What are some life hacks you have come across?

Life hacks in general:If you have dogs, but no fence and hang your laundry out out dry, the laundry line can double as a "dog run". Attach a D ring to the line, hook a long dog leash to it and hook your dog to the

What are some young professional hacks?

Always maintain (and adjust accordingly) long term goals, while focusing on a variety of short term goals. This will help keep you motivated, feel a sense of success and pride as you progress, and help you optimize your time management for your life's countless endeavors.

What are some life-saving health tricks and hacks?

I will not stop posting this!!!!! #ATTENTION .Most Important article to save your entire family.Learn from the mistakes of others:A Family (a man his wife and their baby) who just came back from a dinner out of the house in a restaurant,

What are some data analysis projects I can do as a data science beginner?

I am going to list the projects according to their difficulty and their availability of online resources that could help you complete them in time.Stock Prices PredictorA system that can learn about a company's performance and predict future stock prices is not only a great application of Machine Learning (ML) but also has value and purpose in

What are some life/hostel/study hacks that can help MBA students?

Start observing everyone. Start looking at people how they are learning, how they are doing, What is their approach. Ask questions. Answer people's questions. Involve in debates.

What are some interesting facts about BMWs?

BMW Facts 1: The NameSome people perhaps don't know yet about the original name of this car manufacturer. In English, BMW may stand for Bavarian Motor Sport. In original name, such car manufacturer stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. Therefore, you need to

What are some mind blowing facts from the animal kingdom?

Animals like to get High !There's something about getting a buzz that seems to transcend the human/animal boundary.There are various reports that suggest that it's no secret that animals occasionally get high and drunk off the many vices nature has to offer. > Dolphins .

What are some really simple recipes?

My favorite easy recipe is Key Lime Pie.  this is the traditional recipe, but I use a store bought graham cracker crust and use whipped cream as the topping.  The whole process is super easy and it's delectable.1/2 cup fresh lime juice (12

What are some of your best hacks at using Facebook?

How to have two profile pictures at same time Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that there will be two profile pics 1 on your timeline and the other for public posts and comments. So set a profile picture in a normal way which you want to

What are some innovative ways to use Apple stickers?

Find someone who despises Apple products. When they're not around, put an Apple sticker on their laptop.

What are some mind-blowing facts about genius and geniuses?

When Mr. John Nash(the character played by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind) applied to Princeton University one of his letter of recommendations read like this, it is one of the shortest and yet possibly one of the greatest letter of recommendations that could ever be written

What are some good snack hacks?

Ok, kids, this looks like an excellent plan to get a jump start on your adult onset diabetes diagnosis. Kudos! You can get ahead of the curve and start losing your eyesight and all the sensation in your feet ASAP. Seriously, adorable video aside, that shit will kill you. More immediately, however, the pasty softness it

What are some good Tesco hacks?

When shopping, always use Tesco Clubcard to get extra points and freebies;Then use the Clubcard Boost to mu;tiply the savings with your card;Always check whether the products you are about to purchase are cheaper on the

What are some good iPhone hacks?

If you have purchased a newer version of an iPhone you can use your older version iPhone ( After resetting to factory reset older iPhone) along with new one using the hot spot of new iPhone. What are the benefits?From new iPhone turn off apps like location services, amber alert, emergency alert,

What are some Windows 10 tips, tricks, and hacks?

We're not sure how many of these are technically lesser known anymore, but we wanted to send you a few suggestions anyway. These are the things people seem to be happy to hear from our team at least! How to Speed Up Your Computer (Maybe) By Turning

What are some recipes and cooking tips for cooking cockroaches?

Ingredients:4 or 5 cockroaches (recently frozen)1 onion1 red pepper1 green pepper1 tbs salt1 tbs corn starch4 tbs cooking oil2 cups riceMethod:1. Remove and discard the solid wing covering flaps and all legs of the cockroach.2. Put the whole cockroaches into a pot of boiling oil and quickly fry

What are some tips to pass the final MMBS exam?

Well first let me tell you 3 mnths are a lot to pass ur final proffDos Get all your class notes straightened out.... follow all that was told in the class take a few pointers here and there from the standard texts... Try to do the practical part too if you have time along with

What are some of Apple's greatest successes?

They showed the technology world that if you made products with style, elegance and functional clarity, people would line up and pay good money.I shudder to think how ugly our world would have been had Apple not shown that a race to the bottom is not the only way to market.

What are some good internet hacks?

15 Insane YouTube hacks:Like Google, the 3rd most popular website on the internet - YouTube also encloses some immense useful yet concealed tricks. Recently YouTube announced Red and support for 360° videos via VR. Yet they are few-vert few

What are some good cell phone review websites to go to?

Here is a special section for reviewsreviews Archives - staller shop

What are some design flaws of recent Apple products?

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm a Mac fan, always have been, and probably always will be. I use Macs every day, and they are generally great.Design abdicationOn a modern iMac, the SD slot is on the back of the case, so you've either

What are some of Tesla Motors' major innovations?

Tesla is definitely innovative in creating an electric car that is high quality aspirational. That said, they also have elements of being potentially a disruptive innovator in the car manufacturing space because of processes they have adopted, including –1. Direct sales

What are some interesting facts about Mercedes?

thanks for the A2A. apart from the below 25 facts about MB 1 point i want to add is that whatever feature you will have in your car in the next 5-10 years that feature is already available in Mercs of today. enjoy reading the below facts-Mercedes 280SL In Testing1.Mercedes-Benz employs one inspector for every

What are some things most people don't know about you?

I know nothing.Tore pages of an encyclopedia in a library. Reason being I hated the librarian.I observe people when they don't notice.Most of my friends have no idea about Quora. Hence they don't know that i write.Coarse Slanger.I used to pee in my pants upto my 5th standard.I am a

What are some tricks to save time?

Be it personal life, corporate life or social life, a lot of tricks and techniques exist to save an enormous amount of time. I will get straight to bullet points here.Don't make mistakes with known things. Mistakes cost a lot of time to corporate companies, to workers, and managers. Leaders make very very very few mistakes. If a

What are some life saving hacks for bds students?

Thank you Sanchi Bhasin for the A2A. Hmm... interesting question and interesting tips here from my fellow colleagues. Here are some more tips that might make you smile a bit but are true to the core-1. When mixing plaster, alginate in the

What are some sites to learn cooking?

Well assuming you know the basics, like how to boil water. And not to put metal in a microwave oven and in fact how to operate a oven :-) you can start out with almost any website that has recipes. Start with things you enjoy but keep it simple. I think a good start

What are some real good tips and tricks to crack MH-CET, AIIMS, AIPMT, and other entrance exams?

Work hard.Obey the NCERT BOOKS especially for AIPMT AND AIIMS exam like you obey your religion( I don't mean to say awkward things,But just for the sake of explaining it to you,I am giving this example,so plz no offence meant).EAT and sleep well,prepare a daily routine that I have to complete this XYZ CHAPTER today itself,it should

What are some simple, but great things?

SMILE"A War is born from a place where a SMILE is forget" - UnknonwnOne of greatest gesture, but a very simple one.

What are some cool Facebook growth hacks?

Advertising, Influencer Marketing, and Viral Curation.Targeted advertising really is the best bang for your buck on Facebook, and even though you may not have a huge fan-base from it, you'd have the right people.Influencer Marketing is also really fun. With this, you'd connect with larger and more engaging pages with audiences similar to your target demo and

What are some YouTube hacks?

Ever tried playing any song on YouTube in your mobile phone with your screen off??

What are some tips for someone who has just started using Kindle?

In no particular order:The normal adapter used for charging other android phones works well for kindle too. There is orange for charging and green for charged. And there is no sound or other notification for a complete charge. And moreover the supply is not automatically shut once fully charged, so you need to keep an eye for when the

What are some lesser known Gmail tips?

Gmail account more secure than bank accounts..When I log into Gmail, the system texts me a one-time key which I use to verify that it's me trying to get in and not some jerk who got my login info from a password dump. You'd think my bank

What are some lesser known Office 365 tips and hacks?

Say you have added two domains to your tenant, contoso.com and dogfood.com. Your username is "jack" and you want to send mail from both email addresses jack@contoso.com and jack@dogfood.com. But you can only use one primary SMTP for your user, and the system will not let you create

What are some social media hacks?

I, like many others, I'm trying to find all sorts of social hacks every day. And so, I'm looking and looking to find what I like.This is what I've done over time and I've put it into practice:Scaling social connections: you

What are some good research life hacks?

This is one I recently learned from a co-worker. I work for R&D side of my company and I have gotten some really good tips from some veterans.If you are doing multiple runs of the same code just with different inputs, for each different condition, just save the file with

What are some tips for giving speeches?

Essentially there are three things that you need to do:1. PREPARE GOOD CONTENT. A well crafted speech is easier to learn, easier to deliver and easier to follow. Make sure that you structure it and remove all the unnecessary details.2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE THEN PRACTICE SOME

What are some tips and hacks for deadlifts?

I like Dorian yate's approach to this exercise. He makes the move a lot shorter than I originally thought it had to be. Basically he says the bottom of the move is on the shin level right below the knees, any further will also bring the hams into play when the focus should be back. So it's wrong

What are some things I should know or do before going into high school?

Do band, sports, theatre, ANY SORT of club that you'd be interested in, do it.Don't use a locker. Waste of time. Get a nice backpack, and a nice 2″ binder to keep all your subjects in. Only keep current units in the binder and clean it out regularly.Organize your papers... alteast

What are some tips of leading a presentation?

Agree with Michael Campbell - practice like crazy :) 2 other tips: Get FeedbackBy spreading your practice run-throughs out over a few days, you give yourself more time to think about the presentation in a less stressful manner. It also gives you a chance to seek out feedback from others, like your colleagues, friends, and family.

What are some calendar hacks everyone should know about?

We recently launched a free calendar plugin that immediately upgrades your calendar. We sync current events (When to file your taxes, when Game of Thrones returns, Super Bowl) into your iCal or Google calendar.We have a main calendar that covers all the major

What are some hacks and tips for social interaction?

Listen!People love other people who listen.Say 1/2 as much as they do, and whenever the conversation dwindles down, smile, and say, "that's so cool!' (Or whatever remark sounds the most like you. "That's so cool/awesome/interesting" is my

What are some math hacks everyone should know?

To learn the math concepts you want to get better at, especially if they're more complex than others, work out a way to model them in code.Doesn't have to be anything crazy polished, just get whatever is required from console input, do

What are some things that you think everybody should know?

There are many.... I'm nothing special, but there are a few core things I live by that have served me well.Be kind. Treat others the way you want to be treated, even when you're angry.Never assume anything. People often think everyone else is rich, smart, stupid, bad, etc. 99% of the time, assumptions are wrong.People

What are some incredibly useful hacks?

This hack is useful almost for anyone.All you need to do is take a screen shot.Have the habit of reading(like news, articles or even QUORA)on phone and find something useful or you just need  to remember a thing and you are more likely to forget that thing.Then do this. Take a screen