What are life hacks for saving water in India?

Water is a precious natural resource that is essential for human existence. Like other natural resources, its supply is limited. Therefore, it should be used in a judicious manner and best efforts should be made to conserve it. Here are a few practical

Does knowledge make life easier or harder?

The ancient Aztecs had an answer to your question.This is a stone carving in the museum in Mexico City entitled, ‘Man Gaining Knowledge'. It is an image of a man being devoured by a dragon . . .

Is social media making us more connected?

I think that is an interesting question. I have been doing social media marketing for 15 years. In a way, I think that it brings us more connectivity because we can connect with more like minded people all across the globe and that

Why is doing simple things in life important?

Simple things are important, because even complicated things are made of of..........simple things.Get the little things right, and the big things take care of themselves.

How to refresh my life

First, choose to be happy. Here is how. Look outside yourself. In small ways, make others happy. Always have a happy word for people you meet. Start with your own family. Do you want to see a miracle? Tell your mom and dad the following: "I don't always act like it, but I

What helps make prison life tolerable?

It's different for different individuals. For me two man cell as opposed to open bay dormitory is a big plus. Having outside support is beneficial. Having money in canteen account along with a hustle is nice. Some States wont allow some of the items listed below (the facility I am writing

What is something that your child saw that you wished they didn't?

My daughter saw her father dead from an overdose while spending the summer at his home. She was 11 years old. His family had known he was a drug addict for years but they really didn't want to acknowledge the problem and mostly laughed it off. They were

How to feel more happy

With the Feeling of Being Desired!I'm telling you something very weird yet important.The one of limited feelings that makes a person happy is The Feeling of Being Desired.Interact with more people, make new friends, make good teams, make friendship with girls, do something remarkably good for you

What are 10 life lessons that you have learned in your life?

I read this letter at three sites first on Facebook then buzzfeed and then on bustle and think everyone should read this so here is that letter.This is a note from a woman who dying of bone cancer at the age of 27 may make you totally reevaluate it. Holly Butcher, a woman

Is living in nihilism living?

Nihilism is a conception. It is possible to live in a conception. Being courageous enough to fulfill a life while dealing with the possible conclusion that there is only a glaring nothingness awaiting you on the other side is a manner of the highest strength;

How many years do you think it takes to have the ability to completely change as a person in an enduring and fundamental way?

In my humble opinion I dont think there is any annual minimums set on personal growth. I'm not sure one can competely change either. You can change the way you think, the way you react, your attitude, your outlook, Etc but you can't completely change who you are as a person because your experiences

What should I do to save my life?

Keep aside your mistakes u have committed till now and drop a year for preparation of bits or mains or advanced,one year is sufficient enough to get into any dream collegeBe confident, be determined towards your aim.This one year can lift up your upcoming future.Best wishes.

How to improve the quality of my life choices

Get specific.Take your question, for instance. No offense, but it's just NOT specific enough.What do you mean by

Why does life kick us hard?

Anything in excess makes us value it less so in order to cherish something valuable it is extremely important to not have loads of the same.The same Sunshine looks brighter after the storm.The same is with everything related to life. Too much of happiness will undermine

What are some life-saving health tricks and hacks?

I will not stop posting this!!!!! #ATTENTION .Most Important article to save your entire family.Learn from the mistakes of others:A Family (a man his wife and their baby) who just came back from a dinner out of the house in a restaurant,

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier? How can one expect to improve life through automated programming?

Text messages! I got tired of hearing "You never message me" from friends and family alike so I wrote a bash script which later on turned into an apple script that sends random messages to random group members at random times on random days. Its pretty random.The messages constructs themselves twice a

Is it better to die happy or live in regret?

Die happy but I am living in regret , I don't know why , it kill every day .

What makes life worth being happy?

If happiness is your goal, you will never find it. It will change as you change. It is a desire, a dream, a value that is beyond the control of emotions and it has no influence on reality. Happiness is successfully adapting

What are some social life hacks?

1) Assume comfort in any interaction.Our brain is an incredibly complicated instrument. Our relationship with it, is a love-hate one. We think we have control over it but usually something unconscious dictates our actions.In most of our social interactions, we find it difficult to feel comfortable among strangers because our brain tries to protect

What is a life hack that you think not everybody should know?

Brother according to me the life hacks that you know which everbody don't knowAlways live for nationAlways believe in your karmaAlways manage your time with your interest. Prefer much time for those works which you want to learn, after that use your time in which you are perfect so that you

Can one live happily being single for their whole life?

I know a person who is happily single; he's a twin, so it's easy, but he may decide to be alone when his brother passes away.You don't necessarily need to get your needs met by a wife (except sexual), you can rely on

Why are the simple things in life so hard?

Dunning-Kruger effect."How hard can this be?" says the simpleton, seeing an expert effortlessly accomplishing a task. "I can do that!"Simpleton then attempts to accomplish that simple thing for himself. Oh dear me, he discovers that it is very far from

How to make my life fun and interesting

Just get out and do things! Make it a point to explore all that your town has to offer, or nearby large towns. If you live near a metro, take the train to somewhere you have never been before. Join a birdwatching club. Reach out to others and

Is science making life simple or complex?

Beauty is not subjective. Contrary to popular belief, men and women generally agree on who is and who is not physically attractive, even across different cultures.What makes someone enjoyable to look at?High cheekbones, fuller lips, big eyes, and a thin chin are associated with sexiness in women, whereas a big jaw

What are some good life tips that you think are good to become more intelligent?

You don't provide much information in your question, but I am just taking from it that you want to do a little self-improvement, perk yourself up a bit. There's nothing wrong with trying to make ourselves the best we can be. Of course there's nothing that any of us can take or do to become an Einstein

What can I learn/know right now in 3 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

3 tips for life:Love all being- mother has taught usDo your duty- father has taught usEnhance your wisdom- teacher has taught usHemant Lodha - PURE SOUL IS MY GOAL

Do questions make life worth living?

Yes and for me the best answer is knowing that the meaning of life is God and our happiness. To day this can be understood although may not be a easy task. For more details see Abstract 1 of Life Philosophy by Joao Ferreira.

What made you realise that yes, he/she is the one with whom you can spend the rest of your life?

Do they make you want to be a better version of yourself?Do you care about their mental wellbeing, about their spiritual growth more than your emotional outbursts?Do they make you want to look forward to the day with them?

What life lesson changed you the most?

I am the only one responsible for my future, and life will not give you anything unless you fight really hard for it.Some circumstances in your life will make you feel a little bit depressed, and you're going to think that the future will be hopeless, that's when I realized that the only way I

How can someone be happy when life is being extremely tough?

Every tough situation is godsend to evolve you to a higher level.Respond with action first approach to ameliorate the conditions. Post that accept what can not be changed by adjusting your expectations.Act or Accept.You can read more in my book of the same name to be free from unhappiness, pain and sorrow.

How to face the hard life

Everyone faces lots of challenges and difficulties in life. Have patience and faith in God helps in hard time. Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.. Always remember this Quote.If you like my answer and want more Quotes on life please visit belowQuotes Smoke

What is the number one life hack that never gets old?

Spend less, and if you can MUCH less, than you make. Religiously. No matter what. When you have savings, you can weather financial storms, have options to make moves others who are living paycheck to paycheck cannot, and usually can take

Which things make life interesting?

It's ours! The basis of an interesting and rich life are the following principles: 1. Having a goal and achieving it. Having a goal forces us to take many steps to achieve it. We dream, carried out their wishes, looking for new ways to succeed. And while we are striving for the goal, our life is full

What is it that really matters the most in our life?

1. Values MatterOur values identify what's important to us and how we prioritize our time, energy and attention. They reflect what we stand for. They define the outer limit of what we're willing to tolerate and what we're not. They determine the context of what

What's the most insane life hack you have used ever?

Yeah I am an addicted gamer but was falling short of some bucks to buy a new game CD.So this is what I did.I ordered a CD of Counter Strike Global Offence from Amazon and paid it as credit.When the CD arrived, I opened it carefully and installed the game using the provided CD

Life Advice: How can I make my life simpler?

Before answering your question, allow me to hypnotize and take you to a happy place. You are sitting naked, alone, in a vast, green field. There are soft white clouds in the sky and no sun. In the distance beyond the field, you can see a dense green forest. A cool breeze

When did you feel that your life was turning around?

The moment she walked into the in take office in August 2003 at mental health clinic SFDPH Behavioral Health Services. She is my MFT Psychotherapist fifteen years. I came to San Francisco to stop racism, domestic violence, stop drinking and also to get help for what the mother of my two daughters described as trauma from violence in

What makes life fun?

A good friend can make your life so fun!A girlfriend/boyfriend can make your life so fun!Your parents can make your life so fun!A good ambition can make your life so fun!A good reason to help people can make your life so fun!A journey to another place which you have never been before - well, after a while, can make

What are the 5 best things in life people overlook?

The feeling of fresh air entering your lungs in the morning after a long rain.The smell of garlic and butter simmering in a skillet.Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.Puppies/dogs sleeping on you.Sitting on the beach at night looking up toward the universe, listening to the waves crash in front of you.

What type of wisdom improved your life quality?

Tibetan book of the dead..do not get scared by the title.. it is a pretty calm and soothing book (creepy, huh?).. it talks about the person's ability to see the path to eternity..the first step is to be prepared to take the trip: if the person is not ready, the person will be trapped

What is the best way to improve life?

Mike has never put more than 40% effort into anything in school.He sits in the back of the class. He never listens. He figures out how to sleep with his eyes open, or hide under his desk to take naps.Maybe his dad

What is something you were born at precisely the right time for?

Something that can indicate one born at precisely the right time is one to know what exactly he is doing on Earth and what are the purposes for his actions because the right time to born no one knows only our own Creator, at image and similitude

What are good and bad life choices?

Bad life choices are those that ultimately bring more pain and negativity to you and others than pleasure and positivity, wheares good choices are the opposite. Say, for example, you decide to try cocaine. The immediate effects are a lot of pleasure. In the long run though, that one decision often leads people into crippling debt, into

Why do we hate making phone calls?

It is more of a millennial thing I think. As a kid, I'd spend hours on the phone every day that I wasn't outside playing. We love to communicate as people, but we found an easier, less stressful or invasive way

How many women are so pro-life that they would actually give their own life to save their unborn child's life?

Absolutely not.I consider that to be completely ridiculous.If a woman has cancer and turns out to be pregnant, she should have an abortion and have treatment and then try again.Why on earth would you put a child on the world who will be motherless from the