a 4 year old daughter just before marriage & miscarried?

Runaway buddy Runaway..Many will say she trusts you do much now that she shared her past, Many will say if you love her what does it matter and a lot of politically correct nonsense.Some might say i have been there and i did this and i

Are there any lies that your parents told you as a kid that you believed for longer than you'd like to admit?

I was very well taken care of as a child. Some would say I was spoilt. My parents split when I was two years old but my dad was very involved in my life and was always there. Growing up I was always aware of the stark difference between my parents financially.

As a male do you lie about your age?

My ex is a Narcissist and he is petrified of aging and dying. He always ate well, never touched alcohol or drugs so he remained young looking. Prior to the No Contact, I went on Skype as it was where we usually talked and clicked on his profile. He gave his

Biggest lie you ever told to help someone?

You know, I saw this question and it occurred to me - I've never told a lie to help anyone. Nothing that I can think of that was a big enough of a lie that I can even remember it.Years ago I used to do special investigation

Do you personally think you can tell the difference between a real smile and a fake smile?

Of course , Between real and satire .A person smiles on your success . Another tries to smile but he does not mean to show his appreciation . But adds a smile . You can come to know who is overjoyed and the other is just stretching his lips . To add

Have you ever told a lie?

YES.The big lie , which I have told , taking an oath on Bhagavadgita !!This incident happened on January 8th, 2009.It's a long story....15th September, 2007 :: It was ganesh chathurthi festival, I still remember.The time was evening 8.30 pm, I finished cooking dinner and we were about to have.My son came into the

How to deal with people who crave attention

All you can do is model self-respect by telling the truth yourself, even if it causes you to say things which might be embarrassing. For someone who is so insecure he has to constantly inflate his own accomplishments, the most

How can lying start affecting your brain?

I'm not a cognitive scientist or a psychologist, but I would like to share my thought.Okay. We know, obviously lying needs a lot of brain work. Some can be,To evaluate the person's profile you are lying to.To evaluate his stand on the subject (His resources and his opinions).To evaluate the situation and consequences of your take on the issue

India: What are the biggest lies that Indian mainstream media had spread/shared to it's audiences?

While the lies of the media are numerous, immense and of far reaching consequences in deciding the outcome of an election or building/destroying public opinion in favor/or against an individual or a body, I would like to share something more on a personal level.Clearly remember the incident when I was in Kolkata for my cousin's wedding. Having

Is truth the biggest lie?

Truth is the biggest lie because absolute truth does not exist. Perception and reality are different things. You perceive this world through your mind. What you perceive something as can only be experienced by you. So truth is a lie because we can only know what our perception of this universe is, not

My home builder did a poor job and lied about items which were not provided. They did not honor commitments. How can I warn future customers to not build with this company?

First of all, didn't you have a contract? If not, why? If you did, get a lawyer - fast. If you didn't have a contract and took his word of mouth, you should be totally ashamed. Also, did you research him on the internet? Check him out with the BBB? More in o would be helpful. But there

What are some biggest post-independence lies in India?

The biggest lies ever post independence as per me. I had very bad memory so I could only list from past 5 years. That doesn't mean I support others.Chowkidar is clean.MSP of agricultural produced increased by 1.5 times after 2014Employment to 2 crores (epfo registration can never be a proof

What are some lies we are often told about regarding nutrition?

Food groups defined by the U.S. government is the biggest lie. It wasn't created for your health and well was created so that the meat, dairy and agriculture industries could prosper and sell more of their garbage to you.Here are a few quick facts:Dairy - Dairy is

What are some of the biggest lies in history people were fooled into believing?

I see a lot of good answers here, but I think something has been overlooked (especially if you live in an occidental country like I do).The very biggest lie we have been told is that we live in democratic countries.We don't. And no, I'm not an extrem leftist or some kind

What are some of the biggest lies in history?

Some of the biggest historical lies are:Vietnam was America's only loss.  Actually it was a tie because Vietnamization was such a joke, and we must not forget the War of 1812.  Despite the fact that the U.S. is given the

What are the biggest lies about IIMs?

Thanks for A2AI have not lived the IIM life yet, but i feel the biggest lie is that if you work hard and get 99+ in CAT you can make it to an old IIM. This is specifically for general engineers, for non engineers the dynamics change. The

What are the biggest lies lovers tell?

Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. -Oscar WildePsychology Today reports the results of an online survey called,

What are the biggest lies that society tells us?

Everyone is beautiful. Naw, that's bullshit. Whether inside or out, there's always people in this world who aren't that great. Don't give people delusions of grandeur, that'll make em think they don't need to improveHard work always trumps natural talent. Let's use the movie Monsters University as an example. It's a prequel, so most people knew how

What are the most common lies people tell?

A resume and a matrimonial website.

What are the most common lies that people tell themselves?

It's okay I don't need to write the notes I can remember it. ( Never ever it happens. It's a lie. You have to note it down)Let this semester go I will study seriously from the next semester. (Common buddy this is a never ending loop. Please come out of

What commercial is the biggest lie?

No commercial is a lie, in that sense. I had answered somewhat similar before. Experts in the business are masters of behaviour and persuasion. This makes them devise a strategy which can trigger the required emotion/intent in the consumer's mind, and help influence a purchase decision. it is psychology at work for sure. but it a larger

What is a lie that you have said the most?

These are the lies that I have said the most.Scene 1:Phone rings......trin trin !! (Mom is calling you...showed the display of my phone)I attended her call, in the beginning she asked, how was the day ? Is everything fine ? She asked every little thing. At the end,Mom : You had your dinner or not ??Me

What is an example of a lie that most people believe is true?

I'm fine.You hear it from others. You say it to them.You failed an exam. The test paper is slipping through your fingers. Your friend walks up to you.I'm fine.Someone called you disgusting. You look in the mirror and stare at your face. Flabs of skin hang down your chin.I'm fine.You notice your friend hiding scars

What is the best lie you have ever told your child?

Oh, I've got a few.My sister:When I was 10 and my sister was 6 we ended up watching some children's movie about a kid who when he turns 13 starts having odd things happen to him. He gets more and

What is the best way to prove/catch someone lying?

First, it helps when you have a longer-term memory than they do. You'll remember what they said but they're less likely to remember if what they said was a lie used to obtain some short-term gain (which they will forget the details of long after gaining whatever they sought). It also helps when you have a trail of emails,

What is the biggest lie about toothpaste?

I don't think there is any big, common lie about the toothpastes which I am familiar with, which includes the big brands being sold worldwide, and some small local brands manufactured by companies lead by dental professionals. If you know

What is the biggest lie affecting mankind?

Probably Religion.BUT before you think I'm a horrible person I mean in both ways.The first being how 1/2 of the human population believe he is real and the other 1/2 believing he isn't causes many wars just because of religion. Either he (God) is or he isn't real. One

What is the biggest lie America tells its people?

That it's people are free and live under the best system in the world.There is more censorship in the US than exists in Canada or Europe.Look at all the books that are banned in libraries and schools; in the south in particular.Look at all the movies that are

What is the biggest lie in Russian history?

The biggest lie or misconception by Western media and as a result most Westerners is the idea that the Soviet Union was all bad and evil, the Gorbachev/Yeltsin era (late 80s and 90s) was all good, and then the Putin

What is the biggest lie in the science you know?

Biggest lie in Science? The idea that Science is capable of lying. It's a process, a procedure, by which we can asymptotically approach utilitarian descriptions of observed facts in the universe we can see. In general, observations that have given rise to hypotheses that have survived experimental confirmation by multiple independed qualified

What is the biggest lie in truth?

As conscious beings the biggest lie in truth is the false personification of the truth created by western civilization. By Stealing an African holy divine conversation between ancient Egypt and the Hebrew people and placing western civilizations imbalanced measure of all things on a holy truth, western civilization has created the biggest lie

What is the biggest lie Obama told?

One of Obama's biggest lies and scandals had to do with the Iran ransom payment. Obama made it very clear to the public that he did not pay ransom for hostages taken in Iran. It should be noted that President Obama avoided breaking the law by working his way around the legal system by using Swiss

What is the biggest lie people still tell about diets?

That there's some neat trick you can do and

What is the biggest lie still taught in science classes?

The biggest lie still taught in (some US) science classes is creationism.Believe it or not, there are still schools in the US that are allowed to present creationism as a viable possibility.For example, the state of Tennessee passed a law with the purpose of allowing students to

What is the biggest lie that you ever believed?

As I sat in my apartment, with my girlfriend who is a few years older than me, and was hanging out with me, she proceeded to take off her clothes and removed my pants and underwear. She then proceeded to stroke my penis, and proceeded to lick the shaft, and give me a blowjob.

What is the biggest lie the world has told us?

That you me the world or anything is real. We are stuck in a simulation. All our lives are preprogrammed prescripted from the day we are born. Free choice and free will forget about it. Everything is code from the sun on your skin till the

What is the biggest lie told about India?

The biggest lie in India is that I am Poor and I am below POVERTY LINE - So I need government dole.A person indulging most of these but claiming as poor, whereas the Congress limited tis word that a person having income below Rs 22. 50 per day is below the poverty

What is the biggest lie you ever heard about Israel?

There are so many of them circling out there that I didn't know where to start from. Instead I will try and summarize some about the conflict in General:Lie #1: This conflict is the root cause of the Middle East mess.No. This is one conflict which is

What is the biggest lie you've told somebody?

sometimes, not telling someone something could be called a lie. make of this story what you will. my second husband had four adult children from his first marriage. his youngest daughter began phoning him every month, crying, and saying,

What is the greatest lie you ever made?

Reading the question, I am reminded of a funny incident that happened in 1982. I was then working in Mandamarri as Survey Officer. My staff used to come to my house several times, either asking for leave or to discuss some work

What is the worst lie you've ever been told?

3 years ago, I began dating my ex.At first, everything went relatively well, but at a slow pace. We understood each other.She understood that I was very introverted and to-myself, making open talks and affection difficult for me. I understood that

What lie fooled you for years?

As I've stated before, religion. Finding your creator isn't an external Journey to Find what's right. Finding what's right begins by looking inside and finding the Divine spark that was left in you that thing that tells you what right and wrong is that thing that even will let you know

What lies has Hillary Clinton definitively been caught in?

Here are the major things Hillary has said about her emails that are not the truth:She said she didn't send or receive any emails that were classified at the time. The FBI investigation turned up 110 emails were classified at the time she sent or received them. So, her statements were either a

What makes someone bad at lying?

Honestly, I think that even if you're good at lying, you're a bad liar. However, being the daughter of a retired police officer has taught me how to get away with more than I should have.I'm not going to go in depth about how to lie, but I will tell you

What's the biggest lie told about Obama?

The biggest lie about Obama (who disappointed me as president) was that he

What was the biggest lie you've ever told or lie that someone else told you?

I was ghosted about 13 years ago and the ghost hit me up in a chat room under a different name 7 years later. I questioned who they were, because I didn't recognize the screen name, and when they finally

What was the most obvious lie you've seen on a resume?

The biggest by far lie that I have ever seen in CV was a co-worker applying for jobs saying that he was leading a big team of data scientists, managing big budgets (300M€) for big public institutions and even run marathons in less than x hours. When in fact he was doing support of a legacy system in

What were the biggest historical lies?

There is an inherent bias in every person, and especially when the political atmosphere in a nation is tense, rhetoric can easily distort the truth. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is full of extreme conspiracy that constantly aims to bury the other side with

What you think of Nancy Pelosi said 'Barr lied to Congress' and 'that's a crime'?

She's gone round the bend and she's not as smart as she tries to portray herself to be. Look, Barr is an experienced attorney - a sneaky, slippery, greasy, silver-tongued one at that.Flashback: April 10.VAN HOLLEN: Did Bob Mueller support your conclusion?BARR:

What's the biggest lie you ever heard?

One of the biggest lies ever told is that :Love happens only once in a lifetime.This is strongly believed by a large number of people for ages.We live in times where our minds are controlled by Television and Media which showcase that love is the only way that exists in this

What's the biggest lie you have ever heard from your parents?

When I was about 4 years old :Mom and dad : A for apple, B for ball, C for cat, D for dall. Now repeat with me.Me : A for apple..... D for dall.Mom and dad : Good, when you will go to

When someone is lying, do their eyes look to your left or their left?

Thanks for the A2AIn most cases (where the stakes are high) they look straight at you.Most people who lie want to see if they get away with their lie. They mostly do not break eye contact because they want to observe your reaction

When was the first lie ever told?

When was the first lie ever told?According to the Bible (Genesis 3:1–5) the first lie was told by Satan the serpent in the Garden of Eden. That lie is in bold below.1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made. He

Which is the most common reason why people lie?

Everyone lies all the time, our entire society is built on institutions that are based on lies.We lie because we have to, our existence is a lie, to deny it is a lie in itself.Our society would not function if we did not lie. Lying is the product of evolution and beneficial to our society. Naturally like all things

Are most people who say that they've never looked at another person while officially in a relationship lying?

Absolutely. What about TV and social media?Unless this person, doesn't listen to music, doesn't watch TV, is strictly religious and has no idea what social media life is about then maybe not. But 95% of people in relationships, including myself has looked at a another attractive human being and said

Have you ever lied to clear yourself of a problem and now you feel bad because someone else got in trouble for something you did? What was it that you did?

When I was a child( 8–10 years old), the back part of our house had a flat roof that could be accessed via my bedroom window, I was out there one day playing around and had a croquet ball which I went to place on the top of a drain vent, well the next

Have you ever told others a secret that you were told?

Well, once I didn't know it was a secret when someone who worked for me had been arrested for fraud and embezzlement at her old job while at her new one.... As such, after the office closed for the day, I called to see if anyone in her family had picked her up from jail?JC, was she pi**ed,

How to cure my severe OCD

I suffered from severe OCD. Now after years of inner work, I can say that I still have OCD but this has no longer a big impact in my life.In my opinion, the first step is acceptance. When you accept your thoughts and understand that

How to tell when an auto mechanic is lying to you about the work your vehicle needs

If you don't know much about cars and you're relying on the shop to diagnose and service your car, you can't tell. Also, you probably shouldn't walk in there assuming the shop exists solely to rip you off, either.If you're ‘car dumb', then they know more about

How do we know if the statistics about the Trump economy is accurate when he has told over 10,000 lies himself and has a way of getting people in his administration to lie on his behalf?

This statistic by the Washington Post has itself been critiqued as being biased and misleading see 10,000 Pinocchios From the Washington PostThe point is that you are quoting as fact the opinion of a single source who is himself very liberal and biased.That said the economic data is pretty much not in dispute. No one is

I am a compulsive liar. How can I overcome this behavior?

How do I know if you're lying about being a liar? A compulsive liar is someone who lies with ease and finds comfort in it. The person may even continue to lie when presented with the truth in cold, hard facts. Getting a compulsive liar to admit he or she lied can

If you have tried practicing the law of Attraction, have you ever felt that these are all lies, that it's not working for you, and you just give it up?

Yes, but I did not give up. Most people do experience resistance at first, but it is the practice of forming new beliefs that will cause this to work for you.If you believe the LoA is a lie, you will see things that reinforce and strengthen this belief. If you choose to keep

Is there evidence the Bible is a lie?

Is there evidence the Bible is a lie?Any good evidence?The Bible isn't one statement; it's a collection of stories. If you mean is there evidence that some of these stories aren't true, then of course there is. Genesis 1 & 2 have 6-day creation stories

What are some lies that Chinese school tell their students?

1. Our country is a socialist country, unlike those capitalism ones, everyone have equal chances. How many efforts you pay, how many achievements you get, it has nothing to do with your background.Screw it. How is that fuckingly possible, in China, common people must pay much more efforts than those whose parents are rich or bureaucratic. And

What are some of the biggest lies in history that are still being taught in modern day schools?

Irony time:  "Lies" from the past are now being supplanted by "correct lies" now.Modern scholars who try to psychoanalyze people from the past do not have a couch large enough.  While what people said a century ago about historical events may be as

What are some things many people pretend to like but don't actually enjoy?

Nice GuysYes, the old adage, "Nice Guys finish last."  There is such a truth to that statement.  And let it be known that I'm drawing the term "Nice Guys" directly from that cultural statement.  I'm not saying that everyone else but such Nice Guys are assholes.   First off, I'm a nice guy. 

What are the biggest dieting lies?

The ones I can think of are these:Watch your calories. It's more about watching what you eat and the ingredients.Losing weight is easy. No, it takes time and commitment over the long term.Diet pills don't work. There are no special formulas except common sense.Overweight people are lazy or undisciplined. Not true. There are many factors that contribute to obesity.Avoid

What are the biggest lies ever told by parents to their kids?

Let's go down in the lane of childhood memories:When relatives used to visit our house I used to get very excited. Firstly because I knew they will get sweets and mom will prepare something special for them. Secondly, I knew when relatives

What are the biggest lies spoken by an incumbent or former prime minister of India?

Manmohan Singh recently came out defending his UPA governments and asserted that under him various Surgical Strikes had been carried out against Pakistan.Apparently, all those idiots (oops, I meant the ones who are called ‘Compulsive Contrarians' by Arun Jaitley) who had been asking for proofs after post-Uri

What is a lie that you've told that you will take to the grave?

What is a lie that you've told that you will take to the grave?I've heard plenty of self-fulfilling prophecies, but self-defeating questions are purely a Quora phenomenon. If I tell you my deepest and darkest, there's no way I can take it to the grave. It will already be out there. Cripes, if I want to do that

What is the biggest lie/misconception about college?

I would say that the biggest misconception is that college guarantees you a job in the field of your choice. I was one of the few people from my graduation class that did not attend college - that is another story in itself.But, after going to college, I was shocked to learn that

What is the biggest lie you tell yourself every day?

Ummmm biggest lie ...... I am pretty much not sure what is the biggest lie I say to myself because I say a lot of lies to myself to keep me motivated for the whole day. Without those lies probably I

What is the biggest secret ever?

Yes, there is one, the greatest, oldest secret. I won't even call it a secret because secrets can be known. It is not a secret but a mystery and mysteries remain mysterious whether or not they are known to us. It remains incomprehensible to those who actively