What are some unethical workplace and career life hacks?

A Crazy stranger's story:I was working in a software company where 20–22 people used to work over there as developer, designer, sales etc. And usually 5–7 days in a month i was being on leave because of distance and has to

What are good and bad life choices?

Bad life choices are those that ultimately bring more pain and negativity to you and others than pleasure and positivity, wheares good choices are the opposite. Say, for example, you decide to try cocaine. The immediate effects are a lot of pleasure. In the long run though, that one decision often leads people into crippling debt, into

Why do we hate making phone calls?

It is more of a millennial thing I think. As a kid, I'd spend hours on the phone every day that I wasn't outside playing. We love to communicate as people, but we found an easier, less stressful or invasive way

How to change my life in the next 5 years

In what ways do you want to change your life? There is how you interact with family, the people you choose as friends, the way you handle romantic situations, how healthy you are, the career you choose.....etc. Whatever the case, here

What is one thing you should never do while cooking?

Rub your eyes while chopping chillies. Or go to the toilet when chopping chillies without washing your hands thoroughly first (and of course afterwards)Not good.

Is life really fair?

PLS READ IT, THIS MAN DESERVES HUGE APPLAUSE !I put my cabin-baggage in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight to Delhi."I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps, I will get a short nap!", I thought.Just before take-off, a few soldiers

What are the best unethical hacks for life?

OK. These hacks are totally unethical and should not be practised. If caught, they may land you in trouble:Get a free drink at Starbucks by pretending your order was taken.-Have your friend order a drink at Starbucks and pick up their drink and leave. After a few minutes, have the

What are some tips to making mom life easier?

When you distribute tasks and let others to help you in doing all household chores then you make your life easier . Always ask your family members to Put everything in its place , like Towel , Shoes , books , bags , clothes , plates , glass etc.

Does working make life more interesting?

I'm jobless as I'm writing this answer.I was employed properly till April. The organization where I was working ( a start-up) went bankrupt, so employees are payed only till February month.Do you think having a job makes life more interesting?Having your dream job( mine is coding/programming/development which ever

What is quality of life?

Everyone's quality of life is different. Quality of life is the image of you when you're in your death bed reflecting on you're life. Imagine what you did in your life that you wish you did less of and what you did that gave you fullfillment and joy. What you reflect on in

What makes life work?

Innate Love and dedicated time for your own self -Meditation, Fitness, Grooming, Passions, Travel, Holidays etc.True love and care/ concern for your loved ones and quality time with them (not expensive gifts)- parents, spouse, kids, friends etc.Making time for your passions , better still converting your passions into direct work areas so you enjoy themHaving

What 5 changes in me can change my life forever?

I think I can answer this without knowing the specifics of your life because the answer is general enough to apply to all human beings.Step one is evaluate. Are you happy? Would you like to be happier? Do you think there is scope

What are the top hacks related to studies that every Indian student knows to excel in his/her life?

Never waste time. Time lost is lost for ever.Take studies seriously. If fundamentals are strong and conceptual understanding is there, it helps one go a long way.Never compare yourself with anyone and lose heart. We all have a unique destiny.Always strive for improvement day after day.Never give up.Money, fame and power is

How to feel very happy in my life

being happy or not is just state of mind, being happy not cost more than a thought, there are couple of reason around you to become a happy, one of them is you are alive ( where people died at every alternate day without reason or without mistake like, terrorism and etc )

How to stop rejecting happiness because I'm afraid that when I am finally happy I will have no reason to live for

WOW! That's just an outrageous lie you've been telling yourself for a long time! It's just ONE BIG LIE!As a long time professional Spiritual coach, (over 30 years) I maintain If you really want to be happy in the future, you need to start by being happy NOW. Wake up my dear, there

What is 20/40 vision like?

The answer to this question would be relative to the person asking it because eyesight is a fraction. 20/40 being 1/2. So for somebody who has 20/20 vision, 20/40 would mean their vision would be half as sharp (many variables are included such

What are some useful life hacks to live life happily?

There is only one life HACK to live life happily!People might write all sorts of things while answering this answer but Beilive me there is only hack !!!

What makes you feel important?

You.Its youIts only youYou can make urself feel importantBy being positive all the tjmeBy making happy people around youBy supporting your lov onesBy enjoying moments with ur friendsBy having amazing time in aloneBy remembering GodBy keep thanking HIM for having such a wonderful lifeAnd last but not least...your parents. They make u not only happy

What is an essential item everyone should have in their home?

What is an essential item everyone should have in their home?Three items:A fire extinguisherA well-stocked first aid kitA gun + a sufficient amount of ammunitionThe goal is that you'll never have to actually use any of these items. But if you ever do need to, it will, by default, be too late to go out and buy one.

How to be more valuable to everyone around me

Become the kind of person that you feel is a person that you value yourself. Above all,respect for yourself is paramount. Not everyone will find value in the same things but a person that has value for themselves sets an example for others to follow and to respect. It is not your responsibility or your obligation to

What are top 10 professional life hacks?


How to change my life in next 5 days

Evaluate your life. Figure out which areas of your life need improvement and attention. Ask yourself questions - is that what you wanted to achieve? Are you happy? What makes you unhappy or worried?Set your goals. Remember that the goals need to be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. In a months

What is the idea of happy life or living happily?

SEE its like this living happily or a happy life sounds such a bullshit in 21st century but the idea is that first ask yourself what makes you happy and what makes your life a happy living if you go through this thought process u will came to a point that 2 things make you happy either1 the

How can Humor help us to live life more happily?

I still have a lot to learn about humour and life but I know for sure that my marriage has benefited from the humour that my husband and I are making an effort to inject into almost everything.Our lives aren't easier (than at any time before now) but there's substantially less tension/stress in our home. Communication is

What are some good college/life tips for someone who is bad at school but very intelligent?

I suspect you are not bad at school but you may be undisciplined. The other option is that you may have an undiagnosed learning disability. One of the myths about learning disabilities is that people with them are not very smart. Very smart people can have learning disabilities. I would suggest you see your school

How to be married and still live my life

Why do you want to get married? Is bringing up kids and having a family something that you genuinely think will bring you happiness? Or is it something that people / society ingrained in you. Do you want to get married because

How to deal with people using me against myself

Avoid them or keep information from them. If they are in the dark about you, they can't push your buttons.

What is important in life?

A monk goes to a far away island, and parks his boat. He says to himself, finally! Finally I have found an island which no one knows about. Thankfully, now I can meditate. There should be enough fruits on this island, so I would live peacefully ever after.He comes to the interior and

If you could pick the happiest time of your life, what age would you pick?

I am 58. Truly, I would say the happiest time of my life is now.It seems strange to me to search the past to try and find a time where I have been happiest. A person can only be happy now.I think about what I refer to as

Why should people be happy?

Do I even need a reason to be happy?I used to believe that I'll be happy once I become successful or if I achieve something or get some recognition.Issac Newton and Thomas Alva Edison.Newton had a dog named diamond,one day Newton was theorising on modern calculus and after hearing the door bell ring he went to

What makes life worth living when poor and single?

Not being poor an preferably single for now, I wouldn't know. Life is life animals have life. Life has no program but to survive, only life that is aware of it being changed or terminated are humans.

What are some mindblowing LIFE HACKS in every day life?

Really they are mindblowing and excellent Life hacks.Hope you guys love it.So here we go0.on the Web1.

As per law, 18 is an adult age. What is the age when a person really attains maturity to handle the life on his own?

Why would anyone want to handle life on their own? The burden of existence is not meant to be borne alone. I'd love to have lots of people help me handle life.And, maturity? I hate to break it to you my friend, but it is way, way overrated. I'd prefer foolishness, innocence and childish optimism.If

At what age should you get married?

This is a pretty hard question, it will be different for everyone. The difference in maturity between the typical 19–20 year old and the typical 24–25 year old is pretty large, so I always recommend waiting until you are old enough or mature enough to really understand who you are and what is important to you. Of course some

How can we make our life simpler and effectiveness?

Here is your answer: 30 Tricks to improve productivity by Anurag Yadav on Aapka Dost Anurag

What are the best ways to make your life easier?

1. Begin a businessMy father, who has been independently employed all his life, used to disclose to me that "Lone rascals work for jerks." Working for another person puts you at their kindness and subjects you to their impulses - and frequently their poor administration abilities. That, as well as the

Can you give me some basic everyday life hacks?

I can't but the people at lifehacks, boredpanda and 100lifehacks can!

How does life live?

sometimes we have to ask our self .what's using my life?one of the things that we know about life is that it's always changing. sometimes you are up sometimes you are down.sometimes things go really well and sometimes they just don't.sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad.and that's what the thing is called life.but during those down

Why don't I know who I am?

The essence of who you are is:What you like; certain foods, certain animals or no animals at all, certain artists, decoration, culture etc. etc.What you like to do; concerts, hiking, meditating, watching YouTube etc. etc.What you'd like to reach in your life: start a family, get a certain job, kids or no, being

What are the best ways to save money?

Save with style:Use credit card less and feel like as if your mother in law is asking for it while going to mall for her shopping.Use Ola and Uber or auto or public transport and start your journey early in the morning.Buy a small car. The

What are some simple, but great things?

SMILE"A War is born from a place where a SMILE is forget" - UnknonwnOne of greatest gesture, but a very simple one.

What math hacks make your life easier?

There is only one hack in mathematics and all of the other hacks you will likely learn are based on it. The hack is called Modular Arithmetic (MA). So, why aren't kids taught it properly? The honest answer is, I don't know. Possibly because it gives you very powerful means of "cheating" to

What's your plan for the next year?

Finally publish my first full-length novel. (The two I've published are short books of flash fiction.) I've been working on it for about six years, but as I was taking writing courses all this time I've realised more and more things needed improving. I think I'm done with improvements now, so I need to