Is family-life worth it?

It completely depends upon what you want to do in life NEXT WITHOUT FAMILY.Most of us it's needed for emotional, mental, financial and otherwise support. It's worth it.For Mother Teresa, Anna Hajare ji , Sindhutai Sapkal, HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, Narendra Modi, They have HIGHER goals than normal house holds. It's not worth it.It's upto you.. :)

Did philosophy ruin my life?

This is an interesting topic, so thank you for the A2A.In my experience, what you have encountered can happen with philosophy, spirituality, relationships, self-awareness and self-discovery, formal education, or even moving to a new country with a different language and culture. Our identity and sense of self is often constructed - carefully and over many years -

How has religion improved your life?

It has helped me understand that, while interesting from a historical perspective, we have no need to blindly follow such practices. There are some sound moral lessons worthy of consideration. But largely such dogma should be considered an ad hoc collection of outdated myths and legions that served a purpose in past history but are harmful in

What's been happy in your life lately?

Marriage. I mean though it was not very late according to now time but yes the society feel you like that. I am an engineer and that time working as an assistant professor in the engineering college.Thay time we were facing financial problem because of certain circumstances. Due to which we were not

What do you expect will be absolutely unchanged in 20 years?

There are manual tasks that relatively few people do that would require substantial automation. There are still of these jobs around barrel coopers, farriers, cake decorators etc.

What makes life?

Life was created by God for His and our happiness.Although not easy to understand, see Abstract 1 of Life Philosophy by Joao Ferreira.

What is mobile phone hijacking? How can we protect ourselves from this?

1. No Download the and No install the app from un-trusted website or app store. Download the app from official website if possible.Because the hijacking app are always disguising some famous app.2. Be careful of the second hand phone if you want to buy a second hand

For you, how does your Tesla make you feel when you drive it?

In one word: Awesome.It is the car that responds to your commands. It accelarates fast and smooth and does not make a sounds. It cruises silently on a highway while streaming any music I want. Its eight cameras monitor the road.And of course the thumbs up I get from other drivers are nice too.

Would you say that life is hard?

Yes. But for most people it's also balanced with good things too.But then there are those that are less fortunate...For people who had the misfortune to live during a war or live with the impact of genocide, or torture, yes life can be very hard.For people who are victims or are surviving members of individuals that have been impacted

How are we eternal?

Whatever material makes our body is eternal. Some twenty years ago I wrote : I was the sky, I was the sea, I was the wind and I was the tree, this is why I know that I will always be.Since ten years I have worked on a

What things make life memorable?

For me,  it is the especially good or especially bad experiences that are memorable.    I would much more prefer more good experiences in life.      Good experiences can sometimes take many many years of work. Bad experiences can happen within a minutes carelessness.     My favorite experiences have been a satisfaction at completing a

How to think your life will change in the next 5 years

I have no plans to change anything much in my life - from now until I die (which I hope that won't be in the next five years).So in five years time I intend to still be answering questions on Quora, and doing so in my home office here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and traveling

Have you ever gone through a radical life change?

A couple of years ago I pared down my belongings and put almost all my things into a 10x10 storage space so I could return to a previous employer in another state. I'm saving my money to travel and volunteer, so instead of renting an apartment I move

Would a 'company town' built by Tesla be an exciting or frightening place to live?

There are some things that might be expected of a Tesla/Elon Musk Company town.It would be designed around Tesla Network, the fleet management system and app for managing ride sharing with Tesla autonomous vehicles. That would allow it to achieve some

What are some simple life hacks to turn your life around?

Forgive people before they know they need it.Use life's accidents, mistakes, and injuries as your college.Make more mistakes, but don't make them twice.Know that you can't change anyone ever.Know that you can't make someone love you.Kindly tolerate 90% of the lies you hear.Judge people by what they do.Learn to think critically

How can we make our life simpler and effectiveness?

Here is your answer: 30 Tricks to improve productivity by Anurag Yadav on Aapka Dost Anurag

What is the best life advice you would give?

Me: Mom can we talk for ten minutes?Mom: Is it important? Because I am in office right now.Me: If you have ten minutes to spare that would be enough.Mom: Ok, tell me.Me: Mom, tomorrow is my physics semester exam and I am not able to concentrate. I am not able to

Does philosophy apply to life?

When most people think of philosophy they think of people like this:

What are the best simple things in life?

Answer one:Many years ago I was visiting a medical practice in a large Catholic hospital. I was working there all day and the doctors invited me to a BBQ lunch. Doctor new I went to Catholic school and had seen me at church one or twice.A group of nuns were totally engrossed eating ice

What is it like to live your life happily alone?

Happiness does not descend with any condition, one should be in some relation or alone. All it depends on state of consciousness. If one has fewer or no complaints from life then he/she will be happy. If someone has no/less desires, he/she will be more peaceful and

What makes a monotonous life worth living?

Nothing.Good old Nothing is great for pondering your existence.Whenever you start to believe existence is monotonous, just think of the alternative.From there, you may further divide and categorize your life.You will find that you care about some things more than others. Don't limit yourself to these things, however.Else your life

What is the biggest achievement in life?

So,here I go:-I got my selection in physiotherapy course of Delhi university with AIR 23!!!!.......AND so my college is one of top 5 physiotherapy colleges in India!!!!Till 4 years ,I was not able to speak ,so I was a huge introvert in my school ...but now, I am open to

Is school/college important for having a good life?

No.College is not a must inorder to have a successful future.However,not everyone will be Bill gates or Steve jobs. That's why it's recommended to go to one.

What makes you feel small?

You failed to see a smaller man than yourself, NOONE IS SMALL each is a winner

What is a word for: when life, family, external social pressures, and other possible factors all direct you towards a specific path or role in life that you wouldn't have done otherwise?

You can put your question in two different concepts; good and bad. Good could be expressed as groomed...molded...supported...encouraged...guided...prepared...nurtured. Bad could be called forced...pushed...told...coerced...duress...undue influenced...shoved...unwillingly...over-powered. just a few that came to mind :)

What is life and the best way to spend it?

LifeLife doesn't have its own definition untill you do not give.Its totally depends on you how you treat your life..How beautiful or how bad you want to make it.Your life is totally in your control you have to decide what you want to do with it?,how do you want to make it ? what

For the next 20 years, how would you live your life?

For the next twenty years I would spend my life doing good unto others. America is getting ready to see horrible times and if one is not prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for what will be coming down the pipe, it is

Why is everyone else's life so amazing?

As it is a well construed fact that the grass is greener on the other side. This is the biggest myth that our generation faces, thanks to the wonders of social media.We as a person look at ourselves with so much of self pity that it eventually makes the lives of others to appear to us

What makes you feel you?

I was seriously injured 7 years ago while breaking up a fight between rival gang members in the basement cafeteria of the school I've worked at for the last 26 years. I slipped 4 consecutive discs in my lumbar and I've never

What are the computer games that you have played over the years?

First PC game I ever played?This classy, graphically intensive ball of fun.

Which things make a life very happy?

There are no "things" that can make you happy. There is no "formula" or a "potion" that helps you feel euphoric. It is always all of the emotions. You need all to know them all!!I always say this, don't run behind being happy, you

What is a better life and what is a better future?

Better life is knowing Jesus, and better future is keep God's 10 Commandments. Not 8 or 9 but all 10.End Times Prophecy

How's life with your family right now?

It's going well.My brother is off to college, so it's quieter around the house! Thank Jesus. I get to still see my dad on the weekends. I can't stay there during the week because he lives 20 minutes away and I would have to wake

If you could tell me 10 tips going forward in life, what would they be?

Not to care what people think about you and your actionsKnowing yourself...(your nature and characteristics etc.)Knowing your interestsFolowwing your interestsFind out your meaning of ‘success'Trust no one but yourselfProblems which you face are just in your mind...changing the way you think will get you the solutionLearn to live and be aloneEnjoy've got only oneAnd lastly...True love is an

What makes you live life?

Two things:Hope. I hope one day I'll finally be able to say:

Why is life in Ukraine hard?

Is it really?I don't really see how life here is much harder than, say, in the USA. It's not like we have no roof, or no food, or no medicine, or no education. We're not some kind of Somalia, neither some kind of Fukuŝima. It might be comparably harder but still not

How should I feel about having no social life?

Don't feel bad just feel motivated to do such things as going in public making friends talking about life with strangers it helps your confidence and your social interaction with others.

What is the best thing to happen in your life nowadays?

I AM GOING TO PUT THE ANSWER IN THIS WAY. WHAT I AM GRATEFUL FOR IN MY LIFE.Everything is best if you look at the brighter side of things. If you indulge in self pity and stress then the quality of your life will turn out to be miserable.. I have good parents who never restrict

What things in life make people compete?

You need to consider that there are two types of people. One who are competitive, and one who aren't. It can be due to any reason, be it ambition, intent, dissatisfaction anything. It's just a way of life for some people.Having a fair amount of competition is always good for growth. It's just one

How much money do you need in your life?

Some people love making money even if they have allot of it. Think of it this way why stop something you are good at? If a race driver wins the Indy 500 do they automatically retire? If a movie maker like Steven

What are the best ways to make your life easier?

1. Begin a businessMy father, who has been independently employed all his life, used to disclose to me that "Lone rascals work for jerks." Working for another person puts you at their kindness and subjects you to their impulses - and frequently their poor administration abilities. That, as well as the

How can we protect ourselves from mistakes?

We cannot get that much control of our lives, to remain perfect, so mistakes are inevitable.We all make them, How can we learn what was a mistake, if we don't make them. It is important to remember not to beat yourself up, after a mistake was

What is life too short for?

Life is way too short for:Holding on to what you had.Comparing yourself to someone you're not.Arguing over something petty and insignificant.Getting so caught up in your feelings that it leads to hatred which then leads to a jail sentence.Staying in a relationship with someone you hate or don't love for the sake of not being alone.Taking abuse from bullies

What are the chances of living a life happily?

Magic 8 ball says... the chances are very good.Happiness is an emotion and free to enjoy. There are people in prison or dying of cancer that are happy, right now.The best ways become happy, is to be greatful, be good, look on the