How many hours should a 21 year old sleep in order to be super-productive?

You being super productive does not mainly depend on sleep. Sleep is just a minimum requirement.7 to 8 hours a day.To be super productive you must do the following simple things1. Write a to-do list everyday

Is it generally a good idea to move out at age 20?

That depends:Are you in college? If so, stay home until you graduate to give yourself your best chance at success. The world is mean to poor people.Do you have gainful employment? If you have the financial means to support yourself, ask yourself why you're still with your folks instead

What are good things for 20-somethings to save for?

Anything. Everything.It is better to have money than to owe money. As Richard Russell's answer to What are good things for 20-somethings to save for? notes, there are many reasons to save money, invest, and have the world owe you interest payments, dividend payments, etc.Debt is a

I am 24 years old male. I look very young to my age. What should I do?

I would like to vehemently disagree with any answer which says

I'm 21 year old guy. Which one is best for me? Gym or jogging?

Walking and jogging both are good for health. But what is good for you depends on many of the following criteria:Jogging is prefered in the morning because we have fresh air in the atmosphere in the morning. and while jogging, our body takes lots

Is height-growth possible after age 20? If it is, what should be done to stimulate?

Yes it is possible through naturopathy and magnet therapy and Magnetic therapy is found in the Hindu Vedas, from 600 BC And I increased my height through the Help of naturopathy and magnet therapy and there are many doctors who uses magnet therapy and naturotherapy to increase height

What advice do you wish you had been given in your twenties?

1. Develop will power. I would say that our generation is going to have less will power than any generation before. Why? Because we can access everything instantaneously: movies, music, books, information, and friends are all about two seconds away. We don't really understand the concept of having to wait for things,

What advice would you give to your 22 year old self?

10 powerful principles to follow for the rest of your life:You will see more change in the world than the last 20 generations have witnessed - combined!YOU are your worst enemy...Don't be stubborn: Stay humble; ask questions!You may feel like you are super smart and that you know everything; NO, you don't know anything yet!Listen to advice of

What are 5 mistakes people make in their 20s that guarantee they will have a hard life?

Let me tell you JUST ONE MISTAKE.YOU NEED TO MAKE 85% of LIFE mistakes in your 20′s.20′s is the time when you had energy, ideas, ambitions, life and no baggage. This is the time to make mistakes in relationships, business, health, finance and many more. The more mistakes you make, the

What are the things I should not do in my 20's?

Don't smoke. Cigarettes, vapes or whatever it is. Don't. Trust me.Don't take lightly of your GPA, assuming you go to college. The bigger you got, the easier you'll be in the future getting those big paying job with fast track into managerial position.Don't stop studying things. We're currently living in a

What is most important when you are 21 years old?

I think these quotes will help you... 1. Life is about making an impact, not making an income. –Kevin Kruse2. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. –Napoleon Hill

What is something that a 20 year old should not be doing?

Hi,Thanks for putting it here!Here are the things that will help you save your soul:Giving up to Peer Pressure.This is going to be game changer for you for the coming times.If you don't drink and don't want to - Say so and stick to it.If you cannot afford

What is the best life advice for a 28 year old?

Looks like you've just 2 more years until you get to ......30, and yeah thats some age to be at.Everything from that point pretty much shapes up the rest of your life. But still you've got 2 years and

What should a 20 year old be doing in his life?

1) MEDITATE. The answer is hidden Deep down in your heart, you just have to give it life again.2) GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. What I mean is to try something make you feel uncomfortable, but in end after doing that, you feel

What was the biggest disappointment of your 20s?

My biggest disappointment was that my husband didn't take our marriage as seriously as I had. His promises of

What will I regret not doing in my 20s?

I'll put this in the form of mistakes I did in my 20's:Made bad friends that had me skip university and get bad grades.It's nice to go to a club at least a few times with friends but that's not the ideal place to start new relationships or short-term flings, that

What would people advise a (hypothetical) 22-year-old college graduate to do with their life?

Read and educate yourself as much as you can/can afford: My uncle was 28 when he met with an accident and he broke both his legs. He couldn't walk for more than 1 year - still has a limp. He studied mathematics in his graduation and started tutoring 2–3

How to invest money so that I can be a wealthy person

Hi, I am 21 years old investment freak and investing since i was 19 years old.Here are list of the things that a young investor should do in order to get sufficient wealth at the time he/she is 50.Now lets us assume you make an SIP of Rs 5000/ mnth. Let your

How many hours of sleep is most beneficial for someone in their late teens/ early 20's?

That depends on the individual and their lifestyle. I.e. if they work in a physically challenging job they will benefit from a little extra sleep than most people in average office based jobs.Generally over sleeping is a bad thing not only a waste of time but physically also

How many hours should a 21 year old sleep in order to be super-productive?

To answer your question first, its 6 Hours Minimum.The amount of sleep required decreases with age and stays flat after your mid 20s. Out of my own experience i am telling you. I am 29 years old. Till last year i used to sleep between 8 to 10 hrs and believe

How should a 21 year old student start investing?

This answer is not a how to (there are few good, permanent how-to's in investments, if any, because markets change and evolve very business hour of every business day), but it's about the root starting point to making investments and

I am 27 years old, female and I am unemployed. Is it too late for getting married?

Hi Friend,There is no age limit for marriage(In India, age limit is there. maxly either men or women they are ready to marry below 30 only. Nowadays people are adopted with western culture so no issues with age.), you can marry without thinking anything more happily.You are 27 years

I am a 24 year old girl, and I am ready to marry the person which my parents will search for me. Should I marry?

There was a famous story, it goes back to ancient ages.In a village there lived a wise guy, he was very popular because of the advice he gave and how he helped other without any selfish intentions. In short a Holy Man. Another villager, whose Mother passed away, came to this

I'm 28 years old and haven't started saving or investing. Is it too late?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, if your goal is to retire in your 20s like some of the people out there, you are sadly too late :)Joking aside...Why would it ever be too late to start saving or investing? I Googled top inspirational quotes and

Should I marry a 21 years old girl when I am 29 years old?

That's the crucial question. If a woman marries a man 7 to 10 years older than her, can it be termed as marrying an older man? In present day standards, many women seem to nurture such a viewpoint. Getting married to a man, almost the same age or about 2 to 3 years older (and very

What are the best tips for a 24 year old on personal finance?

If I had known the following tips at 24, I'd be retired by now.I was a late learner. I didn't learn most of these until I was in my early thirties.If nothing else, make sure you read the stock series by Jim Collins and learn about investing and minimizing investing expenses.Here are

What are the biggest myths about life that many 21 year olds believe?

You believe that your profile, pictures, and postings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, including Quora, will not have an effect on future job searches. They do.If you think that companies don't look at what you've been up to on these sites, you're kidding yourself. It's called

What is 20 a good age for?

Do something that you feel is impossible to execute, because later your commitments will stop you from doing them.Do something crazy.Do something jerky.Do something fun.Do something cool.Do something valuable, try all cuisines, do a part time job and gift something nice to your mom.Learn A Lot, like reallyalot,.It will certainly come handy later .atleast

What is a diet plan for a 21 year old female?

Here are some general diet tips to follow-Drink a lot of water. Daily.It helps in detoxification of the body.Excess drinking of water may cause deficiency of sodium like ions.Reduce sugar intake.Say no to carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi etcMore Green

What things must you do before turning 21?

Travel a lot : Nature is the best teacher is such a perfect sentence that it teaches you every damn thing when you are ready to learn and how can you be ready to learn? Travel more and you'll learn for  sure. Travelling ensures a lot

When I get to my 40s, what are some things I would regret doing in my 20s?

If you want to fail in life, pick the wrong partner and marry them. Think hard before you legally commit. See beyond looks. Marry someone who is also your best friend. Marry someone you would hire to be on your team at work.

Why do I look aged (around 30)? How can I look younger?

You can't stop time, you can turn back the clock to achieve more youthful-looking hair, hands, and skin. And you don't need to submit yourself to plastic surgery, buy expensive salon treatments, or stock a medicine cabinet full of lotions and potions, either. All you need to

Can l became a boxer at the age of 22?

yes of course.... If you have dedication to do it. First of all you need to be prepare from home before joining any classes or training . To prepare ourself you need just to focus and by daily practice like- exercise , some cardiovascular and running to build up stamina.. You can check out youtube for punches

I am in my early twenties, what can I do everyday that will help me look and feel young after getting older?

Thanks Mr Early 20′s,Great question,I am in my 60′s and feel better than when i was younger. No white hair yet.I attribute that to One Discovery. (How to skyrocket then Sublimate/Control Extra Sex Energy.)A world famous Sensai shared his 5

I haven't been in a relationship for 6 years?

You are 21, you have a lot of life ahead of you.I felt the same way when I was 21, and now I am 27 and being 21 feels like a lifetime ago. I have had many relationships in that time that

I'm 20 years old. Is that still young?

No. Actually, you've just finished first half of your life... in a way.Speaking of your memory, let's look at your life a different way:When you are 1-year-old child, 1 year represents 100% of your life, when you reach 2 years, one year is half, and

I'm 28 years old, female, just got married. Is starting a PhD too late at this point?

This is something only you can answer properly (preferably after a nice talk with your husband). But I'll try to break down your situation a bit for the mental exercise.Your Ph.D. degreeThis is probably the easiest to answer at face value. At 28, you're

In your 20s, how do you decide which friendships to nurture and which to let go?

Friendship is a weaving of many strands and colors through time, and whoever's life threads you permit into your weaving will be the shelter and gifts you carry through your life. You let go of people when they tear apart the fabric of your life. Let go of them when they're knives, cutting you away from the

Is 23 too late to learn to respect others?

Absolutely not to late. Respect is a two way street. The alternative is to treat people like trash and so doing it welcome like treatment in response. Try using more empathetic thought process. Try thinking from their possible experiances and how they

Is a 22-year-old woman too young to date a 34-year-old man?

No!! It's suitable age for a couple and actually it's not about age, but the personality.You should know that there are tons of younger women date older men, it's quite normal, and let's talk about the advantages of dating an older man.More established.By established, I mean his career is solid, he has a 401K and he probably owns a

Is it better to stay single during your 20s?

There are two scenarios either you will rise or will fall being in a relationship.Firstly, I will mention second scenario. If you are single at 20's that is the best thing could ever happen to you. But still, in any certain point of your life if you feel connected to someone that

Is running 3km in 14 min average or good timing for a 23 year old male?

Average. With training you should definatly do better, at 23 you're almost at your top performances in running, which should only decline past 30. Don't get me wrong, 14 minutes 3km is pretty good for someone with no specific training, but if you put some specialized training, intervals, long distances and volume, you should easily

What are the key differences in a woman of 20 year old, 25 year old and 30 year old?

I'm not a woman but I can tell you solely from my observation.Woman in her early 20s,Falls in love easily,Gets upset easily, kinda selfish,Digs the famous extroverted guy,Trusts people blindly.Thinks being cool is watching movies..especially superhero movies.Loves chocolates.Woman in her 25s,Realises that the world

What is something you struggled with in your 20s but came easy to you in your 30s?

Insomnia. I seriously doubt that I've slept through the night more than a dozen times since my son was born 25 years ago. After a while, you adapt and begin to realize that sleep is over-rated (but this attitude does take a considerable

What professional advice would you give a 25 year old?

A career is a marathon, not a sprintMost success comes from repetition, not new thingsIf work was really so great all the rich people would have the jobsDeprioritise your career when your kids are youngIn the workforce, always act like you are 35Management is about people, not thingsGenuinely listen to