What life lesson changed you the most?

I am the only one responsible for my future, and life will not give you anything unless you fight really hard for it.Some circumstances in your life will make you feel a little bit depressed, and you're going to think that the future will be hopeless, that's when I realized that the only way I

What life lesson changed you the most?

Listen to the little voice...Three events happened to helped me get on the right road:First- It was 1978 and I was 24 I had spent 3.5 years of pre-med studying to be a doctor. While in the lab, my eye caught a little window on a fire escape door. Through it, I could see a

What changed your life today?

Yesterday, when i was on my way to the gym i was feeling thirsty. So i parked my scooty near a juice vendor.The place was crowded.The weather was scorching.Me: Uncle, ek glass beetroot ka juiceUncle: (frustrated voice) Accha rukoMe: (thinking) Such a rude guyThen suddenly his 7 years old son came from the back of

What book should I read that'd stop me from being egocentric?

The easiest way to stay humble is to realise that your life will most likely not matter in 100 or 150 years.This universe is expanding yet it is reaching it's end in the next few billion years. All the little things you're worrying about now won't matter. I found that the more accept my

What was one hard hitting moment in your life?

Well,This question made me look back at the trail of the course of my life.I passed ICSE with flying colours in the year 2013.I never had to worry about my grades till then as I always scored satisfactory marks (if not great) in my school exams and got promoted from one standard to the other. Belonging

What's the process if a mother wanted to change her mind after signing adoption papers on her unborn child?

I'm almost positive it's not legal to sign adoption papers prior to birth. It's definitely not ethical. It may be possible that papers can be signed stating an intention for an adoption, but they wouldn't be legally binding. In the US, there is a waiting period after birth before the parents can sign any paperwork to start adoption

What has someone done to you that has changed your life forever?

My life has been change so many times....Ups and down continues in my life...At first, I mention a girl who changes me, I return to my track, leaves all my bad habits, and I was literally changed a lot.....bcoz I love her a lot.....After some circumstances, she had to leave .....When she leave....I get

What life lesson changed you the most?

No one is immortal, not even our parents/role models. And their deaths can be the catalyst for major change s, either good or bad. Again and again, I have been faced with the deaths of loved ones, too many to count. My mom, step-dad, great-aunt, grandmother, godmother, and others have all passed on,

How can a trip or an event be life-changing?

If it's an unfamiliar part of the world and you're open to new experiences, travel can really change your perspective on your own country or lifestyle. I've had totally unexpected cultural "awakenings" in India, Japan, Iceland, Vietnam, Peru, Botswana, Zimbabwe and

How much did you change after a traumatic event?

Traumatic events create a vacuum inside you,so I try to create happiness around me.Traumatic events made me stronger, more patient, more compassionate and gave me a high emotional IQ and better ability to connect with others.Dark side.....I hate being alone , I like to stay busy when

Have you ever found something that changed your life inside a home you just moved in to?

I wouldn't go as far as saying it changed my life, though in a practical way, it did. You can be the judge of that. :)Julie Swiss's answer to What's the creepiest thing you found out about your house before or after you purchased it?

What changed your life today?

An accident- which was so near but miraculous. The words of my colleague-he said : you had a lease of life and lease of sight.

What was the best life choice you ever made?

That was the choice to use the teachings of Nichiren, this time around.My poor decisions had shattered my life, and the decision to use the Nichiren method enabled me to rebuild better than before.Who controls you?