After living abroad, why did you return to settle in India?

Let's say you are an architect and have two job offers. In Job 1, you have a well built building and your role is to look for repairs, if any and do some cosmetic fixes and you might not have much of an autonomy or say in things.In Job 2,

Do you prefer to live in your country or abroad, and why?

My first concern with the question is about the word

How to move abroad and start a life there

Please know that I feel your oain and REALLY try to offer practical advice, even if some lines will be seen as cruel or cold.Currently, you operate from a needy attitude.People, the world, the Universe, do not respond well to needy attitude...ESo, IMHO, you

How to move abroad right after college

It's hard to give you an answer without knowing what your nationality, language skills, academic background, and where you want to go. Why? Because depending on your passport it can be much more easy or difficult to move overseas.Professional Graduate PositionsGetting a job as a graduate is competitive anywhere. Chances are the country you are interested in

How to go about moving abroad

There is just nothing to stop you. You are young, presumably free and single, and freer to just get up and go than you will ever be.The house clearly needs major work, and unless you have plenty of money as well as the house, and a surprising set of skills for a young man of your age, will

How to deal with sadness while living abroad

Was A2A, so I will try to be as honest as possible.I have lived in four countries. Born in the USA, a short spell in the Bahamas, two years in Abu Dhabi, and now passing eight years in the Philippines. I have lived outside of the USA for ten years now. Additionally, before I went

How to know when to move abroad

Do what I like to call a mental simulation. Plan it out in your head. Remember, most people love the idea of going abroad and then hate it later. Sure, you might have enjoyed a vacation there, but after 5–6 months of living there, the reality

If you decided to move abroad, Where did you move to and why did you move there?

Thanks for the A2A, I moved to New Zealand from Malaysia almost thirteen years ago in 2004. My parents had acquired a skilled migrant visa which allowed me, my brothers, and out mother to settle in New Zealand as permanent residents. We came to

In which cases would moving abroad be a bad choice?

Moving abroad is time-consuming and expensive. You should have clear goals for moving. Things that help deciding whether you would just like to move or have clear goals (most of the reasons below can turn into bad points for moving abroad):Do you really want to be in the destinations you picked? Climate, language, culture,

Is it worth it to move abroad with your husband knowing he takes you for granted?

Nope. If you feel that way you should become separated or divorced. If you move with him won't you risk being abandoned in a foreign country? If you are financially independent you have choices. You have choices even if you have

Is moving abroad ever a decent solution to a problem?

It depends on the problem, but generally I would say no.  The personal issues you have?  You will still have them.  If you're introverted and painfully shy, you will be the same way abroad.  If you want to change your habit of going

Is Thailand the best place for American Expats to live?

Well as I'm not American I can only offer an English take on retirement/ living out here. And subjective at that- my idea of heaven might be your idea of hell.There's no animosity towards ‘ felangs' from the vast majority of Thais.Pretty sure they'd

Should I go abroad for college? Why or why not?

I think Teng has put it out pretty well in his answer. Basically, if you have the resources for it, go for the experience, it'll broaden your horizons and you'll grow as a person. One common issue I have with people who say

Should I go abroad to live or stay in India?

Others can only help you realize the pros and cons. Eventually its upto you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. Here's a few points to help shape your perspective :a) Friends, family and social circle : If you are someone in early 30s or late 20s, the

Should I move abroad as my friends are also moving?

If you're not deserting your mother and planning to move with her from the very start, it's great.But yes, there is also a clause in your question which says that your friends are asking you to do so even if you're content and satisfied with

Should I move abroad for my boyfriend?

I've done it, and I am still doing it.. sometimes it is great and I don't regret my choice, but a lot of times I am left here feeling alone and as though I have thrown my future away.. I know I just experience this feeling because I miss home so much sometimes and

Should I move with my husband abroad?

I would only consider not moving as an option if it was not possible to do so, such as cases of jobs that do not permit families like those of soldiers going to war. But if you have a choice, explore ways that you can

To permanent American expats: why did you decide to move abroad and stay abroad?

Thank you for A2A.I went abroad because I spent my whole childhood in America as a total misfit in the public schools, being called

What are the major problems faced by Indians living abroad?

I live in USA. So my answer is specific to here. But should be applicable to everywhere in general.A lot of problems faced by Indians here are solvable by a simple solution. Accept that you are not in India.This is what my countrymen (and women) complain about:1. Lack of good food. You are in a different

What do European expats miss most while living abroad?

My wife is Italian, so I'll relay her frustrations with living in the US (Boston).Food, food, foodIngredients - Italians are raised from birth to savor, think and talk about food. Most produce is poor in comparison (Italians simply wouldn't tolerate the fruits and vegetables available here). Even

What don't they tell you about moving abroad?

RacismOutside your close friends circle, you can count on it.In India we are always told how communal or racist India is, so we expect outside should be way better. Not quite true.I have worked in many developed countries and it's the same every where. I am not talking about the normal stuff which comes on news like someone

What happens with your brain when you move abroad?

You should probably take it with you.Your brain will have many new things to try out. New tastes, new music, new languages. There's lots of stuff for a brain to do out in the world.It will also start to rethink the things it had always assumed. There are assumptions your brain doesn't even know it has

What is it like to be an American expat and meet another American expat while abroad?

It depends on the context, both individuals and how expat they are.For me, I am... reasonably well integrated into Spanish life.  I go to Spanish eateries, Spanish events, socialize with Spaniards, speak a fair amount of Spanish, and have been

What is the best way to move abroad?

Find the ex-pat community where you will be living. Ask them. You can usually find them through an embassy or consulate. (Look for their hangouts like a coffee shop or bar.) They will be happy to help you.Be aware that wherever you decide to go the laws regarding real estate, visas, marriage,

What Is the best way to settle abroad?

Hey I think you mind is quite hot ha!First tell me what do you mean by settle? Try to stop using the word SETTLE in the said manner. Nobody settles, they just move to other country. (Dust gets settled).       I can tell with this type of English usage, my friend firstly you will have a

Where do Americans retire abroad? Why?

I've answered a few similar questions here. Put simply, retiring in Southeast Asia sounded fun, interesting, with cheap food and beer, UNESCO sites to go visit, and seeing so many countries at a slow pace. I left in 2018 for a few

Which place is a better for expats to live in, California or Texas?

Well I'm going to say Texas. I just sold my house in California that I lived in for over thirty years and moved to texas. I was sick of getting taxed to death so California could give free college to illegals and letting felons loose in

Why do many Indians want to leave India to settle abroad? Why is ownership of the country almost non-existent among today's youth?

I am neither well-settled nor rich. Yet, there was a big part of me that did not want me to stay in India.I lived in China for 3 years and recently returned to India. And, the first 24 hours after taking my flight were one of the Top 3 most horrible moments on my life. Here is

Why do people live abroad?

Thanks for the A2A. I am a New Zealander of Malaysian Chinese origins. I migrated from Malaysia to New Zealand with my family in 2004. I, my Mum, and my brothers moved to NZ to seek a better life particular in

Will it be easy to make friends if I move abroad?

If you are moving because of making friends alone, it may not be any easier to make friends in a new country than the one you are leaving.  Have you analyzed why it is difficult to make friends in the city you are leaving?  Yourstuff will go with you wherever you go.  It isn't usually

Is it fine okay to quit a high paying job in India and move abroad (Japan) for a consultant role?

It depends.Japan is not India and literally very few people there knows and wants to communicate in English. You may required to learn Japanese.To learn Japanese you have to spent 2 years almost 4–8 hours a day all week days.If you are sure you can do that and your client firm will bear you for that time and

Is it too hard to settle in the USA being an Indian?

Yes, but it depends. I don't think many Indians even understand basic differences such as:Healthcare is incredibly expensiveUniversity education is generally very experienceYou don't have much of a safety net. The government doesn't really provide for citizens like in most other rich nations. It is not like the movies, the infrastructure

Is settling in America with family worth it?

It is relative matter. It entirely depends how one views it. It has pro and cons also. It was bit easy some 20 years ago, now the laws and rules have changed a lot, esp after 9/11. Every one is thoroughly scrutinised and papers are processed.It is more difficult for people with higher

What is it like to live in northern Virginia/Fairfax County, near Washington, D.C.?

I lived in Fairfax County from 2001 until 2016 and for the most part it is a great place to live. Nina Offutt gives an excellent high level view of the area but I will add a few observations from a lower elevation and my perspective.We are avid birders and some of the best bird watching on the east

What's it like to live in a Hostel?

I lived at a hostel. People who live at the hostel generally also work at the hostel. A hostel isn't a residence. If it were, all the locals who are on budget would rent a bed and the purpose of hostels would be defeated. Hostels are mean't for backpackers and travelers. It

Are people who live in Canada considered Americans abroad?

Well I used to travel to England Germany and Holland a lot.When I went to a restaurant or tetail shop I would know I was being mistaken for an American by the way I was treated.: Slow service; often ignored; often rude.The moment I pointed out I was Canadian the mood changed immediately to polite friendly and

As a long-term expat in Japan, what are some things about Japan that you still can't wrap your head around?

A2A for Ben SmithAfter almost 5.5 years I guess I now am kind of a long-term expat. There are still quite a few things that I can't understand. Being half British too, I still can empathise with quite a few other things that some of my

Can I live abroad?

As it stands, this question is a little circumspect. "Can you live abroad?"  The physical answer is most probably yes, seeings as air, food, water, shelter and gravity are readily available in most civilised countries, although prices may vary.  Indeed, whichever country you are living in now, there are currently at least

For expats: What food do you miss most from your home country?

For expats: What food do you miss most from your home country?I am not a foodie in any way, shape, or form and my tastes are incredibly pedestrian. That being said, the only American food that i have not been able to find an adequate international version of is (drum roll please): Buffalo Wings (or hot wings or

How is it living in India vs abroad?

First off you would have to explain where you are comparing India to.

How's expat life in Barcelona?

Number one: it's expensive.Number two: you have to watch your six. There is a lot of petty crime.The food was generally excellent (but again, expensive).If you're not dialed in to some of the local customs, there is some learning in store. For

If I am employed by an American company and my salary is paid in dollars in the US but I work abroad, am I considered to be an expat by the IRS and should I file taxes as an American expat?

If you are an American citizen, then you need to file taxes regardless of how you are paid or where you live. But, if you meet the conditions for residence outside the US (see the instructions for form 2555), then a substantial amount of your income is excluded. In addition, if you pay taxes overseas, that might get

Is it worth it to move abroad with your husband knowing he takes you for granted?

Nope. If you feel that way you should become separated or divorced. If you move with him won't you risk being abandoned in a foreign country? If you are financially independent you have choices. You have choices even if you have no money. This is still your life, there is no need to a be a slave

Is transitioning to Finland as an American expat difficult?

Well, it kind of depends on the person and their mileage.It is the culture shock at some point your brain needs to accept the fact that what is

My girlfriend wants to get married to me and live abroad. I am not very keen to settle down abroad. I live in India. What should I do?

Well I think 3 of you... you, your mum and your gf need to sit together and discuss. Face to face. Put your doubts and arguements forward, listen to your mum, listen to your friend. If you feel at any point that your mum is sacrificing her needs by agreeing

What are some habits or customs that you picked up while living abroad that you continue to practice even after being back home for some time?

I live abroad...does that count?One habit I picked up living in France is using a knife and fork for foods most Americans eat with their hands.My husband and I always receive strange looks when eating pizza with family back home.That being said, long before the move abroad, I

What are the uses of moving abroad?

The usual reasons for emigration are one of the following (or a combination):To better one's lot: to get a better job, more pay and improve one's career prospects.To flee from political, racial or religious persecution, ranging from persistent harassment by a government to the danger of death.To get out of a war zone.To join other members of one's family

What country is the best to move to as an expat, and why?

If you want a hit and run expatriate experience then it is probably Switzerland.For expatriates SWITZERLAND is a kind of Disneyland where you are eithera paying tourist whisked from theme park to theme park oran underpaid pariah in underground tunnels maintaining it for the

Why do Indians abroad dislike other Indians abroad?

I don't quite agree with your question point but I can see where are you coming from. I think it's because of these two reasons:1. They think in a foreign land, you should be like a foreigner. If you really like to mingle with Indians then one shouldn't have

Why is everyone willing to leave India and opting to settle abroad?

I think they don't want to be part of developing india that's why they want to settle in abroad becoz in india we r facing many problems but i don't think that they all r problem that r process of development so we want only comfortable

Why would many settle abroad leaving their friends and family behind for luxuries?

First of all,not everyone do that for luxuries.There are many who settles abroad to earn a living where there are better oppurtunities of earning a livelihood.Leaving families and friends is not at all easy,but seeing your financial conditions worsening is worst.It is a well known fact that there is comparatively better education at many places abroad,which may

Will it be easy to make friends if I move abroad?

If you are moving because of making friends alone, it may not be any easier to make friends in a new country than the one you are leaving.  Have you analyzed why it is difficult to make friends in the city you are leaving?  Yourstuff will go with you